declutter with me 2018 ⋒ minimalism + self care | VLOG

Published on Oct 5, 2018
well, here we are decluttering and minimizing for a bit of self care. enjoy!
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Hello! My name is Christie. My middle name is Sedona. I'm from Montreal/New England and i'm now living in Seattle. I live a vegan, mostly #zerowaste lifestyle. I'm very passionate about wellness, fitness, mama earth, self care and ethical fashion. I used to be a clothing designer and freelance brand consultant but now I'm a jobless entrepreneur trying to advocate sustainable living and self love through youtube and podcasting. I'm over the moon happy to be on this journey with ya!
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  • Omg you have my exact life!!! Books and papers are my problem too!! I also suck at trying to become a minimalist 😩😩. I've tried for over a year now.

  • I dunno why but this was so pleasing to watch!! =))

  • You can use Evernote note books. It lets you erase & reuse.

  • as someone who lived out of a 45L backpack the past year, i resonate with your channel SO MUCH! also, if you have a kindle and a library card, you can download this app called OverDrive to check out books from your library and download them to your device. simple and free hack to clear up space and save money.

  • I hate online books, but I also don't want to buy new books, so I just stick to second-hand ones! best thing ever!

  • Hey babe, what’s the fond you’re using?? I love it!! :)

  • For the writing and the paper stuff, try getting a Rocket book! It's a reusable notebook where you can physically write things down, save them by scanning them by your phone, then erasing the ink with water and a cloth and bam you have a new notebook! The one I have is the Everlast one by Rocket book, look it up it's great! (and Zero Waste)

  • I love that you let your personality shine through in your videos! You inspire me. Thank you and keep it up!

  • get a journal/notepad? or write digitally?

  • I use journals for lists, notes and ideas. I keep it in my bag at all times. This saves so much clutter and spare paper flying around. I even stick business cards, leaflets and tickets in there. This also helps because when you need to find that address you wrote down 6 weeks ago, its in the journal! no rummaging around searching for it or stressing. :) Love your videos so much! Very inspiring!

  • I like accordion folders with labeled tabs - banking, finances, notes.... whatever it is you need to keep that is paper

  • Use Agendas.. they're very convenient if u write a lot and u can just store them away!

  • i think being a minimalists you dont need to give up on the things that brings joy to your life. i love my pens and notebook coz i like to write and i just love them.

  • bujo, you need a bullet journal for your notes. Also I like to write things down and then scan them digitally with a program called evernote. It lets you make virtual notebooks and I use it for notes all the time.

  • Libraries, use libraries!! That way you save money, resources and TBR-pile stress.

  • Hit clips. omg how did I forget those!

  • wow, we have a really similar curl pattern, hair texture, and color! lookin good girl! :)

  • I was so tired of carrying around books + notes, so I bought the iPad Pro. I use notability for all my writing needs! Also, I use ibooks and use the Apple Pencil ( bought second hand ) with the pad! It’s the only thing I carry around now! I even got rid of my agenda! Go minimalism!

  • Where is part 2 & 3 When u rearange your room

  • To minimize piles of paper, I have two binders... 1 for any magazines where the specific pages that I want to keep is hole punched in and the 2nd binder is for all the miscellaneous papers that I want to keep. Additionally, I have scanned in tons of old papers and kept them electronically.. these are the ones that are legal documents that I needed to keep

  • can you make a video on thrifting tips!! im really bad at it but i love it haha

  • I give myself a time limit to keep papers - I give myself 2 to 3 wks

  • same with me and papers

  • I like clean with me videos lol >.< gives me motivation and satisfaction

  • you're soo beautiful!!

  • You are sooooo beautiful!!! 😍

  • I'd recommend having a bujo i.e bullet journal. But not the decorative artistic ones. Start with the original bullet journal method. There's a clip on youtube and even a page that describes it. So write everything from all spheres of life down in that and then if u have a separate notebook for just one topic, for eg. A notebook for youtube ideas, then you can rewrite it into that when you get the time.

