Ellie Kemper Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Published on Oct 9, 2018
Ellie Kemper visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make crepes with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
Ellie Kemper's latest collection of hilarious essays, My Squirrel Days, is out now.

Check out the recipes here:
Crepes: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/basic-crepes
Suzette Sauce: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/suzette-sauce

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Ellie Kemper Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • It's actually a miracle that neither one of us set our hair on fire.

  • You should put Shawn Mendes in one of these

  • Fruit Fact! = persimmon hachiya has segments

  • She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. Voice/personality etc. Except for the hair.

  • That's kimmy Schmidt

  • I LOVE Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit!!!

  • THE PAN?!?

  • That looks delicious

  • PLEASE get charli xcx on here i will die

  • kimmy schmidt

  • Mmmm...Crêpes Suzette!😋

  • I love watching Brad eating in the background.

  • 8:13 poor Ellie :) I actually felt bad.

  • I hate how immediately I always find Brad in the background like I don’t WANT to be in love with him but the heart wants what it wants!!

  • The first pancake/crepe ALWAYS sucks, I'm so glad this is universal and not just me :')

  • carla's sense of humor is amazing, makes cooking more enjoyable

  • Shes so likeable Elle

  • hi erin

  • I so badly want P!nk and Celine Dion to be on this show!

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Why did the subtitle identify her as an actor??

  • Every good cooking video begins with voicing concern, or lack thereof, about combining fire and hair.

  • shes the cutest i love ellie lol

  • 3:22 was that salt she was dumping in??

  • I love her

  • What is everybody doing in the background? Is this a restaurant

  • She looks like the chick from unbreakable the series

  • they need to get aubrey plaza on this show!

  • Ellie is so cute

  • "ooh this is therapy!" *2 min later "This is extremely disturbing" Hahaha I love ellie.

  • You’re too nice and slow it down too much. The episodes were better with Ramsay and Flay. Teach them at your speed.

  • Lmao "how do you feel about your eyebrows and eyelashes?" "I don't want them."

  • Ellie is so cute & funny 😂

  • And roll "The Office" theme song please.



  • Carla is why I subscribe to BA. I love her!

  • I love her so much omg

  • 13:36 her little sorry i LOVE ellie

  • Her crepe looks like a crab

  • Ellie's personality doesn't differ very much from her character of Kimmy Schmidt. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing that role.

  • I watch these videos probably for Carla more than the celebreties

  • i love carla, shes so good at explaining everything

  • She had a orange cube hahaha omg

  • It’s a miracle. I love her.

  • Isn’t Ellie from Kimmy the unbreakable

  • She’s literally Erin 😂

  • this was posted on my eighteenth birthday i didn't even know

  • I love her from the office

  • Nice to see Erin again :)

  • That’s so weird, I’ve always preferred my first pancake or crepe. It’s always the best looking one!

  • as a french/belgian cook i must say that american cooking just looks cringy to probably most of us. no offense tho but the way the misspronounce certain words is just funny. and what they are making is in french cuisine called crêpe Suzette (pronounced more like: crap suzette) and normally it is a bit caramelized. so Ellie is actually right. so what you would normally do is you bake your thin pancakes and leave them then you take a pan with straight edges and you melt butter and slightly carmelize the suger then you pour in 2/3 of orange juice and 1/3 of lemon juice nd let it reduce a bit til it get thicker then you place your pancakes in it and orange zest and set it on fire with cointeau. and to finish you can place a bol of vanilla bourbon ice cream on top. Not to offend anybody thats just the way i got taught in belgium. still a great video. and nothing but respect for them!!!!!!

  • Do this with Sofia Vergara plsss

  • Crapes

  • It's dumb. The show is called keeping up with a chef but the chef waits for her. Gordon Ramsay's one is way better

  • So kimmy

  • Its erin wtf

  • I don’t know who that woman has, and I’m not really into redheads But she is cute as hell

  • Probably my favorite episode so far! Love her!

  • 🎤 Unnnbreakable! They aliiive dammit, its a miracleeee 🎬

  • Still absolutely cannot stand Carla. She's terrible.

  • Ellie Kemper seems to be really sweet!

  • I had a couple smack-my-forehead moments when Carla said to grab the edge of the pan ("trust me!") and when she didn't tell Ellie to turn off the heat on her sauce.


  • Ellie was probably the worst at this out of every one that I've seen, but boy if this whole thing wasn't enjoyable haha

  • Every time she says: "OK", I see Kevin Hart in my head.

  • These are legit SO DELICIOUS!

  • Blender bottom sounds like gay slang lol

  • I frickin love Ellie

  • This isn't Ellie Kemper, it's Kimmy Schmidt


  • Who stole Ellie's earlobes? I demand an investigation.

  • Does she not remember when Andy did the fire thing when he got fired?!

  • The chef is super charming

  • I hope Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael and the gang will be the next ones. 😊

  • Ellie as Erin in The Office US never really acted her character, she is just herself the whole time 😍

  • How bout Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver back-to-back? 😄

  • ERIN!!!

  • What a lovely spirit

  • I know I shouldn't say this but Im digging Carla in those jeans. Damn girl

  • Ellie was so fun and seems to be such a nice person! I know it's easier but making crêpes batter with a blender kind of triggers me, sooo much dishes to wash

  • Ellie Kemper is always naturally adorable!!!!! Carla: *sooprèms* but *craypes*...

  • She’s only Erin or Kimmy to me lmaoooo like I can’t see her as herself anymore

  • Thanks for sharing😃

  • Step 1 : failed (I love her so much)

  • The next guest should be Post Malone ! It would be absolutely hilarious!

  • I’m so hungry I’m crying

  • Ellie Kemper is adorable oh my god

  • At 14:29 Ellie put her hand up for a high five and didn't get one😞😞😞

  • *hAvE yOu EvEr SuPrEmEd An OrAnGe?*

  • Ellie is so cute! I love her. She was so sweet and more fun to watch than Natalie Portman. Portman doesn’t seem like a nice person IRL

  • By “shows” she means the episode of the office where Andy makes cherries jubilee

  • Can you guys do an air shot with both next to each other so we can see?

  • I love carlas gift for description. Such a great episode!

  • Great teacher!!

  • Erin has come so far since Dunder Mifflin. 😪

  • Soon as I figured out how Ellie had an orange "cylinder," I was like, "yeah, she's a real 2." It was like she was trying to core an orange. ...or something? I don't know what she was thinking!

  • Okay, best banter AND best-looking food of any episode of this I've seen. I would like a Carla and Ellie cooking show. LOVED THIS.

  • The Ellie and Carla show. She said, “Are you mad?” What’s with Ellie cooking and showcasing? Was she cookcaseing? Well played.

  • Kimberly! Go back to Tituss!