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Dwight Vs The Machine - The Office US

Published on Oct 8, 2018
Season 4, Episode 5 & 6 'Launch Party' The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day.
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  • "Damn it, Kelly, it knows!" Hahahaha priceless

  • Dwight I think looks better and sexier with a stubble and I’m a guy

  • 3:04 Pam is looking smoking hot here

  • The best part about this is that the machine/computer sales program was using falsified data to increase the number of sales logged in a case of fraud. Dwight defeated it anyway. Salesman of the century.

  • "You beat me"."You are the superior being". Wow! Pam is so magnanimous

  • For a minute I thought Bert would be on the office

  • Yeet

  • This is like t series Vs PewDiePie

  • 3:17

  • Well, that’s an asshole more Jim and Pam. Dwight is a saleswoman and dependent on the commission. This is the only time I do not support their prank

  • When he yelled at kelly he sounded like Michael for a second

  • "Oh. I didn't realize we could use the leads we stole from Staples." He starts looking around 😂

  • I'm from Argentina, you know were I can see The Office? Because isn't in Netflix here

  • i think it was the default dance at 3:20

  • 3:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Omg

  • You more of the office

  • 3:17: Best part in the entire episode.

  • Aww Dwight’s eyes looked like a poor puppy

  • Dwight is very annoying.If I were Jim, I would either tell Michael to put Dwight where Kelly works.Or take Pam with me and go to another paper company.Then return 2 episode before Finale.BOOM.Done.

  • At 4:22 she has 5 fingers than she has 4

  • Why does angela where her watch on the side of her wrist

  • In the end, he still lost

  • How did I miss this?

  • If i worked in the office I'd be all over Angela smh

  • 2:04 Words cannot describe how much I want to punch this actress

  • Pewds vs T-series 2018 (Colorized)

  • How did Jim/Pam know Dwight was using the stolen leads?

  • I remember laughing so hard the first time i saw "What is a Jim?"

  • I love at 2:03 how Dwight yells at stupid Kelly.

  • IN YOUR FACE!..... machines

  • 3:18 defualt dance

  • Jim's job at Dunder Mifflin. 10% selling paper. 40% flirting with Pam. 50% pranking Dwight.

  • "Start selling multiple reams like a man."

  • Aw man I actually kinda feel bad for Dwight.

  • I've watched so many hours of the office it's almost like I'm on the payroll already.

  • Jim needs to stop playing pranks on Dwight. Angela broke his heart and Jim is using Dwight depression to his advantage which is not cool at all.

  • His ex-------- Pam, I want you to set me up with a man Dwight's mind-------- WTF!!!!!?????

  • At the beginning it said he went through a break up, but who would want to date .......well.......Him?

  • The Officinator: Rise of the Machines

  • God that ending is dark

  • Jack danger, pontiac bandit. That's how i know them. I bet many of you would relate to me

  • Nawwwws.... Pam is such a sweetie

  • Andy blowing the horn and dancing was the funniest part 😂😂😂😂 3:18

  • The reason all of the top comments are quotes is because nobody can beat the office, it’s the best

  • If they have 2,000 sales in 1 day I think they would be rich

  • Angela at 3:22! Love that woman!

  • -40 reams for the battered woman's shelter. Edgy.

  • 3:17 Andy and Dwight hit that default dance


  • Here you can see what a jerk Jim used to be compared to Pam, but then again, she was fucking Roy when she knew Jim loved her just for the hell of it

  • I’ve never seen this show but this clip was funny af

  • I really like the relationship between Dwight and Pam.

  • How do poeple watch this without losing braincells?

  • Pam will always be a golden hearted person , real or not

  • this channel is the only thing that keeps me from ending it all

  • “DAM IT KELLY I KNOWS!!!!” 😂🤣😅💕😘

  • realness

  • Fuck the office

  • Poor Dwight

  • is that doug judy??

  • Pam's last message was sweet but I think it only added salt to Dwight's injuries.

  • When they start dancing to the air horn I lose it every time 😂😂😂

  • 4:43-4:46 Oh the possibilities~ :3

  • 3:19 when andy starts default dancing before it was cool

  • Who am I? 0:43 , _Someone that’s a afraid to let go_

  • 3:15 this is why I love Andy! 😭😂😂

  • Aw man that ending got me.

  • I wish I worked at the office.

  • It's nothing spectacular, but one of my favorite dwight quotes is "in your face, machines!"

  • Wholesome.

  • _what is a Jim?_

  • sad nigga hours

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  • 990

  • “In your face machines!”

  • If I get 1k subscribers before 2019, I'll remake an entire episode of the office. Pinky promise


  • Aww pam

  • 💔

  • Dwight = John Henry?

  • Pam is a sweetheart for trying to cheer him up at the end

  • "no!" haha oh Andy is funny

  • Won the battle but lost the war

  • Jim is such a dick tbh. Ruined the show for me

  • I like how the machine was his companionship and when IT LEFT he kinda just died inside...

  • Am I suppose to laugh?

  • DOUG JUDY!!!!!

  • Dwight low key probably made a shit ton on commission that day.

  • V M. N

  • Is it weird that I think Dwight looks better with facial hair?

  • The end of this video should have been in the friendship between Dwight and Pam video.

  • I’m sad. I’m eating cold chili

  • He also made a nice commission.

  • *W H A T I S A J I M ?*

  • “Ryan started the 🔥”

  • Dwight is an anomaly the world needs !!!!! To weird for mass production To rare to die

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  • Is this why everyone i know who watches this is a self absorbed jackass who thinks bullying is funny?