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Christina Aguilera - Twice (Audio)

Published on May 11, 2018
Get Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Liberation’ available now, including “Fall In Line” feat. Demi Lovato, “Like I Do” ft. GoldLink, “Twice” and “Accelerate” ft. Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz!
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  • Beautiful song and beautiful voice Christina Aguilera i love it

  • Arte 👌

  • I love this song

  • Christina Is like a fine wine...gets better and better with age....awesome

  • Queen. Te best female singer

  • Fabulous!! Christina is everything!!

  • Cok ıyı.

  • She is such a great person and cares about people she goes and helps out in Africa and helps with fundraisers she also won the Humanitarian award for all that she has done. I look up to her so much like she is so provocative and gets bashed for it by the public but that doesn’t stop her from just being who she is and living her life the way she wants. Peoples opinions about her never stopped her. She wears whatever the heck she wants to wear and doesn’t care what anybody has to say about it. She is so kind and cares about everyone like when she made those speeches at her concerts and cried you could tell that she is a genuinely kind great person and isn’t just faking it and acting a certain way for publicity. She has gotten to where she is today for being herself. Her voice is soooo amazing and she uses such a great technique and controls her voice so well hearing her sing is what inspired me to sing like her. I just love everything about her thats why if i met her i would start crying and faint and thats why when i saw her in concert i was freaking out the whole time and i cried when she first came out i was so happy to just be in her presence. I wasn’t expecting to say very much but i did because i just love her so much.

  • i love this song

  • Best song 2018 and 2019

  • You break my heart

  • Yutch

  • ...and it keeps gettin' better ❤️ Merry Xmas, US-tv 🎅🎁

  • 557

  • Happy birthday ❤️ love you xx

  • ​@ ​@ and tweet! It's 12:08 am and @ Bday officially! Yaaas! Tweet her and stream fans. ​@ all over the world we got this

  • This is so pure... Unconditional love ❤

  • My fav singer ❤️

  • This Music Remind Me Bollywood (Hindi) Music 2015

  • 🥺❤️

  • Song so good they named it .. twice (: . .

  • I hope the #grammys consider this on 5th. December!!!

  • Christina Aguilera, Sade, Amy winehouse❤️


  • one of her best songs

  • 🤩

  • she finally grow up

  • When you want to beat the devil you need to know who the devil work

  • Siapa yang kesini karena lihat vlognya tasyafarasya? 😂

    • emg divlognya dia ngapain sampai tahu lagu ini?

  • We need a music video for this!

  • She has to release this track. No 1 right there. Brilliant x

  • Such a great voice ❤️

  • Twice should have become a Single. The lyrics and meaning. OMG SPEECHLESS. Such an underrated Song. My Number 1 Favorite Song Of The Album.

  • LOVE YOU Christina Aguilera I adore you Since you were a girl with the first song Successfully Whatever you do alive


  • Speechless as always, no one can out sing you, no one. Queen

  • Latin America deserves you!

  • It should be 100 million views

  • Cadê os brasileiros

  • She's so talented and awesome

  • Wow love it when is your next album coming out can I work on it

  • I still can't believe this hasn't been released as a single! 😇

  • Sheer perfection. PER-FECT-ION

  • New songs ft Selena Gomez

  • I was just at her concert last night in Chicago. She was sick, wanted to cancel the concert, but she still got on that stage and KILLED it! Everyone in that audience appreciated everything she did on that stage. I thank you SO much for an amazing experience and all of the kind words you said to your fans. She is beautiful inside and out and appreciates all of us. I love you!

  • 😍😍😍😍 so wonderful, i Love it ❤❤❤❤

  • Euh

  • Still listening to this song until today and future onwards...

  • 💖

  • Woow

  • i love.XD.


  • Where is that great dancing of yours? :(

  • Please Have a look my cover

  • Okayyy so I waited for her to breathe or blink or shiz. I felt stupid after 5 seconds of waiting.

  • Saw her live this weekend and her vocals are so strong on each and every song! Her tone and range are out of this world and these songs are creepers just keep listing. You will start to feel them in your bones.

  • I sought out this video even though I have the album because I wanted to say what an amazing ballad this is and it deserves more attention!

  • The vocals are just freaking amazing

  • perfeita! Melhor cantora de todos os tempos, quem é Ariana Grande na fila do pão! :)

  • Getting better and better . LUV IT XXX

  • 236

  • I don't know man love this song yes danger I heard it thanks tho whoever wrote this deserves a award

  • The meaning of this life is to serve in Love.

  • I needed to hear this ....I honestly think some songs are meant to be found

  • Teen mom brought me here

  • LiberationTour!!!💕🙈😘😭🤭

  • Check out my music online!

  • OMG! İ feel that, the song belong to me and my heart! Thanks QUEEN!

  • You go girl⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • ¿Y el video para cuandoooo???

  • Song Of The Century


  • 🎶🎵Hermosa ❤

  • Are you water? Are you fire? Are you filthy? Are you pure?

  • Unreal voice.

  • This is phenomenal and beautiful

  • Now i am officially intrigued for liberation 😭❤

  • Imagine disliking this song

  • Makes me so so strong her songs😍😍😍

  • She deserve so much more than she has also why shitty songs gets millions of views than that kind of masterpiece she is a true artist

    • Eminem pretty much said the same thing about current music on both of his last albums (Revival and Kamikaze). There's a few songs on on those albums where he questions how bad current music is that these kids are listening to nowadays

  • 062

  • She is and always be the best. Hands down!

  • 3:27-3:38 My inner queen came out during those 11 seconds. I was like YOU BETTER SING BITCH YAAAAS

  • Beautiful lyrics and she nailed them

  • This is so Queen, beautifully done.

  • It sounds little bit like queen😍

  • Beautiful song and beautiful Christina Aguilera i love this song

  • My top 3 songs from Liberation: 1. Maria 2. Twice 3. Unless It's With You

  • flop bitch

  • Queen...

  • If only we knew what she was really talking about

  • Don’t sleep on this masterpiece, guys.

  • I love this song😻

  • Omg that tone 😍

  • i love this song sooooooo much and i can really relate to it in so many ways #thank you so much @christina aguilera

  • This what i called pure art. Let me remind you again PURE ART.

  • Is this song about her ex husband? 3;40

  • Hermosa mi Reyna!!

  • Only 6 millions view? I am pretty sure I played this song more than that