Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

Published on Jul 19, 2018
Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look!
*This is an IGN timed exclusive.
Anime Expo in 2 Minutes:
Attack on Titan S3 Premiere Reaction:
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  • After watching the movie, I like too much the idea of an over powered berserk Broly that was in the first movie to say that this new movie is the best one. Yeah the best in terms of animation, graphics, duration... but my Broly would have mashed up everyone including Beerus and Whys and it would have taken everyone together including Jiren, and grey haired Gogeta to stop the beast. This movie did not reflect the power the trailer hinted. And as an ol school DBZ fan and Broly movie 1, they did not respect the guy - there you go, yep I said it.

  • Broly's strength is... MAXAMUMER!!!!

  • I have the full movie ! Anyone interested message me !

  • i watched a movie but everytime i watch this trailer it gives me chills

  • Sim cartoonmovieswatch é realmente bom site Eu posso realmente encontrar todos os novos filmes de desenho animado de 2018 - 2019 Copiado

  • dragon ball super = dragon ball for -10

  • Watching dragon ball movies and the epic conclusion to a saga needs to happen via the big screen

  • i saw this movie and let me tell you this move is beyond amazing

  • bllsht movie very bad no logic.... 😡


  • #StandWithVic

  • Broly was so much better in its mad version.

  • What a amazing movie, just seen it. as a DBZ fan since i was a teenager i was surprised how entertaining it was. much better then the previous movies, which tbh were dissapointing. Very nice

  • 0:47 have fun frieza

  • Anyone else for some reason thought this was Grown Up Cabba and was hyped for it then... Well yeaj

  • and i was thinking nothing can be stronger / better that zalatan ibraaaAAAAAA PSHHH

  • #IStandWithVic

  • This movie was lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • We all know the end of every dragon ball villain ,,, *no matter how much dragon ball villain beats goku or every opponent, no matters villain broken every part of his body but at the end goku gots new power and he wins*

  • Download this movie for free at yts.am

  • film movienya mana

  • www.filma24.cc/dragon-ball-super-broly-2018/ there you can wach

  • Very sad is not ultra instinct

  • 1:19 When my Fortnite game crashed.....

  • Why I don't get likes? I mean in the comment section everyone has over 1k likes I mean please man show some love for once in you life.

  • When i watched it i felt as if i was in anime heaven

  • Did IGN Remove the Origibnal Japanese Trailer? because i can't find it anymore.

  • Something wrong in this trailer well broly havent fight frieza with base form he was a super saiyan also goku didnt said he is getting stronger and shocked like that that was a hype trailer by showing this how strong broly is who is agree with md

  • June? Hahaha, in Brazil it has come out They Speak in spanish? I, yeah.😁

  • Soooo does this make Broly canon character?

    • Yep, the character was rebooted by Akira Toriyama to fit in the main continuity (along with Gogeta and Bardock)

  • Can I watch this film if I’m not caught up with Dragon Ball Super? I’m on the Adult Swim schedule!

    • The film brings up some minor spoilers on what happened in the recent episodes, so watch at your own risk

  • The actions, fights and animations are not like Japan. i don't think Japan made this one. or it's made in America with japanese artists

  • What if jiren is here guys? Will the fight of two is fair or not

  • I’m sick they changed the scream when broly went ssj

  • Да, cartoonmovieswatch - действительно хороший сайт, я действительно могу найти все новые мультфильмы с 2018 по 2019 год


  • All broly wants is peace and quiet but they keep bugging him to fight or manipulate him

  • WOW its free, thanks love???

  • Anyone know what the sound is called at 0:59

  • Not saying that the movie was bad, cause it was great, but the trailer made it look waaay better than it actually is

  • y the trailer is epic where the movie that got posted on the youtube and taken down doesnt got that epic roars and the dialogues are changed like at 0:32 do it broly got changed to attak.now thats boring and the roars are epic in this trailer but not so great in the movie. may be its not the final version i saw but if it was the final released v ersion then i am dissapointed.

  • Some movies u gotta watch high

  • His scream at the end, did he yell Kakarot?

  • Like = ssjb goku React = ssjb vegeta Both =ssjb gogeta

  • I just watch it, it was freaking awesome

  • Best movie yet!!!!!

