Published on Apr 9, 2018
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La girl pro matte foundation
Catrice prime and fine transforming drops to darken
Laura mercier flawless fusion longwear concealer
Makeup revolution baking powder lace in banana
Makeup revolution brow pomade in Taupe
Too faced mystical bronzer
Catrice sun glow matte bronzing powder
Kokie cosmetics blushing blush palette
Anastasia BH X Amrezy highlighter
YSL babydoll mascara
Doing liquid lip in 614 jungle
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  • You should check out "The Good Place" on Netflix, and "Good Girls Revolt" on Amazon Prime video. LOVE those shows. I just started the new Sabrina the teenage witch spinoff on Netflix :)

  • Ooh i love batiste! Its the only dry shampoo I use anymore and I've gone through sooo many bottles


  • Hi Casey I have recently subcribed to your channel but I have been watching for a while you have such beautiful eye lashes I just wonder why you wear false eye lashes

  • I also love Riverdale!! 😍😍 I would love see some PR hauls from you! Those are some of my fave videos.

  • Can you do a make up look for going out to the beach...I also have rosecea and I'm not comfortable going out with a bare face. Please help! Love your channel!

  • What brush are you using for your foundation?

  • What color is this nail polish?? 😍

  • What brushes are you using in this video?

  • Waiting For my daughter @ school ⛪ Casey comeS oN LuvvS ITTT :) #MAKEUPSQUAD

  • Honey, you need to watch outlander. It’s on Netflix it’s SOOOO stinking good. It’s a must watch. Davis will probably like it too!

  • Girl, yes! I freakin love Riverdale and Fixer Upper! If you did a meet and greet in Georgia, I would definitely come from Tennessee because you’re one of my faves. 💕

  • My husband and I LIVE for River-dale!

  • I’m curious what you think of the matte lip color. I hate the way it feels. It’s not a trend I can get behind, I like liquid glossy shine lip color.

  • I think you’re amazing. I’m glad you talked about this issue. I went through a hard time lately and I needed a break from all social media and just had to get it together. I felt bad but it was just something I needed at the time. I was so grateful to everyone who stayed with me while I took a break from filming. Anyways you’re just the best 😁 I hope you’re feeling better after your break ❤️

  • I rather have quality content and not have you burn out, then have you post every single day on both channels and expect you to keep it all together! Love you Cassie!

  • Casey!! Take all the time you need to relax! We love you and want you to post but if you go cray cray we won’t see you at all!!

  • I love the AG dry shampoo.

  • Take as much time as you need for yourself! You’re absolutely right; mental health is so important, and you don’t want to push yourself too far to the point you feel completely overwhelmed. You’re a strong, hardworking woman, and you show that every single day, and your real fans/subscribers will understand what you’re going through! Love you so much Casey, stay true to yourself!! ❤️

  • what brush did you use to apply your foundation?

  • I always love your videos lol I just did a GRWM on my channel ☺️❤️

  • I loveeeee those cover fx shimmer veils they're sooo good I have like 3 colors now. lol

  • That coverage! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Help a girl out, please. I just recently got match shade for foundation (my actual skin tone for the first time!) I'm wondering if anyone who is using MUFE ULTRA HD foundation in shade y245 let me know what shade are you in other foundations lol. Wanna buy things online.

  • What brush did you use for foundation?!

  • Supernatural is a fantastic show, there’s 12 seasons on Netflix but they’re on season 13 right now. It’s one of my favorite shows ever.

  • Still flawless 💗👍🏽

  • So I went and bought the invisibobble hair ties... AND HOLY GRAIL! I am obsessed and so happy you talked about these! Also use them for my daughters hair and bun paradise is on point all day! :) thanks Casey! Love you!

  • Watching you put on foundation is one of my favorite things.

  • Casey Casey CASEY! I watch so many different beauty gurus on the tubes...and let me just say that you are as real as they get! Most tubers have this “face” they put on while they record, and their voice changes, and they really force almost a cheerleader vibe. And it gets to be too much! I come to you like I would go to a BFF to chill with, and talk about makeup together. You’re so honest, and authentic, I can feel it through the screen. Please never ever EVEERRRRRR change. Because you’re perfect exactly how you are! You even don’t do cringey shit when you promote products!! You’re a freakin unicorn in the beauty US-tv world girl! So thank you! As far as video ideas go... I’m a fellow grease ball babe like you, so I would love videos on managing oily skin with full coverage makeup looks. As an oily girl, I have to try millions of samples of products, just to try and find ones that my face won’t eat up, split apart like tech tonic plates, or slide off me like fried chicken on a slip’n slide! So what are some solid recommendations for the oily girls?? Oh! And thank your hubs for his service please. My hubs and I are both Vets, so I appreciate his sacrifice especially, and your sacrifice as his spouse too! Putting up with all the DOD‘s bullshit. It’s a hard life. So thank you!


