Published on Apr 9, 2018
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  • Just add a red arrow and a small circle in your thumbnail. Boom, you got a million views and a thousand or so angry comments.

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • I like that thing.

  • For once i wanted to be baited. And you did not bait. I am disappoint

  • I dont believe this

  • [celebrity] ABSOLUTELY OWNS [politician] IN EPIC TAKEDOWN! Why do so many child actors died tragically? [picture of very much still alive child actor] Formerly fat person is hot now! Formerly hot person is fat now! Tired of ads? Click here to download our amazing ad blocking ransomware virus!



  • Needs more click bait, also oddly enough i was paying more attention to your cat then you in the video put your cat in the thumb nail for 100% clickable click bait.

  • Love watching Effie/Effie’s shadow in the background

  • *You wouldn't believe your eyes (earrape mode on)*

  • genius

  • got clickbaited by a fat face

  • you're literally my new favorite youtuber

  • how about adding GONE SEXUAL to the title.. Problem Solved!

  • *TicKel* *dEm* *bALlS*

  • YOU WON’T BELIEVE game of thrones actor joins game of thrones movie!!!

  • Your Gilbert Godfrey is on point.

  • The cat clickbait me

  • Christ said "Do not disbelieve but believe" Not believing is a sign of losing your soul.

  • wtf i got clickbaited!!!!

  • For all people named thomas. I am offended for you

  • Thomas dipshit


  • 0:16 I saw your cat

  • You titled your video “clickbait” and have 2.9M views by the moment of this comment. Less is more, apparently.

  • "I mean it said I wouldn't believe it" has me dead

  • "I mean it said I wouldn't believe it- Thomas Dipshit 2018

  • thanks! lol uh, actually, i just might click that 'you won't believe' title, even more so if it has a suitably clickbait-ish tell me what i won't believe?!

  • Clickbaiting 101: *make the title completely vague with a few words!* 🤣

  • Missed opportunity to call this video "YOU WON'T BELIEVE!"

  • Thomas Dipshit - Facebook User lol Nice surname you got there.

  • My balls have been tickled

  • I'm just here for the ball tickling

  • Meanwhile I’m just watching the cat in the background

  • You won't BELIEVE the film this actress just signed up for! (thumbnail is her cleavage)

  • What so funny about Thomas Dipshit? I have a great friend on facebook name Thomas Dipshit

  • "I mean it said I won't believe it" ... XD XD XD But still ... the best clickbait title is "clickbait" ...

  • My BAWLS are so tickled right now. But I'm on a plane next to a child. This is wrong.

  • Me: 0:30 I’ll gladly drag myself

  • I absolutely love his "I mean, it said I wouldn't believe it" voice.

  • Don't forget the surprised emoji


  • Let me guess you're going to be eating candy in this video

  • Yup...

  • Oh God hes so far and ugly


  • 0:16 the attack

  • "Thomas dipshit facebook user" 😂