Don't Trash Talk New York | Hardly Working

Published on Sep 8, 2018
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Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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Brennan Lee Mulligan
Rekha Shankar
Ally Beardsley
Patrick McDonald

Director - Arthur Enright
Writer - Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer - Lucretia Stinnette
Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography - Cooper James
HMU - Crystal Gomez
Sound Mixer - Anthony Kozlowski
Editor - Mike McAlister


  • Ok it's settled: Brennan plays the next iteration of the joker.

  • Anything without brenn is unwatchable

  • Brennan is going places man.

  • Also at least we get comic con

  • I mean I from new york but I am from the country side it is pretty nice

  • new york seems great!

  • Oh my apartment is so small, its not comfy enough. Theres not little trees on my litle block. Oh im scared becouse i saw a little rat lay a little egg inside a little vagrants open knife wound. Best line ive heard

  • I don't hate New York. I've never been to the place. I just don't like the people from there. Where I used work, I would have to deal a lot of assholes from New York. They would move to NC because it's cheaper to live here than in New York. Almost everyone had a hardass attitude. The behaved as if they had something to prove. The would act so smug because of where they are from.

  • Nah this shit is funny!

  • One time I went on a field trip to New York and this drunk guy yelled at my class I love you New York Legit, no sarcasm

  • "After I look up how to roast it in the encyclopedia of places nobody gives a shit about." Might be the cleverest bit of writing I have seen all year.

  • This is probably how Jay Z is every day LOL

  • Dude I love new york

  • Brennan saves New York New Adam Ruins Everything Series

  • Brennan might have become my favorite with this sketch.

  • I have literally never been to America but dear god if this isn't Irish-people to Londoners ksjsksjsks

  • New York gay af

  • this is CLASS

  • New Yorkers actually love to hate on Californians, but Californians never think twice about New Yorkers. We're too busy enjoying non-snowy winters, Napa Valley's finest and the fact that trump wasn't born here. California is paradise.

  • Brennan is by far my favorite college humor actor/writer

  • I’m from and still live in Baltimore.

  • Rat laying an egg in an open wound - only in New York do they have pigeon rat chimaeras.

  • Is it bad I can imagine Brennan as the joker?

  • Brooklyn is cool though

  • Was waiting for him to drop a *massive* precision f-strike, aaaaand disappointed.

  • Remind me please, what city Bruce was talking about? Gotham?

  • I swear New York is just like London I promise visit any part that isn’t central or west London you’ll see all this shit...

  • There was a whole trash on the ground.

  • Shout out if you're from Temecula!

  • Brennan literally the only reason i still come back to this channel

  • But... Brennan, I saw a whole trash.

  • That moment when you're from upstate NY

  • I’m from Indianapolis and we all we have is copious amounts of heroine. So yeah

  • I’m from a Oklahoma town with a population of 400 people. If someone I met said there from New York I’d be like “wow cool 🤩” I’d kill to be able have takeout from any cuisine be delivered to my house. I can’t even get pizza delivery out in the country.

  • I feel pretty much the same about Karachi. It is gigantic.

  • My best friends in highschool were both from New York....both absolutely hated NY and refused to even go visit there XD

  • I'm from Boston

  • You could see ally trying not to laugh when brennan was crouching next to her lol

  • New York is actually fairly beautiful in some areas like time square and Central Park I also want to go to broadway and perform some day.

  • He has a point

  • I live in portland Oregon

  • Brennan.... Your wit is up the wazoo. You are now my favorite!!!

  • New York is mostly farm land

  • As an upstater I happily agree that NYC is shit.

  • The first goal was right. New York is awful. Just a great big overgrown city who’s people seem to think it’s the greatest city on Earth. Newsflash, you’re only just in the top 10. Just

  • I just went through a College Humor: Brennan Marathon. 😐

  • Everyone who roasts new york can't afford to live there

  • I’m from Michigan And also i love New York it’s awesome It has the statues liberty and pigeons 😁 I love pigeons they are the only birds that give milk

  • Great video! Now do Texas!

