Published on Jul 29, 2018
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew continue their search for lizards in South Florida…and after the epic Chameleon catch they are surprised to find a giant tokay gecko!
These lizards, while absolutely beautiful, are also invasive to the region due to their unintentional release via the pet trade…but does a lizard with such a ferocious bite make a good pet in the first place?
Leave it to our friend Coyote Peterson to volunteer to find out!
Get ready to see what its liked to get chomped by a tokay gecko!

HUGE thanks to our friend Quentin for helping out in the production of this video.
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  • I let my leopard gecko bite my finger all the time. Then I made the mistake of letting it bite my finger nail on my little finger and she wouldn’t let go 😂

  • Tokay gecko


  • Tokay gecko

  • Like for every bite,spray or sting coyote has endured.

  • gecko: PUT ME ON THE TREE *still is talking* gecko: *Barks* *jumps back with gecko and then continues talking*

  • get something to sting your private

  • HI

  • Had two female Tokay's for 5 years. They are easier to tame than the males in my experience.

  • My tokay just hates it when you touch his head.

  • Skip to 3:44 for the best scenes.

  • My wife works with these at a museum and has been bitten worse by these Geckos.

  • I hv a pet gecko


  • I Live In The Sunshine State

  • Hi sir Tokay Gecko one 280mg how to price?

  • Hey Cayote! Come here in Philippines.. We have so many species of different animals you want to meet.😊

  • i own a tokay gecok there not that bad hahah. hes a nice guy.

  • And the price is expensive for a medic

  • Aaaaaaahhhhhh, oooooooooh, yyyyaaaaaaaaaah,yeeeeeeeeeeh!

  • When he said "Haha" it looked like the lizard said that 😅🤣😂🤪😜..... am i the only one that thinks this is funny??

  • 9:43 What do you hear? YEEEEE or, REEEEEE

  • Deep inside he is Crying.

  • Crested gecko

  • can you make a video on lepord geckos

  • Well.... Curiosity killed the cat... ;-; (btw i can't spell lmao)

  • The roses are red And violates are blue The moment you have came here for is on 9:42

  • those geckos are no joke i owned one and got bit by it

  • Too late I just got one, I’m 15 😂

  • If anybody has had a leopard gecko they are really similar they also bark but mine is trained and won't bite like this type of gecko

  • What happens if a gecko sticks to your skin? is it impossible to remove?

  • Tokay geckos is a rare

  • This creature Is ultra common In Indonesia (Makhluk ini sangat umum di Indonesia)

  • "Why did you need to do that?" Great question man. Coyote you are one weird soab.

  • So cool😮😅👍🏾👌🏾🌙why are you doing it at nihgt

  • Ah you ya eeeeeee

  • Ow uhh Yaaa Yeee

  • I have a pet tokay there awesome

  • Here in the Philippines we call that lizard "tuko" in like what you said its name is given by the sound it makes and yeah it is similar to gecko

  • Why have I lived in South Florida my whole life and never seen tegus, chameleons, or tokays in the wild? I've seen plenty of Burmese pythons though

  • i think the best starter gecko is the crested gecko

  • Are you patty mayo twin

  • On the next episode: Coyote takes a bite from a komodo dragon.

  • If u tame them they don’t bite

  • Angy geck

  • oh heilll no

  • These things are actually native in Indonesian where I live. But sadly, tokay geckos that live in villages are often killed because village people are terrified of them.

  • Tokay in FL someone just put their pets

  • Cute

  • At least its not fully grown '_'

  • good to know we have the same idea

  • tokek tokek

  • Crazy

  • In my country there is a myth that it's need a sound of thunder to make gecko release its bite...

  • Tokek tokek tokek

  • I like

  • I my self own one and have tamed him to be handable

  • Please leave these poor animals alone!

  • I have a leopard gecho

  • Pobres animales

  • angy boi


  • Next komodo

  • Little bit similar.. in indonesia called tokek

  • Coypte(while shoot) : we're gonna donate him to the education facility Coyote(after shoot) : (Calls mom) Mom I found a toke gecko I'm bringing it home... 😶

  • aww i want that dog

  • when the geico gecko is on break

  • But my favorite animal is a wolf.

  • I have a berdajragen.hes name is toco.

  • Aw O Ya Eeeeeeee!!!

  • Awesome reptil!!!!

  • Sounds like a villager from minecraft

  • Well you shoulda got something from that store but a lizard that can draw blood probably shouldn't be allowed in the house with a 10 year old.

  • You were 10 and wanted one I had one when I was 4 and had a scorpion

  • ya ill stick with my leaperd gecko

  • Lmao you telling him "you're an invader" cracks me up. I get the whole invasive species thing but you telling him was what got me. "you sir are an interloper" lol

  • Am I the only one who jumped when the gecko tried to bite him are like Snapped its neck back and tried to bite him because I jumped hella quick

  • bite was worse than I expected. definitely caught me by surprise, looked like Coyote slid his finger against a set of razor blades.

  • AHHHHHHG! ITS ADORABLE!!! I WANT ONE SO BADDD!!!!!🦎I've catched a lot of lizards near my house

  • j

  • I have a pet leopard gecko and he makes that noise that this gecko makes when ever he’s hungry

  • Leopard gecko is the best

  • 9:29 anyone know the song?

  • 9:34

  • So cayote always fly just to find animals but I’m not a hater k

  • 0:11 YEEE


  • Eu sou do Brasil use um tradutor

  • If you want a gecko get a leopard


  • Best GEICO commercial ever

  • I love your videos because they don’t have clickbait 🦊🐯🐢🐍🦎🦖🐊🐆🦏🐘🐿🦔🕷🐜🦗🐛🦋🐌🐺🐗🐥🦆🦅🦉🦇🐔🐧🐦🐤🐣🦁🐻🐼🐨

  • I have a Bearded Dragon his name is Sydney he is yellow and blue.

  • His videos are the best and very educational

  • *tokek*

  • Omg you are soo crazy!!🤪

  • We call it "Tuko" here in my Province Isabela, Philippines because the lizard sounds like saying "Tuk-ko tuk-ko"😂

  • inb4 PETA

  • I have a bearded dragon

  • I have 3 of them here in our house😑