CHOMPED by a Tiny Monkey!

Published on Jul 4, 2018
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On this episode of Base Camp, Coyote talks about the time he got chomped by a tiny monkey and how his hat once saved his life.
Get ready for another installment of Howlin’ with the Pack!

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  • Coyote, you are in your 30's you can't keep pushing it and not expect to get sick so take vitamins and make sure you you take time out to rest. Also, going in to the heat and back in to an air conditioner space can do it too.

  • Do tell, which to you has been the most painful bite??...Stay safe, don't do anything that can kill you, do not want to see another animal guy (Steve) lose their life, just too heartbreaking😢👍🙂

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  • This comment is for my son Gavin. I recently introduced him to your show, in hopes he would have an amazing time learning new things, which he has. He and his young brothers and sister will spend hours just watching your shows, and I find myself doing the same thing due to the fact you have been the most amazing conservationist since Steve Irwin. To have another man like him in the world is amazing! If I were to win this poster for my son I know he’d hang it right by his bed so he could see it every day to remind him what it is he wants to do when he gets older. He’s almost 9 and has aspirations to do many things when he’s older, however, the one that has always been constant is traveling the world, saving animals and teaching people about our world’s wildlife. Thank you Coyote for being a part of our lives and I do hope we can met you some day soon!

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