Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

Published on Jan 5, 2019
Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.
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  • At least he walks

  • at least he baths🙅🏽‍♂️🧢

  • Real question tho: where are his nipples

  • I would not do it

  • TLC “THE LEARNING SHOW” sure yea uhh🤔

  • The wild ginger goes to bathe

  • Ahh😔

  • Props to the father for still loving his son and helping him

  • Because I’m a bigger guy not fat just a bigger guy

  • I love my dog Who else has dog

  • I hope the water is not just dumped out Water is finit lot of people dont get that or dont care

  • Anybody know what his birthday is I love his personality 😍

  • I am so sorry for this dude I totally can relate I am so sorry dude it happens

  • No job, plays video games all day, living on my dads couch? That’s my WORST nightmare.

  • Um I've found the wierd side of US-tv

  • you could fit a whole car underneath his chin.

  • What happens when his father dies?(Not meaning to be negative)

  • This just makes me furious. Look at how much water hes using just so he can bathe himself! It's ridiculous!

  • That's why you're son is Big bc you wait on him hand and foot that's NOT GOOD IT'S SAD !

  • 😐

  • shitty mf :)

  • his knees will go .

  • MAN I feel the struggle for the guy Not even a situation To stay being lazy But the hope that hope is LOST and cant GET to figure out how to recover

  • This is why eating food makes me sick. Pessimists should not watch this, especially when weight related things run in the family

  • I feel bad for him but it is okay

  • What's gonna happen to him when his dad dies

  • Sad. I pray he gets healthy.

  • Sad. I pray he gets healthy.

  • He's very candid and blunt about his obesity. I hope he decides to take control of his life and get weight loss surgery. He seems like a good person with a good heart. And bless his dad for taking care of him.

  • then freaking lose the weight dammit...

  • Poor guy. So sad. Jesus mary and joseph please help these men.

  • he could feed a vietnamese family for a month at least

  • My heart goes out to his soul.

  • The bath is actually satisfying to watch.

  • Bro best dad ever but at the same time maybe the worst he is the best because he is helping him when he is like 70 when it should be the opposite. Wort because he is not helping him to lose weight

  • What does he do when its cold outside? Or do it not get cold outside where he lives 🤔

  • You know. My ass. Its whatever.

  • Dose man boobs tho

  • Its amazing how relaxed he narrates his situation like nothing has happened. I wish I was this relax too :)

  • Kick him out on the street so he can't bullshit and lose weight without any choice in the matter.

  • The truth is is his father is getting old and he needs to try and get the help he needs to lose wait like this is not healthy

  • His Dad is his enabler, period.

  • You are awesome dad

  • This is the dude that plays fortnite all day

  • At least he bathing

  • No pity. If he was doing drug everyone would be loser what a pos. But fat people get a pass cause it’s fat

  • 5.5 million to drink a cup of his bath water would you??

  • That dude could live off his fat for over a year...

  • I come off my diet US-tv send this in recommendations😒

  • You need tough love.stop helping him tell him you're going to kick his ass out of the house if he doesn't start walking he can walk everyday and he can lose the weight he's just too damn lazy to do it I was like that and I overcame it

  • Why dishsoap

  • He's a real dad

  • Was that dish washing liquid

  • if this isn’t me i don’t know what is

  • Does ur daddy wipe ur as for you? Lol

  • I hope he's not taking advantage to be lazy, as he is he needs to be a little more active,well now its more like the whole world revolves around him. Great job dad💪

  • He just put dish wash in that bathtub

  • I feel bad and I think this is a time when you have to be thankful for what you have. Good luck Cassey

  • He should go to the gym...and work as a dumbbell

  • What a ok dad I mean the dad is not evening tried to help him but the dad will soon now.

  • Jabba

  • At least his guy washes up. I know the other people on these types of shows get help washing. But all they do is grab a rag and scrub them when they’re not surrounded by water. I feel like that doesn’t really get you clean enough. So this guy is making an effort to not be a stinky, heavy person.

  • Mr piggy we found u 🐽...

  • I just got a McDonald's ad before this video

  • How do you let your kid get that fat though? I'm guessing this started in childhood? Sad

  • is this pinnacle of american culture?

  • I fell bad for the father

  • Concentration camp would be the ultimate cure.

  • Why bother with a bath? Let it all hang out.

  • He has to lose weight it's very hard to live like that.

  • Might as well, boil spaghetti.

  • dude just take the operation but I think he is too big to make the operation and actually needs to lose weight in order to have the operation which is ironic

  • He’s too far ahead he can work until he has enough for liposuction but it will help his dad alot

  • Him: You see, the problem is, Obesity runs in my family... Doctor: No, the problem is NO ONE runs in your family.

  • What about in the winter?

  • I'm sorry but this is rediculis (I'm only 10)

  • I think would be really handsome if he weigh less. He has a nice face

  • I'm a simple guy: I see the title of this video. I click

  • My 💗 breaks for his dad

  • I weigh 220 and I feel disgusted with myself I don’t understand how you could let yourself get this big

  • I can't i have to do it...... JABBA THE HUTT

  • His dad really loves him

  • His dad is amazing

  • Father doesn't even care enough about his sons health. Kid is just lazy. And the father allows it

  • Who the heck uses dish soap as some bubbles

  • I feel so bad for him!! 🙏😭🤞💙

  • I feel bad for his dad

  • As soon as I've seen the thumbnail, I thought: Americans.

  • But he bathes in dish soap.

  • I feel so sorry for you

  • You love him. But you’re parenting from guilt. And as a result, you’re enabling him. Please recognize this and change your approach. Therapy can be a wonderful tool for all involved in counterproductive dynamics. It provides us insight and guidance when we’re stuck.

  • I am 6ft and 295 lbs. I can get around, get into the shower, and clean myself. I can also work in my shop. Why in God's name would you do this to yourself? I love to eat and I love to cook too, but I also know when to say when.

  • Where's the duck?

  • This will be our US-tv GORL Hamberlynn real soon....

  • So we just not gonna pay attention to him putting shampoo in his dry hair?

  • i applaud him for making sure he cleans up his entire body! that's a lot of work.. a lot of people his size just wouldn't because that's a tough job and i super applaud his father because that is a hard situation to be in

  • Just imagine his child hood 😦😦😦 Remember this: there is only one body you can live in.. and that's yours!😊 be happy with your body Everyone is different and beauty goes deaper than the surface

  • Literally how I feel after I eat a Mcdonald's happy meal

  • U are a beautiful man, u are absolutely beautiful. Ignore all the meanies, cuz u are gorgeous

  • Me watching the video for 2:44 minutes. Me. At the gym for a year