  • For physical books use your library,.For papers have a scanning day where you scan everything that seems important and personal notes that add value to your life and store them on an external harddrive or in a cloud -> that way you also dont't have to worry about losing or damaging them during your life time. If you shred them afterwords and recycle them you have more space, less clutter and less to worry about! There are great scanner apps for your phone by now to make he process even easier 🌻

  • If you like holding actual books...get a library card :) For the piles of paper, scan what you need to keep and then recycle.

  • I cannot believe you found a hit clip in your room in 2018

  • I have problems with random scraps of paper and notebooks too. Any advice would be great. I have issues getting rid of them.

  • An accordion style folder, with labels, is where I keep loose sheets of paper. Has helped me keep stray paper at bay. Enjoyed your video! Will check out more. :)

  • here's your new subscriber!♥

  • omg hitclips! I had Hero by Enrique Iglesias and i played it nonstop. Did you have a VideoNow too? I had Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney and I would kiss the screen while watching it lmaoooo

  • Can you please tell me what shampoo/conditioner you use just now 😭

    • +Sedona Christina oh my gosh thank you! Will try and make your shampoo and get that conditioner toooo

    • Yes! I have a whole video about my hair care routine. The only thing different is that I’ve been messing with a few different zero waste conditioners, that I’ll share soon! But so far my fave is Bar None from Ulta! x

  • loved this video! Any favorite self help books ?? or recommendations of audible books ?

  • Totally relate to needing your own space! I found an old children's vanity table at a yard sale and I was able to use it to make an office section in my bedroom. It's definitely helped my productivity levels! And omg why do you still have hitclips! That is hilarious

  • An accordion file folder will be the easiest way to organize your paperwork. It will also easily fit into a drawer to keep the clutter to a minimal.

  • If using a kindle breaks your heart, the Library won't! :)

  • If you write it down and still think it’s relevant but don’t like the paper. I would take a picture of it! Then you have it digitally and you can compost or recycle however you’d like to take care of it. Hope this helps!

    • sierra h This is great for sentimental items as well! I had so many band shirts and concert tickets that I would never look at but wanted to keep for the memories. I just took pictures of them and got rid of the actual items!

  • actually just paused and got some water. thanks for the reminder, sometimes its the little things that are the biggest self care.

  • Throwback to 3 months before where you said you had no intention in becoming minimalist😂

    • haha I still don't! I've always liked being more minimal than the average human, I feel really caved-in-on when I have too many things in my space. But I'm defo not minimalist and never want to be. Honestly, I just am not a fan of labels in general, and I feel like I already have too many and I don't want any more 🙈


  • have you ever considered an accordion folder? that’s what I use

    • I might now! I don't think I have enough paper to fill one but I might get one! Thank you! x

  • About your notes issue, i do believe they make notebooks that you can erase completely what you wrote and reuse the book. Ill see what i can do about tracking down a link for you

    • ooooh! Cool! I'll defo look into that! Thank you!! Wow 2018 we have all the inventions haha 💛

  • go paperless with certain things for mail. I get my bank statements online. It makes life easier! Or see if you can stop getting irrelevant mail. And just minimize to the most important documents. Mini clips!! I had that song too! I also had oops I did it again. ahaha! major throwback! I wish I would of kept mine.

  • Omg i had a hit clip of pretty woman!! Hahaha I had the same problem with my university diploma! I actually framed it on a black frame and put it next to my night stand/desk/vanity table because but it’s not displayed to be the main focus, it’s rather to the side next to some airplants. I do have a white/cream and black “monochrome” room so that helped so maybe you could look into a “log” or wooden frame I think that will fit your room between than “black clean” frame since your room looks more “warm” and “cozy”

  • A couple weeks ago I did a huge declutter just like this! I also had a BUNCH of hair tools that I never used... Even a hair dryer- for when I NEVER blow dry my hair. Threw them all out, now all I have is a brush! Im just letting my hair be natural, and if I ever want to curl my hair I can borrow a wand from a friend!

