Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

Published on May 11, 2018
Donald talks about his huge new video for This is America, and reveals how he feels about the reaction online.
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Donald Glover on This is America Music Video


  • This dude............Is something that normal people would call awesome and extraordinary.

  • Omg wtaf he seems so sweet I’m? In? Love?

  • Ladies and gentleman, the next will smith

  • CG's soooo cute

  • Best personality ever.

  • Troy and abed in the moooooooooooring

  • 00:07 Childish Gambino : On fire Donald Glover : on fire

  • nice teeth

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  • shiny teeth! big ups!

  • Why is there no videos in the bottom of the description?

  • Love how he is simply himself and is comfortable b n himself.

  • When he said "u have more views then the keyboard cat" watch glovers face change. Hes litterly trying to get a message across with his video. Not alot of people appreciate art in music anymore

  • Troy and Abed in the mooooorniingggg

  • He looked and sounded 39 in This Is America

  • He didn't even talk about this is america though. What's up with that?

  • Oh he got the best answer

  • Awww so cute.


  • I can't lie...he has got one sexy smile!

  • He’s so sweet

  • One word for Donald G , Genius !!!

  • Masterful subject swerve. 10/10

  • **Childish flamingo**

  • He is different

  • Boy, wait until he sees what the internet has done to your video.

  • TF? This commercial is missing its video.

  • That baby is not so cute anyway hahahahaha

  • He’s so handsome to me. He has the prettiest smile.

  • My baby sensitive😢😢😣😣

  • B A D L I T T L E B O Y

  • He is promoting faux wokeness. Don't let the afro fool you. Check out his 2018 Met Gala puppet outfit with the all-seeing eye of the devil on the back, and the hand signs he throws up for photographs.

  • Courtney lee

  • He is a very talented guy .

  • Wtf bro?

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  • Funny how the tittle has nothing to do with the video.

  • Didn’t see how he was cute until I saw Community

  • *This is america*

  • Damn I fell for this

  • Have all you guys that committed to hear notice that compared to this is America song he sounds different from there

  • omg its lando from starwars reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I miss Donald Glover. I love Childish Gambino, but I miss the “old” comedian Donald.

  • fake news fake as hell this jimmy kimmel guy is ... i dont know why he looks so fake ... or is he just playing fake ... and try to make you believe its not fake ...while its fake it a method of of messing with your mind of some sort .

  • he has the nicest smile

  • my cutie pie

  • The real truth behind America’s suffering is the stronghold the jew man has on our country. White anglo saxon protestants may have indeed played their part but the jew man is the puppeteer here!

  • Am I the only one who gets a sociopathic vibe from him?

  • Fans know you plagiarized “This is America” from Jase Harley’s “American Pharoah” you are a fake..a phony. You steal from other artists. You were speechless at the BET Awards because you were caught! Your camps twitter post was pulled because you all were caught in a lie. You are a joke dude.

  • This is not clickbait! Did you seriously expect him talk and decipher the video? It's not gonna happen. It's for us to talk about.

  • I look at these late night "talkshows" of today and I miss Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, the good ole days. Conan still does a good job and stays away from the political stuff that is annoying us all.

  • Modern genius

  • Wasn’t he in spider man

  • R.I.P. Keyboard Cat

  • Kimmy Jimmel

  • Seems like he traveled ten years into the future to make the video then came back to his youth in today

  • This is a meme on Jimmy Kimmel Live XD


  • Troy Barnes has come a long way since air conditioning repair school.

  • Why isnt he naked? Lmao

  • C L I C K. B A I T.

  • 0:08 - 0:10 hello darkness my old friend?

  • Wtf was the point of this video

  • When jimmy kimmel isn’t funny so he tries to get political for SJW’s praise

  • Legend !!!

  • I see they took the original vid down from SNL. 😧😧😧

  • John Lenon wrote I am the Walrus to mess with people. Andy Kauffman had a "fued" with that wrestler for years. Nirvana lyrics were sometimes just random lines taken out of various notebooks. I think you get my point.

  • 01:19 Yeah, Todd won't stop talking about his stupid baby...(Bet you didn't got it)

  • Clickbait at it’s finest

  • Click Bait 101

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  • He wants to leave a legacy like the novel Ulysses. Joyce wrote it and left it us to decode it.

  • best teeth i have ever seen

  • That was one of the most profound videos that I have seen in a long time. Thank you.

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  • The keyboard cat died this year a month or 2 ago

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  • This is Nigeria

  • ‘Aww... like... “That baby isn’t even that cute, like.”’

  • I’d dare him to watch Kermit’s America.

  • Troy Barnesss

  • In case y'all were wondering the meaning of this is America is to say that the news and focus drags more terrible things away from our eyes he makes various hints at this in the video like saying I'm so pretty and dancing while there was violent things going on in the background

  • Check out the hidden meanings in my follow up video

  • This is wakanda


  • I have a dream that all black people can stop complaining about racism they don't even experience in any way shape or form.

  • I just can't get passed the fact he plays Troy

  • Thank you for wasting a minute and thirty two seconds of my life...

  • _im really sensitive_ Same Donald 😭😭

  • You know you're old when you quote Keyboard Cat as the most viewed video on youtube

  • He looks better with the james harden beard

  • This video explained nothing at all