Developer Update | Play Nice, Play Fair | Overwatch

Published on Sep 14, 2017
Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses the rise of in-game toxicity, the Overwatch team’s current plans to help reduce it, and ways that players can contribute.
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.
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00:35 - Ways the development team is working to improve in-game reporting
03:01 - Our core philosophy around bad behavior in Overwatch
03:26 - Thoughts on why online interactions are so susceptible to toxicity
04:15 - Let’s ALL do our part to help reduce toxicity and increase positivity
05:21 - How in-game toxicity affects game development
06:20 - We’re in this together, so let’s work together
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  • 3:00 Jeff describing OWL... Dreamkazper, XQC, Jake... Blizzard's a blood joke. Hey! You! Don't post "EZ" in chat! Oh hi there Jake, have this gum chewing cam!! We know you've told people to kill themselves in the Overwatch voice chat but that's totally fine dude!

  • 4:20 Credit for being honest.

  • "We don't want you in Overwatch. Overwatch is about including people" Eh?

  • 3:03 “If you are a bad person doing bad things in Overwatch, we don’t want you in Overwatch.” I’ll say that to every toxic player I meet.


  • When does it get into action.

  • Best part about this: Lead Designer makes "toxic" characters. Community joins in on that spirit. Lead Designer complains about the community. Jeff, maybe you should own up to your part in the accountability that you have for really creating a great game design?

  • that was worse than a spanking i dont want pls daddy jeff

  • Does it count if I wish Death upon someone with a muted mic

  • False reporting runs very rampant and honestly it’s pretty worrying. I practice Widow in deathmatch and other arcade games and people like to report me for the smallest mistakes. I got booped off by a Lucio and apparently I’m throwing. Can you at least confirm that false reports don’t hold merit and action really is being taken against those who actually deserve to be banned? I actually feel like at some point I may get banned just for practicing one of my favorite heroes.

  • A N O N I M I T Y

  • The reporting system is broken, because actual toxic players that dont play as much will never be punished were as players that grind the game a lot will be punished for almost anything, the more you play the more reports you'll get in a shorter time.

  • Sounds like my science teacher

  • You dont want us in overwatch really dude?You dont want some people who swear in the chat,but you want some trollers who join th game and ruing the experience for every1

  • Friends are fish not food.

  • I was playing in comp and I was being super nice and this kid said I’m gonna report you I was like why??? he said cuz your rude

  • 1:43

  • 3:03 for later

  • I feel like this is not high on their priority list. It comes off as if there are no consequences to bad behavior regardless that they have the report feature. Hopefully, they're planned changes are coming out soon because theyre needed

  • on the flipside you need to understand why people get upset, and why people leave games, its not 100% on us as the community. you really need to make matchmaker a number 1 priority in a game that most if not all outcomes have to do with composition of the team, when you match together 6 dps mains and think that the outcome will be posotive... it is more likely to be negative.. a lot of the issues start with team comp. which is a result of very unintelligent matchmaking...

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Yeah that’s why you banned some kid for one tricking torbourn

  • 0:24 1:43 3:03

  • Problem right now Jeff is that your report system is exploited. Toxic people are more vocal in the game in a bad way, but that also applies to the report system. And the fact you obviously can't review manually every case and made this system autoban people after a bunch of reports, is also producing a good amount of unfair bans/suspensions.

  • Most of the time, I can't speak for everyone here but it comes down to someone being angry at that moment because they want to win but your team mates are causing you to lose, they just goof around "having fun" instead of actually trying to win. There is where I see alot of toxicity taking place. Ofcourse you should be able to play how you want but if you just want to goof around, join a game against AI and stay out of competitive and quickplay. Toxicity isn't fun if you actually try to win but people often lack basic knowledge of how Overwatch works and that causes some issue.

  • I'll play whichever character I want to - I paid for the game and you're not going to dictate to me what I do. If you want to ban me, go ahead.

  • why not give rewards to active helpful teammates ingame that use the chat properly to make call outs and communicate well in order to win. that way players will strive to be good to get the rewards, good way to combat the toxicity.

  • You totally need to force people into specific hero slots so you don't need to ban people for playing torbjörn tho. Really, your communism is a perfect utopia and totally not the reason your game is a dumpster fire.

