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Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV

Published on Dec 2, 2018
WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder lands a right hand and left hook combination that sent the 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury down for the second time in the fight, hitting his head on the canvas, but manages to miraculously get up.
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  • The black israelites will again... The devil takes the L

  • Great referee

  • Wilder should stop his fucking random punch all missing after Fury up he should focus! Anyway

  • Line it up with the video. Ref started counting at 2:04 he’s at 9 at 1:55. His head did hit the canvas at 2:05 however the ref took a second to start counting but he was defiantly up looked strong would u really take that away from the boy. Great call

  • Rigged. Barely even hit him

  • That was a knockout

  • who else heard the rocky theme when fury shot up?

  • Those two punches took 5 years off his life.

  • Watchin the replay rite now, Wilder is just loading up the right hand, no combinations, he looks like he had no gameplan

  • He fat

  • The best heavyweight I’ve seen in a looooong time; looking forward to rematch or trilogy

  • The ref slows down his was knocked out...period. Wilder giving up 50 pounds....incredible he was able to ko this guy.

  • God helped him up as much as god curated the holocaust, if he’s real he doesn’t give to shits who wins your boxing contest, wilder by knockout in the rematch, love both guys great fight

  • Wider won on that ko.the ref started 1 second late and he hesitated on his count pay attention🧐

  • Honestly it wasn’t 10 seconds you can’t start counting after his body hits the floor. You count like .5 seconds after you see them not move a muscle then you start and even then. How mad would have everyone bin had he just called it over for not being 100% stood he’s was on his knees at 7 already

  • Niiiiiine!!!! WTF it took him 9 seconds to say 9!!!! Some bullshit

  • He was robbed...that was a K.O watch the clock

  • He was knocked down at the 0:16 mark, and was on his feet before the 0:26, I dont know what Wilder is saying that the ref took too long to start counting...

  • fury was on the canvas for the moment he touched the canvas. for 10 seconds.... go back and see for ur self

  • I googled bum fights and this shit came up. YOLO!

  • As soon as he hits the canvas start the count......1...1000.....2.....1000 etc. He doesnt beat the count the ref lagged during the count. To me wilder won but kudos to Tyson fury for getting up from that shot all heart right there.

  • I love those 11 counts

  • Wilder finally got tamed by Fury Poetic.

  • It only took em about 12 seconds to get up 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • That was a great scrap.

  • I saw someone on ig say “white people will always win” 😂😂. Yea ok, but wit no dignity or shame”

  • If a man puts you on the ground in a fight regardless of u getting back up just know u didn’t win the fight 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • Hey idiot, it's a boxing match not a street fight.

  • This was a fixed fight as the final outcome reveals.Fury is washed up.Now the hype and rematch.Fury lost the fight.He is no match for the younger Lion.

    • Wilder is 33 and Fury is 30, idiot.

  • I looked at this twice when he hit the ground he supposed to start the count and keep counting he didn't do that if he did the fight was over

  • He didn't get up the counted one then stopped his count when he turned away

  • It wasn't a long count. Tyson vs Douglas is a poor comparison. 42-1 is example of cooking the books. If the "🐑 🐑 " fall for it, is it really rigged?

  • He was up by 9 seconds and if you know how to count you can cleary see that.

  • That call was epic

  • Mike Tyson KOs still the best. Wanna see some scientifically uncivilized KOs go watch the highlights

  • For anybody who thinks fury won this fight that man did not get up in 10 secs Just sayin ....

    • @trey Moore He did beat the 10 seconds count the referee was not counting his count he was counting the official count outside the ring when he got to fury he said 4 5 6 7 8 9

  • Fury got up like Mike Tyson had stepped in the ring and said now it's my turn

  • And if youre doing mississippis he's on one knee at 10

  • If you start counting from when his head hits the canvas, he's on his knees at 10

  • He said: Jesus Christ woke me up.

  • If no one ever said mama Mia, that’d be great.

  • Bruh, these refs count to 10 sooooo damn fast 😂

  • I think Fury getting up from that nuke of a punch was more impressive. Tyson deserved the W. Still fight of the year tho

  • If you are flat out on the canvas with jo response for any matter of time it is a knockout . Fury is tough for getting up but the ref did bias things to help fury. The rematch will be good

  • White supremacy at its finest, If you start counting at the moment that dude hit the canvas you will see he was counted out, that ref slow counted the hell out of that count smdh I counted at least 17 seconds before he was completely up on his feet

  • And this fight was a draw.

  • A sad 😥 ending ! Tyson Fury gets knocked out with his 👀 rolled back in his head 😥And to top it off , head hits the canvas , with no Immediate stoppage? And extended Mandatory 8 count to prove to the 🌎 that he is a superior Fighter than the American. Wow

  • Fury got up like he smelled bacon and eggs.

  • 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽

  • That Wilder dance 😂😂😂

  • Nothing but the spirit of crack that helped him get up

  • They paid the ref ain't no way you knock a person out 2 times and still lose lies lies lies rematch

  • he was out

  • That Tyson mcflurry thought the black guy was about to rape him

  • Fury got up like he was late for work.😂😂😂😂😂

  • really? show the knockdown but not whole video where hypejob wilder gets his ass handed to him the whole fight. most protected fighter in boxing.

  • Mama mia!!!!! Fury got up so late the red couldn't have counted so slow

  • White boy has a funky build🤢🤮

    • You don't know his name? Then what the fuck are you doing here?

    • White boy won, shut up racist.

