Eggs Part 2 | Basics with Babish

Published on Apr 12, 2018
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There are so many ways to cook eggs that I couldn't cover them all in one episode. This time we're making Scotch eggs and Eggs Benedict.
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Grocery List:
Fresh sage
Fresh thyme
Fresh rosemary
Ground pork
Black pepper
Panko bread crumbs
Whole grain mustard
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Unsalted butter
Canadian bacon or ham
English muffins
Special equipment:
Steam basket (optional)
Deep fryer
Mesh sieve
Blue Apron shakshuka recipe:
"After the Sun" Britton Goldsmith
"Kaleidoscope" Lawrence Ziapour
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  • 2:56 what flavor ya got

  • Eggs for the boy

  • 2:56 juul found

  • 2:54

  • No deviled eggs though?

  • 3:22 a fauxoli?

  • Did u pull out Yes 3:56

  • Thank you so much for your video on scotch eggs! It helped me make them in my airfryer. I'd never steamed eggs before & it made such a beautiful yolk even after cooking. When I was younger I don't remember having so much trouble peeling eggs. They end up looking destroyed

  • I'm naming my band "Blender Hollandaise"

  • Wait....what's an egg?

  • why the fuk are the yolks a pale yellow 0.0

  • Issae nao passa de um bolovo d bar po

  • Yolks are such a weird colour in America.

  • egg wellington

  • No omurice

  • I hate being allergic to eggs...

  • Can you cook eggs with freezer burn? It has burn in the name.. I feel like if you use it right you might have something.

  • 2:56 is that a juul in his left hand😂😂

  • The eggs are usually hardboiled tho

  • Oooooooo.... No, what is that.... That's not soft boiled, that's runny raw. It should be about the consistency of room temp butter 😥

  • My mom used to make a bed of green beans and red sauce before making little wells for the eggs.

  • I've wanted to give scotch eggs a go for so long...

  • noooooo why the carrots in the shalshuka

  • why wasn't the fake aoili called a pho-ili

  • Runny yolk? You barbarian!

  • In our country this is called vogelnestjes or birdnests

  • that shakshuka is fucked up tho..idk what type of shakshuka yall eat in the states..

  • I saw that juul in your hand hehe

  • Why peel the eggs by hand? Use a spoon. Fits the curvature of the egg if you use the right size, slips under the shell and peels it off. Fast, easy, and keeps the eggs intact.

  • i read this as egg fart 2

  • Yassss i eat shakshuka every other weekendddd i live in israel btw

  • I am how to basic

  • Hey banish do you ever think Gordon Ramsey would like your food

  • Wow, the technique on the scotch egg is extremely impressive. that yolk is perfectly runny. give me at least 20 tries before i can nail this.

  • Hello welcome eggs Benedict

  • Dissapointed in your use of a blender for hollandaise sauce. I wanted to see those whipping arms get to work

  • Those are some pale ass yolks

  • He should have worn a blue apron 😂

  • Dude dat Jorah the Andal impression though lol

  • how do you eat pork, it looks disgusting.

  • I will never understand why people like runny eggs so much. I cannot stand the texture, I vastly prefer my egg dishes over hard

  • Frying scotch eggs with Alec Guinness

  • Easiest poached eggs: in a cereal bowl add 1/3 to 1/4 cup of water/vinegar mix followed by a cracked egg. Puncture the yolk with a knife and microwave for 40 to 60 seconds (depending on your microwave and how cooked you want your eggs). If cooking another egg in the same bowl, be sure to use new water. If making a lot, mix water and vinegar in a big bottle to save time. The poached egg shape comes out the exact same size as an english muffin. Super easy, low hassle method that works every time. Just kidding. You are totally going to forget to puncture one of the yolks completely and an egg will explode in your microwave. But live and learn.

  • Woah, when did you switch to the Duxtop? I have 6 induction burners and it is BY FAR the best one.

  • Anyone notice the juul

  • Babish, ya'll got a different definition of the word 'basic' than I do.

  • Yo babish vapes he has a juul 255 look a the plate in his hands the little black stick

  • Wet hand dry hand babby!

  • Blue Apron? :(

  • PLEASE make a video on real aioli!!

  • Hey use centigrades instead of Farenheit

  • Every time people alway shy away from over easy eggs and always do Sunnyside up and poached and this stuff that looks delicious

  • @2.56 he has a juul in his hand

  • Try pickled quail eggs wrapped with buffalo sausage for a much more manageable scotch egg

  • I shall autocorrect what you wrote. Welcome : Eggs Benedict

  • 🇬🇧

  • The commentary ❤️😂

  • Sounds more like Alec Guinness than Jorah

  • dude there's an old method for eggs where you cure them and it's so cool u can put them on salad but I don't know other dishes which u can add cured egg yolks pls halp :'c

  • Blue Apron's way of making Shakshouka is way to difficult! I make that once a week all in one pot in about thirty minutes without touching the oven.

  • Wait scotch eggs are meatballs?

  • A generous and emotionally available squeeze of lemon juice. Idk where you come up with this shit man, but I do appreciate the way you tell a story.


  • I think my hungover friends would be mad if I started using the blender in the morning

  • Great its midnight and now I want scotch eggs

  • Nice juul

  • Oh god blue apron is such a ripoff!

  • Hey, can you make a part three and talk about deviled eggs please?

  • should've blurred out the address label on the box

  • how do i send an invite to my bachelor party, im getting married because of these cookies

  • When I have a scotch egg, it's ALWAYS a hard-boiled egg for some reason and it tastes AMAZING!

  • Try making these with blood sausage meat 👍

  • Remove the “pour stuff into me hole”

  • Oof. No. No. No. This is not how to make a scotch egg. This is a traditional British food. the yolk should NOT be runny when finished. It should be a perfect hard boiled consistency when the entire thing is finished.

  • "While they stay in the fridge to chill out" is the best pun.

  • Aw yea I love scotch eggs

  • How stoned were you when you recorded the narration?

  • how to basic but mature. part 2

  • I fuckin love this guy hahaha

  • I saw that juul buddy 😉

  • More like basics with baldi

  • Your narrations give me life omg

  • That's not a fucking a alioli, you degenerate

    • TanaisLethien Hence why he said it's fake

  • frank reynolds will be impressed

  • blue apron is cancer

  • ur shakshuka s off mate

  • Is that a juul

  • Scotch eggs should be solid in the middle

  • man if my friends are hungover, i couldn't be so cruel as to turn on the blender, who does that?

  • How do you not have a million dollar television contract

  • I would like to say thank you for this video. Well, all your videos are brilliant but this one I simply had to follow your instructions very simply. Yesterday was father's day and I wanted to make eggs benedict for my father. Poaching eggs and making the hollandaise sauce was always the bane of my existence but with your advice it turned out to be an utter success! So thank you very much. I look forward to watching more of these videos.

  • Very pale yolks

  • Would you be doing a Japanese eggs basics like omu rice, tamago-yaki, chawanmushi? :D

  • Can you do a country hash?

  • JUUL 2.55

  • ذي شكشوكه ويا وجهك


  • I want to see Babish vs. Bobbly Flay so I can see Flay's smug face disappear. Fuck Bobby Flay.

  • you shoudlt put any kind of shells such as lobster egg and shrimp etc. because it can clog your sink and waste time or use money just to have it fixed. also not just shells u cant also put rice brown rice and other kinds of grains as it will also clog your sink im judt saying rven tho you probably slim to none wont see this

  • You've seriously disappointed me by not cutting open those egg benedicts.