Published on Oct 12, 2018
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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and crew get caught in Typhoon Trami during their trip to Japan! Will a typhoon stop them from exploring a compound, catching frogs, or even entering the eye of the storm? Of course not!
Get ready to see the Brave Crew get CAUGHT in a TYPHOON!

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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  • i saw him stick up the middle finger

  • Hurricane Florence

  • Ahh I just love rain

  • I went through this typhoon in Okinawa. it was intense. .

  • How r u so brave ( ^ω^ )

  • you know why there's typo on because the Philippines there's a typo on belt

  • So cool

  • I one got hit by hurricane ophelia and tropical storm ernesto

  • i bet you would love to go on an Arizona Monsoon tour with Mike Olbinski he gets pretty awesome images and makes time lapses form his own adventures... and you can bet while traveling he sees a Lot of critters along those open roads.

  • Mt.Dyson so that's where they make those vacuums huh?

  • Pause it at 1:10 thats such a beautiful face

  • Hi

  • 0.o

  • Do they speak English?

  • When you stomped around in the mud, it reminded me of a pair of shoes I recently got that are strangely good at not getting covered in mud. They're designed for the outdoors, so maybe it has something to do with that.

  • I've Been Into a Typhoon Cuz I live At The Philippines Edit: PILIPINAS FOREVER!

  • At 3:33 da statue is watching you

  • 1:08 looks like a funhouse mirror

  • Let me in the car

  • Look at that face 1:08 😋

  • Ahhhhhh classic coyote

  • YOU ATE MARIO!!!!????? Dang

  • Weren't you scared?!

  • im one of the pack

  • Yeah go across the Atlantic animated ocean with a Hurricane with a wing suit. :)

  • This is why we love watching you

  • Pause at 1:09 you’re welcome 😂

  • This entire video is me when it rains

  • *A Normal Day In Japan.*

  • Mark looks like mr beast!

  • Fortnite players: go in the safezone!!!

  • WOW!!

  • In flordia this is a daily rainstrom

  • I think you overreacted to a Catagory 1 storm.

  • What was your feeling while you were experiencing Typhoon Trami???

  • Coyote: This is gonna get intense :D Me: YOU NEVER GO OUTSIDE DURING TYPHOONS. LEARN SIMPLE LOGIC. Btw, not trying to hate, just saying it’s a really bad idea, but bad ideas is all he does 😂😂

  • For every like i'll add a hurricane Starting off with mine 🌪

  • that is crazy

  • OMG I was on a airplane wa'll watching this and got nervous be safe🙂

  • You are in the storm! *run!*

  • Looks like Summer in Scotland

  • Great video!

    • I saw that the Japan map is isolated, because of the typhoon.


  • BE BRAVE STAY WILD SEE YOU IN THE next adventure!!!

  • EXPLORE CAVES!!!!!!!!!!!




  • I SUBSCRIBED!!! 13K!!!!!!!!


  • Please don't die coyote!!!!!!!!!!

  • *Hey! Let me in the car!*

  • In Malaysia we call *Taufan*

  • You know what is the best thing about this guy? He know he is gonna get inside of a giant storm but he still smiles:))

  • Coyote: oh hi guy today we are going to be kissed! Girl:no thanks! Coyote:cries. Mark:are you hurt arwe you ok. Coyote:this is worse than the gaint hornet

  • {\___/} ( O.O ) (>💗

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  • My name is cyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the wet zone with a typhoon

  • 1:06 Make a meme

  • rain get on camera' Faces get totally messed up 1:00

  • When you hear the part where he said " we gotta continue talking some shots" = thinks of drugs

  • at least he survived from typhoon Trami right

  • Meanwhile at the Florida Panhandle X_X

  • Never mind it’s both

  • That’s either bravery or Stupidity

  • It is a hobbit home

  • Who else has been in a hurricane/typhoon? I've been in hurricane Sandy, but I was only 6 at the time. I was happy and sad cuz first, no school, second, no internet so I couldn't use the pc.😂 The thing that scared me was I was outside my families apartment building, a tree flew down the street, now that I think about it, I would estimate it was probably 40 feet long.

    • +Tati R lucky! We didn't have power for almost 3 weeks. Sadly, I don't live in the apartment anymore, I moved to the house I'm in rn 5 years ago. But, our building was lucky, wasn't even touched(other than the power).

    • I've been in hurricane sandy aswell, but I didn't get the intense part of the storm.

  • Can you come to England to see if you can find anything I can’t I know there are animals but I can’t seem to find anything

  • oh... you're with _her_ now? alright, 4:46

  • *Tries to get likes but fails*

  • oh no coyote are you a ok

  • Welcome to an everyday life in the UK

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  • The kid at 3:08

  • Have You heard About Typhoon Hayian/Yolanda? From The Philippines

  • No!!!!!! coyote your gonna get hit by lightning!!

  • Philippines has a lot of typhoons

  • He should have not worn that hat

  • I’ve been to japan three times! X3 glad to see that you went there!

  • 2:18 I swear that's where the Kappa lives lol And you guys were there when that typhoon struck? Damn. And only americans (in this case Coyote, and his crew) would be the ones to go out in the typhoon lol

  • I don't understand.... this is just a rainy day, where I live winds can go 100kmh on a normal rainy and windy day... the waves are that low on days with amazing weather...

  • 1:08 now I can't unsee it

  • 🐶 =☺😊😀😁😃😄😍😙😘😚 🐱 =☺😊😀😁😃😄😍😙😘😚 🐭 =😈😠😡😣😥😧😨😰😱😲 🐰 =☺😊😀😁😃😄😍😙😘😚 ☕=☺😊😀😁😃😄😍😙😘😚📷 👑=☺😊😀😁😃😄😇😍😙😘😚🙏👸🏰🗼 🔪=😈😢😣😥😦😨😰😱😵😝💀 📆=❄🎑 🎄🎁⛄ 📆=😨😱😈😇😷👼👸👯👿👹👻👺👽👾💀👗👢👟👞🎩👒👓👔🎃🍨🍧🍦🍩🍰🍫🍬🍭🍥🏠🏡🏃 ☺ /👗\ 👢 this is a girl

  • That Is crazy!!!!!!!I'm praying.🙏🙏🙏I'm a girl

  • Mount DIEson

  • 8:59 look at the windows in the background, looks cool.

  • {\__/} \>.

  • Went through hurricane micheal WHOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Eyyy I was in the USS Ronald Reagan in Japan when the Typhoon hit! It's cool you were there when I was, even when i had no idea at the time

  • be brave stay wild 🐊🦈

  • 3:07 Bottom left, he looks scared.

  • Im worried about the frog lol

  • stuger puper qwertyuiop1

  • Oml 7:42 I LOVE that shirt! I just finished a research paper on ocelots.. I have loved them since I was like 7.

  • I want to be a meteorologist when I am older... that would’ve been s dream come true! Glad y’all are safe- cause they can get STRONG!

  • You should’ve experienced typhoon Trami in Okinawa. It passed right over the island as a Category 2.

  • I hope they survive