  • Maybe you could do a different take on recreating your first tutorial, like maybe how you do things differently now vs then.

  • I agree I don’t like Snapchat now either!

  • WAR EAGLE BABY!!! I’m a West Ga Girl & a die hard AU fan!!! 💜you! 🐅

  • Never, ever tired of any content you wish to upload whenever you bless us with your presence!! On your time!

  • I love your vlogs and I miss them, but I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself and totally support that! ❤️❤️❤️

  • You should try one takes for the vlogs. No editing

  • Thank you for trying the concealor! I’ve been on the fence about it :)

  • Why are you in a state of denial?lol

  • Could you do a TJ maxx or Marshall’s beauty hall or first impressions. Hair, lotion, skin care, body care, makeup?

  • Hey Casey!! If you need ideas for videos, I’d love to see a video of your skin care favorites that work for you. I have crazy oily skin and redness just like you so I’d love to see what you use and if you try face masks.

  • Love your get ready with me videos! I’ve been a subscriber for years. It is definitely important to make time for yourself and I’m glad you are doing so. I also appreciate that you don’t do PR unboxing videos 😀😀 I wanna try the YSL Babydoll mascara now! 😭

  • CASEY WHEN YOU MENTIONED RIVERDALE. I freaked! Riverdale is such a good show and has such an amazing cast of people!

  • What happened to her instagram?

  • Reign is my favorite show on Netflix as of late. I know it ended a while ago, but I watched it through 3 times till the end because I love it so much. I wanted so much more!!

  • I emailed about being a model for Rosie Daze and was denied! 😭 lol so disappointed! Love you Casey! 😘😘

  • That’s really your first time using hair grippies?!?! They’re amazing😍😱 They’re good for not pulling on your hair and giving you a headache, they also don’t give your hair an indent etc.

  • Bring back hauls! I used to live for your Sephora and Ulta hauls!! :)

  • Just wanted to say that no matter what I still love you. I believe that you can't give us your best without having time for you. I'm not going anywhere. 💜💜

  • You should recreate your first tutorial & use your holy grails & explain why you don’t use the products from the first tutorial anymore (if you don’t use them)

  • I love fixer upper and riverdale so I’m definitely going to check out that other show you recommended since it seems like I have the same taste in shows as you! I definitely recommend the new Queer Eye on Netflix! Loved this video, as always! 💗💗

  • I did the same video as u but with my labor and delivery story

  • Try Jessica Jones on Netflix if you haven’t! Amazing

  • Snapchat is dead. They fecked themselves with that update.

  • You should watch on my block on Netflix

  • You should never have to feel like you need time or a break. Your very busy! By the love RosieDaze boutique!

  • Dude! Could I work for you?! Lol I’m kinda joking but kinda serious too! Love your videos and you! 😘😘💕

  • WDE Casey!

  • Can you review keko foundation plz?

  • Try the Haask dry shampoo. For any ladies out there with super fine hair, they have a thickening one. Its in a purple can. I used it and literally the first thing my boyfriend said, with out him even knowing I did anything, is my hair looks so much thicker and I seriously have the finest hair. Like a bun is all I can do. Serious life changer. So yeah Casey doesnt need this but just a tip for my fine hair ladies!!!

    • Side note: the haask dry shampoo doesn't do the best oil asorbtion job. It's okay. If you're on 4-5 day it's nothing special. But damn it thickens!!!

  • You should add some WOC models to rosie daize

  • Girl, get Hulu and watch The Handmaids Tale! So good!! ❤️

  • Can you do a video on brows?

  • yesss batiste! you got me into dry shampoo and then I recommended this brand to my friend, and she loves it!

  • War Eagle 🦅


  • And is this a makeup tutorial or an infomercial? 😴🙄

  • Why do you ALWAYS use tape?? It’s always the same old technique. It’s cheating to me, can’t you just blend your shadows naturally? And the looks are always the same, just different palettes. It gets boring and very predictable.

