Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

Published on Apr 15, 2014
Carson Peters performs "Blue Moon of Kentucky" with Ricky Skaggs at the Opry. Visit for more information. © ℗ 2014 Grand Ole Opry, LLC
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Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry


  • Darling boy break in my heart M.D.2

  • Amazing boy

  • omg. I GOT GOOSEBUMPS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • That was so freaking cute and awesome that it made me cry

  • Amazing confidence, poise and politeness - amazing stuff Carson - keep on banging young sir!

  • Amazing! 💙🎶

  • Wow i loved it. Superstar

  • lol gigglesnort! You so made me smile Great job🤣

  • Was he on little big shots?

  • Bill Monroe would be proud! well done Carson!!

  • Bring back Hank

  • WOW! FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing.

  • that kidd is a rockstar

  • kid sang from his heart

  • Enjoyed Precious

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  • My day is more than complete now! Thank you so much, young man!

  • Just future promise

  • I am 10 and I can not play the fiddle!

  • He's about 10 years old here. Now, he's 14 and has his own band. Bet this guy's gonna be his own country legend

  • The Most Impressive Piece of Music I've heard in years!!!!!

  • Applause x 10 and like how he used his cracking voice on purpose in certain parts !!! Blasted nay sayers :(

  • It’s crazy my name is Colby Solomon and me and Carson used to be good buddies playing for blue circle deli baseball team 2 years back and to think he got 10m views is crazy good gov ole buddy

  • That's, Bill himself.

  • Love it amen

  • "Well, A violin has strings, and a fiddle has strAAAngs" awwww, that's so cute! You can tell her such a big hearted little kid! Absolutely precious! And he can sing very well. When he gets older and gets a deeper voice, he'll be such a good singer, he's already very good at singing. And notice when he answers he says "No Sir" and "Yes Sir"? I was raised in the country, and it warms my heart to see people as respectful as this little man! Much love to y'all.

  • amazing kid

  • This kids good

  • In Florida

  • As soon as he started playing that fiddle you knew he was going go kill it.

  • Fantastic

  • He's OK until his voice changes.

  • Dang! That kid is GOOD! Sign him up!

  • esser garoto canta e tocar muito!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carson is living proof that America's youth are solid, talented W/strong family values. Carson will never be an protestor; he'll continue to profess his love of God and Country always!

  • Yes.

  • Incredible!

  • He’s is amazing!!Country music I still alive!

  • amazing vocal !

  • Starts at 2:13

  • mp

  • Richard Scaggs.

  • Wow.What can I say.This young man is so amazing.An up Rising Star in the making.Incredible.Well Done .❤️❤️

  • Being a home grown Texas southern boy I can tell the respect this little youngster gives and shows his elders--just like the southern boys and girls that grow up in the southern states, always kind, courteous, helpful, and most of all, very respectful. Wonderful up bringing. You go little man, much success to you.

  • Wow !!!! God bless him

  • amazing job young Man!!!

  • Fine Dixie stock. Great voice !!!

  • Ok

  • God has blessed this young man with a beautiful voice. Now play that fiddle boy !!!


  • What a mannered intelligent talented young man, I think he sang that song the way it was meant to be. I will bet his momma and daddy are bursting with pride hats off to you all.

  • Gorgeous little guy!! Awesome performance!!!🎼🎶

  • Wonderful job young man! MAGA!

  • Yes Sir, This Young Gentleman understands his music...I got a new idol here

  • Bill Munroe & Elvis up there with a big ol smile shining down on this kid - WOW. All the best from Bonnie Scotland.

  • Woah!

  • Great video and as talented young man there he did a phenomenal job singing and playing the fiddle I'm sure MR.Bill Monroe had a smile on his face in heaven.

  • This has to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes.

  • The guy to his right playing guitar is taking his job too seriously.

  • This makes my days and uplifts me listening to the young Carson Peters response to answers asked then crown it with the music prowess.

  • Am I the only one that noticed the guy to the right of the kid shows no emotion throughout the entire video???

  • Great job

  • 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • To much im going to cry

  • Omg hes so good

  • What a doll! Born talent.

  • Q

  • Bravo 👏 👏 👏

  • 2:14 start

  • That was AMAZING

  • If that 🎻doesn't make the hair stand up on your arms you must be dead!!

  • Wow awsome great voice little country music lover..

  • Listening to this gave me Goosebumps of Kentucky.

  • Very nice. Wonderful!!!!

  • Un petit génie , Bravo

  • Gives me goose bumps and makes me cry... oh that's right I am bipolar

  • History repeats itself

  • I love this young man... I seen this video a bunch of times... I never get tired of him

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  • How OLD is this kid???

  • This was an amazing way to start the day in my art studio. It's been 2 years but I pray that kids still belting them pipes out. Thanks and God bless.

  • Way cool


  • Outstanding, young man!


  • God I do love my folk. We hill folk are the kindest and most generous folk in the US.

  • This is the second best version of this song ever recorded.

  • Wouahhh Quel beau talent ce petit bout d`homme


  • This young man has a beautiful gifted voice

  • bluegrass will never be forgotten

  • Does he sound just like Alfalfa on Lil Rascals or what?

  • Mamá mia

  • so talented!

  • This boy's love for the music shines!

  • Man shut up & let the boy play!

  • What an engaging, talented young man. Hope to hear more from him in the near future.

  • Christina Newsome.