Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

Published on Apr 15, 2014
Carson Peters performs "Blue Moon of Kentucky" with Ricky Skaggs at the Opry. Visit for more information. © ℗ 2014 Grand Ole Opry, LLC
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Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry


  • Get,er done!!!

  • Ricky Skaggs is probly a better player than Bill Monroe but I wouldn't say it's an accurate analogy to compare him playing with bill monroe to Carson playing with Ricky Skaggs. I mean Monroe invented the style. He actually came up with the label "Bluegrass Music"

  • The next Tyler Childers but different kind of music

  • It is the first time I hear this's amazing

  • Just wow!

  • Wow sweetie...👑🌹😉💕

  • 2:14

  • I've met Mr. Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Ricky skaggs and Keith Whitley I grew up listening to bluegrass I wasn't allowed to listen to rock and roll just bluegrass and old country music

  • Dang ol I came here from some boomaurer I tell you what man this song pretty good hehe man

  • Real music here instruments 🎻

  • Such a smart young man and very talented!! Great 👍 job

  • That kid rocks


  • Carson is awesome!

  • Such an amazing voice, and only ten years old!!!! This young man is going to do amazing things

  • Absolutely 100 percent rocked this song ... good job

  • Country Line. D'Anvers

  • Carson was great at ten, but his talent has only grown over time.

  • Who's the bass player?

  • Love this Bill Monroe is proud

  • Holy cow!!!

  • W

  • Amen

  • Wow contry sucks 2019 yuck

  • To a young Ricky Skaggs :)

  • There's no stopping this young feller from being a musician, because he IS one.

  • My Lord that kid is something else! What a beautiful little feller. Way off the talent meter. Ahoohoohoo!!!!!😀

  • Great music! Saw Ricky Skaggs front row back in 1995. Dream come true! This little man is awesome! 💙

  • Hammer der Kleine 👍🙋‍♀️🇨🇭🎶❤️🎶🌹

  • Mantap nak..

  • I love this song and this kid 🧒 singing very good ,man🎶🎵👍🇺🇸❤️. 很有味道 Very country singer

  • He is a friend of mine that goes to school and after the CMA he came back like he had just won an Oscar. Great Job Carson!

  • Unbelievable. So so good!!

  • Wow

  • Dammit man! Amazing!

  • This young man can fiddle and sing and one day will enter the hall of fame

  • Good stuff!

  • Keep On Shining U Brilliant Kid

  • Why do they sound like that? I love country music but they sound weird



  • Amazing Young Talent, and an awsome rendition of blue moon of kentucky

  • A must see is Ricky Skaggs age 7 with Earl and Scruggs . God is Great.

  • Adorable, extremely talented, and just a treasure. And I'm a brown Mexican who has little exposure to music in this genre, but it sounds really beautiful! :)

  • Member that time Mr Bill Monroe and one Lester Scruggs met a young Ricky Scaggs and tore it up playin Ruby? I cant forgey it.....


  • What kind of evil people would give this talented youngin’ a thumbs down. 😤

  • Still listening in 2018!! Love this!!!

  • where are the dislikes coming from? are they for real or someone has a dislike bomber?

  • This was wonderful!

  • Please


  • Outstanding ...... the talent this young boy has is a born singer and musician....

  • Now this is the kind of country music that should be on the Grand Ole Opry! Carson is a wonderful singer and I hope he goes far.

  • absolutely bloody brilliant....

  • Wow this little boy is so awesome!!! Oh my goodness I love it!!!

  • Check out Carson Peters and iron mountain, if you can try to find at the Paramount in Bristol Tenn. Carson is about 17 or 18 yrs old really great show!

    • Thanks for the kind words! Carson will be 15 years old Tomorrow 12-27-18.

  •'s the next monster musician. .....his singing voice will mature...he sure know's what to do with it. He feels it right down to his little toes.

  • Support the Deaf and Blind -

  • Good job im 11 and he sings better than me

  • Ive been to kentucky the moon is bright

  • amazing on the grand ole opry before his first kiss

  • This is great. I love bluegrass


  • Wow. That young man has more talent in his left pinky finger than I could ever hope to have in my whole body.

  • The 2000+ people who gave this a thumbs down are people with black hearts. I almost feel sorry for them.

  • This kid is amazing.

  • Could listen to this guy all day long! Keep singing and playing!

  • That dog will hunt ladies n gennermen I tell ye wut hot dayum daggum dang old tucky blue blue yee yee. Dat ol boy kin crow n saw a fiddle bettern a band saw through a hickory twig

  • Blue moon! Wonderful. Luv it!😀

  • This boy has real talent so you will never hear him on the radio.

  • That boy is amazing

  • Bless this little guy. He has big dreams

  • I could not agree more what a talented young man

  • Fab fab fabulous. Could listen to this all day. His parents must be proud. Fantastic

  • I love this video. This boy looks like my grandson. The guy on his right looks miserable! Everyone else is smiling and having a good time and that guy is looking around like he is bored or angry at something.

  • I can't believe it. The real deal. Bluegrass will live on in worthy hands like his.

  • O he is brilliant perfect pitch......and he can play that so well a big star in the future

  • Young man. You're a legend

  • You 2.3k are pricks

  • Just fantastic! I wish him all the success he deserves. People will enjoy this young man will for many years.

  • What goes around comes around. Wonderful! YOUNG RICKY SKAGGS -

  • That poor guy to the left of the kid is so unhappy.

  • Prodigy

  • Nicely done little sir nicely done

  • Such a good kid and a sweet sound too. Here's hoping he keeps real country music alive instead of trending towards the "bro country" they got playing on the radio nowadays.

  • " I have played at The Grand Ole Opry"

  • The Lord has blessed us all with this young man !

  • This is one of my all time fav songs and I'll be danged if I don't feel this is the best one of them I have heard.

  • Carson is a great talent! The guitar player to his left is so unhappy, though.

  • Real Nice. That young man is gonna grow up to be something really special

  • My heart, my heart! He is SO precious!!

  • Where is this talented boy 4 years later?

  • Bill Monroe is a smilin!

  • Awesome

  • The difference between a violin and a fiddle is the bridge. On a bluegrass fiddle, the bridge is nearly flat 😂🤣😂 Good job, kid!

  • God Bless this awesome child, i swear i just heard an angel singing :-)

  • WOW the Kid Did A grate Job with the Song.

  • Saw a semi-grown up Carson Peters on the CMA Awards last night! He is still amazing!

  • 🙂now that is country