Creating The Pandora Conservation Initiative Utility Suit

Published on Apr 10, 2018
As we shared yesterday, a Pandora Conservation Initiative (PCI) scientist recently tested out a new, high-tech Utility Suit that will soon be used to greet Pandora’s tourists on a daily basis. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog:
This amazing Utility Suit, which will be piloted by a scientist in the land, was created in partnership between Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Michael Curry Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering.
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Creating The Pandora Conservation Initiative Utility Suit


  • Can you please Disney world meet geet with Avatar Carder

  • Shut up and take my money

  • I will wear a suit as an Astronaut in space someday

  • My favorite movie!

  • Can u do videos about the banshees you buy?

  • Ok, this is definitely awesome.

  • Dexters lab

  • But can it dab

  • うわ~ 未来がまた近くなったな〜

  • 1:11 , 1:14 ohhhhh 🤔 What are the trying to hide? More Pandora Stuff. An Expansion?

  • At least there will be something IN the empty park. As it is now there are "plants and sounds" and that's it...

  • I have been on the ride it was so cool it took 3hours😗

  • This is cool. I wonder if they have the new characters Jake and Neytiri from Avatar will be at Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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  • "We need one for our military"... No! The last thing we need is more advancements to military. Work on world peace? Next war will just be the big guns - nukes. If we bulletproof our soldiers, that will start a bulletproof everything race. Don't worry though the US is too scared to get involved in anything now. War hype but no war.

    • You know the computer and the internet you are using to make comment, and the polymer to build them were all developed as military research right?

  • I love that radio station.the best!!

  • So it's basically a puppet. What was the point of trying to sell this a functional mechanical suit. It's a movie prop. I wouldn't expect it to really be funcyional? So q take suit to explore a fake landscape ok ok I get it I got it yeah its cool

    • They don't expect you to actually believe it's real, it's just for the sake of immersion. They want it to be believable and look realistic but don't actually expect anyone (maybe some little kids) to actually think it's a real robotic suit.

  • Movie prop?

  • These have existed sine the 80's. Remember the terminator gauntlet? Add feedback and done.

  • LOL SO COOL wish I had one

  • Edge of Tomorrow for real this time

  • Should have someone really fat in the suit.

  • We need a real one in the military

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    • Chicken noodle soup at what? A guy on stilts, surrounded buy plastic? Yeah, great military tool, ya tool.

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  • Looks like the robot can't stretch out

  • Is anyone else amazed that this is happening in Oregon?!

  • Kewl stilts

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  • It reminds me these robots at avatar films

  • Disney took Avatar and they're gonna ruin it, just like they did with Star Wars

    • Terius Zúñiga avatar is a pretty bad movie. Last Jedi and Force Awakens are far better films.

    • Zombie Hunter Ok I'm glad, thats some good news about avatar. But that does not clean the fact that Star Wars is ruined.

  • I just woke up. I thought this suit was going to be for saving the Pandas. Kind of disappointed.

    • Same, was about to have “the future is now” moment.

  • Put this much work into your next movie not your park

    • Jean-Luc Parent well, Disney is about to buy 20th Century Fox, the studio that produced Avatar.

    • Disney doesn’t make the avatar movies, they just have theme park rights

  • この正面に見える脚はフェイクだね。人力でスーツの手足を動かす外骨格だ。人力で動かすから「パワード」じゃない外骨格スーツ。腕にも手にも脚にも動力は無い

  • No way that can be at the park. It only a prototype isn't it?

  • You guys should add a group of na’vi in the forest where people can’t get to them , or make them move so like there real , if you have the time of course Or you should add banshees on the floating mountains ! Little or big I don’t care much , it would be awesome if my ideas came true

  • I will watch anything that talks about avatar I’m a huge fan

  • So cool!


  • Just when you thought Pandora couldn't get any better! Can't wait to get back to AK - You know what they say - "It's a Wild Time"!

