Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy

Published on Apr 10, 2018
After months of rumors, Cardi B confirmed she's pregnant this weekend on "Saturday Night Live".
Then, Kenya Moore threw shade at Marlo on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" before confirming her pregnancy.
Plus, Brooke Burke filed for divorce from her husband David Charvet after seven years of marriage.
Wendy spills the tea in Hot Topics.
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  • Wendy the best gossiper

  • She’s so ugly lmao

  • Carti b is married to offset before the pregnancy

  • Love u

  • I'm so tired of seeing these beautiful AA women clowning in the most stereotypical way possible for the benefit of an EA man. Why can't he do a show that focuses on the equal silliness that occurs in his own LGBTQ community? I let ya'll sit with that...

  • Who skips the whole intro straight to hot topics?

  • I bet she s got no clue who the father is

  • Congratulations Cardi B👶🏽👣🎀

  • Wendy said Kim looks good from the waist down lol.....

  • Wendy started tearing up when she was talking about son calling names....hmmm how you doin Wendy?!

  • Be careful with Cardi B🤩😍😘congestion to the mothers 🌎beautiful.

  • She looks like a man with big🍈🍈 🤗

  • Congratulations on your baby Cardi B!!

  • Ngl she's kinda weird IDKK MAN

  • Her finger prolly got swollen or sum and took off her ring

  • What the heck wendy

  • Kylie started the trend of Pregnancy

  • She is so whack and corny!

  • I LOVE YOU TO DEATH BUT I HATE THIS OUTFIT MS WENDY! If u were my girl i wouldve just called ya. Sorry

  • Wrong move cardi

  • It's funny how Nicki Minaj gets pregnant first and then cardi B

  • Can't stand this trashy woman.or MAN! She /he is so fake and tries making fun of ppl or talking about looks when she/he is ugly and simply said..talentless trash.

  • Umm... where is Wendy's clevage

  • oh my gosh! this is the greatest. i might have to take tomorrow off just to recover. Wow just Wow. BTW, who the heck is Cardi B?

  • Cardi and offset are very strategic. Everything they do is to promote their music. I bet she got pregnant on purpose just to be the first artist to carry a baby & give birth all while working and going straight back to work. She want to go down as the first to do it. The pregnancy was planned. Ain’t no way she makes it big then ooops!! No no. She wanted that baby. Keep people talking. Which worked obviously.

  • Having a child today is selfish cruel insanity.

  • Having a child today is selfish cruel insanity. The child has already been born that will perish due to catastrophic climate change. A child born today has no future except dire suffering and death. Each person has a carbon footprint and accelerates climate change while placing demands on the earths fast disappearing resources. Each person uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water a day. Much of that water here in America is polluted and the remaining pure water is disappearing fast. We cannot save the ecosystem and civilization with out reducing the world population through the use of free education and free contraception. This is reality people. We are doomed unless we act now. There is no way man can survive on this earth unless we first reduce the worlds population beginning now. Blessed is the woman who is without child and who does not give suck during these terrible times. Stop having kids.

  • Hello Wendy.

  • No one cares about the little whore that had a baby


  • :-)

  • Kenya is so mean but so funny😂😂😂

  • Why is she famous all of a sudden? Never heard of her before? I like her and dig her music, seems to have nice personality but where did she come from?

  • I came to hear about Cardi B. But stayed because the lack of a cleavage situation with Wendy's bosom is intriguing. How is there no dip, no indentation, no valley? Just one fat velvet uniboob. How sway?

  • honestly we all hate Wendy right ... but she has all the JUICE . haha keeps me up on everything

  • Congratulations on her pregnancy

  • This is disgusting drivel. You should be ashamed to be so fucking stupid and superficial to be entertained by this disgusting bullshit.

  • WENDEL!!! 9:33m @mug shots - kakakakakakakaaaaaa!!!! too funny. Big-up Kenya she's the snap back queen, Marlow be creeping...for an undisclosed fee. Jus sayin

  • 12:23 sssssshhhhhhhhhaaaaaadddeeeeeeee

  • I am so happy for Cardi ❤🌹

  • Her eyes!!! 👁👁 OMG!

  • Lord Wendy 😂🤣😁

  • Wendy take care of your health. Lose the balloon boobs. They’re causing you much harm.

  • Definitely A Muppet

  • Who?

  • are you pregnant? nooo... well am i reallyyyy?.. lets wait till baby comes out to confirm pregnancy....


  • In all fairness when your pregnant and so happen to be famous as well you probably wanna be the first one to announce it publicly, not some random chick you ran into.

  • *Yooooo Marlon is STUPPPPID LMAOO* why you have to do Kim like that hm?

  • Her boobs look ridiculous in that dress she's so plastic surgery even her cheeks don't move 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Yaaay. Cardi B Jr. Lol

  • Yaaay. Cardi B Jr. Lol

  • They got all 7 mugshots but they can't get a single picture of the damn dress lmaoooo!!

  • GRAMMAR!!!

  • Cardi moving too fast, too loose. Modern day hoes

  • What would people expect to see from Elizabeth Hurley?! She’s super sexy 🔥 Rock what ya got Mama

  • Shady camera man @ 11:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • oh.. i thought she was just a fat whore.

  • "I'm not fat" - pregnancy confirmed.

  • Damn he is just sixteen? Also I don't see a problem with the dress since he is fine with it and it's his party

  • She scares me

  • $25 just for joining

  • Y you open your eyes 👀 like that ugly.

  • Wendy you the most ugly host!

  • I like this Dress Wendy :)

  • Offsets 4th baby he's a cheater ohh lord poor Cardi

  • That laugh was crazy

  • Yo , wtf is wrong with Wendies Face / eyes ????? She needs sleep or just reconstruction. It’s really frightening

  • When they showed Marlo’s mugshots...I died, lol

  • This show is still not canceled??