Declutter Round Three: My EPIC Closet Clean Out

Published on Mar 28, 2018
Over the last few weeks I've shared my Kitchen and Bathroom Clean Out videos... This week is the EPIC CLOSET CLEAN OUT!!!
I've tried to channel my inner Marie Kondo and pull every last thing out and say Yes or No to each and every item I own. I'm so excited with how it turned out and how much I was able to get rid of!
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  • watching this in 2019. 3:00-3:03 " i love it. i save it" ...... "i want it, i got it"

  • Loved this video so much!

  • I just found your channel and love you! We have similar humor from what I can tell. So glad I found you-good luck with your minimalism journey! I’ve been on the journey for about four years and I finally feel like I’m at the place where I can’t declutter anymore (which makes me resort to watching people declutter their stuff instead 😂)! I’ll be excited to see your next videos!

  • I love all your shoes collection. They are gorgeous. Pity they all got tossed

  • Wonderful video, great personality. The note your daughter wrote for you... cherry on top. Loved the stories too. Just subscribed.

  • "theres only ONE window in my closet"

    • mgkhalli I know that sounded so stupid 🤣 What I meant was: the lighting in my closet isn’t great... so I can’t record in here 😬

  • Just found your page... You’re a gem!!!

  • You’re hilarious! Totally enjoyed this declutter 😆🌷

  • Man...this video cracked me up. You did really well. Definitely motivating me to go through my things again.

  • love it all

  • This was VERY well done and one of my favorites that I've watched!! Thanks for sharing!

  • No offence .... but you shouldn’t highlight your nose.

    • None taken... even though I’ve never highlighted my nose 🤣

  • Doesn’t it kill you how much money you’d have if you didn’t buy all the things you hardly wore?

  • I have no idea, but she sounds like Minnesota or Wisconsin.

  • Just found your channel, great video! You are very entertaining to watch. We have some overlap in style but definitely disagree wt some points haha. Some of the stuff you tossed I was like NOOO, I need that!

  • Oh man. You did get rid of a bunch of stuff. I feel like I totally need to do this yet again. 🤐 I have been pairing down items for the last year and find I really don't wear most of my items like t shirts except the black and white ones. I like your tanks especially the double layered ones. What brand were those?

  • Great job on letting go and organizing, kudos! Honestly though after looking at all the stuff you still have in your (very neat) closet, it just makes me want to get rid of even more.Loved the tip "if your too tired to try it on, give it away" also loved the cards displayed in closet :)

  • Chatty and fun video. I found some of your insights into your own thinking both useful and entertaining

  • Do you have a poshmark?! I'd love to shop your closet!!

  • This video is so fun! Great job!

  • love love love this video!!!

  • Lose the one with the patched elbows.

  • You are so fun to watch! this is totally me as well when I go through the closet!

  • It’s really interesting seeing other people clean out their closets. I’ve made a mental note that I’ll never have more then two on the same shirt. Most of the time I only have one. I keep my favorite.

  • I love your look! So pretty!

  • You got rid of so much and it looks so nice! Great video! :)

  • You can do classic if you LOVE it but you are a person who is cool with a twist so your clothes NEED a twist - so use that grey glittery jacket with a nice t-shirt and jeans - always have a twist - saying this because I spent years with a classic wardrobe without twist which made me look like somebody’s aunt - lost time! You need a twist or it ain’t you!

  • you have great taste -so toss that boring” Classic” safe middle aged woman stuff that ain’t you even when you are 90 that ain’t you ! Check out Rebecka Jacobs on US-tv

    • Because there was stuff in there which you tossed just like me because like me you picked it up because you are supposed to have ... whilst the things which you had that beautiful reaction to all were special- watch the clip back it’s very revealing! Huge hugsZ!

  • Love your tank top philosophy- borrowing it

  • I have like 30 grafic tees but that is what I like - I have like 3 white blouses

  • What is shambray?

  • Love your video! Fellow Michigander here 😊

  • I wish I could be as confident in my style as you are in yours. Great video.

  • I was thinking as you were doing this that I never want to clean out my closet because it is such an enormous job, yet you broke it up into days. Why do I always feel I have to do it all in one day! The key is to break it up into sections and go for it. Take smaller bites until it is done. What a concept!

  • I hope that I will channel you as I go through my closet.

  • First video I've ever seen from you. Fell in love during the "up in the club" and "I'm a lady" clutches. 😍 subscribed!

  • 🖐💕

  • Looks great!!!!

  • Your commentary is funny.... I watched from beginning to the end👍🏽

  • I actually think you have some natural dramatic talent, i.e. as an actress or perhaps a funny inspirational speaker - this is so effective because you are so naturally ebullient, non-phony, and just plain fun to watch and to listen to! We can all relate to your "talking-yourself-into-or-out-of" keeping things! Great video!

  • I am so glad that your video came up as a recommendation!

  • Watched a few minutes of this hysterically funny AND inspiring video- subscribed immediately! I laughed out loud so many times! Love your comments, your energy and your style! Brava!

  • Omg This video was SUPER long!!! But you are very funny and its great that you donated that amount of things :) congrats!!