  • Such a cool and unique meet and greet experience for Pandora!

  • This is interesting and I never seen anything like it, and I like your idea.

  • Wow it’s so futuristic

  • Wow this is going to be lit.

  • I love Pandora but I think instead they should have made Wakanda

    • Impossible for now

    • Evan Veitia lol that movie didn't exist when they were making this expansion to the park.

    • Evan If they would have known its success they would have. But who says they can’t make a Wakanda Resort!👀

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I just keep thinking how wonderful that would be For a person that doesn’t have use of their legs

    • Eduard G Yes, but a real world version would be useful. They actually do exist, but the technology is definitely in its infancy.

    • the legs are fake, its just a man on stilts

  • DING DANG, no Na'vi walkaround character! Oh well, but it's still cool, nonetheless!

    • RustyAndroid It would be neat, but I'm not sure how that could be pulled off. The Na'vi are supposed to be like 50% bigger than humans. A walk around animatronic is unlikely to happen anytime soon, so the best option is a costume, but then you need that to look natural, and the problem is the bigger than humans bit. Human joints and Na'vi joints can't all line up with each other, and the Na'vi have pretty slender bodies. Case in point, it would be extremely difficult, if possible, to create a Na'vi costume that wouldn't look funky in any way. Again, I think seeing Na'vi walking around would be cool, but there's no practical way to get it right.

  • OMG this so amazing! this robot get look like at real at Avatar film :D

  • So you guys are building new mech suits is their just gonna be one or more so they can have a talk kinda thing also what about actual pandora people haven’t seen those yet soooooooo

  • It’s a dude on stilts. You people act like this has never been done. Party City sells Halloween costumes with fake legs. How is this impressive?

    • H dawg My god. The intelligence in your rational is...indescribable.

    • What what makes you so special, your just a guy that has legs

    • But what you're saying is that it's just "dude on stilts", and the fingers, albeit a single detail on this costume, are an example about how it's more than "just stilts".

    • Ashley N Sorry, having fingers that move doesn’t really make it any more impressive.

  • Oooh are those blurred out projects I see

  • Cooooooooool! 🍹😲🍿

  • Awesome

  • Good. Sigourney Weaver transferred back from her avatar body.

  • Amazing, it just proves that giant exoskeletons for war are possible and practical. I've seen other versions which were very slow, expensive and ungainly. Just imagine soldiers being shielded in these giant mech suits, just like in the movie'd be pretty impressive and terrifying on a real battlefield-to unprotected enemy soldiers.

    • In war it's just gonna be a huge RPG magnet

    • I mean, it’s not very practical. And it’s still a man operated vehicle. The person operating it is using his legs to move the “exosuit” and it is most likely made of some type of lightweight, relatively “fragile” material.

  • wow nice

  • Glad we're finally getting a PCI guide to talk to guests about their experiences. The suit is such a neat idea to draw interest.

  • Wow! Is this a precursor for Star Wars land? If so, I'm just so excited to see this!

    • Alpha0727 yes, what I was trying to say exactly! I'm aware it's for Pandora but it immediately reminded me of creatures in Star Wars and hoping that this Avatar machine is the trial Balloon for Star Wars. Yay! (Still wish we had Beastly Kingdom though.)

    • Elaine Gilmartin No, this is for Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida but I think I know what you were trying to say. If I understood your question correctly, then you are asking if this is the type of stuff we can expect in Galaxy’s Edge? It is probably safe to say that the answer is yes, we can expect to see stuff similar to this suit in Galaxy’s Edge.

    • Elaine Gilmartin no it's from pandora

  • the pilot's legs at the front are fake, and his real legs are inside the suit's legs. pretty clever, but they should make the fake legs look more natural.

    • They should develop the technology for actual suits.

    • Yeah, front legs are wobbly, kills the illusion. Also, the way the robot walks, looks like a guy on stilts walking.

    • ElevenEvilExes aaahh I see it

  • So awesome.