DON'T MESS with a Snarly Badger!

Published on Oct 17, 2018
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On this episode of Breaking Trail: Legacy Series, we take a look back to when Coyote and the crew headed into the back country of Montana to work with Moxie, an American Badger who was abandoned as a cub and raised in captivity to be an ambassador for her species. These mustelids, or members of the weasel family, are well known for their feisty attitudes and aggressive will Coyote be able to befriend this SNARLY badger?
Get ready.. you don’t want to mess with a SNARLY badger!

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  • badger coyte man

  • That badger chunky

  • A badger got into my mothers yard once by knocking a loose panel out on the fence. She heard it and went to have a look and when she did it was on its way back through the hole it had made. Its bum had got stuck, she ran out with a broom and pushed it through. It didn't seem pissed off, more just like the whole debacle had wasted its time hahahaha

  • *No one has heard the cry of the Hufflepuff and survived.*

  • How rude

  • I wanted this cute pokemon so bad

  • All mustelids are so grouchy and fearless

  • Coyote, a honey badger joke? Just another thing to love about you. 😂

  • This is not the same Honey Badger I seen on FarCry

  • Check out the claws on a South American anteater.

  • bears have huge claws too

  • She's very cute

  • one animal bets the badger the PUG!

  • @the people who think hufflepuffs are happy go lucky 24/7

  • i can’t even get that close with my cat


  • I think this video is further proof NOT to mess with hufflepuffs.

  • Omg I think that this badger is the cutest thing ever

  • And they are particullary good finder

  • man he THICC af 💯💯😩😩😩

  • The Hufflepuffs got mad.

  • I was vere close to one

  • Hmm rivals to the Badger in the claws section? Slothes, anteaters and if we go back in time "Therizinosaurus"

  • My dad and I used to trap woodchucks a lot (the typical leg-hold traps) . Once we came out and saw a badger in the trap. Jaw..drop. We didn't want to kill it, and we had never seen one before in years of trapping. It took us a few minutes to make a plan about what to do. Imagine a woodchuck times 10, and about 5 times as mean. When they are defensive, their body is really flat. Imagine a piece of paper with legs and hair. If you would have gotten near it, I promise you it would have taken your fingers off, and very probably worse. You didn't want NOTHING to do with that animal, in that state. I do believe it could have bitten chunks out of you, no trouble whatsoever. Actually, a pretty dangerous situation. We ended up getting a very large metal wash tub (about 4' diameter, 1.5' deep), and threw it over the animal. I jumped on top of the tub. Make no mistake, that tub was shaking and that was one pissed off animal underneath. My dad managed to use the chains on the trap to pull out just its foot, and used some C-clamps to take the trap off. The leg flew back underneath and I could hear the animal snarling under there. My dad got back, and I jumped off the tub and ran to him (about 20 feet away). That badger launched that tub right off no trouble, and we watched the badger (I'd imagine with a pretty sore foot), run off. That animal was at least twice the size of the badger in this video - and probably more. Haven't seen one since...glad about that too. I can only imagine what the woodchuck is thinking when the badger shows up and tries to get it out of it's burrow.

  • Therizinosaurus has giant claws that definite rivaled Badgers for body to claw size comparison. Even for a dino Therizino had giant claws. But I imagine Badgers are far more intimidating since they apparently can scare even Lions away.

  • Hit like if u caught these in Far cry

  • I think that the anteater rivals the badger when it's to claws. I love your videos a lot. Thanks Shane.

  • Is this a re-upload?

  • Platypus claws I heard can have venom?


  • I once went up against a badger. It lost against my .22 win mag. He now hangs on a wall as a decorative rug.

  • Russian Badger

  • Hufflepuff has left the chat*

  • Oh it hisses, that sounds like a deadly attack 😂

  • I love your videos so much keep up the good work Like if you agree

  • Round boi

  • its so cute but dangernes

  • That thing is so cute. I want to pick it up and squeeze it.

  • umm are you a Peterson cuz I am

  • What rivals them in claw size? Therazinosaurus! lol

  • *its a cool shot tho even tho I could get bitten* I love this guy

  • Hey coyote what do you like to eat? 2:22

  • Are there any Honey Badgers is captivity? I'm thinking "No"

  • I live in America and I think European badgers are cute but American badgers are scary

  • *waddle waddle waddle*

  • The badger is so cute I would pet it at the risk of death :T

  • Aardvarks!!!

  • Cute but DANGEROUS

  • Coyote Peterson: Goes out and messes with dangerous animals Me: Won’t intervene between my dogs fighting

  • It’s so cute

  • even Lions back off and don't mess with a Badger.

  • Nice badger. No mushroom?

  • absolute unit

  • Cute doggo!

  • You messed with it

  • i have to be very careful around here *BOOP LE BAMJER*

  • I love what you do for a living!.

  • Bear rivals the badger?? Idk please tell me

  • Strange how all animals look different depending in their location, same with people lol. Fascinating

  • This guy demonstrates awareness; he's aware that a lot of viewers wouldn't mind seeing him getting bitten, and waves that carrot on stick of possibility as he pisses off the badger more and more, and in turn gets his watch time up. Well done I guess!

  • would the American badger eat the American possum

  • what kind of dog is that? can I adopt it?

  • You should do that near a Tasmanian devil

  • We also had ground squirrels and it probably was attracted to that as a food source

  • I had a I had a honey badger in my yard and it was vicious but I think it had babies and now her and now it's how I know it's outside and now we can't go outside at my grandma's house

  • Why does nature have to make the scariest creatures so much like pillows... Jeez...

  • This is a re-upload

  • Sticks from sonic boom

  • 😬😬😬😬😬😬🤩

  • wtf brave wilderness team, just because we love you does NOT mean you can just recycle your old clips indefinitely. Seriously why the hell are you reposting again???

  • With those teeth, claws, and hissing😁I just can’t take her seriously with a name like Moxie

  • I thought he was gonna fight it I’m disappointed

  • Aweeeeee

  • Honey badger :3

  • It a honey badger get it

  • She's so cute! I wanna marry her 😍

  • are you ever going to meet a honey badger

  • Cute

  • Truly enjoyed the video. 💓

  • don't you mean a snarly Hufflepuff

  • don't you mean a snarly Hufflepuff

  • itz cute

  • I have been learning about animals cents I was four and I think if your talking about claw langth the grizlly bear wins!

  • Well that explains why he lives in the wild wood but how did he manage to befriend Ratty?

  • Ive seen a wombat with similar sized claws but its a bigger animal and claws on the badger are sharper..

  • What about the RussianBadjur?

  • Badgers badgers badgers mushroom mushroom

  • T-rex

  • The Komodo dragons is bigger

  • Pangolin

  • No RussianBagjur

  • Its so chubby but cut

  • North American badgeR' is TruE UkrainiaN

  • She Protecc She Attacc But Most Of All She Bite Coyote Like A Snacc


  • Do a ferret

  • The therizinosaurus has bigger nails than

  • Wisconsin Football highlights led me here. True story

  • that's a weird looking dog

  • Anyone just stumbled upon this while watching old videos