Developer Update | Evolving Overwatch Esports | Overwatch

Published on Oct 26, 2017
Game director Jeff Kaplan talks about the many ways the Overwatch team is working to improve your esports viewing experience.
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.
Learn more about what new broadcasting tools and features are in development and see these updates in action at the Overwatch World Cup playoffs at BlizzCon!
Watch the playoffs LIVE Nov 3 & 4:
0:10 - We love Overwatch esports, and here’s why
0:41 - But it’s kind of hard to watch, so we’re working on improvements
2:00 - Introducing team uniforms and team color palettes!
3:35 - We’re adding a new tool for broadcasters, the top down interactive map
4:49 - As well as the third-person smart camera!
5:28 - Broadcasters can now create instant replays during live broadcasting
6:25 - What does the new automated tournament interface do?
6:48 - Tournament games will now automatically pause when players disconnect
7:30 - This is just the beginning; we’re committed to making esports fun to watch
8:48 - Join us for the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon!

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  • This was the begining of the game for this game

  • Please Make An Console Esports because there is not the same competitive mentality on console and it also gives us Good players (or the other player) something to work up to. The console might not be as good as the pc but its still good enough for Esports. Please make this happen



  • Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun,...

  • Is the UI colour changes going to come to the community so Overwatch can finally be colorblind friendly?

  • Ase falta modo historia

  • I have a vary strong power!!! My power is i made u click the read more

  • awesome. :)

  • When are the skins coming to the players

  • I got back into Overwatch and one thing that's weird to me is you get points for playing training mode. Levels should indicate a certain skill level and I don't think we should level up by playing against a team of bots.

  • Nerf hanzo damage rashio

  • I love Jeff.

  • Overwatch is an OK game, But it has many problems such as unbalanced characters and toxicity(basically every game). And totally team based, you won’t win unless you get a good cooperative team or just have a full team of good friends

  • Jeff, is getting some of the new features usable for custom game spectate currently on the roadmap?

  • Hey Jeff y do ya hate me?!?!?

  • Just focking nerf junkrat he is so bullshit. He doesnt even aim and just trows two mines and ur dead in A sec. Why arent heros that require skills this strong ... its not even to play against...

  • Hi I was thinking what about making a trading hub so we can trade skins to each other

  • why does this game feel like a mess anymore. Take me back to launch when it wasnt awful and the community had competence

  • God Overwatch is so cringy

  • A VR spectate mode would be pretty cool

  • I swear, every US-tv video has 1k dislikes for absolutely no reason

  • Jeff you suck your on drugs if you weren't on the Overwatch over wax would be good

  • Buff Mei.

  • Overwatch console league? (PS4)

  • Jeff is a garbage human being.

  • Give roadhog his one shoot blizzard I hate you for that so pls give us back old roadhog

  • That's the way to promote competitive toxicity onto a casual fps game... Yippee...

  • 600 skins total, and abilities changing colors. Too much?

  • But will the color paletting be available for everyone? Will we be able to customize our own team colors? This would be awesome


  • Watching the World Cup still seems weird with the new colors, but better. I think a way to have it even better, is having the health bars with the same color of the team. Is there a forum where I can post this idea?

  • Console esports? For Overwatch? Sounds maybe a little stupid. I mean hi-rez does it with smite.

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  • When it was 3 minutes and 12 seconds I got it

  • Can we talk about bringing back no limits instead?

  • Will we be able to purchase these new skins???

  • Love it

  • Top anime updates

  • Those team uniforms were a good idea but they are making the game even harder to watch for me.

  • Hi Jeff again, so you know how I said the skins would come out at the World Cup, well you know with all the Roadhog and Mercy nerfs we couldn’t release them in time. But in the meantime I will taunt you with a new character (Moira) that will come out in like a month. Also by the way I’m not going to nerf Junkrat 🖕😂

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  • Can overwatch make Denmark

  • I'm not an Esport, I'm not an Esport- KACHING Okay I'm an Esport now.

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  • #FixMercy

  • It's has chinagenji?

  • SO BORİNG !!!


  • *1.25 SPEED*

  • When are you guys going to actually nerf JUNKRAT?

  • There should be custom team effect and team outline colors options in the settings.

  • Ow competitve is pretty bad lol, its pretty boring watching the same team composition over and over again with the same meta

  • overatch is terrible for esports

  • Blizzard I love you

  • Keep dreaming, you'll never be the "next" big esport. keep trying.

  • It would be cool if you could get the skins of the country that wins.


