Published on May 13, 2018
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Do They Know It #130 - DO PARENTS KNOW MODERN MUSIC? #17 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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    • React to This is America music video

    • Can you let Sharon meet Drake please?

    • please do more 90s hip hop

    • REACT Am I the only one that noticed that the little hedgehog knick knack is in a different place in all of Ms. Faith's shot compared to everyone else's shots?

    • REACT I’d love to be cast to this. I love these shows. Totally awesome channel.

  • Elders react to Shawn Mendes lyrics pls

  • I see Ariana I click 💖

  • have them react to Conan gray

  • I see j cole I click

  • Parenst react to Shawn Mendes

  • J balvin #Colombia

  • Teens react to Hamilton!

  • Parents react to Jcole

  • Its kinda shocking that I don't even know a single one of it

  • i see jcole i click

    • rad frown I just posted the same comment 😂

  • Generations react to fortnite

  • React to Frozen Joyner Lucas

  • Literally only came for Ariana

  • yess i love drake 👏🏼👏🏼

  • React to Joyner Lucas

  • parents react to SHAWN MENDES!!!

  • Plzzz react to Shawn Mendes

  • I know that this music is from my era but I know none of these songs at all.

    • Andrew Sampson I personally not like K-pop, but I respect the people that do cause I know everyone has different opinions. That's something we all need to learn

    • Sandra PV yeah there is

    • Bob Hart There's nothing sad nor pathetic about liking K-pop


    • Bob Hart yep

  • React to Aurora Aksnes!!!!

  • college kids react to KOD by J. Cole

  • Parents react to Shawn mendes

  • 1:57 Hahaha😅😅

  • make the teens react to the no tears left to cry music video !!

  • More J. Cole!

  • Anyone else come for Ariana? 😂

  • Parents react to BTS

  • Yoo highkey Malcom looks like someone i would like to chill with, he seems such a nice guy to listen to music with

  • I came for Ariana and now I shall go

  • I haven’t heard half these songs on the radio, so they must not be very popular.

  • React to Shinedown!

  • Their react to K-Pop please!!!

  • Janelle monae pynk

  • Ariana is the only one I'd recognize. The rap/hip/hop stuff is so interchangeable, and there's never just 1 artist making it a lot harder to remember. Also Zedd overproduces his stuff like crazy, I agree :p

  • Came for Ariana lol

  • I have listened to so much music all the way back 70s and i got to tell you that most hip hop and rap songs are remixed or sampled from past songs.

    • Avery Test yeah especially 90s rap, lots of good samples there from funk

  • Nicki Minaj - Chung Li or Barbie Tingz

  • Please have the parents react to Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid!

  • Chun-Li/Nicki Minaj react

  • Malcolm is such a DILF. Dammit.

  • Walk It, Talk It sounds like a ghetto version of Dr. Seuss "There's a Wocket in my Pocket"


    • Frankie J no please

  • Dude...that RedLetterMedia shirt though. Rich Evans makes me happy.

  • They need to react to token

  • Most of these songs aren’t even that popular

  • Is the first person drake nice for what

  • Parents react to BTS please :)

  • this is all disposal music

    • Carlos Olea Sixtos Yeah listen to it a couple of times and forgot about them.

  • Next time listen to Royce Da 5’9’’ caterpillar ft Eminem

  • who's the man in the plaid shirt He's very handsome

  • It's not shameful in the slightest to not know these "artists"

  • I’m gonna enjoy this

  • I knew most of them *coughs* NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY ARINAN GRANDE

  • Do a reaction of no tears left to cry

  • I am just waitinf for ari

  • Melcom🙌🙌🙌

  • MUSE 💗🖤💕💜💖💕💖💗

    • Jennifer sameeee

    • Jennifer hahaha, yes. I really love muse so much

    • mg legit the only song I knew and the only one that was tolerable.

  • I Knew 4 Artist & 2 Songs

  • I wish Malcom was my dad 😫😫😫

    • Malcom is a cool cat

    • He's so great isn't he?

  • Do the childish Gambino

  • man, I love J cole

  • Please help fund my new project. I need to buy a variety of books to use for read alouds that are aligned with the kindergarten literacy curriculum I purchased.

  • Teens react to modern country music

  • What do you consider modern exactly lol

  • It's gonna be Lil' something.. lol XD

    • Brock198 “XD” that made me suicidal

  • React to Chung Li

  • I have only heard 2 songs and I'm 19.

    • I’m 17 and didn’t get a single fricking song...

  • React to Chung li

  • React to Chun li!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:12 sO tRuE ...

  • Could you guys please put some modern rock in some of these? Like 30 Seconds to Mars or Shinedown? It just seems like it's all hip-hop and rap in these videos sometimes...

    • There was 2 rap songs the rest was pop

    • Denise Michelle I believe that they choose the music that is popular at the moment, so that explains all the hip-hop.

  • React To The Killers

  • React to chun li

  • Sharon looking like Jason Vorhees mom in that sweater

  • I’m so sorry Ariana baby

  • "long time no hear" *what about God's Plan?*

  • Min.8.52 me: AW HELL NAWW

  • 8:10 i’m dead😂

  • Elders react to gangster rap

  • I kinda want to see Parents react to Kpop. Specifically BTS and StrayKids.

  • React to love me long time

  • Next music one play some Post Malone like Paranoid or Spoil My Night

  • React to “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li” by Nicki Minaj


  • Im a Young Person™ and I had only heard three of these, plus I could only place the name and artist of one

  • yes, way too much auto tune

  • Hi you are amazing

  • I'm barley 18 and I have never heard any of these songs

    • Seriously because I've been listening to nothing but Drake for a week

    • Do U live under a rock?

    • *barely

    • 0greenworld u gotta get outside more

    • 22 but same. Where did they get the songs from?

  • yes Jim I notice that Red Letter Media shirt

  • What about chun li?

  • I do not want to know this music. It is crap. The good stuff is out there, but you have to find it...

  • React to 13 Reasons Why Season 2 please!

    • they did for the trailer. not the whole season 2

    • nawsi gowreng they did I think

  • Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  • Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  • Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  • Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  • parents react to lil tay

  • Do a Charmed Reboot react #oldfansvsnewfans

  • I find it odd that all these "Parents" have instagram and twitter accounts" I'm 29 years old and I have no idea what the point of twitter or instagram is.. Why can't i just chat with my friends on 2000's Messenger?

    • You can do whatever you want, but be forever alone stuck in the past lmfao

  • What about Gucci flip flops

    • James Gardner hell no