    • J F punk bitch if I had known his name I would’ve called him by name. How is stating that he’s white racist? Now on another note your comment “you people” is indeed racist

    • Ebony why mention someone's color? you guys are the biggest racists on the planet :)

  • Watch the Loma vs. Pedraza knockdown... That's how a ref is supposed to begin a count...

  • Wilder won the fight ,bull shittin ass draw card

  • Fury was doing another showboat shit with that one. He felt it for sure, but if he's blinking while watching the ref, taking the time to wait until the last second, It wasn't a knockout by any means. This was one of the best fights i've seen in a long time. It's just sad that the scoring in American boxing is so corrupt. Fury won the fight by round to round. If Fury would have won legitimately, the rematch would have been another WAR. Now it will be pre-determined and isn't really worth watching. As most title matches in boxing now....

  • What ever happened to Fury's talk when he called Wilder a bum and told him he was going to knock him out? The reverse happened! Fury thought he was going to win with some weak jabs, theatrics and a big mouth.

  • Wilder got picked apart, but that knockdown was cold ain't gonna front.

  • I’m still trying to figure out how the hell he got up

  • The Showtime commentators must have been paid by Tyson Fury. Never have I heard such one sided comments.

  • The more you watch this fight take emotions out its a draw

  • Deontay Wilder won that Fight. A bunch of people following the popular narrative but the bias was against Wilder. Deontay WIlder jabbed the shit out of him for 4 rounds Straight.

  • Fury won that fight

  • The dumb ass referee held the count least 6 seconds

  • Wilder is garbage


  • 0:50 ref stopped counting.

    • @xXPHENOMENALNOOB17Xx He did beat the 10 seconds count the referee was not counting his count he was counting the official count outside the ring when he got to fury he said 4 5 6 7 8 9

  • For anyone who thinks he got up in 9 seconds is crazy.. From the second he hit canvas it's more like 14 seconds.. Wilder will prove it in rematch for all doubters!

  • I don't care if he got up in 9 seconds, or 10, or 11 or 12. He GOT UP! Wilder did the throat cut on this man after he went down and Fury raised up like Lazarus. Everyone complaining over 1 or 2 seconds and "recovery" time. Go 12 rounds, get knocked down, raise up in

  • "knockin down giants"

  • Dis the ref say you won now? At. 1:19

  • As I look at this again. Fury legs weren't even wobbly. He def had the holy ghost in him. 20yrs from now he will feel that punch

  • thats was a knock out , no need to have a fury two, one knock out is enough.

  • Didn't see the fight, but Fury must have dominated the fight in order to have been knocked down TWO TIMES and still get a draw. You just don't see that happen ever. And those of you laughing that he got up so quickly at 9, you're suppose to take as much time as possible to recover from a knockdown like that.

  • ref had them smelling salts

  • Ref should have called the fight! He should be ashamed of himself smh what's worse was the slow count -_- #Wilder won

  • That’s a knock out he was out he was sleep

  • Man that was a bull shit count fr

  • See what happens when he Throws Straight Punches,FURY can't get away from it he has a Flaw like all Fighter his is that he bends to his Left all the Time it's Perfect for WILDERS STRAIGHT 1 -2 JUST LOOK AT IT FURY DOES THE SAME SHIT ALL NIGHT LONG

  • Jack help him cause he's "WHITE"

  • I feel sorry for the people that pay to watch this garbage

  • Why did the reff look back for he gave him extra time he didn't start the count in time

    • @Cory JM He did beat the 10 seconds count the referee was not counting his count he was counting the official count outside the ring when he got to fury he said 4 5 6 7 8 9

  • Why did you guys edit the count? That only adds to speculation showtime

  • Ok let’s look at the photo before u hit play, Fury is down but the Ref is way on the other side of the ring looking!! Shouldn’t he be COUNTING? fake azz boxing!!

  • whats great about modern technology is you can prove how long the count was. It was precise. Fury did not get cheated

  • Smelling salt was in that referee hands. Idc what anyone says. You can't convince me otherwise!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • KO'd

  • 0:17 - 0:28

  • These are the heavy weights of this era ????!!!! This man Fury's body looks like an uncooked scallop!!! WTF

  • Wilder ko'ed fury like he did Ortiz same punch ! But fury had youth and a bigger heart that night.

    • ortiz took way too many flush punches tho..way too many

  • The ref stopped counting .

  • When Fury rose up for the dead I'm pretty sure I heard Jerry the King Lawler with his signature, "WHAAAAAAA!!"

  • When your knocked out but she says her parents are out of town

  • HE GOT AFTER 10 SECS QUOTE THAT......................

  • Here is how this was a 10 count. In the sport of boxing when you are knocked down like that, you have to return to your feet. Not only do you have to return to your feet, you have to have your hands up. When your hands are up the ref checks your hands to see if you are okay to continue to fight. This ref woke Fury up. If you don’t believe me look at the angle from 0:54 to 1:03. Fury instantly snaps back into reality like someone woke him up. Also FURY NEVER PUT HIS GLOVES UP TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT. Deontay won this fight and everybody knows it. Everyone fell in love with Fury’s story and blinded by what just occurred before our eyes. By this having all these people talking bad about the Champ is bad for Fury man. Fury knows deep down what happened to him and how hard he was hit. Deontay will try to kill Fury in the rematch and the aggression will be like something we have never seen before. It will be very ugly. Fury also fought his very best fight he could and still got dropped twice. Deontay fought shitty and still won the fight in my opinion. Imagine what he will do to this 6’9 260 giant THAT WAS RUNNING FROM HIM in the rematch. It will be ugly and it’s all because of the fake fury fans all over the world that fell in love with the “ROCKY” story he has lol.

  • How tf did Fury get up ???? Fuckkkkkk