Do You Really Need Everything in that Backpack? | CH Shorts

Published on Apr 9, 2018
Rekha's life depends on her abandoning some of the precious, precious trash she's been lugging around in her backpack. But is life even worth living without it?
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Rekha Shankar
Katie Marovitch
Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer - Rekha Shankar
Producer - Shane Crown
Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
Editor - Sam Geer


  • She could not just throw it up on the cliff no one thought of that :/

  • This whole problem could be solved by throwing the backpack up to Katy.

  • Couldnt she have just yeeted her backpack onto the actual cliff

  • just throw the bag over the cliff and hoist yourself up.

  • why did she have weights

  • I would honestly do that 😂👍

  • Why didn't she just toss the stuff up?

  • She could’ve just tossed the stuff up onto the ledge so Katie could pull her up and she’s still have all her stuff

  • Her backpack is so heavy because there’s a lot of Free Crap in it

  • I thought the couple pills that fell out would make her light enough

  • All the time she spent hanging there.... could have tossed them up. Lighter and you keep your stuff


  • cant she throw her stuff up

  • Don't want to sound mean but I died when she fell 😂😂😂😂

  • Why doesn't she just throw her backpack up or gives it to Katie's other hand 😂😂

  • Throw the bag up onto the ledge

  • Couldn’t she have just grabbed the bag with one hand and then got Rehka?

  • I feel called out

  • But you can always pick it up afterwards.

  • I love finding the Illumimati in each video.

  • Or throw the backpack up

  • The illuminati on the book.

  • She should have just dropped

  • Just pass her the backpack or throw it up...

  • I got a lube and condom ad before this

  • Couldn’t she have just tossed the shit one by one on to the top of the cliff and get up?!

  • Is that my bag

  • Did anyone see the illuminati on the book at first then did not

  • I will help you

  • I guess you could say she didn't HANDle that very wwll

  • Am I the only person who thought raika could just give her stuff to katie

  • Why doesn’t she just throw it up the cliff

  • We like bringing our cabinets (cum bags) and never clean them :)

  • Just throw the stuff up on the cliff

  • when holding onto a friendship just aint worth it anymore

  • This passes the Bechdel test. Cool..?

  • Why doesn't she just toss the stuff up there one at a time

  • Why didn't she just throw the backpack up

  • "You can't toss a puppy off a cliff!" "He's dumb, though. He can't even sing."

  • Why didn't she throw the backpack up to Katie ?

  • Can't she just throw the stuff up onto the cliff?

  • Why doesn't she just give her the bag then she pulls her up

  • Why not throw the backpack up

  • Its a pucnh card from a coffee shop in my hometown. Do you wanna go there after? (Not if she falls off a cliff)

  • She could have chucked them up one by one onto the cliff, but it wouldn’t be comedy if she had.

  • Magic sand. . . ummm

  • Why doesn’t she just throw something UP at where Catie is?

  • Just throw it up on the rock 😐

  • maybe grow shit up to the cliff then she can pull you up

  • Have you seen the Illuminati sign?

  • Why not just throw the back pack up and Katie can pull her up

  • Why didn't she just throw that shit upbthere

  • What was wrong with going out and shooting outdoors? Otherwise, great sketch!

  • I think I'd be so annoyed that I'd let go of her accidentally.

  • The puppy part made me laugh alot

  • This video called me out.

  • Can’t you try throwing stuff over on the ground so it lands on the ground instead of it falling off the cliff

  • just let go

  • ⚠Any one notice the illuminate ⚠

  • Take the bag and then pull her up

  • Give the back pack and go up

  • well.......they just called me out on my bullshit lol

  • I don’t get why she handed it to Katy AFTER she jumped.

  • Just toss the stuff up

  • Orrrrrrr she could’ve just dropped the bag and went down to get it later since she would be ALIVE

  • just throw those stuff to katie

  • First throw up the back pack then pull your self up

  • It's a bag of holding... let's just hope it doesn't have any goats in it

  • Just throw the bag up lol

  • Why didnt she throw something to the cliff...she wouldnt lose anything and she could come up

  • The dictator anyone?

  • The book had the illuminati symbol on it

  • I love rekahs delivery it's the most hilarious skit I've watched in awhile! I lost count of how many times I watched this.

  • Wow how big is that backpack.

  • i have 60 pound back pack

  • Throw the bag up!

  • She could of.... Used her other hand to pull her up or take the bag

  • he couldve thrown the stuff up

  • The stupid thing is she could of just tossed one item at a time on the cliff ledge, saving her stuff and her self

  • Toss them up to the edge of the cliff then u wont lose anything

  • Just drop it Then retrieve it

  • Why not just this it up

  • Why didn’t she just throw them up onto the ledge

  • i’ve been laughing at the way rekha fell for like ten minutes. i’ve just been replaying it

  • ..... lol... just throw ur shit up onto the ledge... damn.

  • Why didn’t she just throw her bag up

  • The special effects were 👌🏻.

  • So.. throwing away that tiny loyalty card would have lessened her weight enough for Katie to be able to pull her up¿

  • I was 100% sure she was gonna come back, but from the backpack

  • Who cares? There is so much sentimental stuff we get from the world... I want to give these things a home... because sentimental stuff is amazing, and most of all, IT'S FREE!!!

  • That's so much stuff

  • I was expecting a parachute to come out

  • Now I know how I'm going to die.

  • Solution that will make both party happy: Throw the bag to Katy by building up momentum on the bag then toss it.

    • If this was real, you need to use the other hand to prevent yourself from falling, you need to grip on something so if you let that hand you then you will meet your doom with her too.

  • She made the right choice or just throw the puppies bagpack dumbass

  • Kiss leave ours award view expectation belly.

  • Or you know, you could throw the bag up to where Katie is... But of course, you can't do that, can you?

  • Why don't she throw her stuff up the cliff so it would be lighter.

  • What's with the half second of Illuminati on the Harry Potter book?

  • this is me with browser tabs!