  • Most banks offer digital statements. No reason to get paper ones and no storage problems.

    • I actually meant like official bank/government papers and such like passports/my immigration stuffs haha not statements oops 🙈Sometimes I get my words jumbled haha. Y'know, that group of paperwork we just have to have. But I might scan them and digitalize them! x

  • 12:59 Hit clips were my jam! No one remembers them!!

    • Sedona Christina I had a similar experience! I bought Britney Spears and NSYNC with my allowance when they were on clearance!

    • They were SO cool! I remember always wanting them so badly but my mom never let me since they were so expensive, until I found the Britney Spears one in the clearance rack and was like BINGO! I was pumped for weeks haha! 💛

  • Carry a notebook at all times and just write whatever comes to your mind in there. It's honestly the only thing that helped . It's a pain to remember to take it with you every time and it took me a while to get used to it, but boy was it worth it. A. no more random paper laying around and B. All the things you recently wrote in one place. Also helps to write stuff on your phone when you don't have the notebook, but remember to copy them in there later and delete the stuff of your phone, cause you're and up with 251 notes in no time.

  • Just discovered your videos and I love them! :) I'm just starting my "zero waste journey" and am also trying to minimize my stuff. I've mentioned it in one of my videos but I agree with you in that I think gradually is the only way to go so I don't feel like I'm "wasting" the purchase I made. I still collect books, but I'm a big fan of purchasing from used book stores! I also made a pact with myself that for a whole year, I would not purchase any new boos, and work my way through my "to-read" shelf. You've definitely inspired me to declutter my home a bit more too haha!

  • Really motivated me to declutter my room again but in dept because I often declutter my room and then get rid of only a few things... love your vlog kinda videos and your content in general 💓🌸


  • GIRL YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS i've fallen in love with your channel the past few months. thank you for ~inspiring~ me! also hahah uconn i'm from connecticut this made me smile. ok have a lovely day haha❤️

  • Piles of papers idea: get a pretty notebook! It's all in one place, you can write it down and then recycle when its full (although I now have wayyy too many notebooks lying around haha)

  • I have a notepad I carry everywhere with me. That way everything is all in one place and if I don't need a particular sheet of paper (like last week's grocery list) I can just tear that one sheet out and throw it away.

  • I make photos of all my important papers, easily with my phone and then save it in a folder on my computer as well as having a backup of it in iCloud and a external hard drive. I don't keep any papers anymore except for certificates :)

  • Omg hit clips!!!!!

  • Just received my stickers! Thank you so much!!! And for the cute little note 💗💗💗💗

  • For important papers, I keep them in those plastic paper protectors in a binder. Not environmentally friendly, but I already had them so I’m just using them for that stuff. Keeps it all organized! Good luck with whatever method you choose!

  • Looks really organized!

  • For the papers - if it’s just the info you need, take a picture! You can even create a separate album on your phone for bills and such

  • I have an accordion folder with all my documents and a clipboard with scrap paper that I use to write notes on.

  • It is because of you that I have two hydro flasks. A 16oz for coffee and a 40oz one for water and got one for my husband and son and they both use it. We've been going strong for over a year now. and you're the reason we now have four jars that used to hold pasta sauce but now we just use them as drinking glasses instead of throwing them away. You inspire me, keep being you!

  • I really needed that go get some water kick in the butt! Thaaaanks :D

  • There’s reusable notebooks that can be used with their own app that’ll make them digital and when you want to reuse the notebook you use a wet clothes and it’ll be like new (:

    • Yes! Rocketbooks! I used one in college for lecture notes - it was awesome.

    • *cloth

  • Girl get an accordion file folder for your papers, it will save your life! I also thoroughly enjoy writing stuff down, be it anything so if I’m going to start a notebook I usually have to create a purpose for the notebook so I don’t accumulate notebooks and also have a bunch of random notes in one notebook that don’t relate to each other and clutter up my mind the more I look at them. Wow, that was a super long explanation but I feel like this video is super relatable, keep sharing super authentic and inspiring content!!