  • What's the song played at the end? ;-)

  • Thank you Casey!! this isn't related but Just a friendly reminder to recycle responsibly any plastic you're through using :) Educate yourself on responsible recycling and help save those who dont have a voice, and more importantly save this earth... Any plastic that cant be recycled... I challenge everyone to go ONE day without using ANY plastic..bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, drink your beverage out of the cup WITHOUT a straw.... there are many alternative eco friendly products out there and many ways we can help this world :) Simple changes can become great habits in the blink of an eye. Have a wonderful day everyone !!!! I dont know how else to spread the word. US-tv has millions of viewers on it so im hoping if at least one person THINKS about their footprint, this world is already off to a better start. I dont want to annoy anyone i just care about our wildlife

  • Do you like the real techniques sponge better than the L’Oréal? I just bought a new L’Oréal blender and HATE it 😑

  • Wow the invisible bobbles have been out in England for years!! As if you’ve never seen them before x

  • I'm so glad you US-tvrs have removed the stigma of not washing hair every day. My grandmother got her hair done once a week and that was the only time her hair got washed...because of that I have always only washed mine one time a week. I can go five days before it gets greasy and then I dry shampoo it once. Ppl constantly call me a liar until my husband confirms it. If I wash it more than that it dries out and breaks, even with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

  • at 7:40 when she said Alexa, my Alexa went off in my house hahahahahahah

  • My fave shows are Switched at Birth and Vampire Diaries. SO GOOD. Also, I’m not sure if it is still on netflix, but Psych is freaking phenomenal if you come across it. Love you.❤️❤️

  • I love first impressions

  • And I LOVE the fact that you make bigger sizes for us big girls lol

  • I LOVE first impressions

  • Can you a throw back on the dermacol foundation and wet n wild one??

  • Supernatural and Person of Interest!

  • War Damn

  • No i love your first impressions!! Even though like the only thing we have in common is our rosacea lol but i completely trust all of your first impressions and love buying the things you like❤️ you're one of the reasons i'm always broke. 😂

  • I'm a tiger girl too, but I'm an LSU Tiger! Regardless, we both have the same goals....BEAT BAMA!

  • Blue Mountain State is my guilty pleasure 😂😂😂 it's on Netflix. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I find it to be hilarious and so ridiculous 😁

  • Loving the lippies

  • I'm dying from that "NO!" about the bronzer. 😂😂😂 You're adorable.

  • I love when you do these types of videos👏🏼💕

  • You should do a video on how to make your makeup last around the t zone for oily people. I always have a lot of trouble being able to keep makeup in place around my nose throughout the day.

  • Pls pls pls do the follow ur first makeup tutorial and use the same products u used!! ❤️

  • I'm obsessed with Riverdale too! I'm so sad they're making us wait two weeks before the Carrie episode

  • my kitty is sitting in my lap as she does when I watch tv/youtube videos and she is genuinely interested in you, she watched the whole video with me, guess you have one more fan.

  • The snap update takes maybe 1 day of using it to get used to the lay-out! Please start snapping again because I followed you a month or so ago and haven't seen you at all! D: Would love to see you on there!

  • Anyone know what foundation brush she is using?!! I think it's possibly a Morphe Y6, but I can't tell for sure and I have been on the hunt for a good flat top smoothing/airbrushed look foundation brush!

  • You have to take care of yourself first, otherwise, who is going to take care or you. With all the things you have going on, US-tv, Rosie Daze, blogging. First and foremost, take care of you and all will fall into place.

  • I hate Snapchat now too! Your stories completely stopped showing up for me after this update

  • Osark a good show on Netflix, and a lot of it was filmed in Georgia around The Little River Marina on Lake Allatona!

  • Stranger Things is amazing!!

  • YES! Riverdale and The Marvelous Ms. Maisel are my two favorite shows. Love the clothes on Ms. Maisel, big fan of the 60's fashion.

  • Oh no you're an Auburn fan I don't think I can watch you 😭😭 JUST KIDDING I absolutely love you! I have a lot of redness and scarring too and I watch you to see what foundations work for you so I can possibly try them too!

  • The Batiste for dark hair is awful! It's straight up paint! It's way too dry, you can't get you're hand in you hair, it's tacky, and you get dark paint on you fingers and nails...