Doing My Makeup UPSIDE DOWN

Published on Sep 8, 2018
Yeah... it's come to this...Time to turn the beauty community on it's head....
slash amuse myself for half an hour by doing my makeup while upside down and hoping it amuses you at least a little bit too
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  • "That's just a ginger thing" me every day 😂👌

  • Rewatching for rough tips because now that I've jacked my knee and can't stay standing at the bathroom mirror long enough for anything (and need to keep my leg elevated and iced as much as possible) I'm having to do my work makeup in bed. Yay icy driveways and no coordination! 😭🤕

  • This gave me a headache just watching 😩😩😩

  • When she's upside down in the intro look at her forehead her eyes have a mustache

  • I totally just turned my phone around and watched this upside down so it would look normal for the first part of it

  • I literally could not finish watching this, upside down eyes scare me SO MUCH

  • I don´t understand the name of the lipstick... Can someone please help me??

  • Love 💘 it ! Evething you do looks great 👍 ! ! 💋 Bless you.

  • you should do fx makeup upside down! that would be so funny to watch!

  • The glues gonna falllllll Edit:haha it did

  • 13:04 I did not even know what it was I had to rewind then watch farther 🤪😭🤪😭🤪😭🤪😭

  • Mykie you are going crazy 🤪🤪🥴

  • 100% anxiety

  • can anyone tell me what the little dots on her canine teeth are?

  • Who watched the video upside down so that you would also be surprised when she saw what it looked like upright 🙋‍♀️ 😂

  • Okay, I am so sorry but I just realized how funny it is if you just look at her mouth the whole time she's upside down... It looks so weird! XD

  • *_stranger things has left the chat_*

  • What you should tell everyone new college student or graduate school student-“yesss I know this is absurd. Roll with it.”

  • I'd love to see your ginger hair 😍

  • myke are you high 😂

  • I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a video until now.

  • Yep.......... this is her job

  • I’m so glad you flipped it because my neck started hurting 😂

  • I watched this video upside down 🙃

  • Mike likes it is about this little boy who hated everything until he tried this kind of cereal BOOM!...



  • it looks so funny if you just look at her mouth lollllllll

  • I’m ginger 2 🧡

  • I'm watching this upside down haha

  • I Laughed so hard for some reason at "Im getting fallout in my Eye" Im sorry. I LOVE YOU!!! :D

  • Omg I’m super high right now so I just moved my phone up said down so I can see a little better and then mykie starts doing her weird computer things so I kept moving my phone until it slipped and land on my face 🤭🤭😩😭

  • I'm re-watching this cause I can't sleep but does anyone else notice that she can go from ANY joke or ridiculous moment to being serious in like .000000001 seconds?? 😂😂 I love you so much I swear


  • 2019 anyone???

  • Watching this gave me a headache, I can feel the upside down

  • honestly through the intro I just kept zoning out and seeing her as the annoying orange , anyone else? ….. nope just me

  • She should totally turn herself in a bat 😍😍

  • I love bats so much there so cute and my favorite animal

  • MYK drop

  • If you look at only her mouth and no where else it looks like a monster lol I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that

  • is it just me but your eyelashes look blue and so does your eyebrows when you was putting them on

  • am i the only one who starred at her mouth for a couple of minutes & laughed bc it started looking right side up?? nope just me .. okay.. big fan! love you Mykie ♥️ zombae for life

  • Celebrity makeup artist actually have their celebrity client lay down to do there make up because there face is more relaxed so they are able to get better results

  • When you dropped the makeup brush I was thinking “why is the brush rising above her head if she is sitting down!” I know, I forgot you were upside down 😂😂

  • This was my first video that I watched from your channel I've been watching your channel for 2 years now! Love you! 🖤

  • I watched this upside down lol

  • I luv ur vid

  • I was watching this upside down then you flipped it and I am confusion

  • *sneezes* “That was a nice shower” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO

  • Now you should do someone else's FX makeup upside down!

  • Wait was the name of the liquid lip Lolita or did I here that wrong.

  • Mykie has things on her canines?

  • Who, besides me, just kept focusing on her eyes and it looks hella weird.

  • This reminds me of watching chin faces in 2010

  • I'm going bat-maning... never heard of it before so it's new to meh. hehe

  • The lash glue!! 😂😂😂

  • I love her intro

  • After a while of watching this your upside down face started to look really odd and not like a real face, I had to keep turning my phone upside down just to make sure your face was still normal lol

  • I love her but hate her introductions 😭

  • Ok foundation match love u but

  • When she outs herself as a bat lover all I can think of is that vine with the little girl “freakin bats” 😂

  • Has she tried to do her makeup with her left hand before?

  • Lol! I can’t help it, I’m watching your mouth. If i look down to your face while ur mouth is moving it makes me dizzy. Smh! Thank you for turning the video right side up while ur upside down. Lol!! Interesting asf! I just love your videos. Your hilarious

  • i watched a 3:17 mins i wasted my time but its worth it because of the puns

  • Farrrrrrrrrrrhead

  • When you turned right side up you gave a strange Ruby Rose vibe with the makeup.

  • Mykie you are literally my favorite US-tvr and make up artist 🖤💀

  • Why don’t you set your foundation?

  • 10:00 nicki tutorials?

  • Lock ur screen and turn ur phone upside down

  • I don’t do the mascara face

  • Do you not set your foundation?? Much confusionnn. Please explain Mykie!

  • I was looking at your forehead as if there was supposed to be a mouth there and your eyebrows are a mustache and I just can’t stop laughing

  • Mykie: drops lash glue bottle

  • Better than I could do up right at my best

  • Do Katy’s makeup while she’s upside down!!!!

  • This video somehow gave me a headache lol just thinking of being upside down....

  • I think fruit bats are the cutest

  • Pretty sure Mykie was stoned in this video. But it's okay and it's hilarious.

  • I just CANNOT stop looking at your mouth, it looks so weird upside down hahahahah

  • If you are bored with your friend try laying on a flat surface like a bed or the floor and then make sure your feet are pointing different directions on South 1 and one West and then just stare at each other's mouths super close and then you can't stop laughing cuz it's so funny I was literally laughing at my brother for like an hour

  • Mykie: Which way is up...? is this up DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT DONT SAY IT me: EAST IS UP!!!! (hah punzz) ||-//

  • Is their some kind of medication or something to make my eyes brighter like hers?!?!

  • you are puuuuurrrrrppppppppplllee

  • I’m so glad you turned the video around because my brain kept trying to see your eyes right side up and it makes it look soooo creepy

  • I watched this upside down to match the theme

  • Lol that lash glue

  • look it... its fricken bats... i love halloween

  • Watching you upside down makes my head feel like I’m upside down

  • Anyone know what eyelashes Mykie uses?💁🏻‍♀️

  • i lay my head on my sister's lap and she does my eye shadow so pretty

  • its giving me a headache just watching you upside down!

  • What were those things on her teeth 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • me on a sunday ( every day)

  • i just started focusing on her chin and it looks very strange

  • You can totally do my makeup up side down. I volunteer as tribute!! 😏🙋‍♀️🙃💋💄

  • Is anyone else watching this upside down?

  • I watched this upside down