Published on Apr 6, 2018
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Today’s video is an extremely motivation cleaning routine of my storage closet. I use the konmari method to declutter and organize this space and I loved how it turned out! I hope this speed clean with me video helps motivate you to get up and clean your house!
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  • it looks so much better! my thoughts about gift wraps, ribbons and bows: they are such nonsense in general :( they cost money, they take storage space, they serve their purpose maybe for only a couple of hours (often less), and then they are torn and thrown away. that's bad for environment. and people who receive gifts don't even care about any of that shiny colouful plastic and paper.

  • جميل

  • Not a good idea to show people where you keep your safe.

  • A white trash can (without the lid) will hold those rolls of wrapping paper well :)

  • Girl you killed it!!! Looks amazing!!! I feel motivated to do my closet. Great job!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Great work 👍🏻 I just bought the konmari book I can’t wait until it comes in the mail tomorrow

  • Beautiful closet. Beautiful purge pile

  • That gift wrap is all so cute!! Love me some hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Привет Сложить красиво бумагу для подарков можно в подставку для зонтов, или связать нитью и убрать на самую верхнюю полку

  • Looks nice. Good idea having few more baskets🤗

  • O majgocc

  • Space bags I'd great for your bulk storage and clothes u want to keep

  • Love this. Why isnt your safe attached to the wall?

  • Wow!

  • Such an inspiration. Thank you!

  • On Pinterest i saw a Ikea holder (i think it is originaly for plastic bags) witch is be great for wrapping paper

  • Where did your husband get the Marine Corps pillow? My husband is a retired Marine and I would love to get him that pillow.

  • Вот это завал в кладовой!

  • Very neat! Impressive!

  • I have a spare bedroom that I have been holding all of my junk in and I need to go through it in the worst way bc it bothers me that I hold onto so much clutter. I love watching videos like this because it gets me wanting to get started. I enjoyed your cleaning video and your closet looks so much better!

  • Wow. Great job!

  • Where did you get that filing cabinet?? It’s so cute!

  • You have very little understanding of the Kon Marie method.

  • where did u get the floral file cabinet from?

  • You are like a bee.I love the way you are cleaning every thing the way I used o be before I'm beeing older. Just go on.

  • Love this! An idea for your gift wrap is to use like a towel rack or something and have them hanging against the wall in between the rack and the wall. It’s really appealing to the eye!

  • Those leggings are so cute!

  • Stumbled upon your channel. Nice video!

  • I wanted to rub some gold on that can basket with the 3 cube holes.

  • The easiest/QUICKEST way to declutter is to either find it a convenient home for something you love OR Dispose of it directly IN DONATE OR TRASH !

  • Are you Pilot or something?

  • Great job, this is sooooooo satisfying to watch

  • You did such a great job it looks so good in there it just shows you how much space and actual things you need

  • I recently decluttered kitchen and closets. Now I have empty bins. Can't believe how much stuff went to donation. We plan on moving soon, after being in a house over twenty years. Stuff no longer used.

  • Love the way your closet looks now!

  • Fake!

  • I just wanted to let you know to make it a little easier Walmart has wrapping paper organizer boxes... you should check that out

  • Excellent job

  • Wow!! I get emotional with my kids old clothes too. I actually avoided decluttering them for years because I’d get so depressed. So impressed that you were able to go through it! I also love Konmari method💕

  • I want to clean my house but I cant because people get mad when I organize stuff

  • How do you use Endust? I thought it was supposed to be sprayed on the cloth to make it a "dust magnet" but I see you are spraying directly on the shelf.

  • Maybe you can get a tall pretty vase for the wrapping paper.

  • You are so amazing ma'am Tara Henderson I'm from Philippines

  • Good job! But maybe you shouldnt share the location of your safe on US-tv...

  • Love those leggings

  • Wow. The closet looks great now!

  • ..."File cabinet"... "label makers".... ok

  • I love your shelving .... great job on the declutter

  • Now that before was a true Monica closet. Beautiful after, you worked hard!

  • I love the way it turned out, maybe you could take back the basket you didn’t use and then buy another for the wrapping paper!

