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Diplo - Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan) (Official Music Video)

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Official Music Video | Diplo - Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan)
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I've been so color blind
And I've been so color blind (haha, yeah)
[Verse 1]
Ayy, trips to the mall, I just stripped in the fall
I think I might really be the one after all, yeah
The one to rule them all, I'm the chosen one, the savior
But all these triple six, yeah
Make it look like I was up to no good
At least that's what my momma said, yeah
Now I'm the one givin' momma bread
Done with the pain, I'm just so heartless
I've been so color blind
And I've been so color blind
(I said)
(I said)
[Verse 2]
Love don't cost a thing, yeah
So all my girls need diamond ring, yeah, yo, yo
Text that I sent that you never ever read
Got me feelin' like you never ever ever really cared, yeah
But that's okay though
I hope you feel okay though
They used to call me Diego
My favorite drink is Faygo
I've been so so so-
(I said)
(I said)
I've been so color blind
I've been so color blind
I've been so color blind
And I've been so color blind
Director: Austin Peters
Producer: John Curtis
Executive Producer: Jennifer Heath
Director of Photography: Chris Ripley
Editor: Marlo Caine
Production Designer: Itaru De La Vega
Color: Mikey Rossiter


  • v:, 2018?

  • lil xan just mumbles and moans, man its annoying... the worst part is that younger kids think hes cool, like wtf no hes not actually cool, hes just popular but annoying AF and his WHOLE persona is based around drug abuse... he cant act like hes done with drugs when he just does them in his documentaries and his NAME is "little xanax" like sorry nope, lil xan is a terrible influence and he should not be allowed on youtube for openly promoting drug abuse... especially if alex jones gets kicked off, then fuck lil xan hes like that annoying kid next door who gets your little brother hooked on xnaax and then decides to just dip out and get clean himself but doesnt help youre little brother.,.. he openly makes MONEY off BAD songs that revolve SOLEY around taking Xanax and we all just let him get away with that while his NAME is stil basically a copyright infringement? I wonder why Big Pharma doesnt take him down OH WAIT THATS RIGHT hes just a a MASSIVE tool for Big Pharma to sell more xanax to the kids for those who dont know, xanax and klonopin and ativan, these benzos are simply a way for very young kids to basically achieve the same effect as getting drunk, without the smell or the puking, honestly its much better than drinking, but do you really want this kid running around getting almost 100 million views for a really lame song that he bought all the views for? Also any organic views came from diplo, and im just SO suprised that people really like him... like seriously iit seems the uglier you are the better you are for rap?

  • ❤🔥

  • i love this music lil xan

  • Between 2:13 and 2:14 I heard something.....! Check it out ,, has anybody heard and noticed that. ?

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  • Is he colorblind or what?!

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  • EPICO !!! Soy el unico de Argentina ? 👑💙

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  • Good video

  • Lil Xan i love you

  • Karl Gallagher?

  • No se por que todas las canciones de lil xan, para mi, son una completa droga. ME ENCANTA

  • quie es esa MIERDA 💩💩💩

  • Esta canción en el año 2021 va hacer una de las más conocidas por todo el mundo VERNGO DEL FUTURO

  • *Lil Fagit*

  • No se si de mi pais el Salvador hay alguien q escucha a lil xan👌

  • Sad to see Record companies let allow these "kids" "mumble no talen rappers" use and abuse Xanax , pills and such. Evil buisness.

  • 2065 anyone?



  • me gusta la musica de lil xan :D


  • i dont need heroine right now, this is my drug

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  • Reportense jugadores de free fire :v

  • This came out on my birthday I just realize

  • bruh this nigga be looking like carl from shamless

  • Quien sabe de un chico que canta este tema pero en español No lo puedo encontrar por qué no sé cómo se llama y creo que lo puso en privado al vídeo

  • Lil Xan, my 💙💙💙 extends to you too brother...

  • Diplo. Diplo. Diplo... I'm so speechless dear brother... You're heart and music brought me back to the 🕯🕯🕯... I can't wait to see you in concert... You have my 💙💙💙... 1♥️...

  • Featuring Lil cheetos.

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  • Somebody please shoot this piece of s*** tired of seeing this m*********** pop up on s***

  • Any body noticed that lil xan teeth Is so yellow

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  • Enough plz stop this can’t be music all this trying shit is annoying ether do it or don’t

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  • Mi amor platonico

  • In the minute 2:38 he dropped a drop of water on the cheek of the right side

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  • somebody knows ,. this fuuck in song say about it illuminati!

