Published on Mar 12, 2018
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Products Mentioned:
Soap and glory one heck of a blot primer
La girl pro had foundation
Flower beauty light illusion concealer
Makeup revolution luxury baking lace powder in banana
La girl HD pro powder in banana yellow
Real techniques face & body sponge
Flower beauty loose powder in L01
Catrice sun glow matte bronzing powder in medium bronze
Catrice prime and fine professional contouring palette
Covergirl tru blend bronzer in 200
Physicians formula butter bronzer
Catrice cosmetics face palette
Palladio matte blush
Essence blush play sculpting palette
Milani stellar lights rose glow palette
Flower beauty shimmer and strobe highlight palette
La girl strobing powder in 50 watt
Makeup revolution x sophx highlighter palette
Milani all over blending brush
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  • Hi babes!!! This is a In-depth tutorial on my current drugstore foundation routine. Most of u will know the products, but i wanted to have a full video dedicated to it. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop and makes it easy for you to find the products I’m loving. I hope you enjoy it! PLEASEEEEE feel free to let me know your favorite products down below! Always looking for new things to try. Love you all!! xo

    • Casey Holmes What is your opinion on the Maybelline 24 Hour Foundation?

    • Casey Holmes can this cover up acne or do you know a foundation that will cover up acne and a little bit of scars??

    • Hey girl! I know you mentioned that your skin is amazing if you stick to your normal skin care regimen! What is your current skin care regimen?

    • Casey Holmes the youtuber who collab with MUR is sophdoesnails and i own that palette and Soph's eye shadow palette. My first ever highlighting palette & im in love! You should totally check Sophie out. She's so cute and funny and just awesome. You and her are amongst my favorites. I started watching you first when i started watching US-tv vids. So i hope you check her out. :)

    • Casey Holmes I have a question for you! I also use the loving tan self tanner in ultra dark and was wondering what shade of Mac Studio fix fluid you wear? I’m looking to use that foundation for prom and can’t shade match online for the life of me! Help?🙏🏼

  • Sooo beautiful! 😀

  • What duo fiber brush did you use to blend the blush?

  • The Milani foundation is so so amazing! My skin is very dry (especially in the winter!) and it moisturizes it so amazingly and dries very matte. I pushed off trying it but now that I tried it, i can’t find anything better. Check it out!

  • Wow, your skin looks so flawless with that foundation. I have to get me some

  • The Fit me foundation is my favorite!

  • I love your channel!

  • rimmel stay matte setting spray 😍

  • I love your channel Casey 😍 and I love that you continue to use low end makeup as I love buying from the drug store!

  • Target has NYX HD loose translucent setting powder for $2.95!!! And their concealers for $2.95!!! They’re amazing products too!!

  • Hey girl! I just watched several of your videos and then I noticed you are in GA too! I'm in Sharpsburg! I wanted to ask you if you have tried any Perfectly Posh products for your rosacea? I would love to send you a sample of Totes Oats to try! You will love it! I love your channel I am all about inexpensive makeup and I am still learning! I am definitely going to subscribe and look forward to maybe collaborating with you!

  • Anyone know if this foundation/concealed works well with oily/acne prone skin??


  • I love the nyx primer. It's weird bevause It kinda comes out oily. But I have oily skin and it works great for me. I also use the Maybelline master.fix setting spray. Those two together are AMAZING for oily skin!!

  • “Let me get that foundation off my lips, why didn’t y’all tell me”🤣🤣😘😍

  • That’s a huge sponge 😱

  • Hey Casey! I just wanted to give you a compliment. You just seem SO comfortable in front of the camera and you make the viewer feel like a couple of girlfriends getting together to chat about makeup. Not everyone can do this. You relay such a strong LOVE for makeup. Anyhow, just thought I would comment on that. Take Care. xoxo to Daisy & Rose

  • why does the sponge look so big?? 😂😂

  • I don't think the butter bronzer smells amazing. I personally don't like how it smells at all.

  • Drugstore makeup is the best it's affordable. I can trust you Casey when you say something is good I believe you.



