Crossbow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Published on Apr 10, 2018
It's crossbow time!
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  • Is macing

  • these are insane

  • Hey Dude Perfect, I like y’all a videos but I had one question after watching this video and know the rate of hunting in Texas is high, so do any of y’all hunt any kind of animal like deer or turkey

  • Apple on a head? More like Wilhelm Tell than Robin Hood, you smarta$$es

  • -Hearthstone- *Fruit Ninja*

  • I am a DAB POLICE

  • do some skybucks trick shots

  • Voces sao muito foda cara parabéns pelo canal de voces

  • Hey dude perfect you haven't been breaking bottles over people's head.

  • You should make your next video as birthday party stereotypes.

  • What crossbows are these?

  • hey guys its the Haifene triplets we really love your videos there are really cool and we just want to be like you guys the mini dude perfect and if you reply we will cry and be so excited that you replied and we are practicing new trick shots like you guys thank you my best is all you guys mostly Tyler

  • wilhelm tell shot an apple from his sons head not robin hood

  • Бля да как они это делают?

  • make one with fortnite

  • Have you guys ever done a spear throw challenge?

  • 180 wrap around was sick

  • I’m ur 29,358,128th subscriber

  • Do another real life trick shot

  • Sponsored by fruit ninja

  • Hey dude pufect remember me I was the person who met you my name is landyn when me and my dad met you with the red lifted Jeep I was wanting to ask if you could give my friends a US-tv channel preston smith20 if not it is ok our goal is 1mill we are at 20 we still have a long time to go but we whould be so happy for our lives

  • Many people are saying that you are on a road to 30milion subs but u r on a highway to 30 million subscribers..👏👏 keep going

  • Ur game is interesting

  • I am a big fan of ur club

  • I really want to chat with u please can u send me ur email

  • Umm why are people disliking this video

  • How long did it take you to finish this video I’m Curious

  • awesome

  • I would like to see the next video about back to school stereotypes

  • rip dallas stars

  • Very good dp i'm lovin it

  • At 40 million subscribers = panda face reveal

  • Dude prefect you are awesome ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • and more overtime

  • Can you guys do School Stereotypes!

  • Or do fortnite stereotypes

  • Awsome vid aswell

  • I would like to see paintball stereotypes

  • More Overtime

  • i like that intro

  • 3 suggestions Knife throwing trick shots Trampoline trick shots Hockey stereotypes Choose any

  • The first shot is my favorite for sure

  • You should do knife throwing trick shots

  • You can’t be that perfect

  • Where did your house the property and how much money you earn so with 1 video???

  • That Moment when Ty makes a shot

  • When the new awasome video is coming

  • None cuz you guys suck. You guys crop things and then put it in the video to make it look like you guys did it first try but it was actually the 1000th time so stop being fake

  • Bis Name ist Not Robin Hood his Name ist Wilhelm tell

  • Germany?

  • did.he.just.dab?

  • overtime next vid?

  • Make a no skope

  • You guys should do a fortnite trickshot video!

  • Great vid guys

  • -i-love-hearthstone-i-play-it-all-the-time-

  • do a bouncy ball trick shots

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  • DO football stereotypes please

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  • you guys should do a RBI stereotypes

  • Fortnite competition who the best player

  • Do something with badminton tricks or something

  • hey guys is jeff toney the panda

  • Damn the intro is so freaking good

  • Edit fakers Just kidding 😂😂😂😂

  • Do a left handed challenge who agree

  • Pros

  • Ty has lost weight He looks good

  • We all now that the panda is Jeff Toney aka ty's brother

  • Do u want to know who's panda? Then subscribe to my US-tv channel (U.K. Boi)


  • Do an NFL stereotypes

  • Hey guys!! Watch my first video!! I hope you like it

  • LOL A basketball goal with a Hios misfire? LOL

  • The Best Intro

  • nice shots i love it !!!!

  • Fortnite trickshots

  • Hey, it was William Tell that shot the apple off the head.

  • is there stereotypes in april :P

  • Love you guys AWESOME video still waiting to hear from you guys about the show OVERTIME. PLEASE continue to upload amazing videos on US-tv Poundin. Noggin.

  • I know the name of 🐼 panda

  • Do another battle

  • 180degree shot😃

  • Don't waste fruits and vegetables


  • Next song can you do “Lies by mcfly” please!

  • Over the lake & near the woods *fav*

  • What happened to you boys

  • Please reveal panda (Like who wants)

  • 1..1......

  • Dude perfect musically king

  • why did you use a crossbow

  • Your phone number plz

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  • That new intro is CLEAN!

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