Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

Published on Apr 15, 2014
Carson Peters performs "Blue Moon of Kentucky" with Ricky Skaggs at the Opry. Visit for more information. © ℗ 2014 Grand Ole Opry, LLC
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Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry


  • WOW just Great.

  • Just wow ,Amazing

  • Good Lord, this kid is magnificent!!!

  • Outstanding! Wonder where he is today...?!

  • Kid is awesome

  • Ricky got old.oops! so did I.

  • It was like watching Oppie Taylor singing on stage. great job !

  • soory little man. you are good, but the dutch, norwegian, belgium, sweed beat you.

  • WOW ,great music n singing !!!

  • Ricky skaggs played with Bill Monroe at 6. This kid is destined for great things.

  • You go Carson Peter's,with Ricky scaggs

  • awesome! but i don't understand why some people talk that much

  • @ Brad. Because they’re not musicians.

  • This young man can play and just love his interaction with adults! Great kid!

  • This little chap is a prodigy!

  • Fantastic.

  • Very Good! You will make a famous singer You are very Good!

  • This is beautiful to the point of welling up tears

  • Not KOTH quality but I can accept it great job young man👍

  • 1.7K people are sad under the blue moon of Kentucky!

    • The Crosswalk Association what does that mean

  • Wow what a talent keep it going

  • Saw Brenda Lee in the '50's. Keep the Confederate flag.

  • Great job young country star,you have stated at the right age and along the way you will become greater and greater,you played that violin beautifully like a professional,God's speed.

  • i think its cool but im mad because i just masterd sweet home alamba and i wich the and relize i suck

  • now that is some good singing wow

  • Wow! I had only heard that song by Elvis Presley; love this version as well, I guess it's closer to the original intent of it's author.

  • LOVE this little guy! Old soul & little man. Mr. Monroe had to have been smiling!

  • Wonderful talk show.

  • my mama was born in Kentucky

  • What a treat

  • awesome

  • You'll get to meet Bill won't you! ....

  • He is amazing

  • Lil' Big Shots!

  • Talented young man! Keep up the awesome work

  • I wish I could go up there with my cousin ricky. Sad I never will. 🙄

  • You are a fine boy and very talented!! I know you will be famous one day😀😘❗️🎻

  • zo mooie

  • To me: this is the true North America ...... USA, nothing else matters, amen to that

  • Wana take bets how long before he wins an acm or cma award

  • Nagyon jóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó

  • He's adorable.

  • You keep it up young man we need more like you to bring back true country music,

  • Lovin' that grin on Big Ricky's face!!!

  • That was wonderful. It actually made me tear up a bit with joy.

  • What a wonderful young man. incredible talent. If you're passing why not have a look @ our humble tribute to this great song. .


  • You are just fantastic, keep it up. The wife and I, Love country music here in central Maine.

  • Amazing!

  • Yessssss lord... 😍😍😍😍😍😍👆

  • I really love

  • 😁

  • Wow! He blows me away! ❤️

  • Rickey,Another Prodigy Like You Hoss !Awesome ! Col.Bill

  • Another difference--violin is played under the chin; a fiddle is held against the chest. I was surprised he put it under his chin.

    • Marie Flint I’d have to disagree, 99% of Bluegrass fiddlers play under their chin.

    • Good singer. Flexible with his right-on improvised vocals.

  • Bravo ! Blessings and best wishes !

  • Woo gave me chills. Brought back.God bless you.

  • This just blows me away!!

  • DANG! Love that boy's ability! He is music through n through. Attaboy!

  • """WOW""" This young man has really got it made. That was fabulous !!!!!

  • Fabulous Carson Peters!

  • kentaki......

  • *Bah Gawds Internally*

  • I love this ! ! !

  • Love southern accent..😍😂

  • My god he's good...

  • Song begins at 2:13

  • super !!!

  • What a talented little boy. Watching all the way from Saudi Arabia

  • Wow, just wow. He is so talented. I wish him the best in his musical endeavors.

  • wow!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

  • Wait till he hits puberty and that voice changes...

  • Bill Monroe smiles at you ! 💜💜💜

  • Parenting done right. Might be hope for America after all.

  • how bout those who disliked the video, what was in their minds!?

  • Do you know the cowboys and farming age is over!!! TODAY it is rap or hip hop

  • Holy Cat Gut Straaaaangs this little man is wow.

  • the devil went down to georgia

  • totally awesome.

  • Hey Carson, that was absolutely awesome. Love you, son!

  • Wow! I love him

  • This kid did it better than Boomhauer lol.

  • What a sweet and cute little boy. So much talent there I hope he keeps on and makes the big time. Doing pretty good already by making it to the Grand Ole Opery.

  • Im not a american but i love country music,WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS KIND OF COUNTRY MUSIC,today country music is not that good as the old country

  • I think all the thumbs down came from people who like rap, and really have no idea what talent is.

  • Blue moon out Kentucky by Pete Carson and Ricky skaggs

  • This 10 yeah old rocks the violin named pete

  • The guy at the back just caught my attention😍😍😍

  • Fantastic 😉👀😎❗️👍

  • Good for you Carson, all the best.... in the future. huggz from Canada

  • Nh

  • ♥️

  • I am guessing the 1.6 k. 👎is possibly due to the long intro to the start of this performance. When you open a video to hear a performance, you are hoping to get straight into it. Having said that, this gorgeous boy is wonderful as a singer and fiddler! Love him!👍👍👍👍

  • What a great lite guy. May your dreams be fulfilled

  • God bless you

  • SMH ! Little fella is a real musician and vocalist ..... At least for a few more years anyway. KNOCK EM OUT JOHN!!!! Or Carson. Little Jerry Clower humor added

  • This young boy is amazing, talented, and so adorable. He is blessed with the musics talent. He will become big and hopefully he is the start of our good music comming back. This hard core rap, heavy metal, etc. is not good music, its the devils music. Alls u hear in that music is all about sex, drugs, rape, murder, etc. Its not good. This young boy is the real deal. God bless him and everyone.

  • Why have I only just found this video? There is no doubt young Carson has a very successful future ahead of him ( if he wants it) Good luck to him

  • He’s just awesome !!! Handsome too !

  • WOW!!!!Speachless!!!!That lil man can sing & play🙌The sky is the limit!!