    • Cam to say the same thing, my paperworky stuff was a disaster until I bought an accordion folder, and sat down and organised it all with labels and all that jazz. So much better now.

  • HIT CLIPS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow take me back to that time pls

  • I had to laugh at that huge tub of gum! That was a lot of gum!

  • That hair! Are you doing anything different from your last hair update? Also yay for decluttering!

  • For the books, if you like holding a real book (I do too!) definitely make use of your local library, plus then you have a time frame to finish it haha! Also, the paper thing is a real struggle... I wish I had an answer, but I don't. I have piles of paper in random drawers everywhere and it's the worst.

  • I am kinda old school & I get a TON of junk mail, bills, and some magazines, so I file away the important items in an expandable file, then have a letter sized bin on the desk for incoming paper & a bin on the floor next to the desk. At the end of each month, go through any remaining incoming mail on the desk & file it or put in bin on the floor. When the floor bin is full, recycle the paper! ☺️ Easy

  • I repurposed some old cereal boxes and glued them stacked together and painted them, I have a little label on each box and use it for my papers. One is for important, one is for useless doodles, one is for mail that’s kinda important, etc. it’s just like your current solution but with more slots 😊

  • I have one binder for important documents and one binder for everything else. I keep it all organized chronologically, usually a pile of random papers accumulates in the front pocket of the binder so I go through those papers every couple of months and organize them into the binder as well as recycling any papers I find that I dont need any more

  • This video reminded me that I really need to declutter my room.

  • Did you color your hair? Or different lighting?

    • Just different lighting 🙈 it gets so so dark in my room in the fall/winter when I’m using natural light. But we can pretend and then I won’t actually have to dye it! Hahaha x

  • Would also love a thrift with me video 💕

    • woohoo! Defo coming up! I'm in need of a good fall thrifting trip, to be honest! 💛

  • Your hair is seriously the best! It always looks so darn good!

    • ahhh thank you! And I thought it looked to scraggly in this vid haha 🙈 So much love as always, Leanne!! x

  • Love your vid per usual. I love your personality per usual as well. ❤️ also girl your hair be looking more defined and curly in the past few vids😍. I’ve been tryna to restore my curls from all the years of heat damage 😩😭😭

    • Thank you!!! That's way to sweet of ya! And thank you about my hair! I cut off about 7-8 inches (it was below my butt before haha always so lazy to go get my hair cut so I avoid it), so it's so much less weighed down. And I thinned it as well & got rid of the dead stuff. I defo recommend if you haven't yet! It made suchhhhh a difference 💛

  • Hey Christina! I absolutely love your videos and I understand a lot of struggles when it comes to minimalism ^_^ So i have a few tips! If you have notes, drawing, memories or any paper files you wanna keep, I highly recommend creating a journa/ memory book. I personally incorporate this into my bullet/ art journals. Basically, just put all your scraps in it, glue it on, decorate it and before you know it, you have a book of your favorite things you can look back on! Or if you have a favorite passage from a book, copy it in that journal. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of sentimental items so I usually take photos of it, print it out and then write a note of how important the item was, why i got rid of it. My journals are my favorite things in the world cause they are filled with so many memories and they're physical archives that will give you that nostalgic feeling. Also, you can use the same journal to plan your days! Also, I put all my fruit stickers in them too so the possibilities are endless(a zero waste discovery of mine). Also with scraps, I just have a HUGE file binder and I separate them with bobby pins while adding a sticky note saying: ''throw after 2017'' or ''science notes, if not used in 6 months throw away''. I struggled with paper a lot over th years but i finally learned about to organize them! And with scrap paper, i love keeping them for to dos, brain dumps, drawings for kids who come over and reminders for other families. Keep up the good work! and i hope this helped

  • I love your vibes. You’re such a positive person. ❤️

  • Please do a thrift with me video ❤️

    • Oooooh I was thinking about doing one soon, maybe I should do it this weekend! THANK YOU!! 💛💛💛💛

  • Same