Car Organization Ideas

Published on Dec 14, 2015
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In this car organization video I give you ideas on how to organize your car and all of the car organizing systems I have setup inside mine! Plus, I show you how I setup my diy car emergency kit and everything to prepare in it.
I hope you enjoy the video!
Products Used: (Some links are affiliate links)
Trunk Caddy:
Car Duster:
Ice Scraper:
Flare Light:
First Aid Organizer:
Life Hammer:
Cord Organizer (Pink Macaron):
Emergency Water in a Can:
Emergency Water in a Glass Bottle:
Collapsible Pet Bowl:
Uni Jetstream 0.7 Rainbow Pens:
Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag in Middle Console (Color is Baroque):
Vera Bradley Duffel Bag in Trunk (Color is Sun Valley):
Coupon Organizer Video:


  • where do u buy the round cord organizer pls? thx karen

  • I found an old avocado in my sister’s car the other day.

  • Great video. But where are the “links” that you were referring to?

  • Its a good video, and cute car but you seemed so out of breath most of the video. It made me feel a little out of breath for no reason lol

  • I just noticed this. But, if you still have your Subaru there is great storage space under the floor mat in the rear above the spare as well and out of sight too.

  • Im 11 and yet I am still watching this

  • My mother in law always says a prepared women counts as two !

  • This video was awesome. Alejandra, i am going to get my room and car organized with you. Thanks girl

  • You should keep a mini trash can for the front seat

  • Can people pay you to organize their car home closet and all of that

  • So glad you have survival gear. It worries me when people only have jumper cables and an umbrella in their trunk

  • I stopped when I heard that “mojo” was her dog. What. I just binged watched 13 episodes that include frequent references to MoJo who has his own bathroom drawer, etc etc...thinking it was her KID and it’s a FUCKING DOG.

  • great ideas! Alejandra's videos are really useful to give specific brands and sizes instead of just general lists or recommendations. often each item is selected carefully so i appreciate taking advantage of the research she's already done.

  • You know how people are satisfied watching Dr.Pimle Popper? For someone who loves cleaning, organizing and might be a little ocd....this is satisfying! I just watched this while doing my makeup and learned a few tricks

  • It’s not a ponytail holder it’s a hair tie 😅

  • I just came from watching another car organisation video and it seems like Americans do a lot of sitting and waiting in their car. I’m from Australia and I spend hardly any time just sitting in my car. I’m really confused. Someone explain please!!!!! 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🚙🚙🚙???

  • Yay! I love my Outback! I keep a few collapsible cubes in the back and I connect them together with giant paper clips. I got them at dollar tree! Great for holding groceries and car cleaning supplies.

  • Great ideas, but in my city, people regularly break into cars if they can see ANYTHING through the windows. I keep one organizer that I can carry in at night and carry back out to the car for commuting or long trips. It's annoying but it saves me from broken windows.

  • Girl you are ready to spend 24 hours in there

  • I use to keep an envelope in my glove compartment with $10 in it in case I needed gas in a pinch and didn’t have access to credit card machine. Also I’d keep jumper cables/battery combo inside my car too. Quicker than roadside assistance.

  • Just wow... She adorable but wtf. I thought I had high anxiety! "only put stuff you use and "need"... the less stuff you have cluttering up your car..." lol and then find the car full of stuff and says she never even uses the water because it's expensive... Use Mason jars. Why have wipes, napkins AND paper towels? Why have paper sacks, and a whole sack of grocery bags? Use a grocery bag as a trash bag.

  • WatttA quEEN

  • Totally brilliant ideas..thanks so much..also this is just a question..why the bags inside the car? I find grocery bags etc are best in the trunk..less clutter and sometimes a smell too..also I carry a washable inside the car trash can that fits between the back seat..that way you can throw in even smelly stuff while driving..I was kind of wondering what you may do if you can not stop right away.. I do eat at times while driving or drinking juice etc..during rush hours..lastly, you perhaps need to have some dog treats on hand in case of an supplies and blanket. Also I noticed you have nothing for your car tires...etc and a toolbox with a night light..tire pressure gage and so on.. just a thought too.. :)

  • Well I don't know the science of how much static eletricity you need to start a fire, but it might not be a good idea to be brushing stuff in your car while pumping gas.

  • It’s so funny your dogs name is MOJO‼️😱 I’ve neverrr heard that name before. We named our dog Mojo because his moms name was Jojo so we thought it was a cool made up pet name. I never thought I’d hear anyone’s pet names that cause it’s so different lol😅💗

  • Her laugh at 10:06 is so freaking funny 😂😂

  • Bro she laughs at such weird moments

  • I think she would have a heart attack if she saw my room lol like if you agree

  • Left hand twins

  • 7:07 you know you can buy a tissue box right?

  • 5:10 WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED THAT I mean use toilet paper and water

  • 4:53 in Case it’s very dry from the winter👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • 3:10 ummmmmmmm I think that you can open the window Or the door if it’s locked then there’s a lock and unlock button WICH YOU CAN PRESS😑

  • You and your car is amazing!!! 😆😉

  • i thought the flashlight was a track baton for a sec

  • Why no fire extinguisher Alejandra? I never used to carry one until a car caught fire in front of me on the freeway. I remember how I felt when I could do absolutely nothing to help :( Now I always have one in the car as well as the kitchen.

  • Should this make u feel bad???

  • I love the organization but why does she over exaggerate with her hands? This is here, this is here, here and oh yes right over here.

  • i know i don't own a car but i love your videos

  • Isn't everything stored horizontally? If it were stored vertically wouldn't that mean that they were stacked on top of each other. But horizontally means that they are stored side by side?

