Developer Update | Play Nice, Play Fair | Overwatch

Published on Sep 14, 2017
Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses the rise of in-game toxicity, the Overwatch team’s current plans to help reduce it, and ways that players can contribute.
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.
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00:35 - Ways the development team is working to improve in-game reporting
03:01 - Our core philosophy around bad behavior in Overwatch
03:26 - Thoughts on why online interactions are so susceptible to toxicity
04:15 - Let’s ALL do our part to help reduce toxicity and increase positivity
05:21 - How in-game toxicity affects game development
06:20 - We’re in this together, so let’s work together
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  • Actions need to be taken and consequences are here for a reason. and you'll never learn anything unless you are caught in the wrong. and this is the way it should be and I strongly agree with it 100%; gaming has gone too far with toxicity and it's about time someone's standing up to their player base and saying enough is enough.

  • "we are failing to deliver updates so we will just pretend it's the players fault for """toxic""" behavior".

  • Toxicity? Banter has become a no-no. You guys would have died in seconds playing Quake in the 90s

  • 1.4 million have watched, and we know not all of them play, some are here to watch the dumpster fire. Only 16k decided to comment, and not all of them are positive.. Makes you wonder what the login numbers are looking like these days...especially when your cosmetic updates are so slow that Fortnite matches them wholesale the next day..

  • Overwatch is a terrible game

  • Okay but what about people who have toxic thoughts while playing your game?


  • i mean play nice but i dont wanna play with people that are bad so

  • The year is 2020 Jeff logs in and sees the player count has dropped to zero He smiles proudly No more toxicity in Overwatch

  • I'm so thankful that overwatch is girls inclusive. In other games like CSGO women have hardly any participation and the events are mostly attended by only men. Thanks for opening a door for all girls that love videogames. Keep the good work!

  • Well said

  • 2018 and the matchmaking still causes toxicity.

  • So funny people can now get you banned for Toxic by just trying to get your reaction and then Report you 100% garantie for a Ban .! Let then 1st just get a better anti-cheat and if people report other people for Toxic chat also read the chat of that person. because 99% of the times its a provoked situation and the one that is doing the report is the one that is the most TOXIC .! Welcome to the new Overwatch subgame: Get people banned for doing nothing.!

  • fake reports

  • 4:17 "We've all taken part in this behavior" Are you assuming that all of the Overwatch players have been toxic at least once in their life? ... No. I think this isn't what you meant.

  • You guys did this! now i'm getting lectured at by Jeff...thanks

  • 1 year later still toxic af go fyourself kaplan

  • nice video.

  • "play nice play fair" hAAAAAA

  • Hey this is a question for the game I really want someone to answer is it possible that you guys can add a game similar to over watch on mobile device if so how would it be would it be exactly like overwatch and if so how would it work hopefully you will respond thank you for your time

  • Sooo... Fake Kindness is a trend now I assume?

  • You are the source of toxicity. And you are punishing people for that.

  • We don’t want you in overwatch

    • Arent you a 40 year old virgin that lives with their parents?

  • What about the wrong placementa with teams? Like you have a prestige dude Vs level 12 dudes

  • Guys, take this and learn from it

  • Smh this game is so cool but it isn't

  • So he says that the game develps slower because of the community?! I don't think so pal Blizzard make billions every year they have the money to hire people to make these systems.

  • I’m glad I stoped playing this game it’s turned me into the worst kinda person I could possibly be. I’m ashamed of myself for what I’ve said in done because of this game.

  • I hope your game dies.

  • Games playerbases are toxic because everyone is just an anonymous name on the internet. The bigger the game, the more players, the more toxic it is. You think posting a video saying "please be nice" is going to change anything? You can worry if someone is actually hacking stop putting so much attention on people saying "bad words" and let people get a tougher skin.

  • hi blizzard again My last ticket was deleted and no response was given even though it was a really heartfelt message winch i put a lot of effort and time into but its ok, im writing again to tell you guys about the permanent competitive ban being a very harsh practice that destroys the community and not detoxify it. It is also very harsh to permanent ban people on assumption that they disconnect intentionally and not because of intenet issues because you guys cant really tell and banning people because they have bad internet is not fair, you guys should consider making a low priority pool for those people who constantly leave and giving silences more often rather that permanent banning as there is no second chance given and i am permanently banned because i live in south Africa and get disconnected often and now i have permanently banned i also think the ban situations unfair because my offenses were only done after the practice was implemented so banning someone for past actions means i was not informed about it. I hope this issue will be raised to the decision makers about the game like jeff and the boys. Otherwise you guys will keep losing customers and divide your community as there will always be problem in a community but banning people left right and center will not make a happy and large community. For the while that i am banned i will just stick to fortnite who seem to have a happy large community with developer who care about their players. I have lost trust in blizzard and feel mistreated and dont expect me to buy a new game because this business stunt you guys are trying wont work there are tons of competitive games i can play out there and spend my money on. This ban thing will start the slow death of overwatch which already started long ago. thanks for making me banned