  • LOVE the final result!! 😍😍

  • Theme dressing - lmaoooo. You’re so fun! Subbed!

  • I LOLed when she talks about the plaid in the apple orchard! lol

    • And here were are in Fall and everyone is posting pics of them wearing plaid to the orchard 🤣

  • You had me at the Madewell "made like a piece of sheee-it"!! Subscribed!

  • You are so im doing the same thing as i watch your vid

  • You are so fun to watch! It's cute to hear the memories that come with your clothing items and your thoughts on them now...I totally relate!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Like your channel check mine out also thanks and subscribe if u like

  • This was so entertainin; in parts i laighed out losd. You are so relatable and geniuine. Im in the same process!

  • So glad you showed up in my recommendations. Really enjoyed this. Subscribed and bookmarked several videos to binge watch. ☺️

  • If there's anything I learned, it's that you should NEVER shop at Anthropology! Grandma clothes!

  • You are so my vibe! Don't take life so seriously! I really am losing weight-so when do you decide to toss the bigger clothes-or should I toss the tiny clothes? It is so hard to decide. I am dieting right now, down 3 ads, every 5 pounds is almost a new size for me. I wish I could stay 1 weight.

  • Great video. You need to stop shopping at Anthropology!

  • How is she decluttering when she still has three closets full of clothes and literal buckets of shoes 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    • I got rid of buckets through decluttering! That’s the point. Am I missing something 🤷‍♀️ I think if you have room for what you have yet and you actually use and enjoy those items, you’re good!

  • I love how real you are, and how you turned your closet into a zen space 👌

    • Thank you Colleen! Still loving it months later 🙌

  • The shoe issue, been their done that, I had plastic bins for my shoes and put them on the shelf like you have in the closet before. I hated that thing too.

    • Its so much better now! Someone needs to STOP making that old kind 😩

  • FYI stay away from Anthropology!!!!!!

  • Your pleasantly funny

  • yes, you have definetly inspired me to clean out my closet. Thank you

  • This was long but so entertaining .. I had to go out and continue watching later, loved it!!!! 10/10

    • Awe thank you! I know it was so long and believe it or not I edited out HOURS of footage 🤣😬

  • That blazer from Crossroads was so great. Couldn't you wear it with jeans and dress it down for casual? You probably gave it away. I like what you said about your "fantasy self." I am having foot surgery and so my "fantasy self" is hoping I can wear the shoes I have bought so I can still be stylish. We probably all have these fantasy events we plan for.

    • I did like the blazer but the material was very old school (not in a great way) business blazer. But oh my gosh yes, the Fantasy Self is such a helpful concept to being HONEST with ourselves and what we’ll actually use!

  • Whats the nail polish you are wearing 😍

  • Your video was long but worth it b/c u made it fun. Your daughter is blessed to have a happy mom. Don’t ever toss h r card she made for you. I loved your sense of humor I don’t know how I came across your video and I’m so glad I did. You are going to be my Netflix for the weekend!

  • Why was this so entertaining? You're hilarious, girl.

  • You had me laughing so hard! Best declutter video I've seen on US-tv!

    • Ha! Thank you! It was far more fun taking everyone with me than doing it alone 🤣🙌

  • You are hilarious! Subbed! 💙😂 btw- does H&M still have those double layered tanks? Great! I need some!

    • Oh man, I got mine years ago, so probably not 😬

  • This is so inspiring thank you!

  • omg, i went to the 'i love ths 90s' tour last summer and id never seen that much flannel since the actual 90s, lol!!!

    • Omg, that’s actually a reason I should have kept ONE! Ha 😆

  • Just stumbled across your video. Very satisfying. Hope it is still working for you! Will check out more videos👍🏼

    • It’s all still working nicely! Probably need to do an minor closet clean out moving into Fall... but I’m impressed that it’s still working nicely! Thanks for saying hello!

  • Kate i loved your blog iv declutted also you made me laugh so much many thanks love Rhoda England xx

  • Oo I don’t think the plaid blazer with the elbow patches is a good fit! Sorry! It looked small and doesn’t meet at the front! Good video though, very inspiring! 👍

  • 😂

  • I loved this and love your style!

  • I gotta know, where is that dragon claw bracelet from?!

  • Realistic person bravo

  • Love it

  • Recent subscriber, and I found you trough this video. I LOVE that red flower cardigan (the carrie bradshaw one). Can you tell me the brand? (and/or promise to sell it to me if it ever doesn't make the cut?) :) Love your channel.

    • (at the risk of being the creepiest).... I found one on ebay! I'm SO stoked. I put a bid and have my fingers crossed. I have a gray Calvin Klein gray sheath dress that I want to wear it with instead of a blazer. TGIF!

    • Hi! It’s like 10 years old from Anthro 😬 I’ve told myself I MUST wear it. It’s just so fun. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  • When people with closets complain about lack of room 😂 youse are so lucky! I wish we had closets here. UK is the county of wardrobes which are tiny! Love this video you did some great decluttering.

