Car Organization Ideas

Published on Dec 14, 2015
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In this car organization video I give you ideas on how to organize your car and all of the car organizing systems I have setup inside mine! Plus, I show you how I setup my diy car emergency kit and everything to prepare in it.
I hope you enjoy the video!
Products Used: (Some links are affiliate links)
Trunk Caddy:
Car Duster:
Ice Scraper:
Flare Light:
First Aid Organizer:
Life Hammer:
Cord Organizer (Pink Macaron):
Emergency Water in a Can:
Emergency Water in a Glass Bottle:
Collapsible Pet Bowl:
Uni Jetstream 0.7 Rainbow Pens:
Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag in Middle Console (Color is Baroque):
Vera Bradley Duffel Bag in Trunk (Color is Sun Valley):
Coupon Organizer Video:


  • This girl will defiantly be prepared if she ever got stranded in her car

  • I’m ten why am I watching

  • Can you do a hoe to organize a basement? I have many guests coming over soon.

  • Just watching for the Subaru..😂

  • Ur car is nicer than my room

  • It's nice to keep your car clean and have some things... But this is too much... OCD. I mean when someone seat in that car must seat how she tought, must put legs how she thinks... I don't like that kind of people.. Its anoying.... But ok, she have her own world, but.... Over too much for me.

  • How Monica's car would look like!

  • I have a van because I have 7 grand sons. 4 of them are my daughter's, ages 10, 7, 6 and 4 months. Do you have organizing ideas for the car or van for parents or grandparents with kids? They need very different items than adults do. I know they make a small handheld Vac that plugs into what use to be a cigarette lighter but need suggestions for organizing other things kids use or need in the car. It would be really helpful. Thanks

  • Where did you buy the net you used to prevent things fall when u open the trunk?

  • Why am I watching this? i don't even have a car😂

  • I dont live in the usa and we don’t have dollar stores and I am still watching this

  • Is she OCD af or what?!?!?!

  • Omg too much. I mean good for you lady but so not realistic for a lot of people. I don’t know if she has kids or not but for most people who has kids will no way have a car like this lol. Just saying no matter how clean and organized you are. So be ready!

  • She gives me Monica galler vives

  • Nothing can survive in a harsh wearther n temperature reaches 50 degree !! I have applied most of your tips few years back in my husband's car and result ,, wipes dried out , makeup melted down and not safe to keep pressurized can like air fresheners in such temperature.

  • Oof she looks like a teen!

  • What's that deodorant scrubber thingie, cause I need that badly lol

  • I know this is old but you could have kept your bags in the net behind the front seat. Instead of hanging them.

  • wouldn’t cliff bars melt? 🤔

  • In the thumbnail she sits so low in the car

  • She recycles, but if the dog poops on a hike she's going to wrap the most biodegradable material on Earth in plastic.

  • I have lots of these items in my car, but it still doesn’t look as nice as hers!

  • I'm OCD & this is way over the top. yes my car is organized and of ya need it, I have it. but this lady takes a pen with such seriousness! wtf! somebody show this lady a good time now. She needs it!!

  • My daughter detailed my car the other day, she did an amazing job!

  • It's nice. And it's not over prepared its just a waste. I'm reality you would not use most of the things and because they are sitting in the car they will end up getting expierd and thrown. No harm in being organized or over prepared but this is pointless. You have so much but such lil first aid something you'd actually need in an emergency

  • Alejandra, you got me with the matches! I mean, I was tick A-ha tick A-ha tick, then matches? Thinking of camping perhaps? Hehehehe

  • jesus loves you

  • I would literally pay her to do my car.. name your price.

  • Your level of organization has inspired me to go back to ultra organizing my car. I have made a lifestyle change back to my roots. Ive lost 30# and began getting every aspect of my life in order

  • Loving these videos 😊

  • Wow she is prepared for everything

  • The heating up of the pain relievers isn't good either.

  • I like the brown leather seats so pretty



  • Awesome! Thanks for the tips. ☺️

  • Your first-aid kit is sooo small

  • I have the exact same brush in my car. Glad to see I'm not crazy. Love your tips

  • U should have folded ur plastic bags rather than shoving as this is organising u can store more . Y arent there tampons or any intimate sanitary? U need to upgrade ur first aid..thats definitely not enough.

  • Alejandra, Katherine from do it on a dime, and Brittany from vasseur beauty are all great at organization and they’re all left handed! I wonder if there’s something to that..?

  • I cant believe she can stand those bags in the back. They live in the boot/trunk.

  • Love your work Alejandra - I believe you were one of the very first YTers I ever watched. Your organisation skills are NEXT LEVEL! I aspire to be as half as organised. Thanks sooo much for sharing. xo Mel

  • Always create a barrier between your trunk and the interior of your van or SUV by pulling over the heavy duty plastic cover because flying heavy objects can kill you or cause severe damages to your body or your car.

  • Words cannot describe how much I hate this woman

  • Here for the comments

  • You have the same exact umbrella as me

  • I feel like of I went anywhere near her, Id feel super un comfortable not wanting to mess something up.

  • hey id liek to know whats your mbti type?

  • Great videos. Maybe a deck of cards, duct tape instead of blue tape

  • Please translation hindi language

  • everything you have is "just incase"

  • "hey, can i lend a rope?" "yeah sure, it's in the trunk"

  • i though she would label her car with a label that says "car" so its accesible and easy to find

  • Stop re explaining the same thing and keep it moving good lord that gets on my nerves so bad.

