Cammie & Kara YouNow 2/25/17

Published on Feb 27, 2017
camdenscott YouNow February 25, 2017
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  • Hello

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  • Yo wtf are you guys talking bout in the comments ... all this hate sounds like fan behavior. Stfu

  • I feel like Cammie is too beautiful for Kara...

  • I still love shancam , really I can't love kara and fletcher 🙄💔

  • Aww Kara is just so cute!! Well I'm happy if they are happy that's all that matters :)

  • i met them while working at my zumiez store in vegas.. lol

  • Cammie is beautiful

  • Well...Cammie is happy. I still miss ShaCam so much, but I just hope the best for them all you know...I want all of them be happy. Kara seems nice btw.

  • Cammie good luck with your life with Kara. I am hoping you will truly find happiness with her. In my heart though, I will always treasure Shannon genuinely and follow her in the near future.

  • The volume is so low :(

  • Does anyone know what did she say about ripple effect? There is just a part where she started talking about this :(

    • thank You so much!

    • Olivia13s she said that nothing is happening and then she said "I wouldn't hold your breath about it"

  • i like shannon and fletcher better but i'm super happy that cammie is happy with kara

  • Kara is beautiful and now with outvthe snapbacks she always wears you can actually see how beautiful she is and they are happy together you can see it

    • Charmain Pieterse kara is ugly , fletcher is less uglier than kara. haha

  • if anyone has the full younow pleaseee upload it because cammie replied to me a few times and i think i would die if i had the video

  • they look like sisters...

  • I love Cam's smile ⭐️she looks so happy.

  • Love them together

  • cute couple and fuck off haters :)

  • Can you upload the whole younow?

    • Sifi Dere I haven't watched the whole thing back but it's until the first time she tried to guest me from what I can tell

    • Paige M could you send it to me somehow because there is a part where she responded to me and I want to keep it forever hahaha

    • Sifi Dere the first like 40 mins are on my younow channel somehow! PaigeNM

  • I don't know what it is but I just don't find Kara appealing at all. I had to turn off.

    • Jerry T we really don't need your opinion. If you don't like her and her videos then don't watch them. Don't want to buy her jewellery then don't buy it. Don't like her blog don't read it. Cammie has helped so many people across the world and still does. If it wasn't fo Cammie I don't think I would be the person I am today. Cammie doesn't deserve the negativity in her life and she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do as a job. +cammiescott

    • How is Kara lazy? How is Shannon a liar, and how is Cam Noisy.

    • cassie Olls she doesnt need to do videos, she is a blogger sleep and travel,she sells the stupid expensive jewelry. She doesnt need youtube , she uses youtube as a tool to exploit fans. Her videos are boring and She will have to find a real job soon when her new lazy girlfriend will break up her. no worry. 😉

    • +IntheInternet Wetrust omg exactly what I think. She always tries to go for the sympathy vote now as well. Poor me. If someone gives her the slightest negative comment and I don't mean being unkind she will block them because unless you are kissing her arse then it's goodbye. I didn't get all this love for Kara at the beginning either. Just because she was dating Cammie. People know absolutely nothing about her and still don't.

    • +cassie Olls and if that's not enough she copied her last video from Shannon to try to seem 'real' i bet bcuz of the negative comments on her 2-3 videos before that and or amount of lost subscribers and if it's not that it's ofc to get attention and or sympathy which as i know her type desperately needs all the time

  • aw aw aww karmie ... love u

  • My OTP❤️

  • For me the video is really choppy and it skips a lot 😕🙁☹️

  • Can you upload Madison's younow from today please?

  • Sorry the recording got corrupted, this only video length i managed to save, its time to buy a new computer sorry