  • This movie needed Pantera 10s

  • if you want to watch the movie free :www.mastermovi.com/watch/dragon-ball-super-broly.html

  • is it in germany out?

  • Broly monstrão


  • Ok nhé hj

  • Hey guys witch broly you like butter the Z or the Super

  • Is this movie taking place after the tournament

    • Nathan Faviers yup. Picks up where Super ended.

  • I saw the movie and I'm still watching the trailer

  • qr.ae/TUvzCi You'll find the Hindi version here.

  • He clearly likes it!

  • Broly doesn't scream like in the movie :(

  • Jiren: I am the most toughest opponent that Son Goku has ever faced! Broly: Heh... how cute.

  • I just want to see no 2v1,No Fusion,No Lending Power just Pure 1v1 Fight by Jiren And Broly.

  • Back in the days i saw a dragonball movie in which kakarot had an evil twin too bad they forgot about it

    • Mathias Djohn I remember that. Tree of Might if I’m remembering correctly. Turles I believe his name was. Wasn’t his evil twin though. I think they’re disowning prior movies. Looks that way.

  • Yep Goku, Frizea, and Vegeta will Die.

  • ragon Ball Super Broly Full Movie English Dub WATCH NOW ➤➤ tinyurl.com/yd4lzxer

  • Watch here oload.stream/f/ul0HK5piyF4/Dragon_Ball_Super_Broly_%282019%29_720p_English_HDRip__-MP3-__700MB.mkv.mp4

  • 00:14 Hey Goku, Natzu called he wants his catch phrase back!

  • Best Dragonball movie !

  • Dear future girlfriend, I have never seen so much ''Super' in Saiyans!

  • When is the vegeta movie coming out from his childhood till he fights goku

  • Attack on titan ,dragon ball,tokyo ghoul

  • No deep storyline the movie was to short en fast to fit all scenes.

  • Can i watch the movie online somewhere?

    • benji yay the movie used to be on US-tv somewhere until it got deleted

  • For Hindi speakers, check this Quora question to find out where to download it with Hindi subtitles: qr.ae/TUvzCi

  • The last scream gives me goosebumps!

  • Dbzlive.info

  • Looks like a great movie I use to love dragon Ball z and dragon Ball gt but sadly I never seen much of dragon Ball super

  • Gogeta confirmed

  • The “he’s getting stronger” part isn’t in the movie

    • The scene where he's shown thinking that sentence isn't in the movie either. Perhaps it's a deleted scene

  • Borly vs jiren

  • kidsearnmoney.co/share/Blessedbourbon Click it for me one time💯👍💯

  • 1:21 goku use MUI?

  • More like an old saiyan that everyone knew

  • when you are so strong that you break the non canon barrier to become canon

  • who saw ultra instinct right at the end part?

  • www.dropbox.com/s/4i1vtjgf9anmf2t/Dragon%20Ball%20Super%20Broly%20movie%20%28dub%29%20720p.mp4?dl=0 link for the full movie, you are welcome 💪


  • how can i whatsh it, not srom the senma , from home 😅

  • І've watchеd уesterday іn full HD quаlіtу at this wеbsіtе: *plushd. іnfо*

  • 1:15 This shot wasn't in the movie... Is it going to be in the uncut version?

  • who has watched all 4 Broly movies

  • the only thing that i see that broly´s dad was kinda evil to broly´s pet friend

  • I don't know if anyone noticed but the movie was terrible. It changes when Broly started fighting. Everything just seem over done unnecessary effects crowd a fight with just two persons. Something that felt unpleasant to the human eyes. I don't know whose idea this was but it was ridiculous. Art even seems like a low quality design. Never worked for me. But everyone else should like it though. On screen everything felt messed up


  • Imagine the toilets when they get constipated.

  • Done watching this movie


  • Watch for free in link english dub now!!! us-tv.org/tv/video--6cCad8cq4U.html

  • Watched this movie just now and surely the best db movie ever made. 10/10 recommended.

  • Shaggy vs Broly. Book it Vince!!!

  • Why there is no ultra instinct in this movie

  • Loved the movie 🔥🔥 But I don't get it why Goku doesn't use ultra instinct powers while fighting like come on dude he fought with kale who has same power as broly have and also he defeated jiren so as per me broly is not big threat to him.. what you say guys ??