  • If I hear the Ukulele/Glockenspeil music one more time! Lol!,

  • What kind of vehicle is this

  • I have lived in Maine and in the South. In Maine, most things will freeze in the winter. In the south, most things will melt or expire from the heat. I would love to see a purse organization video.

  • Wooooow....where who needs all this for the car!??!? Where do u put groceries??

  • When are you making video's on US-tv again? Please soon! I miss them!! Kind regards, Monique le.

  • I don't even have a car, but it's Alejandra, so whatever!

  • My 👧and I love your ideas! Ty😘

  • Thank u for this video. It give me some ideas!

  • i don't even have a car. or a license.

  • I don't even have a car I just like watching these lol

  • Glad to see you keeping most of your items in compartments. Remember people; when the car comes to a sudden stop, unsecured objects inside the car will continue moving at the same speed. Everyday harmless objects can quickly turn into deadly projectiles when their weight increases about 50 times. There’s people who have been killed by their own groceries in crashes that otherwise is considered non-fatal. This also applies to people without seat belts and unsecured dogs. If a crash occurs at 50 kilometers per hour (around 32 miles per hour), an eight kilogram dog (approximately 18 pounds) can strike front seat passengers with a weight of up to 400 kilograms (approximately 882 pounds) If you double that speed, the amount of kinetic energy quadruples, making the same dog around 1600 kilograms (approximately 3528 pounds) Needless to say, your body is not built to survive impacts like that…

  • Awesome tips ..Thanks ..Take cake.

  • Thank you for the hammer suggestion; I have an extra hammer at home, I think I'll put it in my car glove box in case of emergency.

  • I laughed so hard when she held her couponing binder, and said, “it’s so organized.” Lady your world is organized. I’m trying to get there again.

  • Great video! Very helpful for an outside sales woman!

  • Our car looks quite the same regarding organisation. Also we add a blanket in the winter and a pack of single-use gloves for the gas station or in case you have to touch something gross, corrosive or greasy at your car.

  • Seems like severe ocd. I hope you seek help

  • You are so very organized! You amaze me. When you and your husband have children I’d love to see organization vids. I was always so organized when my babies were little, but I’m sure you’d have me beat!

  • She looks like she could be 18 or 30 😬😍❤️

  • Alejandra, tudah rbah (thank you very much). Your kindness and generous being has helped my life. And I am showing my son your tips on organization for your condo living, as he is purchasing a condo currently and asked me to help him organize. Yah blesses you and gives you shalom and His countenance shines upon your face. Before I leave, I will share that which I am trained in, which is the Kingdom of the Creator. The Name of the Creator is Hayah asher Hayah, which means two things. 1) It is His Name Hayah sandwiching the word "asher," which means "blessed." 2) It also means Hayah, His Name, asher meaning also "which is," and Hayah, which along with His Name this means "was." So He is saying Hayah, which is, was--this means Hayah, Who is now and was in the beginning. The second thing I want to share is this: we are to do the 7 appointed times, as written in Leviticus/Wayyiqra 23, but no more animal sacrifices, following the sacrifice of the Messiah. Have an awesome (in Hebrew awesome=MGYNB MAUD) Shabbat (SHBT).

  • How can u use that fuzzy duster thing while pumping gas?

  • This girl needs an actual life

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  • My car is way more organized , that middle console gives me anxiety. 👎 your cupholder is for cups, not for other shit.

  • How is this helping me organize

  • Alejandra are you left handed , please reply if you are because im left handed

    • Samantha Merlia yes. She clearly says it in the video.

  • her face is the type of face people would wanna punch so bad

  • So u only get 4 class voss water bottles

  • Diggin it. Love how you do everything. Suggestion... replaced the painters tape with duct tape; duct tape is tons more versatile.

  • I would highly recommend a bigger first aid kit. In the event of a car accident or tending to an injured pedestrian or a snake bite, that first aid kit won't help!

  • you talk way too much when explaining one item lmao

  • Whilst I too love to have every " just in case" in my car you need to be very careful what you leave in there. Medication is a big no no it changes the consistency of the medication and can be harmful, hand sanitizer can actually explode at a particular temperature (as a mobile nurse I learned this the messy hard way)

  • I'm that one organized kid that loves to organized and clean

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    • Ø Zyloaa Ø no

  • By saying that there is (cent sign) 0.25, you are saying that you have a quarter of a cent. Instead, just put $0.25

  • You make want to change my whole lifestyle

  • 4 packs of tissues!!

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  • Maybe you wouldn't have to organize so much if you didn't have so much stuff..... ever notice that people in other countries don't have "organizing issues"? People above the poverty line in the US have too much space, disposable income and are too influenced by the media about what they "need". It literally keeps you distracted buying things and then buying more things to organize your things and then upgrading to an even more massive house and property to house those things. And that keeps everyone busy so no one has time to look around and see all the inequity and injustice in this country. Everyone minding their own business color coding their file boxes....

  • Yesterday:I think that I will show my mom this and get her to get her car clean 1 Week later:I'm going to do this when I get my own car instead of my mom doing it. 30 years later:I ride a taxi

  • Hi Alejandra. great video. Do you have any recommendations for organizing the trunk and prevent stuff from flying around in the trunk? thanks

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