    • Omg I know right?! 🤣 I used to live in big urban cities where the closet space was NOTHING (which i shared with my huband 😬😳)... but the weird truth is that my closet is actually SMALL for a Midwest suburban home. But I’m good with it!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweater shelf, and your finished closets(s)!!! You've inspired me to make a few more changes with your gorgeous main closet! Also, those totes in your upstairs closet are brilliant! BRAVO!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 As far as the card go... I just lost my Daddy, my Best Friend, unexpectedly a couple months ago. We had our own inside jokes and how ironic that he and I would say "Fuck This Shit!" to each other a lot when talking about our recent divorces and dating. So we have something else in common, unfortunately. I'm truly sorry for your loss... I'm still grieving, so here is a genuine heartfelt HUG from one daughter to another... 🤗🤗🤗😔 I wish I'd found you sooner! I'd have bought some of the things in your TOSSED pile, especially those cute tanks. Loved the safety pinned one! Darn it! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Oh Marti I’m so sorry! Fuck all that Shit! 😬😩🤣 Thank You for your kind words. I know the pain. It’s an ever changing journey. I’m sorry that we have so I have I common... but yet that’s the neat thing about finding and meeting new people this way... we all have much more in common than not. Hope your decluttering turns out amazing and that these videos brought you a little joy in the process 🙌❤️😘

  • New SUBBIE!!! After seeing the intro to this video, I knew I was going to love you! I can't wait to binge watch all your videos! 😁😁😁 Even though I just did a closet cleanout and organization (complete with all matching clear department store type hangers, velvet jewelry holders and busts, etc), I'm going to watch yours and all your other DECLUTTER videos. My house is for sale (divorce and kids grown) and I'm drastically downsizing...So I need to PURGE big time! It's harder than it sounds, isn't it??? Ok...back to the video. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Hi Marti! Oh man I bet it’s extremely hard to downsize when it’s a major life change as well... but you’ll feel so fresh and good when it’s DONE! Best of luck to you! And thanks for stopping by to say hello ❤️

  • Youre so bubbly! :) Subscribed!

    • Awe thank you for stopping by and saying Hi Paulina ❤️

  • I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't wear heavy weighted sweaters again because they add way too much bulk to my body frame. It's been the best decision I've made. Your blazer is fablous.

  • Wow you look so much like Lake Bell! Anyway you’re hilarious and I love it. Subscribed❤️

  • Loved how it turned out!

  • This is one of the BEST closet declutters I've ever seen! We're moving soon and I need to do my closet the same way. I love that you can reach and see all your sweaters and jewelry and the boxes are visually appealing which I was surprised by. Amazing job!

    • Thanks girl! Glad you found helpful tips that maybe you can use for yourself! A few months later and I’m still so happy with the outcome! Good luck with your move 🙌

  • I love your personality! "I hesitated, Shit!" LoL 😆😆😆 Rewatching this video because its my favorite. 😘😘

    • +Koti Loss yes.. I know that feeling I have a dress like that where cutting me in the arms 😂. I keep saying I will lose that arm fat one day 😂

    • Right.. I've been there.. except I kept the dang shirt that squeezed my arms too tight, because it was pretty and still had the tag. But then, I didn't wear it for a year, and I was frustrated the whole time I was out, got home and yanked it off immediately and finally got rid of it.. 😣 At least you followed through! 🤣🤣🤣😘

    • Ah! Omg... the hesitation was the REAL indication I didn’t see coming 🙌🤣❤️

  • Just came across your video, you are a hoot!!! Subscribed!!! Also love your "fuck this shit " frame and your claw bracelet, I have one in silver !

  • You're funny as hell. Too bad you went "across the pond" from me to Michigan. You could and now is my friend in my head.

    • Oh I love it!... and I miss it!

    • What Kate Finds That's right, good 'ole Chicago!

    • Well thank you! And where exactly are you?! Chicago?

  • Had so much fun watching it... Konmari and minimalism are so much needed in our society! ❤

    • Yes! We are over consumerized for sure!! And that’s not a word, but it should be 🙌

  • you are hilarious!! loved this video, and im watching it while cleaning out my own closet!

  • wow, i loved watching you go through things, and your closet makeover is wonderful! i'm inspired :)

  • Oh my gosh. I am obsessed with closet clean out videos and have watched so many but yours is my FAV lol I'm ROLLING LAUGHING

  • I loved this so much. I subscribed so hard.

  • i have that same femme vibe tshirt. i love it! perfect combo of boxy and feminine fit

    • Ah that’s so funny! I bet you were happy to see I kept it 🙌❤️

  • Those dolce vita shoes!!!! ✨

    • I haven’t wore them in forever... but yet I couldn’t toss them 😆😬

  • Such a great video! Kudos!

  • Okay you're hilarious! What you say in this video is what goes through my head when I'm clearing out my closet. Hahaha, loved this video! Thank you for sharing!

  • girl you are hilarious! I enjoyed this video! I'm from SF and live in Chicago now..

    • lol! you read my mind we go up for long weekends! lol!!!!

    • Thanks Tiffany! I’m formerly lived in SF and Chicago... maybe Michigan is next for you?!!! 🤔🤣🙌