  • False accusations and banning people without ANY proof at all. Dictatorship at it's best. When asked for evidence no one shows you anything because they don't have one.

  • Jeff fire yourself

  • Report feature is a placebo

  • Don't bother using the report feature because it doesn't actually do anything.

  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • I'm quite late, but here's an idea: Make it so that people can upvote other players. I can imagine this promoting being a good teammate.

  • Reporting doesn’t work.

  • Fix the leaver system and you'll have less rage

  • Want to fix salty behavior? Fix match matching so that 9 out of 10 matches aren't complete bend overs. There are days I'll go 0-10 in games. Especially when they are all just absolute buttrape, people spin out, get pissed off and get salty. Fix that, you'll fix your saltiness issues. People who feel like things are fair, aren't the ones getting peeved off. *JS*, it's really NOT that hard to figure out.

  • thats a good point, interesting forsight

  • ToXiCIty

  • I think if you just stopped making toxic heroes like Symmetra, Trob, Mercy, and Miora people would be less toxic. This is an FPS game and its sad these heroes have to work far less harder to win than others. By the way, Sym, and trob, have the 2 highest win rates in ALL leagues, from Bronze to GM, and they have the highest win rate in Quick Play as well, hand in hand, not a SINGLE league or playstyle do these heroes not hold the top two highest win rates. And Symmetra holds the highest win rate in every single league and QP. Sometimes her winrate is 10 percent higher than the next and thats massive. Symmetra is probably the most hated hero and she is the most hated hero for a reason. Her ult charges way too fast, she is the only hero to have 2 incredibly powerful ults, and her shield gen is insanely op. Her job is to pretty much keep her ult up and if its shield gen, thats an extra 375 health to the entire team as a shield that can REGENERATE. And if thats not enough, symmetra with trobs armor is 350 health with shield gen. And 75 of that health halves damage below 50 by half so Tracer does half damage to her when she uses armor, Roadhog, Winston (HER COUNTER.) genji, etc all do half damage to her through her armor. A buffed Symmetra by Ana with Armor, Shield, and heals, along with a 50 percent damage reduction makes her literally unkillable by an entire team. She takes 25 percent damage from said heroes through her 75 health armor, which means for instance against a Tracer if you turn her damage reduction into health (To make it easier to understand how insanely op she is.) Her health becomes literally 850. Yep, that high, and she gets heals from a Mercy then Mercys healing does around 135 healing per second because of damage reduction being turned into health. It takes 4 full powered headshots from Widow to bring symmetra down at this point. 4 full powered headshots and you CANT miss. Oh and symmetra at this point does nearly 200 damage per second. She can kill a tank in 3 seconds and her nano lasts 8 so she can kill 2 tanks, and 1 dps in that time she nanos her and worse part is there is absolutely no way to kill the symmetra at this point. Even if the entire team dpsed her shed be able to soak it. Oh, and with Orisas supercharger symmetra does 300 damage per second, enough to wipe an entire team in 8 seconds including tanks. Not even Genji with all these ults is this powerful when he ults. Sure he can kill dps and heals but not tanks.

  • with that many... 400k on the first wave... you clearly have something very wrong within the game itself. SR system perhaps?

  • Mercy: Exists Team: 3:06

  • You know it's all fine and dandy you wanna curb toxicity but shouldn't you focus more on balancing the game and characters than this?

  • Thank you sensi kaplan

  • Even play in quick play people still say about *f** noob or bronze trash and anger towards people some small mistake ,a lot of my friend has quit the game,toxicity has increase more after game discounts

  • The rising tide of toxicity

  • look how sad is our daddy.. yeah i think Blizzard would enjoy more to create new content instead punishing ppl.. just report toxics kick them out from this community :D

  • "gamespace" sound way too similar to safespace. Don't rustle my jimmies like that, Jeff.

  • 3 months later, i just got into a yeti hunter match and got flamed (BAD BY A 4 STACK) for dropping off the map cuz the yeti pushed me off (???????????????) Guess I'm not playing overwatch anymore

  • What happens if someone cuss in this game?

