D.VA WTF?! - Overwatch Funny & Epic Moments 284 Highlights Montage

Published on Oct 25, 2017
Welcome to another episode of Overwatch Funny & Epic moments, which has the best WTF, glitch, funny, and fail moments! Be sure to like and comment if you enjoy this video!
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0:03, Bladus247, Logic - Ballin
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5:56, . . - Ozzati
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6:32, blackwatch, Thinking Music, Kevin MacLeod
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9:34, tig104, Final Fantasy 7 battle music, Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare
9:57, Zell T, zz Chilly Remix - Jellyfish Central


  • I Insta kill d.v.a with honzo to

  • Ahahahhaha

  • 2:37 wtf music?!

  • WTF LOL تعال يا كلب 0:59

  • 1:33 soundtrack name ? Plz

  • Repeat

  • 8:15

  • 8:10

  • There's always a bad part of a dabacabb video... The end

  • At 1:17 it just made my day and i smiled

  • 5:47 top 10 anime betrayals

  • 9:53 what is this music called? I know this song so well but I don't know the name 😂

  • have hong kong youtuber

  • what is the name on the mucik in 2:28?

  • I love the end musik

  • What's the music at 2:33? Edit: Found it. us-tv.org/tv/video--RY-g0B_xvg.html

  • 2:10 ... my life...

  • 0:24 wtf seeing your gun when you’re in scope??!! Jeff do you have anything to say?😂😂👌👌👌

  • that's the best way to get clickbaited you could imagine

  • 6:40 pretty much shows how much skill is needed to play junkrat

  • why do you keep putting Finnish kids song in these videos?? At 2:04

  • 0:04 Song?

  • Dont worry Its not middle finger its just pointy Finger

  • I died at 8:08

  • Insane flick

  • revenge is a dish best served flam - HRRRRR -junkrat 2017 that got me so good XD

  • Insane flick? Big luck? Or aimbot?

  • What's the music at 2:35?

  • Please please i ned the i neam of the music 2:16 :(

    • Though check out the Hatsune Miku one too

    • nawaf gaems Ievan Polkka. The original. Not by Hatsune Miku

  • 0:40 yo did i hear pacific rim

  • 2:10 suomi prkl

  • Guys I need help! Next season is in 5 days and I need to know who I can main! It's your choice! I have golden gun to mcree

  • If you want to check out overwatch montages and send your clip to be featured. go to this link us-tv.org/tv/video-3Dt9Dz732eA.html

  • can someone give me a name of music in 3:08? pls?.

  • Lol

  • I'm sorry, I stopped believing in Jeff Kaplan. How does a JUNKRAT get a SHARPSHOOTER POTG?!

  • anybody know the song at 2:33

  • Those were insane flicks luck over 9,000

  • we are number one is better alone

  • 00:03 what il the music ??

  • Junrpkrat:Get out of my sight drunk "guy" Then Pushes Mercy To The Pit LOL

  • 2:00 racism

  • I love your vids

  • I am your Potato.

  • For console players its only dumb luck because you cant flick on console. Its impossible, any one who say otherwise doesn't know what flicking is.

  • 0:44 Mercy is a matrix agent!!! :D

  • 0:25 Widow kills without the scope, yet shot is charged :O

  • I like how you can tell it's dumb luck sometimes when the person stands still in shock of what they've done

  • 300k subs coming soon...

  • Suomi perkele

  • How Can I from PS4 send my clip

  • Hey, I've got some funny and epic moments to share... If I send them to you you will upload them?

  • Here's an idea for a funny voice line moment . . . (Orisa behind a bar) Reinhardt: "Beer!" Orisa: "Afirmative." Reinhardt: "Thank you my friend!" Hanzo: "Sake!" Orisa: "I'm sorry, but I can't do that." Hanzo: "Hmm."

  • What the music is it???? On 6:51?? Help me plssss! I will sub on you if you help me

  • 5:54 Reinhardt dabbed!

  • Omg!!!!!!!!!! no?

  • عربي

  • Привет

  • Dabing for life

  • Hi Let's go to........u comment where

  • Fifty years later still not my clip

  • So, I asked my friend if he saw dabacabbs recent video, he said “Who’s dabacabb?”, sure enough I lost a friend that day


  • No aim No brain Just a Winston main

  • widow gun glitch

  • Hey guys wanna hear a joke??? Yea Me To

  • Remember the time where Dabacabb use cat version of Overwatch heroes as thumbnails?

  • I cant be the only one who thinks it looks like D.va is flipping everyone off right?

  • Music at 3:12?


  • its hard to sing all the parts of music at 2:23 to 2:49

  • All of my widow shots are dumb luck because im that bad

  • Hey Dabacab love ur vids but could u extend some of your songs or make a compilation of something cuz u have good songs but they get cut off after one clip thanx keep it ip

  • When I play my main I go like 12 and 12 but when I play anyone else I go like 30 and 3

  • I MISSED THE SONG HE put on during epic moments soooooooo much thanks bro for bringing it back

  • Junkrat killed 2 doomfist. Not 3

  • That’s how I’d feel if Ana Nano charged me...LET IT RIP!

  • 2:49 is playing and I'm just like "i love my special hat"

  • I think we need more it's fucking approved moments so I get an excuse for yelling it when it happens

  • That moment when you've been waiting for your clip to be in one of dabacabb's vids for weeks then you realize...you never actually sent the clip FeelsBadMan

  • at 7:31 it sounds like genji says bugatti

  • Hey Dabacabb, I'll be mad if you make me the dabafan. It's not my style.

  • 2:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You neeeed tooo link the muuuuuusic 😨

  • Dva sticking out the middle finger

  • I made a grilled cheese sandwich the other day... It was quite tasty.

  • Every time there's an "insane flick or dumb luck" moment I like to judge if it was an insane flick or not

  • What is the song in 3:09

  • I really loved the pacific rim song with Mercy XD

  • Insane flick or damn luck or hax

  • My powers out and is going to be for 2weeks and battery's at 38% these videos are worth it

  • 4:10 *Very* triggered.

  • Please someone tell me wath is the name of the music at 2:05 😭😭

    • Ievan Polkka (The original. Not the Hatsune Miku one)

  • Its not time for d.vas face reveal so she hiding her face with a gun

  • Lool unlucky 5:21

  • You know....D.va is so inspiring.

  • I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 genjis that need healing!!!!!

  • 10 shots 1 kill

  • #to the person who killed all the pharahs DEATH TO ALL PHARAS

  • 0:50 GO GENJI YOU GOT IT!!! *Falls* Ok then nvm ;-;