Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

Published on Jul 19, 2018
Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look!
*This is an IGN timed exclusive.
Anime Expo in 2 Minutes:
Attack on Titan S3 Premiere Reaction:
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  • That old man be like," Don't kill me this time;Broly!!!"

  • Goku can't Wait so why I'm wait for January 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Where do I go to watch the movie when it’s out

  • 1:19 when my mom wakes me up XD

  • I already know how it ends..

  • 10m subs , 10m viewers

  • This movie hit 600M box office easy

  • When does it come out

  • Buy JCP shld they are retailers frsh is a restaurant that beats its subcategory no one can change it JCP shld frsh win vs investors , why hurt people in the companies mentioned they win at investment I think shld will be 80 billion not under 1 billion

  • this broly is from different universe

  • hope vic voices him still

  • Guys, what if Broly was the evildoer that killed Jiren's family and friends??

  • 0:37 aprece Goku é o vegeta, Mas pq ele atacou primeiro o Vegeta?

  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

  • Damn it's now 91st time watching this one lol

  • Omg help my

  • All I have to say is when do tickets go on sale in U.S.???

  • I get chills everytime I see Broly power up.. I wish they could add this Broly to dbz fighters!!

  • And now, without the shadow of a doubt, we know that Broly is stronger than Kale.

  • Leave a like if you play dragon ball z dokkan battle

  • Broly is litteraly jiren with personality

  • What if Broly was actually Raditz

  • no te entendi ni madre no se ingles

  • Dragon Ball Z vs Star Wars: us-tv.org/tv/video-c5eJcRejH3Y.html&t=99s

  • Almost 10mil views yess.

    • Brolyrules- Ningen just done watching it 10 times.. I guess I can rewatch 10 more.

  • Almost 10 mil views 😍


    • Anmol Singh Rattan toryiama is probably like... "Gohan?? Who's Gohan?? Oops I forgot he exist, and was strong, and surpasses goku at certain points."

  • A NEW saiyan? Whom nobody has EVER seen before? Ok

  • The music jus gives me goosebumps

  • i wanna hear pantera like b4 =(

  • Cuando el doblaje Latino prros!!!

  • 0:26 thought it was Goku Black or Bardock

  • Broly's SCREAM!!!!!!!

    • Son Goku that's me when I wake up and make a bowl of cereal and find out there's no milk.

  • So it comes out in 2019 ? Geeze that's going to be forever can't wait

  • i think this movie will include a emotional part also

  • Wtf broly

  • So quero ver o goku dando uma surra no brolly com o migatte no gokui completo

  • Love that art style!

  • 1:17 ultra instinc

  • Damn the music at 0:36 is amazing

  • I care nothing for Dragon Ball super but I have to see this just because of Broly.

  • Broly, nobody know ?....

  • Did anybody else notice how broly wasn’t wearing that thing around his neck at the end of the trailer?

  • I don't care about anything other than Freiza vs Broly. For some reason, that tickles me in ALL the right ways!

  • If broly did so does akira

  • After 25 years they finally decided to make Broly cannon. ok then

    • CollinDew16 They finally saw the potential... Potiental for the dough to rise and grow exponentially 💰💰💰. The whole crew will be taking showers, swimming, bathing in zeni after this movie come out.

  • So what Do you think Broly become canon ? us-tv.org/tv/video-MVQCl3Krmwg.html

  • It's not going to happen, but it'd be awesome to hear some Pantera in this movie.

  • Goku :Hey vegita leave the rest to me i will kill him Vegita: Noo he is mine kakarot

  • So obviously this Broly is way stronger than the other version

  • is that older cabba and paragus at 1:08?

  • Imagine new broly gose mui he would be super powerful then all gods and nearly thr powers of the angels ( not grand preist strenth )

  • would smash

  • this is going to be my ultra favorite movie ever

  • I wonder why Broly is mad af...is it because he knew the surviving saiyans are hanging with Beerus? And Goku somehow let Frieza go? Broly The Saiyan Vengeance

  • So its not out december but January

    • Nick River Does that mean the english sub is out in December but the dub is out in January?

    • Zee Ra the English dub is in January. Apparently didn't want to fight Christmas is what I heard

  • I think UI or MUI (ultra instinct or mastred ultra instinct) will get back!


  • We want Farmer With Shotgun Vs Broly

  • Animation is top notch!

  • لكل بنت او شاب جزائري عاوني تعيش ادخل القناة تاعي و ديرلي ابوني والله مخسرت والو

  • Is it the same voice actor doe🧐🤭

  • 1:21 Goku turns into Ultra Instinct.

  • from 00:59 - 1:01 that animation is from a video game correct me if im wrong pls

  • I knew it was broly the whole time

  • Finally, A version of Brody that Vegeta won’t whine over

  • I cant wait O_O !!!!!!

  • I can’t stop watching this . BROLY is a true sayain .. he is a straight savage .. best sayain out there

  • I will love this movie

  • Lol a saiyan nobody knows wtf? The fans have known about broly for decades

  • 0:46 WOT DA!

  • every language except Japanese in the dragon ball is bad

    • Jordix _ Fix your English please. And also no. I love English. Clearly it's more superior here since in Japanese Broly sounds like he has something stuck on his throat

    • Jordix _ yep Nihongo is terrible

  • Omg Omg Omg😫😫 I cant wait


  • I wonder if the music in the Movie will be as badass as the music in the Trailer

  • Lol Broly vs freezer!

  • I watch this at least once a day

  • 1:08 seems like there's gonna be a fight scene in the snow for the first time.

  • Hate dub

  • Here for my daily watch.


  • Wasn't this supposed to be released December 14?

  • When goes supersaiyan and roar😱😱😍😍

  • 1:13 looks like broly is rising from the pits of hell

  • It's NOT a New Saiyan, if it's Broly

  • Goku: I'm fired up! Natsu: Hey, that's my line!

  • Awesome

  • The views are rising overflowing

  • 💚💛💜

  • 😘😘😘

  • 0:35 when mom says it’s time for dinner

  • 0:33 when someone takes your slice of pizza

  • I've only just seen this video and I am very confused as to why Broly is alive and why Goku and Vegetable doesn't recognise him anymore? Didn't Gohan and Goten kill Broly with a little help from their dad in Broly: Second Coming? And didn't Broly kill his own dad in the their frost encounter? I'm so confused and at the same time I'm very very excited as well? I wonder if this Broly is from Universe 6? Or did someone wish them all back to life? Can anyone emplain this to me I would appreciate it.

    • Daniel Martin All the past movies are not canon Except for BoTG and Resurrection of F Broly becomes canon in this movie. Since it's the continuation of Dragon ball Super Which means he's never even heard or seen goku before, so this is his first time meeting him.

    • The reason for that is... Most of the movies aside from Battle of the Gods and Resurrection "F" are not canon

  • Broly é monstro demais seloko

  • HÓNG


  • Gohan new level??

  • The thing that's on Brolys neck reminds me of the things people wore in Shimoneta and I can't stop thinking about it

  • You are not dealing with your regular saying anymore...

  • Ultra instinct come on