  • This report system is not good at all. Actually it is doing more harm than good. Now innocent people get banned from overwatch over the stupidest things like for example : one of my fellow friend who got banned because he only plays torbjorn and he is a very good player when playing torbjorn and he can not play good with any one else except torbjorn. He just wants to play a character he loves. Can u actually confirm the reports and not ban players over the silliest things like playing torbjorn , genji or hanzo or just being somewhat angry(I mean like just frustrated that he lost but not throwing or anything like that). If no can't play the heroes they love then why did you put them in the game in the first place? Please everyone, share this so Jeff Kaplan can see this.

  • what happened to the consumer is all ways right. your business will die if you keep this up

    • like what. being too good

    • Consumers want toxic behavior punished. Think about that.

    • play nice play fair he he pros get banned for being too good

  • I need healing

  • "If you are a bad person doing bad thing in Overwatch, we don't want you in Overwatch". Please, live to this motto, and give us a proper response in the whole false report problem. Things are already out of control, and there is a lot of players being reported because of mob mentality, not because they are breaking any rules.

  • Love how Widow is the thumbnail! Blizzard HAD to do that on purpose!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Genji, Hanzo, Widow

  • Get rid of all the bad people doing bad things and you wont have a single player left. Shooting people is bad.

  • All I️ heard is “Don’t use the report feature because it doesn’t do anything”

  • Lol..this like hearing a bartender apologizing about how nasty people get when they get drunk. Maybe...just should stop drinking?

  • 0:24 for the meme

  • Hmm.

  • cmon papa jeff dont be soft

  • Please, stop changing Mercy's Rez. It's ridiculous, she's not herself anymore. Her primary function was to revive other heroes but now that's very difficult. You try to be useful as before but simply you can't. The cast time is absurd. I can accept the first nerf and I'm trying to get used to the second nerf, but please, stop changing her, seriously. Thought Mercy was one of Jeff's favourites heroes, but seems that's not the case anymore.

  • this video actually destroyed the way people play comp now, no toxicity at all i agree, but the way people pick symm torb and no healers. Jeff you completely destroyed comp, no one is voice chatting, everyone is being toxic in other ways. Think before you act Jeff, you didn't fix the toxicity you destroyed it. Thanks for reading it and actually doing something after what i said.

    • Daniil Gavrilov What on earth are you talking about?

  • 4:03 "If they knew who I was." think of how many celebrities you've been a jerk to..

  • Jesus wtf? Why do they even bother so much? Like its an game, there is always gonna be salt and toxiciti. All those pople bitching and crying arounf should man up ffs! Like grow some balls take the insult and then destroy the mofa with an epic comeback!

  • the game will be cursed forever its better that way some people like being toxic

  • 1:42

  • Can we get a clear definition of “bad behavior”?

  • Dear Jeff I have seen my friend with great skill (Hacks/cheats) been reported And banned Please fix this thank you 😀😀

    • And they were normal diamond rank people I'm lv bronze 1

  • i am not mad just dissappointed

  • Blizzard u need to ban people when they be bad or rude

  • Wow Jeff just summed up like half of the fan base on overwatch

  • And yet still nothing, ppl are even more toxic than before

  • Someone count how many times he blinked 😂😂😂

  • *toxicity*

  • yea thats not gonna happen good thing to know its our fault you dont know how to manage your overwatch team to get things done in time its not that hard to hire people to take care of the reports

  • Y’all made Jeff come out and make a video about this.

  • Almost everyday I encounter a toxic player. I love Overwatch, but if this keeps up, I might not play for a while, due to the turnoff of toxic players.

  • Jeff just sat us down, gave us a nice scolding. Then he buttfucked my mother.

  • Don't worry Papa-Jeff I will never disappoint you, I will always behave during the time that I play overwatch! But seriously, please people don't make the comunity toxic, and just enjoy the game. How do you think they feel when they see all of this bad things in the game they work so hard on for us to enjoy? How would YOU feel? Not very happy right? So then please just enjoy the game and play fair. * I'm NOT trying to offend anyone *

  • Hi Jeff, after the recent controversy of players being reported for their hero choice and not actual bad behavior, it seems the community is looking for you to take a public stance on this matter.