  • Love you so much Casey but that yellow LA girl powder on my pale self..... Nope! I'm going to give it to my best friend who is much darker in complexion than I am. I hope she loves it like you do.

  • Try rimmel matte primer!!

  • you look so much like britney spears ahha

  • I loved the look you did however lm not a fan of bringing the highlighter down so far as you did because it looks like you got popped in the eye and have a shiner look, but that’s just my opinion, good video, it’s nice knowing what products are out there, thanks

  • I just started watching you a few days ago. Can I just comment on how GORGEOUS you are?! 😍

  • the butter bronzer now comes in a darker shade too

  • I love the L.A girl foundation!!! I purchased it because of you and it works so well for my oily skin and doesn’t break me out. I was always using the MAC studio fix foundation before this but it broke me out and made me an oily mess by the end of the day. I purchased the LA girl foundation at Ulta for $8.99 so I saved myself $20+

  • New subbie🙋🏻‍♀️ ive been binge watching all your videos lol i need to go check out that Palladio line 😍

  • Do you prefer the makeup revolution banana powder or the lace one? For oily t-zone area.

  • J'ai finalement trouvé la chaîne qui me convient cooool

  • I haven’t heard of most of these brands !! They must be American brands ...!!! :( I’m from Canada

  • Casey, what are some good contour platelets and eyeshadow palettes that's drugstore/affordable. I trying different colors on my eyes, and I wanted to get one that blends really great, doesn't blend away, and that looks amazing. I would love ur advice.

  • So... what's your skincare routine? 😁

  • They make a darker butter bronzer called dark bronzer I believe instead of just bronzer😘😘 @caseyholmes

  • Anyone know what foundation matches the loving tan in ultra dark!? Any brand is preferred!

  • Hey Casey cab guy try to new flower beauty loose powder, they don’t make the lo1 powder anymore not even in her website :(

  • Excellent Video! 😊👌💯❤👍👍

  • do you color correct at all? if so what do you recommend from the drugstore

  • New Here! I've been watching your videos all afternoon! :) I wanted to see how you keep your face from getting oily with all that makeup on. I've tried using foundation all over my face but I tend to look oily about an hour after. Any suggestions!?

  • I finally broke down and bought the One Heck of a Blot primer the other day and OMG I will never use anything else again, it is AMAZING!!

  • Girl I just bought two of those bug sponges 😍just cause of u

  • The maybelline liquid moose foundation is amazing

  • The sponge is so big I thought you were going to conceal your whole face😭 it ended up looking good tho!

  • Just a FYI...Walmart does not accept opened makeup for a refund. You know if you got a wrong color and you opened it up and just took a dab...Walmart will straight up tell you NO refund. I bought a Physician's Formula eyeliner. When I opened it up, it was all dried up. So I took it back to Walmart and they said we don't take back open makeup. It didn't matter if when I opened up the makeup, it was dried up and was still the bottom line policy. That the makeup was opened and so that ment no refund. I was so mad, i am sure i had steam coming out of my ears......!!!

  • She looks like bethany mota

  • Good review and it's drug store😊👍

  • Wish I can be like you when I grow up

  • Girl have you tried the Estée Lauder maximum coverage they just launched more shades a few weeks ago!

  • Does the sophx highlighting palette have shimmer in it or is it just sheen?

  • Have you tried the new L’Oréal mattifying primer? I’m a big fan of the Soap & Glory one too but I’m really loving the L’Oréal one. It’s really similar and helps me stay Matte during the day.

  • You’re still labelling the powder wrong in the description! The name of it is MR Luxury baking powder and the shade is lace. The next shade is banana. Even though you can call both a banana type powder, it makes it confusing, and you wrote in the description that the shade is banana, when it’s lace

  • I got the concealer after your video and Im obsessed!!!

  • Casey your rosacea is looking calmed down lately and it makes me happy for you.. is that weird? 😂

  • How did I miss this video?! I love how in depth you go you are one of only two channels I watch anymoee

  • I love how in depth you went in with each product!

