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Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One

Published on Nov 1, 2018
Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Party For One” is available now!
Directed by: Bardia Zeinali
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Music video by Carly Rae Jepsen performing Party For One.
© 2015 School Boy/Interscope Records
© 2015 604 Records for Canada only
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  • The intro is Chopin Nocturne 2 Op 9

  • Kesha is back, Carly is back and next is...

  • Br

  • ✨😍

  • I didn’t know she still made music wtf and she looks so weird now

  • カーリー絶対昔の方がかわいかった…黒髪ロングの時

  • She needs to play a crack head in a movie!

  • I like to do it some times.

  • Irreconocible

  • WTF did I just see?? Please burn my eyes!!

  • she’s out here giving the gays what they want

  • What doing Justin bieber Here? :v

  • 💛💛

  • A perfectly beautiful voice and perfectly beautiful young lady. Most of the other people different but people rent hotel room to get away from who ever or what ever or to live out some kind of fantasy

  • This reminded me of Murder on the Orient Express movie

  • Looks like she’s only actually talented when paired up with Adam.


  • she used to look prettier

  • *Max Landis furiously scribbling in his holding cell somewhere in Nevada*

  • I didn't know it was her until the end of the ad when her name pooped up (this song came as an ad before another US-tv video)

  • Did nobody else realize that *Parker Kit Hill* the Viner is in this video?

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  • Whooooo Chopin - nocturne 9 op. 2 for all my classical die hards for the intro song

  • Nothing screams independence more than product placement!

  • Check out our MIDI file made "in the style of" Party for One for all Carly Rae fans:

  • carly rae jepsen invented hotels

  • This is the biggest bs I have ever seen. Such a stupid and retarded video...far away from how reality should be...if you think you must play a star and reach out to the public, then represent at least a side of humans, that stands for nomality.. This is madness, what you have published here...Sick girl!

  • What ever happened to her

  • Saw this on TV in a cafeteria today. Wtf

  • Haha my new anthem!

  • 2.40 best part

  • She was wearing underwear for men. That's why it looks weird 😂




  • are those her nipples hanging out at 0:24

  • I wasted a first minute of my life.... song begins at 1:03

  • All the homophobes be super mad in the comments. Well done Carly

  • This song is wrong, it's party for many, it's a orgy duh

  • This is literally the greatest thing on the internet

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  • Isn't that old lady the same one from the JT video? Mirrors or whatever it's called.


  • only OG gaga stans recognized mark

  • So call me maybe.

  • Flat

  • I love Absolut Rapefruit, and she has her fridge stocked with it!

  • is she sounding more like Avril in this or is it just me

  • 1:52 should have been the thumbnail for this video

  • I love Carly so much and this song is wonderful. I’ve been following her since 2012, and I wish I knew her before with Tug of War, but still it makes me so happy to find out this new song and I can’t wait for the new album 😭😭😭 And I hate to be that guy but... can you guys check out my crappy song in my channel?😂😂😂 I just wish to become one day at least a decent songwriter 😂😂


  • Now if someone could edit it with only carly scenes that'd be great. Thank you

  • the post mates ad... get that bread sis

  • carlie i love you

  • Pop perfection.

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  • Hiiii

  • Hey check out my music video ;-)

  • I hate thise song of her

  • This track is trending

  • Carly Rae Jepsen's back with a new hit!!!

  • *Aquí está la subtitulacion en español de esta bella canción* *Espero* *Que* *Les* *Guste* :)



  • phone number song was catchier

  • 0:08 nocturne op 9 no.2 ...i love it♥️

  • Good job Jepsen I like your song very much your the best singer

  • 💛

  • Still a one hit wonder.

  • Why is everyone in their pants?

  • Product placement game strong in this vid. Did she have to wear the ugliest undies? They look like men's. Their women's designs are actually nicer. Cute song. Pass on the clip.

  • This is a wonderful example of human empowerment and progress. 2 thumbs up!! :)

  • Who thought that there was gonna be an orgy happening at the end ....anyhow now I know where I'll go after this....pornhub

  • I think I wont comment on this one.

  • So nobody’s concerned about the old woman and dildo. No! Ok.

  • Weird flex but ok

  • Carlyta eres lo maximo 😍😘

  • Y'all keep letting her flop.

  • Who is the super fit ripped beauty 3:45 with the black sports wear? 😍

  • 2:19 is the fucking mood


  • What's going on with the bell hop,lol. Also, that dude dancing in the bathroom can dance!

  • Love

  • Miss yahhh💕💕

  • Just uncomplicated self-indulgence! Congratulations, Carly, you're one of my favorite divas :D and please come to Brazil

  • 0:06 “let’s get this bread”

  • Fucking obssesed

  • Anyone else feeling sad about that spaghetti???!!! what a waste:(

  • what happened to this girl. like seriously

  • This song and music video is so fucking cute omg I'm crying :))

  • she has changed alot, last time ive seen her face was a few years ago on call me maybe

  • this margot tenenbaum look!!!

  • why did she ruin her fringe?

  • interesante me gusto

  • god forbid a legend making some product money from a smash song.


  • Awesome!!! 👏🔝💪 How many people love this?? 💯0000000000 I can't stop dancing that song, the best of ever! With ♥ from Italy. Immediately in the head! A masterpiece of song! I haven't seen a better video clip than this! Impressive result! Very good and well done! You are one of my best record artists.

  • I'm homo, I like sox

  • She looks and sounds about 10. Kind of sick to be singing about fingering yourself.

    • Well she's in her mid 30's. So there ain't nothing wrong with that