  • Daddy!^^

  • 3:03

  • How bought a overwatch campain mode...

  • 1:43

  • Jeff man could you please give doomfist 1 or 2 more bullets please he is so useless when his abilities are used

  • Go nerv bastion you know he is to OP

  • Widowaker on thumbnail. "remember this hero? no? well we made some new heroes instead of making the existing ones even half viable"

  • Mr. Jeff Kaplan if you want the reporting system to be improved add the "overwatch" feature into Overwatch the game. What that mean's is top 500 players can take action in taking hackers, cheaters and griefer's down. What they do is they get sent a request from a report bot that sends them the game clip so he can see the reported guy's prospective and verify if it's a fluke or it's true that that player is doing something bad. What i am saying is to add the "overwatch" feature from counter strike global offensive maybe be even add a prime feature so it whold be even harder for hackers and smurfs to get to those games and play with more serious players I think this could improve the competitive status ten folds, but it's you chose Jeff Kaplan your chose My thanks, Neo.

    • Sounds good on paper, but may get abused in practice.

    • Oh yeah please daddy Jeff add 12 vs 12 game mode to arcade or even 16 vs 16 so it's more fun more chaotic and way way more casual so big ult's do less damage to the game and the heroes that you pick make's less of a difference. Now THAT IS FUN!!!

    • P.S it will only record competitive matches and not arcade or casual and prime match'es get bigger priority because if a griefer or a cheater got undetected for that long to get into prime it should be taken more seriously.

  • You know what, if you have seen the remake of the movie Predators (2010) with Adrian Brody (no uuhh.. meme intended).. there's a random ragtag team forming at the start of the movie. What Blizzard/esports(?) basically is saying is that like 4 out of 9 are instantly banned for bad behaviour/bad manners (banned from playing at all). How can someone create a movie with a policy like that anyway?

  • The fact that I can get banned for using in game emotes is the reason why I will not buy any more loot boxes for OW. People need to grow thicker skin and quit crying when someone's mean to them. I was bullied big time back in the day. I got over it and matured. Nothing anyone says to me can get under my skin. I don't need game devs dictating other peoples social interactions. Also do not lump those who don't police other people in with those who are jerks. I am not playing a game to tone police other players. Get caught aimbotting? Ill report ya. Call me a f@g? I'll laugh it off. Words. Can. Not. Hurt. You. If. You. Don't. Let. Them.

  • China passed anti-loot-box laws. Overwatch is cheating its way around them. Apparently their own "Play Nice, Play Fair" motto doesn't apply.

  • If blizzard could fix that lame scatter arrow from hanzo too..

  • You censored teabagging, you sensored GG EZ and other chat lines, you added a reporting feature over a year late to consoles, yet you guys still do not ban people in its entirety for being toxic..... K

  • People are so in love with the game that they think the game is perfect with no mistakes and think the bad community is the only problem

  • why do people here act like blizzard did nothing wrong in this whole situation like they don't make mistakes?

  • Not even a team of mercy mains can reserect this community

  • Hey Jeff all due respect but I’m 14 and I’ve already figured out this problem. You said that you don’t want those toxic people in Overwatch but you said you don’t like banning people then you say that you don’t want to put the bad people in their own servers but then you say we don’t want to make servers for them you don’t want them here at all so which is it you don’t want them or are you going to make servers for them. It’s obvious what punishment should happen 1 report that’s true one day ban strike 2 you’re banned for a week strike three banned permanently don’t ban them from just comp that makes them get onto quick and spread the disease make them not able to play at all. Yes you kinda are trying to guilt trip us you legitimately just said it our fault. Hire more people we all know you have a fortune. If you think it’s the space between us that makes us so mean come down to NYC because the space between you and the person you upset is probably about the size of a fist touching a face yeah that little you’d be surprised

  • So just have to throw this out there because I've seen it happen, don't report someone for playing a certain character, unless they've been toxic in chat. Some people are only comfortable with certain types of heroes and have just as much right to play competitive as everyone else. Even if they aren't doing so good in a game, they bought the game for the full experience and if they are doing their best, having fun, and being polite there is no reason for them to be reported.