Can Freezing Your Body Make You Live Forever?

Published on Jan 2, 2017
You might've heard stories about people wanting to freeze their dying bodies until a time when they can be cured of illness. Why isn't this possible yet?

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  • Steve Rogers has joined the chat

  • Would it make a good video about how water freezes and how ice (or anything) is slippery?

  • sees video, *Walt disney comes to mind* (click)

  • It's impossible a normal human and normal objects on earth could possibly bring anyone to life but if the person or thing was inhuman and had some kinda power... It might bring someone to life

  • I have one question if someone froze themselves Will they age?

  • Tell that the Captain America.

  • Well, could someone live forever, if they were given a continuous blood supply with nutrients and oxygen?

  • I hope there's no zombies in future

  • Lol MST3K!

  • Sdffrkfokokowekfpoesjpifdsjrife

  • I believe we will find a way to do this but we shouldn't play God and to the people that will comment and say god is not real. I will believe what I was raised on.

  • Are you talking about hibernation?

  • Revive me cause I have a scar and a chug jug *gets revived* HA YOU AIN'T GETTING SHI -tachdilkuyrbl diasdficulltiss-

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  • #littlechilli

  • 2019?

  • here from diary and a wimpy kid.

  • 1:23 Vitrification sounded like Winter Vacation

  • How u res pawn in the real life

  • Ok i will freeze myself until smash ultimate relises

  • Blacko you can be deleted from the internet so you can still die

  • Here from diary of a wimpy kid

  • Bruh.


  • In America they stopped 2 people's heart wich are 60 and 50 have got put in a freezer for 💯 years 😱😱😱

  • You havidud

  • Ramic

  • The Jumping Sheep Made My Day

  • Did someone say CHILI? (Bursts through screen) Blocko PLZ I NEED ITTT

  • Does that mean that jack(the titanic boy)can be brought back to life or no?I WANNA KNOW PLZ PEOPLE

  • DSe😆😆😆

  • How do u know all of THIS

  • So will their memories be normal Cuz u will lost memory over a time

  • I have 1 thing to say. Halo

  • Answer to video: *No*


  • I wonder what Blocko's Google searches are 😮

  • Intro was different

  • People must not do it there are lots of disasters gonna happen in future At least 2100 and disasters gonna happen

  • I’ll take that chili And everybody get your Star Wars costumes we’re gonna freeze ourselves in Carbonate :D

  • They can revive everything even skeletons

  • just wish it will not became a zombie. just like the zombie movie I watch ...... just saying

  • I would probably be better of transferring consciousness into a computer then to be frozen for a couple hundred years

  • Good bye I'm going to the year 3000

  • No they shouldn't freeze themselves


  • I've got a kids ad on this video

  • 2 Words: Walt Disney (under Disneyland)

  • What’s cryonics?

  • I saw a video where a dead fish (not sure if it was dead) was placed in the ice water and it moved again after a couple of hours.

  • Who else wants to freeze themselves when they get old? No ... just crazy ol auntie who used to be a time traveler?

  • Lol chilly

  • Lol chilly

  • That one scientist moving his head left to right changes the way i see your videos

  • Bucky and Steve were able to do it. Well they are Super Soldiers.

  • Hey animator,I wanna just say what happens when you get bit by a zombie? I just forgot what happens to you,I know that you will be a zombie,but I don't know when you before turn into a zombie

  • No

  • Yeah

  • Why you're so genius?

  • I don't think anyone can live on the internet forever cause some catastrophic event could destroy not only the entire planet but also the satellites that contain the data of the internet (idk where all the internet data is stored lol)

  • I don’t think we will ever be able to bring someone back to life because you can’t make God send their soul come back down from heaven. So my answer is no.

  • Read we are legion we are bob. It’s the same thing

  • But what if you freeze someone who is alive not dead into the future will that work you are basically not trying to bring them back to life cause already are alive

  • By the way who’s your animator

  • I have a suggestion to how we would bring humans back to life as long as they have died Becouse of age or some sicknesses first you kill the sickness if there is any second get oxgenatited blood then you find someway to make the heart beat so as long as your not brain dead or something we might be able to have you be alive

  • Yes

  • That part Where the animator shower the daisy of chilli When you Said i was gonna be a little chilly was so funny

  • I actually feel bad for you for living in the internet. Must’ve seen the weird side of it. I have too.

  • NO. i would not like to be in the future first if i wait about 200 years i will probably be in a zoo and second we could of moved to mars! by then or earth could of got hit by something. i am not taking any chances

  • If you die with a disease/virus then they freeze you. Will the disease or virus gone when they revive you?

  • I like the food chilly

  • No fallout 4 :(

  • So... we can be in “stasis mode” like TF Animated?!?

  • Welcome to life noggin

  • Bringing people back to life with Cryonics sounds a bit far-fetched. You can't bring a dead person back to life. However, do I believe the possibility of freezing a LIVE person may work? Yes. Yes I do.

  • Depends on if the Earth is still alive

  • Life noggin are you friends with TheOdd1sOut

  • I’m going to get Cryonics, because I’m scared of what happens after you dir

  • Suspended animation creeps me out a little Don't comment and say who cares cos I know no one does

  • port test subjects lol!

  • Legally dead? I don’t wanna know about dying _illegally._

  • Isn't there a way yet to revive? I ever heard a Dutch youtuber talking about doctors helping patient's hearts on its way again, or something like that

  • When im old and grey im going to be put in one so someday i can quit aging

  • Everyone in your “world “has no face

  • To be honest, it’s risky either way in my opinion.

  • Why wouldnt you? Maybe just wait a while.

  • Lol this could get a little "chili" XD 0:11

  • Cap. America :O

  • Tgey should have done tgat with dead albert Einstein atleast...

  • Starve

  • You will maybe start to death

  • just just put them in Maple maple syrup from a tree and then bam you just need to find a way a melted

  • Who would want to live in this filthy disgusting world? I can't wait for the new world to be built, so we Christians can live forever in a perfect, peaceful, BUSY life!

  • This is bob He has no friend 1 like 1 friend

  • I'm more into transhumanism

  • I found a secret they are not cubes have you seen The male scientist nodding his head no well when he was turning it I saw no points on his head and it was curvy so they’re not cute they lied😮😳🤭

  • I like how you break the 4rth wall by saying "Animator." That brings a good sense of humor into the video. Keep doing 4rth wall breaks!

  • Life noogin you forgot END OF SUPPORT

  • instead of freezing after death what about freezing cold hibernation!

  • Isn't it easier for the body to be frozen with the coldest thing in the universe? Cause I remember it being so cold it stops atoms.