  • I guess it is ocd? Probably most people watching have same issues. Do you know what happens when a person with ocd has a child? Do they get better or worse or just gives a child away?

  • How can she move houses? It must be a very emotional thing to cope with.

  • Looks like a hoarder. It will progress with age and there will be plus 10 cats in the car

  • I use to keep hand sanitizer in my car but during the summer the car gets so hot that the bottle always burst. Have you had that problem?

  • Love this..,just bought a new car three days ago and will implement much of this But I wouldn't leave a copy of my drivers licence in my car. No way.

  • When i watched it i rush to my car

  • Thank you for this video! I got some great tips. Any suggestions on where to get car freshner?

  • hello

  • OMGG!! I literally use those same brown paper grocery bags for trash in my car! I thought I was odd for doing that! It's so convenient. I feel better now! LOL

  • You are way too over prepared!!!!

  • Is it just me or do you just binge watch these videos and you don’t even do them. Cause I’m 12 and I don’t have a car or a driving license!

  • A *PONNY TAIL HOLDER* like I know you are an adult but who the F says PONNY TAIL HOLTER??!!

  • i found this video strangely satisfying

  • anyone else here think she might be a tad germaphobic? no hate or anything just thinking because she has her napkins in a poly envelope....

  • Why am I watching a car organizing video

  • I don’t get all the hate? I learned some cool stuff. Obviously nobody is perfect and organized all the time and I’m sure she knows that, but it’s still nice to get some cool tips to make life a little easier!

  • What I want to know is how she can see over the dashboard...

  • You are amazing Alejandra. I love all your organizing ideas.

  • Im 10

  • for the water bottles, you should take them out every few months or if it was super hot one day and refrigerate them so they can be nice and fresh for an emergency 😊

  • Alejandra: water bottle, tissues, hammer thingy, trash bag, charger, wipes, spray, umbrella....... My mom: Coffee, keys, purse😂

  • I don't what to be mean but she might have OCD

  • I keep my snacks in the glove box. Easy access.

  • Brilliant

  • Her car is nice and cute :))

  • Did you just say you have a copy of your drivers license in your car in case you forget yours at home... that's illegal. You can't have more than one copy of your drivers license and can get in serious trouble and fined if you get caught with two.

  • You need some serious help!!!!!!! You are fricking crazy. Get a fucking job, go volunteer, something! There is more to life than a 20 minute video on organizing a car.

  • that hand sanitizer as the centerpiece of the car says it all...​OCD is real.

  • Flashlight?Haven’t seen one of those since forever?...What are phones for?I don’t wanna sound offensive..I like how organized she is...Just flashlight?😂

  • Just a tip for others! My Voss water bottle did shatter when it froze in the winter and it was a major pain to clean up that shattered glass. Now I have my emergency water inside one of those bag-type water bottles and put in a ziplock just in case it cracks.

  • Why do u do that with hands

  • I’m picking up a new to me truck in 1 1/2 hours. Can’t wait and it will be very organized too.

  • She has this thing where she’s weirded out by noise. Watch her other videos. Hearing glass water bottles....severe OCD.

  • She’s ugly

  • Found an error!!! 6:32 the cent sign on the bottle of quarters should be after the number!!! 😎😎😎

  • I guess u have an OCD😶

  • You go girl 😉😉

  • she says “ um” so many times lol

  • i feel like you wouldn't need all this stuff in your car. if i'm going to home depot or something, i feel like i would know to have a tape measure and stuff like that. i wouldn't really know, i have a jeep so i keep literally nothing except gum and sweatpants and a sweatshirt in my car because i never have the top on and the doors are always off.

  • This girl will defiantly be prepared if she ever got stranded in her car

  • I’m ten why am I watching

  • Can you do a hoe to organize a basement? I have many guests coming over soon.

  • Ur car is nicer than my room

  • It's nice to keep your car clean and have some things... But this is too much... OCD. I mean when someone seat in that car must seat how she tought, must put legs how she thinks... I don't like that kind of people.. Its anoying.... But ok, she have her own world, but.... Over too much for me.

  • How Monica's car would look like!

  • I have a van because I have 7 grand sons. 4 of them are my daughter's, ages 10, 7, 6 and 4 months. Do you have organizing ideas for the car or van for parents or grandparents with kids? They need very different items than adults do. I know they make a small handheld Vac that plugs into what use to be a cigarette lighter but need suggestions for organizing other things kids use or need in the car. It would be really helpful. Thanks

  • Where did you buy the net you used to prevent things fall when u open the trunk?

  • Why am I watching this? i don't even have a car😂

  • I dont live in the usa and we don’t have dollar stores and I am still watching this

  • Is she OCD af or what?!?!?!

  • Omg too much. I mean good for you lady but so not realistic for a lot of people. I don’t know if she has kids or not but for most people who has kids will no way have a car like this lol. Just saying no matter how clean and organized you are. So be ready!

  • She gives me Monica galler vives

  • Nothing can survive in a harsh wearther n temperature reaches 50 degree !! I have applied most of your tips few years back in my husband's car and result ,, wipes dried out , makeup melted down and not safe to keep pressurized can like air fresheners in such temperature.

  • Oof she looks like a teen!

  • What's that deodorant scrubber thingie, cause I need that badly lol

  • I know this is old but you could have kept your bags in the net behind the front seat. Instead of hanging them.

  • wouldn’t cliff bars melt? 🤔

  • In the thumbnail she sits so low in the car

  • She recycles, but if the dog poops on a hike she's going to wrap the most biodegradable material on Earth in plastic.

  • I have lots of these items in my car, but it still doesn’t look as nice as hers!