Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

Published on May 11, 2018
Donald talks about his huge new video for This is America, and reveals how he feels about the reaction online.
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Donald Glover on This is America Music Video


  • "You crushed the keyboard cat" Oh Jimmy, the cat is already dead....

  • He is pushing boogeyman racism conspiracy theories and police brutality fallacies. He is a stooge for the Alt-Left Democratic Party

  • Estos ignorantes solo consideran "america" a su país AMERICA es un CONTINENTE compuesto de 35 países y más de 1000 millones de habitantes se creen el centro del mundo y del CONTINENTE dan lástima es como si solo alemanes digan y consideren solo Europa a su país o los chinos digan y consideren solo Asia a china es una estupidez total

  • foster the people had trouble explaining pumped up kicks too

  • The thing with Donald Glover is everybody is talking about the music video "This is America" and how he did great on it (which he did) but people are not seeing the bigger picture of how he is marketing himself because of the hype. Yes you can be pro black and marry another race but he has never had anything to do with black culture other than this music video.

  • Fire

  • Why does Donald Glover look like the manager at my apartment complex lmao no joke

  • 0:17 lol he knows solo is bad

  • Donald is a gift from God

  • So, your sensitive, but you make a video as controversial as it was... Good idea.

  • i love how he is just so uncomfortable with what jimmy kimmel is telling him because it is exactly what he is complaining in his video, the way he said "that was my main thing i was trying to beat the keyboard cat" and his face of total despair and dissapointment and anger because he is kind of trapped in what he was trying to point out on his video... its marvelous

  • He's so cute

  • Ayyyyy he finally bought a shirt

  • troy and abed in the morrrrrrning

  • “Donald Glover on Absolutely Nothing”

  • OMG! It's have been a while since I saw Jimmy the last time. He doesn't look good. Does he consume drugs and/or drinks?

  • what

  • Niggers belong in Africa.

  • But why did we call him Childish Gambino then

  • Im going to dis him so he checks out my instagram

  • The keyboard cat died RIP😿😿

  • Lol.I like him hes funny

  • Wasn't he on spiderman homecoming

  • "You were in this video" "Yeah" >Jimmy Kimmel - "Donald Glover on This is America Music Video"

  • This guy is amazing!

  • He's great omg

  • This is SIMBA!!!!

  • Tricky way to get viewers 👎👎👎

  • He crushed the keyboard cat.

  • row bit street lose frustration core proof squeeze.

  • So hes clearly a black man who has done very well for himself. But makes a video supposedly showing how racist america is? Hmm that doesnt quite add up.

  • Lol this video shows how much of an intellectual coward, and dishonest person Donald Glover is. This dumbass thinks that video was "art"... America isnt anything like that video... More guns save peoples live each year in America than they do take lives, thats not an opinion... thats a fact. Stop believing the WashingtonPost people, ignore CNN, ignore FoxNews.... The two party tyrants would have you believe that this is America... but its not... Not most of America.


  • OK, but what foundation does he use. Inquiring minds wanna know.

  • Gambino ***

  • Are him and childish bambino the same person ?

  • Made a Dope Remix of This

  • I peeped the second time he said " On Fire" I feel Sorry For The Industry 💔

  • Is there anyone more perfect than him???? No.

  • this guy is a melt.

  • Love him. Appreciate him. So much.

  • Crap.

  • Path consensus potentially hope green officially press western population

  • wtf? i find the 104k likes highly suspicious

  • "that baby not even that cute" lolllll im dead

  • Did anyone else see keyboard cat after jimmy kimmel said it it’s popular

  • The dumber you are, the more popular you get, 'this is America'

  • People are overanalyzing this song like it's the mystery of how Jesus turned water into wine.

  • Is it just me or does anyone else feel Donald Glover looks like a black Ezra miller?

  • Go bald, you'd look nice.

  • Didn't even talk about it

  • Down to earth. He is a talented young man and I feel he's one to watch. If he had the right movie actors part...he would be great on the big screen.

  • This man doesn't deserve to be hated. He is a genius showing truth about what's going on. People should thank him for showing how stupid people are nowadays letting themselves distracted from all of bad things.

  • Basically whiteys fault

  • Don't wanna be in the mix about a video you made calling America racist and violent but yet you want to get mad when someone tries to criticize you ???

  • Luckily he didnt killed anyone

  • Jews be propping this niggas up

  • trashhh

  • Where can I watch season 2 of Atlanta? Hulu only has the first season

  • I love how he laughs with Jimmy when he says that his video has more views than the cat video. You can see all on his face he like "yeah it went over his head too"

  • I like how this has nothing to do with the vid but views

  • Y'all who disliked are both Trump supporters and racist. The words are literally synonymous


  • How dare you speak of the keyboard cat in such ill light

  • Crap bait.

  • I love him so much


  • Get off US-tv Jimmy Kimmel

  • Is it just me or does he act kinda weird at the start of the interview. Like he says “on fire” twice the first really excited but then super depressed and he also repeats what Jimmy says and the way he sits seems really awkward. Idk just putting it out there no hate on him tho

  • Black prick annoys me lmao

  • lol you can tell he's just like "can we cut the charade"

  • Is this donald glovers son? I wouldn't be shocked thats the only people who get famous their own dam family.

  • Title doesnt really fit whats in the video...

  • I like his level of petty 😂😂

  • in my opinion gambino shouldnt come in this type of show. no depth only mockery if everything.

  • Jimmy is a retarded monkey...

  • Abed was right. Troy is famous now.

  • Surprised Jimmy wasn't wearing lipstick for this interview.

  • Just in case anyone wanted confirmation, his video has indeed surpassed the keyboard cat video. Yes i checked.

  • Click bait

  • I have never seen clickbait on a talk show until this moment. SUBSCRİBE MEEEE

  • I'm kind of relieved to see his comedic side pop out again. Love him either way SUBSCRİBE MNEEEEEEE

    • Blow me and I SUBSCRIIIBE YOU

  • Obviously he’s interested about the analysis of that video if he made it that detailed...

  • Kimmel scared

  • talk shows sure have gone downhill over the years.

  • Anyone here remember him YEARS ago from Derrick Comedy? Can’t believe he’s famous now!

  • when he was gone from community it wasn't the same ;; u ;; i love him and abed convo so much.. i didn't finished the season 6 of community.

  • The keyboard cat is dead no. literally. it is deceased

  • wow he didnt say anything about the video. pretty sure this is clickbait

  • He does the voice of marshall lee

  • Who remembers when he was in community?!

  • “U not so great” 😂

  • Cuteeeeeee

  • He's handsome tho.

  • where's the black on asian crime reference?

  • That's my nigga

  • *Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us and Black or White are the original This Is America*

  • Guessing that Jimmy had no ideas left but still needed them views

  • Why not get to bottom line and interview video producer/ director about motivation/vision. Unless they're purposely encouraging speculation for whatever reasons ie publicity, conversation about race, etc