  • Just started watching your videos. I have the same skin please tell me ur favorite foundation :D

  • You’re so gorgeous Casey! 💕✨

  • Casey Holmes what lip product did you use? So pretty!!

  • L’Oréal pro matte primer, is s good primer for oily skin. I love it.

  • what lashes do you wear?! 😍

  • What is your skin care regimen?

  • Can't find that wonderful Flower concealer online - the one's I find don't have the same applicator. HELP! :)

  • Love this makeup look! So fresh and beautiful!😍❤️

  • I want physicians formula to make more shades of that bronzer soooo bad! It’s a little too light for me but anytime i reach for bronzer i open this one up first just to smell it!

  • I have EXTREMELY oily skin (like you) and I also have rosacea, have bigger pores, anddd I’m a full coverage gal too. So I feel like we could suggest products to each other easily all day long😂 Sooo with that said, for a primer from the drugstore my FAVVVVV is Maybelline master prime by face studio in 300 (the green one)! I love it so much and idk if you’ve tried it but you should! :)

  • Does that LA girl foundation have any flashback??

  • Wow that sponge is huge! Looks like a potato😅

  • I'm a new mom and I'm looking for a palette that has everything I need in it- eyes, bronzer, powder, and blush to make getting ready quick. Do you have any recommendations

  • Best primer for oily skin is angel veil by nyx😍😍😍

  • I cannot find this bronzer 😩😩😩

  • So happy so many of these were also cruelty free! 🐰🐰🐰

  • Did you wet your sponge before you applied the foundation

  • You are the best!! I ordered Loving Tan because you said it's so amazing.... Thank you for the gift code! Just trying to see which drugstore foundation that I should purchase when I use the Loving Tan. We are snowed in in New Jersey today....spending this snow day ordering your fave products to try....!! You're the best xoxo. #inspiration

  • Can you please try the Laura Mercia concealers😁😁

  • I hate that we have Flower beauty at my local Wal-Mart but none of the goid new products😯 I can't find them anywhere but online. Just don't want broken damaged makeup if I order it...😕

  • Could never get tired of your videos!

  • I’ve been watching you’re videos for quite a few months now and I just realized I wasn’t subscribed!! So I definitely did subscribe now and I just love your tips and tricks for oily skin bc the struggle is real having a grease pan face lol

  • Any recommendations for drugstore foundations that are good for combination to dry skin??

  • I honestly don’t know how you don’t have a billion followers!!! You’re amazing. If I could I would subscribe over and over again. I love love love your videos you awesome 💗💗💗

  • SO beautiful 💘

  • How do you think the LA girl foundation would work with combo skin? Usually I’m super oily but I’m on accutane so my skin is a bit more dry. I wanna try it!

  • Love your videos & you!!! got the one heck of a blot primer because of you can’t wait to try it ❤️

  • Omg - right when you start applying the bronzer, I realize how much you favor Sandra Bullock.

  • please review the physicians formula healthy foundation

  • Does the concealer flashback???

  • Drugstore queen! I only get new products as recommended by Casey as I have oily skin. Palladio blotting sheets & blusher are my fav! If only there are more brands available in my country. So wanting to try too faced peach foundation & loose powder.

  • Does that foundation work good on combo skin?

  • So gorgeous 👌

  • what lip color are you wearing??

  • What will it take to get you back in GA to do my makeup for prom in April lol

  • Maybe I missed t in your make up list but what is on your lips? Super pretty color!!

  • i seriously would have no idea what tp buy at the drugstore without you

  • Lol late on this video. The new Almay lasting brow color saves me at least 25 a week. I don't have to get henna anymore. It stays put with 2× a day clarisonic washing and topical meds, for about 4 days.

  • Hey, I was just wondering what foundation I would be in the la girl pro Matte. Im a warm beige in the too faced born this way. can someone please help a girl out


  • You're so gorgeous! But uh yeah I tried the white powder of that flower beauty and it was HORRIBLE flash back haha I couldn't believe it!

  • Love you Casey!! (❤️ from Hong Kong)

  • Those lashes are soooo pretty lol at the end when you were just fluttering the lashes omg