Can You Dry-Age a Steak In Only 3 Days? - You Can Do This!

Published on Mar 21, 2018
Dry-aging makes a steak taste delicious, but it is a very slow and very expensive process. The good news is there may be a way to do it with fish sauce and something called an umami bomb. Check out this weeks episode of You Can Do This! to see if it's possible to speed up the dry-aging process, the results might surprise you!
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  • What? No taste testers invited?? Smh

  • But couldn’t the seasons that would be added change night and day different? I would add salt and pepper to all.

  • Oh my gosh! We are cooking this steak!! Wow! That’s awesome!

  • I took the 3-dayer out and tapped it dry with a paper towel and left it open in the fridge from the morning for a few hours on a thick napkin, drawing more liquid out of it. Then flipped over, placing on a fresh napkin drawing liquid out the other side until dinner for about the same time. Had no fishy crust or smell, tasted delicious, needed only dash of salt and pepper before hitting the pan

  • What about if you would have let them sit in salt for a few hours THEN did the fish sauce. The salt for tenderness and the fish sauce for taste.

  • OK I'm going to help all you American's out with something here, its pronounced Wuh - ster sauce not Wor - chester nor Wor - chestershire, Wuh - Ster sauce.....thank you

  • I like this host. Unpretentious.

  • Watch law and order criminal intent season 6 episode 10 you play Bob. I was like. Shook. Lil actor :)

  • What about the food networks play of “aging” over night with blue cheese on the top and the bottom of the steak wrap in cheese cloth

  • beef bugogi

  • Cooking steak in a white shirt... Cooking steak in a white shirt.

  • The Fish Sauce, even for just a few hrs, works amazingly well. Really delicious results. Red Boat Salt... Oh man!

  • not really dry aging... theres no mold.

  • Who told you to put the balm on?

  • cringed so bad at his pronounciation of worcestershire

  • When he said fish sauce, I looked for my mouse so I could quickly stop & escape from this video...

  • What kind of fish sauce. As a person familiar with vietnamese cuisine, different brands of fish sauce can taste vastly different

  • Blind test or gtfo.

  • I need more video like this with Cliff in em’, his reaction and the way he does thing just seems so interesting and I don’t know why

  • I know you didn't season it, but does it have any in it with the 3 day? Recommend salt and pepper before cooking?

  • cast iron.

  • Fish sauce is literally the same process with dry aging steak. That's why it tastes similar :)

  • This dude is awesome. How am I just now finding this channel?

  • please explain what is similar between DRY aged and plastic bag in fridge? I did not get this video at all..

  • Dude, say SOMETHING descriptive about it? Goodness gracious

  • you're not jack black

  • The AGE old question.... Pun intended

  • So you use a dry aged steak at start? Or a normal steak?

  • Its raw wtf

  • Post more Clifford!

  • I'm glad you're still doing videos Cliff! You make cooking fun! Don't leave us!

  • Lol, go to Thai restaurants and order a Crying Tiger.

  • Why not try aging the stake your self using umami dry?

  • fish sauce with rice and chinese sausage

  • No.... Just no....

  • Here's a thought... Can you try the fish sauce recipe again, however put kosher salt on it prior to doing that and let it sit out on the counter to draw out some of the liquid first.

  • He's dead isn't he? Just tell us so we can mourn. We're just stuck in limbo not knowing if he's ok or not.

  • You'd get MORE drying by just hanging the steak in a fridge UNCOVERED for 3 days..... lol.... This vid is GARBAGE!!

  • What about applying to a 25 day dry aged when you can't afford 45+ days

  • Brad Leone doesn't appreciate you dissin the Koji method.

  • Try soaking the steak in a bag full of 1/2 reduced beef stock with about a 1/4 teaspoon of curing salt. I think I might be a genius.

  • By not salting each steak you've biased the test towards the fish sauce aged steaks. Salt is a flavor enhancer and fish sauce definitely has it. Salting each steak equalizes this. The fish sauce steak would still win, but the difference is smaller.

  • God Damn I love your videos man. Never Change

  • Gotta say Clifford...these videos are getting a lot better. Keep it up dude!

  • When Eater™ focuses on the food, with the presenter knowing his / her stuff, its the go-to channel. Anything else is rubbish.


  • very interesting, I don't have fish sauce at home but I'm definitely going to buy some now and try this out!

  • Thanks you is the best!

  • Where do y'all even get the steak you use, or how can you even find this quality of steak?

    • Fred W. Ramlow from the butcher in your neighborhood?

  • It would've been better if you used "just raw sauce, no ketchup".