  • i got perma banned my account is fiksta and it was becaus i kept getting disconnected: Hi blizzard after reading many policies and peoples comments i understand that you guys wont lift my ban even though your disonnections may have been caued by living in south aafrica and playing on european servers which give you ping upward of 200 and i dont no how to explain how this is a problem that us south african have to go through wiht everyonline game who does not give africa a server. I feel mistreated and ignored after placing my first ticket and being completely ignored and my appeal was unconsiered. I also feel that africa needs its own server as we actuallyy have a south african national overwatch team. I feel like this ban is realy unfair towards africans as being diconnected from matches due to ping is a big problem for us hover it has been fixed for me recntly ever since i got optic fibre last year. I hope the grandmaster wardens will understand my situation as i am not a troll or a toxic player who feeds and is disrespectful to teamates and leaves matches. I am really heartbroken to see how i was treted the first time and i am asking for a second chance and maybe you guys will consider me this time as i really enjoy overwatch for competitive on;y an d when playing casual everyone is not serious and peop;le always leave matches. I understand that when i did have internet issues i should not have played comp but i did so in the bast because i did not know you could get permanatly banned i was too adicted to playing competitive howver now that i have fixed my wifi and able to play withouot disconnecting from matches i hope that you guys will reconsider lifting my account. I hope t get a personal reply this time shoqin that my response has been read and thought about as it really broke my heart to see how blizzard treats its customers and although i do have to abide to policies and your regulations, i believe in secdon chances and thouhg tmaybe you guys would too. its very unfair to permanalty ban customers too as the perma ban regulation was only made last year and all my diconnection causing my seasonl bans were mad befor the permanant ban regulation as well so it should not apply anyways as my seaon bans were seson 1 2 and 3 and the reguation of banning players forever from comp only happened end of last year. So i am ust asking that i get a secon dchance as when i use to play and get diconnected i woud just wait for the 24 hour bans to go away and then play again and get diconnected due to internet issues and play again i got so use to being disconnected as i could not avoid it in the past and i wouldnt really care as i ddi not know my acions would result in a permanent ban, Howeve i wou;d likea second chance of redemptiona dn ask if there is anything i could do to get my account unbanned as what i did shous not have recieved a ban i just ask you to put yourself in my shoes and understand how getting permnently banned due to being disconnect from matches because you live in a south africa and play on europe servers with high ping and getttin g disconneted all the time. Please understand my situation and consider giving me a second chance.

  • Heh. Nice to see this plan worked out so well. 25% percent of our playerbase is gone but at least now we don't have to worry about name calling! #OverWith

  • Punishment means nothing at protecting players from toxicity in the first place, for the player the damage is done. In my experience, toxicity arises from frustration everyday, and there is little effort in educating players in-game on how to play a hero, or how to BE like a hero. Knowing toxicity I joined the game being nice and kind, but still hundreds of hours of the experience eventually proves to be... traumatizing.

  • No oh great Jeff don't punish me

  • This is the first Kaplan video I've seen beyond Dinoflask's own, and it feels just the same.

  • I can see why he takes people being bullies in-game so seriously. Just one look at him is enough to know he spent all of high school being shoved in lockers.

    • Are you implying that bullying is the victim's fault? That's just... heartless.

  • overwatch sucks lol


  • O M G

  • troop i did not know this ACTULLY EXISTED

  • good

  • yeah

  • 3:06 jeff from the overwatch team e don't we ant in overwatch

  • How dare you call Jeff a jerk!

  • Wauuu people mind toxicity? I mean isnt it the funniest thing in games like these? If you mind person just block him. Why make a big deal out of it.

  • Jesus what a bunch of cucks blizzard have become...

    • They bent over for the sjw and lgbt. #notmyblizzard

  • 3:00 Jeff describing OWL... Dreamkazper, XQC, Jake... Blizzard's a blood joke. Hey! You! Don't post "EZ" in chat! Oh hi there Jake, have this gum chewing cam!! We know you've told people to kill themselves in the Overwatch voice chat but that's totally fine dude!

  • 4:20 Credit for being honest.

  • "We don't want you in Overwatch. Overwatch is about including people" Eh?