Dunkin Donuts 10,000(+) Calorie Challenge

Published on Jul 18, 2018
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Over 10,000 Calories of Dunkin Donuts food!! Since I'm from Cali, I've got no Dunkin Donuts where I live...
- 12 Assorted Donuts
- 25 Munchkins
- 3 Bagels
- 3 Muffins
- 3 Breakfast Sandwichs
- 2 Apple Fritters
- Strawberry Coolatta
- French Vanilla Swirl Frozen Coffee
- Iced Coffee
= 12,880 Calories
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  • I wonder if people looked weird at him when he bought these

  • I get fat just off of breathing itself!

  • my favorite thing to get at Dunkin Donuts is the Bacon egg and cheese on a plain bagel luvvvv those things

  • 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️oh mah god so much donuts

  • That would maybe have had cost 120 dollars in Norway/1000 kr

  • Fuck u


  • How is he not on a sugar rush yet?

  • ouch, just watching is giving me a sugar crash 😧 still watching tho XD

  • at least he's well-fed

  • I wonder how he eats pussy

  • What the hell Matt stonie doctors not gonna like this one.

  • How does he shit

  • OMG i luv the chocolate munchkins but i moved to puerto rico and they dont have Dunkin donuts only Krispy Kreme but at least they just built a Starbucks

  • He doesnt fear diabetes *Diabetes fears him*

  • 6:58 - That’s what she said.

  • discusting

  • Jesus Christ how do you keep yourself from not dying after doing all of these unhealthy challenges LOL


  • Stomach collapses Heart fails Liver disconnects *eats doritos* By the way Did he just eat a whole donut in 35 seconds

  • Rip his stomach and toilet🚽🚽🚽🚽 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Son diabetes sanas.

  • 5:58 to 6:04 that's what she said

  • like wtf if i eat one donut i feel blotted and like i’m about to throw up.

  • How are you not incredibly fat

  • How do you keep so fit? Please tell us I need to know how 👍

  • How is he still skinny


  • i cant even eat 3 donuts without feeling like ima puke

  • It’s been so long since I watched this channel that I forgot how much of a monster Matt is! How can watch someone else eat vast amounts of tasty food be so entertaining?

  • You know whats scary it doesn't look like a huge amount of food compared to other challenges. But this is 12000 kals that is mad that drink alone was 1180 kals. It actually makes you think how easy it is to overeat on this kinda food no wonder there is an obesity crisis.

  • Just leave everything think about his friends opposite to him!😑🤣

  • Munchkins

  • Carbs

  • how does he keep so thin


  • 5:10 when you see your views are going down


  • I bet you dont eat for a week. Lol

  • What was the joke for him to laugh for an *entire* minute?

  • how are you not 500 pounds

  • How is not in the hospital like is you ok

  • I love donuts but honest I can't eat so much. He is strong!

  • Yo hablo español y me gustan sus vídeos 👌👌

  • they put a lot of crack on those donuts

  • I’m not lieing I eat Dublin donuts faster than that I just can’t do the challenge cuz I ain’t trying to gain

  • He’s gonna be Dunkin then donuts later in his toilet🤮😬😬👌

  • I'd die.

  • Mr. Binge and Purge..

  • Dunkin donuts coffee, donuts and bagels.... this is a white girls dream. 😅😅

  • Nise

  • How he eat that much soon much sugar he can get sick from eating all that.

  • How you can eat this

  • I will now rethink my order when I go to dunkin donuts.

  • Just seeing all those sweets made me feel sick 😧

  • 3:40 demonetized XD

  • i dont get how he can eat so much calories and if i eat like 10 calories i gain 10 pounds

  • D I A B E T E S

  • This is a pain for my poor stomach..

  • How is he not fat

  • Readthegospel.com

  • Omg 😂 3:50 Matt has me dead when he says "WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT"

  • I DONUT know what to say.

  • I wish you show your stomach after each eating challenge😂

  • J’arriverais pas à tous manger ! Mais je sais que les donuts au sucre et ceux au fruit rouge, fraise et ceux à la pomme passerais tous seule sans soucie !!

  • i hungry

  • I wanna know how tf you're still alive i've been watching you since 2015

  • Fitting a munchkin in donnut is embarrassing

  • How much for all that stuff

  • I swear there is a donut poking out of his ass hole after that

  • How is he not fat yet

  • Omg! Those are my faves!

  • I eat one donut and I am full 😂

  • How are u skinny lol

  • How is this guy so skinny?

  • *I'm hungry now...*

  • Do you have two houses or something?

  • Do you ever gain weight

  • Hi am from Brazil

  • The puns at the end xD

  • Not in a harsh way but, why are you still skinny

  • Matt Stonie eats almost the entire Dunkin Donuts menu nothing happens I eat just three donuts I get diabetes lol

  • *The 2.3k dislikes are from all the* *cops left hungry*

  • Can we see a video where you throw up everything you eat...that would be one clogged toliet.

  • How is he still alive????????


  • How does he eat all this food and still be the same weight every time

  • I have a donut joke here it is donut eat donut

  • This is fake. At 6:14 you can clearly see him tampering with the timer.

  • Plus you make me so hangry(angry and hungry)

  • He will be drunkin and have diabeties

  • I can’t even eat one donut

  • Are yo fat now??????

  • can you do please 10000+ chicken nuggets under 3 minutes please please please and please thank you

  • *How does he stay so thin?*

  • Does he ever ear normally

  • 1 donut is 300 calories holy god!

  • What does he do to loose all of that 😂

  • How dis ni🅱️🅱️a not fat

  • Spanish?