Crazy Stingray Catch!

Published on Feb 16, 2018
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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and crew explore coastal estuaries in Australia for Stingrays!
Stingrays are numerous and widespread all over the world and in certain situations can be found in relatively shallow water…and it is just these conditions that occur daily near the Eastern Coast of Brisbane that will allow Coyote and the team to get up close for an epic encounter with this barb-tailed creature!
Get ready to see Coyote in full form catching a stingray!

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HUGE THANKS to Miller Wilson and his father Daniel for hosting the crew at this location, you guys are the best!
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  • Coyote should get shocked by an electric eal

  • *Flap flap*

  • I wonce saw a blue jelly fish me and my grandma thought it was a sponge so my grandma stard doing something to so then it got mad and droped a tentickle so it shocked me so bad i had to go to the hospitle and had to get a crast

  • Flip it you will see the tail of the baby

  • I didnt know rays were related to sharks, thats awesome!

  • Imagine falling in the ocean and getting a 1 foot stinger stuck in your arm

  • 2:38 - "Hmm, well, I discovered a cameraman in there, but no stingrays..." 4:29 - Also, leave it to a camera guy to realize the value of polarized sunglasses when hunting for shallow-water rays in bright sunlight. Heh, at first Coyote was all, "No no no!" 😎

  • This ended badly for the last guy

  • Get bitten by a bullet ant or a tarantula hawk pick one

  • You should go to Boyne island near Gladstone. I went there and there's baby crabs in lil holes in the ground and I think when the tide goes down there's some nice tide pools. :)

  • cant stop thinking about Steve Irwin :'/

  • Steve Irwin says be careful with those stingrays

  • How did Irwin got killed by one.

  • Stingrays sometimes get me confuse with a horseshoe crab.

  • Coyote Peterson is one brave man.

  • Why not just wear very thick and sturdy boots? There's no way a sting ray can puncture through some tougher work boots since some of those are designed in the way you can step on a nail and it won't pierce it unless you stomp on it with force.

  • can you make a video about a manta ray?

  • Is zaa stingy ray ray 🐡🐬🦈🐳🐋🐟🐠🦐🐙🦑🦀🐚🌊💧💦🌈

  • 0:04 high knees high knees high knees

  • B

  • 70% - R.I.P Steve Irwin 29% - Keep dragging your feet! *5 seconds later Coyote is running* 1% - Other

  • Says you gotta shuffle through the water *proceeds to show clip after clip of him stepping through the water*

  • Last second you almost became steve irwin RIP

  • Are all rays barbs venomous?

  • Pancake

  • At 9:26 doesn't it looks like a turtle

  • 4:09 when mom says pizza is here

  • The only reason Steve Erwin died was because he pulled out the barb instead of leaving it in and getting it surgically removed. He died of blood loss

  • Kinda disappointed you didn’t enter the sting zone with the stingray! Wanted to see how you held up compared to me when I was stung haha.

  • Like to see him get stung by this. Poor Steve Irwin R.I.P.

  • Look for the blue ringed octopus

  • I got steve Irwin flashbacks

  • your catching a SOUTHERN STING RAY

  • Dude Steve Irwin died because of this ! Wtf r u doin?

  • az konuş çok video çek

  • *SEA PANCAKES!!!!*

  • Who is Ray and why are you always telling people to sting him

  • There was a coyote attack ad right before this *COYOTE*

  • I---------------------------- L

  • Good thing he didn’t pull a Steve Erwin

  • Some people call fresh water stingrays “wish you were dead fish”...great idea.

  • I. Live in Australia 🇦🇺 cotey

  • do male sting rays have a barb

  • you can find stingray plushies in newport oregon!

  • the sting ray was so kawaii

  • i love stingrays!!!

  • I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode! He was getting soooo close to that stinger!!! I thought Mark was getting ready to ask him, Coyote are you Ok??!! After he was nailed by that thing! That was nerve wracking as hell!!!

  • Do you still do the pinch bite and stung

  • Coyote are you still alive?

  • I got stung by a sting ray

  • Do a video about Salt Water Crocs and the 2 most poisonous snakes in the world, The Inland Taipan and The Common brown Snake

  • This is a tiny stingray

  • You sound just like the dude out of horrible bosses The one who bags his head against the car seat

  • as soon as it said australia i screemed and ran away from my computer.

  • I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to drink liquid radiation. Let’s see what happens

  • This was good

  • Im cyote peyerson and im about to step on a lego bare foot

  • you should have a netflix series.

  • Stingrays in a nutshell “*Sea flap flap*”

  • I really want to be a member!

  • Cool!

  • we want to shuffle 4:10

  • its mouth looks cute

  • I was worried that Coyote would pull off a Steve Irwin.

  • That's definitely not Maleny, Coyote Peterson! Tell the truth, where is It? Also, "Eastern coast of Brisbane" BRISBANE ONLY HAS ONE COAST!!! DID YOU MEAN QUEENSLAND?

  • can you bring animals to my home

  • is it a fish?

  • A foot long barb going through your foot long

  • He's so brave!!

  • Coyoto Peterson: Steve Irwine, I will avenge you!

  • That mouth is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Dame that's cool

  • Be safe please 🤗

  • This is just a river sting ray.. try to catch an ocean one.. sea sting ray.. that would be nice..

  • Great video!

    • You have 34,000 likes already? Wow! It that gonna hurt if it stings? That has 2 stingers and it's a bluespotted maskray.

  • That stingray was mad as hell

  • Hey wernt you scard holding that thing

  • He's constantly stinging himself with venomous insects. How hard would it be to be stung by a stingray for a video? I think it would be really interesting to watch because I've been stung in each of my feet by stingrays.

  • I was stung in the foot by a huge one over the summer

  • Eyes like a octopus similar with sharks and has fins

  • Haft octopus haft shark haft fish

  • How do you get everywhere.

  • drag your feet.... he sees a ray and RUNS AFTER IT

  • That Is cool every like I will add a 🐬.

  • yea guys Steve Irwin died by a massive stingray in the sea. A foot long barb hitt him in the heart many times. he bleed out.

  • I'm starting to imagine what if he accidentally fell and the ray stabbed him

  • if you have shoes the barbs won't get you

  • Favorite animal

  • Can you do some fishing please

  • Please be careful with stingrays

  • 4:11 what happened to drag your feet?😂😂😂💀

  • Yet again another personal favourite animal, so cool :'3

  • I like stingrays 🙂

  • Did you now that stingrays are sharks?

  • Look, nature loves us. Approach life with love and good intentions... we have an Eden in the making.

  • hey coyote. I touched a sting ray when i was a kid in face to face

  • its funny hearing him call prawns "shrimp" P.S for amricans that say the line "put the SHRIMP on the barbe"WE DO NOT SAY SHRIMP WE SAY PRAWN not one australian has said put a SHRIMP on the barbe

  • I love how the little text appears at the bottom “Coyote Peterson and his crew are trained professionals”, meanwhile I see Coyote looking rather goofy as he chases after the ray XD

  • Stingray? Nah that’s a sea pancake

  • Not even a mention of Steve, i'm dissapointed