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Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

Published on Oct 8, 2018
The Dallas Cowboys take on the Houston Texans during Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.
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  • I miss football so just came to watch this replay lol

  • O line....

  • Thanks Texans from an Eagles fan 🦅🦅!

  • I was at this game on the sixth row from where the Texans sit

  • Battle of TEXAS

  • Watson's gotta calm down on those hits before he gets seriously injured.

  • Don’t mess with Houston

  • Bro if Texans play like this in the playoffs I’m not worried play with determination

  • Dak acting like he shocked. Hes been carried by Zeke his whole career. He fell apart completley last season without Zeke. Keep up them 4 yard check downs at least it helps your QBR lol

  • Mascot neglected 3:18 😂

  • Hey guys forget football. Here is the *REAL* reality: Jesus Christ died on a cross to save people from their sin, according to the bible. You and I broke God's law but Jesus paid our fine. Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death. Anyone who believes this will not perish but will have eternal life.

  • The ref lied when cowboys threw challenge flag.he had possession and his feet was in the Cowboys deserved that win

  • Now both of these teams are Division leaders.

  • Now that is shocking.

  • Wait there was still time left giants vs bears they made a field goal the time was still running wtf

  • Cannot wait until we get Tavon Austin back in the lineup. Beasley, gallup, cooper, hurns and now the up and comer noah brown. Going to be a nightmare for defenses

  • This is a game Dallas should have won, thanks Garrett for not having a pair. Also losing this game and others got us amari cooper so im not mad

  • This was the best home game from a crowd/rivalry standpoint of the season.

  • JJ got broke by Romo and dak

  • Yeah this was the game I was yelling at Watson a lot lol he took so many hits this game. Luckily he’s still on a hot streak right now. He’s amazing

  • Just cant wait to play ya again we aint the same as we where on this game

  • That Hop play still gives me chills. Sheesh

  • 10:04 Dak lookin like Tony Romo

  • Dallas wish they had Dr Watson

  • Hey Cowboy fans.. You can chat with @DezBryant on twitter if you want to feel better.🤣 Go Texans! 6 in a row babehhh. Hou{6-3}

  • What a shame. Houston needed to pile on more points.

  • Good fukan game!

  • the refs screwed the cowboys 8:15

  • Houston Texans- 2018 Texas Statebowl Champs 🔥🔥

  • texas showdow #texasforever

  • Are quarterback sucks

  • Dallas cowboys suck go Houston Texans

  • "An all texas superbowl... his will be done."

  • Of course Texans have to have a number 4 quarter back like Dallas

    • Kyle Dixon of course the cowboys had to get a qb with a 4 like the raiders smh

  • Jason Garrett reminds me of Lying Ted Cruz

  • What a game


  • Zeke that screen to the right is his from deep or60 and down cause he takes it to the house. Always him.

  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that it’s the titans logo instead of the Texans logo

  • why is the starting pic a titans logo????

  • 5:13 Elliot got that Pancake 😂


  • The NFL Lone Star State Battle! The Houston Texans need to play in Downtown Houston, TX!

  • DeAndre Hopkins: 99 spin move


  • Watson keeps running when they get to the 1 yard line even when they do not get the TD


  • Minute 13:04 what are those Dallas Linebackers doing can someone explain? why not sack him?

    • Put yourself in their shoes. Your offense is crap. Your coach had a chance to be bold and trust the defense on a 4th and 1 in overtime, in case it did not work, but he punted. Houston played way more. You had like 3 red zone stops. Your offense had like 120 yards in the 2nd half. I do not blame the defense at all. Now it was 2013, the script would have been flipped.

  • The Texas need to put the ball in the endzone 😒


  • wow that Texan mascot @ 13:48 was really into that game winning kick lol

  • Watson Would have had 35 TDs last year if he didn't get hurt.

  • Jerry Jones loves company guys and Jason Garett is the biggest yes man in the organization... He's not going anywhere unless our team has a meltdown and finishes 2-14 or 3-13...

  • 7:50 why did it suddenly change to 83-yard field goal attempt?

  • Damn Cowboys we’re beat by a Black Dude, that’s some racist chit

  • Texans in the red zone 3 times in a row only got 2 field goals

  • terrible running by cowboys and no passing game. Threw two interceptions. Easily winnable game.

  • Close game

  • To bad there’s the titans logo on title

  • Texans have really good defense

  • 2 football teams in the same state going against each other

  • Best game of the year and neither teamed cracked 20.

  • Jerry: Jason your fired Jason: Smiles big and walks off

  • This game made true Texans proud either way we all win 🏈🐎🏆

  • That’s a titans symbols

  • 59 should have been called for unnecessary bullying on Zek at 8:02

    • unnecessary bullying? You gott be joking😂😂😂😂

  • I live in New Zealand--Two items on my must see bucket list were : To see a NFL game live, to see Taylor Swift live in concert, and it just so happened that this weekend the planets were aligned.I got to see both on the same weekend.The atmosphere I must say was electric at both, I can't thank enough the supporters around me at this game or the hordes of wonderful people massed in the car park cooking BBQ's with open air screens and the many invites from complete strangers to partake.After flying for 13hrs to watch both I am deeply grateful for incredible hospitality from both venues.God bless you all.

    • Us Houston Texans have that southern hospitality💯✊✌

  • One playoff win in almost 30 years lmao why are cowgirls on primetime is beyond me 🤣

  • that texans QB thinks hes cam newton .....hes not......

    • not in rushing touchdowns .............he got smacked down every time he tried for would have just run over the defenders and went it

    • What?😆😆 He's actually better then Cam Newton

  • Did anyone notice they have the the Titian’s logo in the. Thumbnail

  • Watson isn't gonna last very long the NFL if he keeps taking those hits ...

  • Its happening... The Texas civil war

  • Zeke, you suck, I mean all those years playing little league football teams in collage finally caught up with you.

  • the int before OT scared me to death

  • Cowgirls fans think they're the best team in the NFL, they're not even Texas's best team lol! This game was fun to watch! Just the look on Dak's face was priceless!

  • Am I the only one seeing the Titans logo in the thumbnail, not the Texans?!?

  • Why is there a titans logo in the thumbnail?

  • imagine if Tony was off coordinator or head coach oof

  • The Cowboys are the most boring team in the NFL. Never in my life have they not had a star that inspired watching. Zeke? He’s great but not exciting to watch or listen to. Boring Cowboys.

  • Give Watson an Oline and the texans are an AFC powerhouse

    • We getting better

    • Facts💯✊✌, I got yall making it to the Superbowl this year or next year Rams aint no joke probably best team in the NFL right now and will probably be for a while

  • Damn Texas o-line really terrible lol

  • 3:18 I like how that mascot gets boxed out and that guy is like "let me get in here"

  • A defesa dos Cowboys é uma mãe...

  • my boy DHOP

  • my gawd Prescott does soo much for this team..


  • Cowboys deserved to loose

  • Hopkins a beast tho.

  • Dislike

  • Cowboys suck

  • Girls play football is great

  • Cowgirls suck as usual!😂😂😂😂😂😂🚮💯

  • good game

  • Yea we won

  • The Cowgirls really aren't a good team!!!

  • Texans o line needs to improve

  • bad plays by the cowboys

  • watson can take a hit!

  • Why did Jason garret challenge that catch lol

  • Dallas Cowboys what a bunch of UNDEACHEIVERS. losers they need to get their head out from their ears and coach Garret and his coaching staff needs to get rid of the hi school play book their using, Oh how long for coach Jymmy Johnnson