  • I would put fake flowers in the wicker basket

  • Rubbermaid also makes a container that holds the wrapping paper I have a few of those I ordered them on Amazon you can pick him up at Walmart and Target as well

  • hi mam ..m from india and i love ur vlogs really u r a great inspiration for us

  • Love your cupboard now. Great purging and organizing. Suggestion for rolls of paper. Buy a clear suit bag. Hang on wall. Out of the way and keeps from paper getting dusty

  • This has me motivated to clean my linen closet. Thanks it is something I really needed to do. Also I think I need to clean my closet so I will be getting some cute baskets from Target in the next week for that. Thanks so much for this motivation video.

  • You have so much space now! Way to work!

  • Makes me so happy knowing I already decluttered and organized my "storage" closet so I can watch this peacefully lol

  • It ended up so good!! My storage closet is soooo messy right now, you’ve motivated me to finally get organised x x

  • Lol someone stole my organization method! That's the way I've always done it. If u don't use it on a regular basis or if it isn't a keepsake of some sort it's gotta go! Love it ❤

  • do you get get shellac nails?also can i have a shoutout please

  • you can totally use like an umbrella holder or something like that for the wrapping paper.

  • Good job

  • I love how it turned out... Good job! :)

  • I wouldn't return the wicker basket it' makes it look so nice x

  • Looks amazing 💜 I love you're home. X

  • Can you also make a video all about how you make açaí bowls and just healthy eating in general? Love you babe

  • You should do a morning routine

  • You’re like Monica from friends. A really clean house and then the closet no one talks about that is so messy

  • Oh my goodness it turned out amazing!!! So much stuff went down to nothing

  • Now I need to do my closet!! Thanks for the motivation :)

  • Yes thrssse are my favorite videos

  • Do you use Poshmark or Mercari to sale any of your girls clothes?? :)

  • ur all videos r very beautiful nd ur baby girl bylee so cute i luv her 😊😉😉😘😘😘 nd i want know that where form uh? u live canada dear?

  • Beautiful job! Xx

  • Where are your leggings from? So cute!

  • I also have a closet where everything seems to end up. 😅 I’ve been dreading cleaning it but I really need too. Thanks for the motivation 🙌🏼

  • Girl it looks amazing! Not sure where you are donating to or if you still have the stuff but I would gladly take it off your hands. I am in WM3. LOL. 😀

  • U did a fantastic job! U go girl 😍😍😍

  • Looks awesome! Where’s your file organized box from?


  • Tara!! I have never comment on your videos before but I’m one of your greatest FAN in world. Did I mentioned I how much I love you and your mini family plus your organizations! YOJ are one of major reasons my house is organized!! You are such an inspirational. This video is everything. I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO SO MUCH. Your next level in a month is million subscribers because you deserve it. And your vice 😍 I love you so much. Thank you, babe

  • Looks great!! I always admire how organized your kitchen and bedrooms are. Will you be doing videos on how you organize your kitchen cabinets, pantry, closets and dressers?

  • Use the little triple department wicker thing for plastic forks, spoons, and knives for parties and such!!

  • As much as I do not know English and I do not understand anything, I really enjoyed your video. SUCCESS❤ Sou brasileira❤💕

  • Great job!!

  • That looks so great! That’s such a great storage closet! Our house only has two closets in it and we struggle to find space for all our crap 😂

  • Great job ❤️

  • So satisfying to watch you get rid of stuff! We just bought a home and just got done demolishing the whole kitchen and living area and all the bedrooms and putting new flooring and cabinets and new paint etc. and this makes me soooo excited to move in and organize our stuff 😍 love the bins you bought!

  • Wow! You did a great job. How long did it take to finish? I have a lot of decluttering and organizing to accomplish too. Did you also get the accordion file box from Target? I couldn't find it on their website.

  • Looks so good!!!

  • you need to get a wrapping paper box!

  • Wow thank u i needed this my clothest is the same

  • Good job dear sorry for the late response GOOD NIGHT BYE BYE 👋 👋 👋 👋 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Turned out great! More baskets are a great idea for the rest of the gift wrap, blankets and hats. I wish I had a huge storage closet like yours!! Great job!!

  • Organising is the story of my life haha

  • Looks amazing. Great job. Got me motivated. 💜

  • Great job girl, looks so good!!! Xo

  • I've been way too excited for you to post this vid 😂🙈 I need some serious motivation to do mine 😘💕

  • What kind of light are those? I want to buy some but don’t know which ones to buy!

  • My birthday to day