Can McDonald's Become Fine Dining? | The Happy Meal

Published on Sep 8, 2018
Try Guy Keith takes on the challenge of creating a gourmet dish out of a McDonald’s Happy meal. Will the Judges think it is gourmet, or will Keith just create garbage? #TryGuys #GourmetGarbage
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  • Good idea poor execution. Make Eugene do it.

  • Daddy w the curls :)

  • Keith is serving cool stay at home dad vibes

  • when he said done an beef ad popped up lol


  • The judges did Keith sooo wronggg

  • Keith ahhah You had a lost opportunity you could have made the apple pie filling with the apple pie hahah

  • ok so lewberger follows me on ig and idk how to react

  • More.

  • Your funniness makes you really cute to me lol ❤

  • no. pickles aren't relish, relish is pickle!!

  • @Keith 9:21 "da da" might be considered to be a 2/5, but in another way it is a reference to high class art as in "Dadaism" So really, it should a 5/5

  • *Uses a Big Mac to create his food* “It’s tastes kind of exactly like a Big Mac” WOW. Really???

  • If da in Russian means yes they just said yes the whole time which means they like it haha loop holes.

  • can we get more gourmet garbage

  • 12:14 he makes everyone look so short

  • 3:59 patriot fans are quaking

  • Good job Keith.

  • I meant 13:26 her face though

  • 13:53 er face though

  • I think next time you guys do this you should be allowed to use ingredients that are outside of the starting product so that the end product can taste different.

  • Lmfao Step 7

  • Naturally, Zach gives at least one more da than he would actually give bc they are best friends

  • I'm not even kidding. I got a McDonald's ad during this. I'm not fucking joking. I swear

  • Keith. Where's the lamb sauce? You missed the *lAmB sAucE*

  • I have to say, Keith has pretty good knife skills for someone who says that he can't cook.

  • I kinda want all my food arriving by turtle now.

  • 6:03 - 6:12 ive heard that background music somewhere......

  • Dadadada dampanada🎶🎶🎶

  • zach is the only real one

  • Catsup?

  • That Alex guy was kind of an entitled douche .

  • Be


  • oh dang alex is hot...

  • In the “Eats Everything” episode on KFC, the Chicken Little Sandwich was apparently the worst of the sandwiches, and seemingly the whole menu. You should try doing this concept with that.

  • I am dumb excited for this series. I think Keith did an amazing job with what he had. However I do think he will continue to lose points on Flavor if he is only allowed to use ingredients from the fast food restaurant

  • It's all McDonald's shit. Of course it's gonna taste like McDonald's 😂

  • As a McDonald's employee this is halraious

  • How is it supposed to taste different if you have the same ingredients

  • keith u look cute today

  • Yes you're cute today, you're always cute Keith

  • Keith is my favorite try guy. I like Eugene more for different reasons... As a try guy, I prefer Keith. I love them all aaaaaalmost equally, though.

  • 13:33

  • Please bring this back!!

  • I got a MCDonalds add before this

  • It’s worse 😭

  • Is no one talking about the weird photoshopped eyes and mouth for that split second on Keith's face at the end?

  • Alex has to be on here more!!! He’s hilarious

  • Zach - The Kindest Kid In Class Jessica - The Perfectionist A+ Kid Alex - The Salty Kid

  • 0:12 is terrifying

  • New McDumpanada!! ------------- NOW ONLY $199.99 Limited Time Offer! Out Of Stock Tomorrow!

  • The turtles

  • Wtf it’s definitely Ba ba

  • *keith has joined the chat* *famous chefs have left the chat*

  • why did i actually get a mcdonald’s ad??

  • Who TF is this Alex person? I actually kind of hate him.....

  • Fun Fact : The Happy Meal was made in Guatemala by Yolanda Fernandez and in spanish its call " La Cajita Feliz" Im Guatemalan......

  • this reminds me of HigaTV's "Cooking But Not Really" AHHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Before the vid started, I swear I got a McDonalds ad 😂

  • That alex guy is annoying

  • yes Keith you look pretty in the apron

  • It’s bloody raw

  • More of this

  • -Hûñgér hâś êñtērêd thē čhât-

  • Catsup

  • please do this with more fast food places

  • “It’s always gonna be weird if you encase it in floppy bread” 😂😂 “Da Da D-“ 😂😂

  • You do look super cute in the apron Keith!

  • When the Try Guys serve a meal better than the White House (we're talking food stuff here, laugh a little)

  • Wait why is ketchup spelled Catsup? 3:08

  • Cashier at McDonalds: May i take your order? Me: (at McDonalds after watching this video) i would like 8 McDumparitos please

  • Scooby got waves

  • Pause at 6:50 You are welcome.

  • Honestly, I thought the creativity Keith had was impressive!

  • Take the fries and just 'fuck em up' lol!

  • Take the meat, pickles, onions, and ketchup to make a nice meatloaf. Cut the bun into tiny pieces and roast them, then add to top of meat loaf. For a desert, take the apple slices and carmalize them using the syrup, sugar packets, apple juice, and Carmel. (Ask for a side of it). Then present the apples with the Carmel as a desert. Also, you can use the fry oil to add to the meatloaf. Bam. 😂 I work at McDonalds. I bet this would work 10/10😂😂💯

  • You could have put some of the McDonald’s caramel sauce on it. They serve a small packet with the apples

  • *gives keith ingredients from mcdonalds* *Judges: "Fuck you, it tastes like mcdonalds!"*

  • 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟 Dumpanada

  • As he was saying that it smelt like a jolly rancher I was sticking a green jolly rancher in my mouth

  • I'm lovin' it

  • I’m hungry now

  • Laughed too hard 😂😆😂

  • I don’t like the girl



  • Keith is the one person bringing me a lot of joy in this time of darkness. God bless you Keith!💖

  • Eugene should be a judge

  • аге уоц окау?

  • That judge on the left just comes off and a douche

  • How did this video not go viral?

  • This made me so unbelievably hungry

  • I thought a pickle was a cucumber

  • Its pa pa pa pa pa

  • Isn’t that just a pierogi?

  • did anyone else notice that all of the turtles went to Zach?

  • D U M P A N A D A 🤣🤣🥟

  • More Gourmet Garbage!!!!

  • *Donald Trump has joined the chat*