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  • My favorite part is: 00:00 00:01, 00:02, 00:03, 00:04, 00:05, 00:06, 00:07, 00:08, 00:09, 00:10, 00:11, 00:12, 00:13, 00:14, 00:15, 00:16, 00:17, 00:18, 00:19, 00:20, 00:21 00:22, 00:23, 00:24, 00:25, 00:26, 00:27, 00:28, 00:29, 00:30, 00:31, 00:32, 00:33, 00:34, 00:35, 00:36, 00:37, 00:38, 00:39, 00:40, 00:41, 00:42, 00:43, 00:44, 00:45, 00:46, 00:47, 00:48, 00:49, 00:50, 00:51, 00:52, 00:53, 00:54, 00:55, 00:56, 00:57, 00:58, 00:59, 01:00, 01:01, 01:02, 01:03, 01:04, 01:05, 01:06, 01:07, 01:08, 01:09, 01:10, 01:11, 01:12, 01:13, 01:14, 01:15, 01:16, 01:17, 01:18, 01:19, 01:20, 01:21, 01:22, 01:23, 01:24, 01:25, 01:26, 01:27, 01:28, 01:29, 01:30, 01:31, 01:32, 01:33, 01:34, 01:35, 01:36, 01:37, 01:38, 01:39, 01:40, 01:41, 01:42, 01:43, 01:44, 01:45, 01:46, 01:47, 01:48, 01:49, 01:50, 01:51, 01:52, 01:53, 01:54, 01:55, 01:56, 01:57, 01:58, 01:59, 02:00, 02:01, 02:02, 02:03, 02:04, 02:05, 02:06, 02:07, 02:08, 02:09, 02:10, 02:11, 02:12, 02:13, 02:14, 02:15, 02:16, 02:17, 02:18, 02:19, 02:20, 02:21, 02:22, 02:23, 02:24, 02:25, 02:26, 02:27, 02:28, 02:29, 02:30, 02:31, 02:32, 02:33, 02:34, 02:35, 02:36, 02:37, 02:38, 02:39, 02:40, 02:41, 02:42, 02:43, 02:44, 02:45, 02:46, 02:47, 02:48, 02:49, 02:50, 02:51, 02:52, 02:53, 02:54, 02:55, 02:56, 02:57, 02:58, 02:59, 03:00, 03:01, 03:02

  • Anyone who can hate on the great one meaning 2 Pac needs destroyed lyrically! I'm prolife but for you I could change my opinion quick! You literally make me hate being WHITE! God I'm so glad that I grew up with the great ones like Pac, Biggie, and N.W.A!

    • P P And I didn't misspell any words. Those are called abbreviations, 👌

    • Yeah his name's Diego the Mexican, I could honestly give a FUCK dude. Mind your own fuckin business. Anybody that's got the balls to come after 2 Pac deserves the beating there gonna get. Whatever it's your mind to waste on the BS.

    • P P how bout you suck my nuts poser?

    • He's not white,how about you do some research before commenting.Oh and get some english lessons too would be nice 👌

  • Why does he look like a lesbian

  • This music is cancer

  • So fucking bright 😎🤓

  • That smile tho

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  • Buena rola

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  • dale like si extrañas a xxtentation y peep por su murte y matar a quienes los que mataron a xxtentation y peep

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  • i've been color blind :)

  • everyday i wake up and see my self in the mirror and think deam im uglyist person in the world but im glad that im not cuz i found lil xan

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  • Hatsune Miku ft. Lil Xan

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  • lol, i dont even hear Diplo ahaha

  • Who would win: Some Red hair rapper dude vs One Dollar Snack

  • FYI tis time of no more cards ... at least not like the assimilation of keeping me from doing my Rasta project. You all go against Rasta so ... I’ll be normal now. Peace and one.

  • Keep creating this magic Diplo. You're a master at this.

  • 📂Documents └📁Music └📁Diplo └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

    • *man* *this* *is* *older* *than* *your* *brain* *cells*

  • It’s so disconcerting listening to a 13 yr old rap about strippers, love, and diamonds.

  • never heard shitty rap than this

  • I went colorblind watching this

  • The like one lil xan song i like lol

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  • Estan conmadres la Cancion🎼🎼

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  • "Tribal Fusion take two" - Unknown

  • "Tribal Fusion" - Unknown

  • its awesome how autotune made even the most talent free idiot an internet star....

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  • like if lil xan is the new lil peep

  • am i the only one who thinks hes garbage ? fucking kids

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