  • @1.25 speed

  • jesus jeff, a bit more emotion into it everyone will catch on that you're a robot

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  • my problem is is that you're a freaking idiot for season 6 why do you change it it was nothing wrong now season 7 is worst you better not make the season make this worst I'm done with your attitude because the skins of your freaking thing sucks at the Halloween they suck you are the worst Creator I ever seen in my whole life

  • I am the only one who gets ocd from his glasses being slightly of...

  • nobody likes esports

  • GUESS WHAT?? my name is Jeff.

  • Jeff low key look like a walrus

  • Hi Jeff...

  • At least Blizzard are actually striving to support their esports scene. *Slowly looks over to The Pokémon Company International*

  • I'm watching the World Cup right now and they messed up big time by not changing the font of player names to match their uniform colors. Both teams have white player names and white health bars, and it's confusing at times.

  • I mean game is fun but it screams "I'm not an esport, I AM NOT AN ESPOR- CHA CHING!! nvm I'm an esport now"

    • Weren't they talking about e-sports even way back during the beta?

    • Well, the basic gameplay is 2 teams of 6 players "fighting" each other until one wins a game. Sounds like a (e-)sport to me.

    • Rattiom yes exactly, especially you, since you are a minecraft let's player my logic applies to you perfectly

    • It's a reference smartarse. And reference or not it's a very valid opinion regardless of whether a lot of people have said it . By your logic. I'm not allowed to dislike something because somebody else said they disliked it.

    • sangan mkII no really, the game is not esport-ish imo

  • I don't understand why people cry about balance, when they try to balance all of you cry EVEN MORE because you don't like it

  • I like this update

  • Wait does this mean that teams like China, whose uniforms are red, are going to appear red to themselves? Wouldn't seeing a red ally kinda throw them off? Or this is only something we see while we're watching them play?

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  • 3:26 winkwink

  • Problem of OW watching an esport tournament is that the teams arent using what was game built to and that is countering anothers composition everybody use same 10 heroes over and over and if they didnt change peoples perspective wont change too...I mean they can change heroes on the fly and do something really cool and only team from OW World Cup ever done it was South Korea others just dont bother and thats a boring to watch no matter how cool you can cut it and make it viewable its the core problem of people not switching heroes if you can fix that I think esports will naturally become a great thing..

    • Oh and another issue is that sometimes in those tournaments I dunno who is in charge of changing players but they do it so often that you are confused and no longer want to know what is going on so slow it down and make the transitions more natural...Here you have some feedback on E-sports from the player and watcher of OW

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  • A top-down overlay? Well I guess you could call that an *overwatch* of the match

  • #mynameisJeff

  • Nerf/buff a hero because I'm in no way an expert on the game nor I have any idea or legitimate reasons on why I'm requiring such a thing (other than I'm bad at the game and I don't wanna improve). On a serious note, I love the esports improvements and I really wish for the game to grow on that direction. GJ team.

  • U know Jeff,i'm mad,U know why?BECAUSE U KEEP NERFING MERCY AND U ARE NOT NERFING BASTION,look,I now some people dont agree with me,but the old ult was great,resurrect represents mercy. Some players were not helping the team and waiting everyone to die so get the play,ITS SO SIMPLE,JUST REPORT THEM. I really want the old ult back,please.

  • Umm rooted in place? New hero mechanic???

  • Doomfist sucks

  • I just wasted 7 minutes listening to this, which is almost worse than playing ow comp atm. I wish they put the same energy, effort and resources to fixing ow comp as into this esports thing. rip

  • Can u put me in your goody bag on PS4 my username is TheMysteryNinja_

  • Can you give me a detail of the new character

  • "currently seen in other esports productions".....LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.....looking at you...ashamed.

  • About all the new team skins!: Please make it so we, the players, can get (buy) the team skins! I just want to give you my money! Please let me, Blizzard!

  • Hey Jeff, can you make it possible to just spectate competitive matches? Itd be helpful to a lot of the lower tier players and even higher ones. You could see strategies that work/don't work, heroes that are important to play. I think it could be a solid way to improve the community and give more people a better competitive edge. Instead of having to go to twitch and listen to garbage commentary with bad gameplay.

  • Love ya work, Jeff

  • AND DOUBLE XP ?!!!!!

  • now i can finally get tracer

  • stop working on esport and bring no limits back i dont want to play with hero limits its too competitive thats why i stopped playing overwatch

  • Stop nerfing mercy and ruining the support class.

  • Where's the blizzard workshop?

  • Hit me up with those team colors, bro.

  • You should be working on new hero’s like paladins

  • I love overwatch but it’s become so stale to me :/

  • So will these new team skins be available to us? I would love to get my hands on some Canadian skins

  • Bring back no limits