Published on Jul 29, 2018
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew continue their search for lizards in South Florida…and after the epic Chameleon catch they are surprised to find a giant tokay gecko!
These lizards, while absolutely beautiful, are also invasive to the region due to their unintentional release via the pet trade…but does a lizard with such a ferocious bite make a good pet in the first place?
Leave it to our friend Coyote Peterson to volunteer to find out!
Get ready to see what its liked to get chomped by a tokay gecko!

HUGE thanks to our friend Quentin for helping out in the production of this video.
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  • I help keep four Tokay geckos and they're never happy😂 I really want to keep geckos, specifically the giant new Caledonian gecko ..they're like miniature dinosaurs

  • All day every day because I do

  • Who watches brave wilderness 🦎🦎🦎

  • Me:are You okay gecko TokayGecko:Yes im Tokay

  • Love me some geckos

  • Ah oh ya yeeeee lol not making fun of him but it's quite funny

  • well... you studied for nothing then

  • Famous words "OW OH AH EEEE" awesome :P

  • 9:47 the gecko is so happy with himself 😂😂

  • They won't do nothing unless you provoke them

  • "Ow, ooh, yow, YEE" who hired Coyote to make the YEE meme popular again?

  • What happened to your finger

  • My geco doesn't hurt it only save me 15 percent off of car instead 😂🤣

  • Oh my gosh it’s Randal! From monsters inc. !!!!!

  • 0:09 When your crush says they just want to be friends

  • 😂😂


  • I have a female leopard gecko

  • What is the difference between a gecko, a lizard , a newt , and salamander .

  • Sang I ant no the teeth was that Sharp

  • Can you do a video where you enter the bite zone of a pitbull

  • Can you do a video where you enter the bite zone of a pitbull

  • "Oww ohh yaa yeee!!!" You said while you get choped by a gecko

  • Tokay gecko

  • I can imagine just a poor heart broken Coyote not getting his lizard. He must have been so upset that he worked so hard and didn’t get to have a lizard. At least it worked out in the end

  • Coyote what happen on your fingre

  • if Michael Stevens and Steve Irwin had a kid

  • Don't be a baby I got bit by one it riding hurt it just scared me because I wasn't expecting it

  • nice you so brave

  • Coyote: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  • Hello

  • what about a Eastern Water Dragon as a pet i’m Australian ready for any danger

  • Crested geckos make good pets

  • Youre so amazing

  • (10:25) Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, AND Crested Geckos* there now it is right.

  • Its funny how you hunt it while at our house here in the philippines its full of tokay geckos😂😂

  • Wow , the bite looks fun . I want to be bitten too by gecko

  • Crested geckos make great pets too 😊

  • you think thats bad? get bit by a leachianus gecko

    • He's already been bitten by a common snapping turtle and a 3 foot alligator lol

  • Aw u ya yi!!!

  • I did not know a gecko would bite that hard

  • I have a Leopard Gecko and bearded dragon,not my tablet

  • *"Ow ooh yah yeet"*

  • is it good to get a chameleon as a pet?

  • Ow oooooh YA YEET

  • Ahhh ouuhhhh yaaaaaaaa yeeeeeee haha

  • Who got scared when in stiked him at first

  • Blackhawk down background score

  • Doesn't the gecko stick to surfaces by Van Der Walls forces and not suction cups?

  • 0:10 i never new he started the yee meme XD

  • What happened to ur finger

  • Get stung by a bullhorn acacia ant!!!!!

  • How underwhelming Chameleons are an endangered species. To see them through somewhere else is a beautiful thing. Depressing to see you want to rip them out and donate to companies when we captive breed them with ease. There's better options then ripping them out of a possible new home

  • 1 like = 1 A on Cyote's report card how well will he do?

  • Get bit by a shark?

  • Do you love getting bitten

  • Typical tokay activities

  • I'm coyote pieterson, and I'm going to bite ice cream with my two front teeth

  • Also if you want a fun inexpensive type of lizard a crested geko is a great and easy pet

  • In your next video can you give me a shout out and my name is Marlie Morris even though you don't give shout outs can you start?

  • Hey coyote Peterson you are my favorite US-tvr out of every youtuber there is on earth and I love reptiles and my favorite reptile is a bearded dragon and I'm also a youtuber

  • Leopard gecko

  • *OH, OW, YEEEEE*

  • 4:44 that noise was so cute

  • My crested gecko bites me once in a while but it literally is so pathetic!! She thinks shes hot stuff but shes not lol

  • I have had those geckos as pets I have a million bites now 😂

  • 0:10 Ya Yee!

  • 0:09 featuring ski mask the slump god🤣🤣

  • Did u say godzilla tree??

  • I im so brave

  • I have one of these, they are like tiny satan

  • 0:11 YEEEEEE

  • I have a Toky Gecko. And I have to say, mine isn’t aggressive at all. It but me twice but didn’t hold on. I have to feed it mice, and other things. They are very cool pets but at the same time, I’ve dealt with snakes, lizards, tarantulas, and birds my whole life. I love the creepy crawlies they’re amazing!! Great work Coyote!!

  • My sister have two geokos

  • I’m scared of a gecko😳

  • aa yuuuh ahhh eeeee

  • I want to get a snake. Love snales

  • Ow ooh ah yeeeee

  • At the start *yeeeeeee* I thought of the meme lolololol

  • coyote get bitten : AHH UHH *YAA* *YEET*

  • 4:42 The Gecko Goes ah

  • *Aaaa* *oooo* *yaaaa* *yeeeett*

  • how are you still alive

  • "Ah hah! A bite and let go!" lol more like a bite, chew, then let go

  • bruh just let it go back in the wild :-: it was fine there looking for food and you wanted to catch to make a video thats sad real sad

  • Tokay geckos are cool

  • Beautiful gecko

  • To paraphrase Mr. Dundee: that wasn't a tokay bite.

  • Coyote:in fourth grade... Me:hahaha Im in fourth grade Love you vids Coyote

  • What about crested gecko I have one it's not very aggressive at all

  • I thought he said TUCAN TUCAN TUCAN😂😂

  • OMG those eyes!!!!

  • Leave these poor animals alone

  • 🦎or🐉?

  • My gecko childhood has been ruined when he said he can eat mammels


  • In Indonesia sone people eat it for traditional medicine

  • It's so cute

  • he had it coming

  • Dat is coyote 👨 👕 👖 👢