  • In NY i saw a rotweiler literally devour a yorkie alive i was 6 years old that scarred me fr

  • I love New York but I’m also a new eglander and live tho thier winters

  • Could say the same thing about the New England patriots

  • i'm from new jersey

  • He’d be a good joker

  • some New Yorkers are born, others are made. NYC vlog on my channel for those who wanna know what it's like :)

  • The Long Island joke made me laugh the most (I’m from Long Island)

  • "You don't like it?? GOOD! More for ME!"

  • WHY DOES ANYONE GO TO M&Ms world, WHY? ENJOY THE DAMN CITY, not that piece of shit commercialism that capitalises of the amazingness of the city!


  • I have seen this video so many times that I know every single line of dialogue.

  • 3:31 I love the alien reference lol

  • i wanna hear brennan say ! ITS GARBAGE DAY !!

  • I know how you feel Brennan! Everyone treats my home state, Alaska, like a third world country!

  • Aaand then they legalised abortion up to birth. Way to go NY

  • Rats don't lay eggs.

  • Brennan is an icon

  • This is amazing, and so relatable

  • That “several museums” line delivery by Brennan was gold

  • Lol that ending

  • When he started roasting Cincinnati I was dying "Like you got cracker barrels on your interstate!" I wish I could say you were wrong

  • Philly Philly

  • San Francisco is worse, y’all forgot about SF.

  • A T R A S H ?

  • Can i just say it? The grind. 😆 and after i found out how to roast it in encyclopedia something nobody gives a sh&t about 😆

  • The dislikes are long islanders-

  • Brennan is my big mood

  • Weirdly I feel like almost everything said about New York in this video could also apply to british people talking about London... including the random bit about the Circle Line and M&Ms world (seriously why does M&M's world exist? I'm still confused about it after living in london for 4 years)

  • “Why would we you’re there.” The delivery of that line. Perfect.

  • There aren't that many Cracker Barrels in Cincinnati. If you said Skyline Chili, though.... And lots of people talk shit about Cincinnati. After all, we have the Bungles.

  • Law's cousin is hardcore..

  • Brennan will never not be funny

  • Brennen is the new joker, hands down, he's got that scary look

  • “A whole trash on the ground”

  • Replace New York with America; We don't go around insulting most countries, it would be like snatching candy from a baby. We're the scapegoat of the Western hemisphere's sins because it makes everyone feel better. I.e., Trudeau parrots get informed about Thunder Bay and the countless other oppressed indigenous populations across your country. Set aside the positive, I will never defend the negative we Americans have done or do, I'm right there with you if you wish to advise on the ills but it is exhausting to listen to the grandstanding virtue signaling snowflakes parade on about all that we do as they sweep their countries fecal matter under the rug.. what you all need is to take a long hard look in the mirror!! You're all consuming America, but I promise if you stop blaming daddy you can take control of your life. Pull the hamburger out of your mouth, turn off your iphone, iwhatever, turn off youtube, stop consuming America. You don't because you're hypocrites. You don't because you're no better, you're human. It won't happen because all empires that came before us and will go after us, have been criticized but those who no stuff their faces with the bounties.

  • I love how much everyone in the comments of every video love Brennan. He's fantastic and deserves all the praise, and it's so refreshing to read after years of 'remember when Collegehumor was funny' complaining.

  • Get this guy a gosh darn Emmy

  • I thought the one girl on the right was flat. I was wrong

  • Brennan is my fave, he always argues fast and I like it

  • The puddles part, that's almost classic Pacino.

  • *nobody gets to insult New York except for New Yorkers*

  • "A *WHOLE TRASH* on the ground.."

  • 1:56


  • I live so close to Cincinnati

  • Brennan is awesome. Period)

  • What. A. Performance.

  • I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio too!!!😁😁

  • Me when people talk about Chicago 😂

  • Loved this!