Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

Published on Jul 19, 2018
Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look!
*This is an IGN timed exclusive.
Anime Expo in 2 Minutes:
Attack on Titan S3 Premiere Reaction:
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  • I'm kind of upset the voice actor for broly isn't the same.😧

  • If goku go UI the movie pointless goku and vegeta better work together

  • Wait he’s canon?

  • Everyone watching this, if you go to 1:20 in the trailer and pause it at the right time, you can see goku probably transforming and if you did pause it at the right time, look at the aura. This could be UI because the aura has those white dots all over it and a bit darker blue.

  • Guku and Vegita Fusion !!!! Please!!!!!!

  • Love it!!

  • Wish they used dragon ball super graphics visuals

  • DO IT BROLY!!!

  • So this guy without going lss can Match up to Super Saiyan Blue?

  • Is that Vic Mignogna?

  • Hope gogeta appears...

  • This movie should be released in India plzzzzz support India on Facebook to release this movie in india

  • We want movie in india missing old dbs

  • Yo cant wait

  • Goku turns Ultra instinct and he will wipe off Broly’s existence from all 12 universes!

  • Can we reach 12 million

  • dragon ball series sides have change


  • We want dbz super movie in india

  • 1:00 why this part looks like Dr. Strange trailer's theme song😂😂😂

  • Goku should press the button King Zeno gave him

  • How did anyone not notice that Goku achieved super saiyan royal blue 1:17

  • Broly use Legendary super saiyan blue, hmmm maybe even vegito or any goku and vegeta fusion form's would not be enough to defeat him.... and for the first time beerus should handle it by him self because earth is under his protection

  • Ultra instinct? Yeah umm goku called you about 3 days ago, says he needs you. Huh? You’re not coming. Oh that’s fine I’ll just tell go- wait hold on goku needs me for a minute. Yeah he just told me it’s really urgent and he needs you. Oh, still not coming? Ok. See ya later. Actually I don’t know when I’ll see you but I’m confident I’ll see you. Ok bye.

  • broly only true saiyan, who can fully utilize the gift of as we fight we grow

  • I'm already wet.

  • Broly: your hair looks like lavender but smells like strawberries

  • I’m starting to realize the animation is practically DB fighterz if it had cinematic scenes

  • Bro this movie won’t in India can u do something pls

  • 1:01 Wait a second. Is that ssgss Goku fighting base Broly!?

  • Just recently discovering DBZ thanks to the US-tv videos. Has made me wish I watched it as a kid. For its day, the animation and intensity of the fight scenes were far beyond anything else that was about. Almost a shame I was so into pokemon and marvel. Feel like I'm too old to grasp the vast cannon of the universe now 😟

  • Ultra stinto guyss

  • I am thinking what will happen if : Broly vs cumber (who will win ?)

  • Cooooooooool

  • Broly vs Jiren would be epic!

  • So tell you Goku,why do you

  • Finally broly is back!😎👌

  • us-tv.org/tv/video--ELdpLUcK8k.html

  • I'm so excited to see this movie

  • I love that they made the art style resemble the way the original db/dbz series was

  • I like how some parts of the animation looks like a full on video game

  • I know it's not considered canon, but are we to disregard the 3 Broly movies already in existence? Seems kind of difficult somehow...

    • Yes, all movies except for Battle of Gods, Ressurection of F and Broly are non-canon. Also, we don't talk about Bio-Broly.

  • Goku needs to call grand zeno and then 123 its over

  • Do it brolyy!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg

  • Broly vs Goku Broly vs Vegeta Broly vs Frieza Broly vs Jiren Broly vs Beerus BROLY vs All of them

  • Anyone else notice the classic dragon ball ears?

  • Jiren vs Broly?

  • Tori bot vs broly

  • Will there be silverback from the old broly??

  • They bumped up the release date, it was supposed to be December of this year...

  • I think I just came. 💯

  • Same old boring dragging as Dbz, then GOKU wins, none of them die, they always come back. GOKU kills Dbz, over used n dull

  • Wasn’t broly in the og dragon ball?

  • We want Dragon Ball Super movie in India!!!

  • Im indian i want it in indian thether

  • alright this will be an interesting english dub movie

  • We want this movie in india

  • Finally Brolly will be cannon! He always was!

  • Yum Yum Get you Sum!

  • So who do you think we stop Broly? Will Beerus step in, Vegito or someone else?

  • i see the movie and Goku and vegeta dies

  • I hope they don't have garbage rock music playing like they did the first Broly movie

  • Will Vegeta finally get to shine? Will it be revealed that Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy the Saiyans? Will Raditz appear? These questions and more will be answered on the next...….lol. Have Trunks finish off Broly like he did Goku Black lmfao. Vegeta being the same age as Goku and Broly now.....pfft…at this point it's just entertainment cause Toriyama threw out all sense of logic out with the whole Super series.

  • WTF

  • Looks awesome

  • Our Trailer hittin 12 million!

  • Me personally I think there are different versions of saiyan like broly there bezerker form. Then u look at goku I don’t remember him in that form in less someone else does

  • 0:31 four star dragon ball

  • Let’s all realize broly really is unmatched 😂💪🏾💯

  • What the db fanbase wants: 1) blood 2) swearing 3) Epic power up sequences (Vegeta's final flash against Cell) 4) Epic dbz style fights 5) Epic dialogue Dragonball Z kai esque dialogue and a vintage dbz style plot GIVE IT TO US!!!

  • Did anyone else like the soundtrack in this trailer beside me?

  • Broly is back again? whats its going to take to kill him that guy? he's bin killed 3 times already.

  • Is that Cabba at 1:09 but all grown up

  • 1:22 Ultra Instinct Activated

  • See the video from 1:20 in 0.25 playspeed and pause on 1:22 you see the aura?!

  • Who came here after the second broly trailer?

  • MUI Goku vs Broly! Hell yeah!

  • Broly Broly Broly Broly Broly!!!! 😎🤘✊

  • Oh no Thanos car is coming😂😂😂😂

  • 1:22 ultra instinct broly

  • I can’t wait but why is the animation like the dbz fighterz game?

  • plot twist broly and goku become friends

  • Please please release it in India I cannot watch on TV or phone I want big screen

  • I kind of like this trailer more than the new one. It gave me chills like that moment in the original movie where Broly literally exploded out of his skin...

  • Parages is like 80 something years old it would be sad if he told trunks and goten if he is there grandpa

  • What's the song at 1 min mark?

  • Y’all think goku gonna go ultra instinct?

  • Broly in that movie actually has some sort of lssj ui because as you can see he has white hair and a aura of ui but green

  • My power is MAXIMUMMUM!!!


  • Well lets see so kale got one tapped by jiren och jiren got clapped by goku shouldnt MUI Goku just dumpster broly?

  • So is broly stronger then beerus

  • Is this movie is releasing in India or not

  • Fake.

  • hype and animation: 9000/10

  • broly se retient

  • Another Broly movie? Wow kinda seems like they are running out of ideas...

  • yawn........ not a speck of originality in it..........

  • 1:16 wheres the kaioken aura?

  • Ultra instinct ? Please please please