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Camila Cabello - Real Friends (Official Audio) ft. Swae Lee

Published on Aug 16, 2018
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  • Swae Lee 👑👑

  • Swae lee is fine 😍

  • sounds like Selena Gomez

  • Love u

  • This made 2018 better.

  • i love this kind of song. idk why people tend to appreciate unmeaningful lyrics found on many songs out there on the market full with curse or sexy lyrics just bcoz it is sang by big artist or rapper

  • Superb..... I luv dis song😍😍

  • Thought It was Louis Tomlinson singing 😂

  • I thought it was Selena first time I heard this song anyway, woah I love it♥

  • *No One notice For SWAE LEE*

  • Love this song

  • The best song ❤❤i really happy after i listen this songs🌷🌷🌷I am from Indonesia 😊

  • Swae is one of the greatest in this time 👑🙏 his voice is so beautiful 💯🔥

  • Sounds like Selena and Justin

  • I honestly liked the original version

  • Boop... I am ready, all in... i need my return on investment... :-)

  • Feelings

  • Love you Camila

  • ลงตัวจ้า

  • I heard this song for the first time today on the bus and I honestly thought it was Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

  • Camila lovers 😍 ♥

  • awesome song , i just made a piano cover for it can you tell me how is it ?!?! ^_^

  • Wow early Carly Rae!! AIR?

  • I have probably listened to this song like a billion trillion BILLION INFINITY times I LOVE it it is my LIFE who else?

  • i love this song i brazil

  • I invite you to discover Rita Lee Brown with SAFE!!😊

  • LOVE IT ❤❤❤❤❤one of my favorite songs

  • Estoy muerto

  • 1.25

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😘


  • For me.... 1. Havana 2. Real Friends. 3. Never be the same

  • *Officially the most relatable song of all time*

  • Hm... Ur the person that made we popular at school... U sang my name... { Havana }

  • Swae Lee > Camila Cabello

  • LOVE this song who else?

  • Listening to this song when your alone at home on a Friday night eating junk food on your couch is very depressing...

  • 🍇

  • Camren 💙 uh still lv Lauren ❤️♥️💞🌜🌞

  • did you notice that in fifth (fourth) harmony there are four members and in the video there are four monsters :v

  • Essa musica e maravilhosa parabéns!!

  • Swae lee is everywhere wtf?!

  • when music is relatable

  • I love this song because it is so relatable to me ⎝T▾T⎠

  • It sounds like Honey by Kehlani.

  • I love Camila's music, i was gonna request a music video, but seeing her insta stories, i dont want her to anymore, cause now shes with her family and having fun so it's nice that she's not working for a while

  • I wish swae Lee wasn't in this, his horrendous auto-tune ruins the song

  • Why Does She Sound Like Selena Gomez?

  • I love this song!!!! * ^-^ *

  • Love you much from India 💛

  • I dOnT NeEd FrIendS ThEY dISSapiont mE

  • Swae Lee ruined this song.

  • This artwork looks like it could be a children's book, I'd love to read it. It could be about fake friends revealing their true selves as monsters.👹

  • amo esta música

  • Nice song but autotune ruined it all.

  • There's 4 monsters..... do u think what am i thinking???.... Oh NVM

  • I love yue

  • R Re Rea Real Real F Real Fr Real Fri Real Frie Real Frien Real Friend Real Friends Real Friends 💛 Real Friends Real Friend Real Frien Real Frie Real Fri Real Fr Real F Real Rea Re R

  • Aowsom !! ❤💕💘💓

  • la amo

  • My Real Friends are Me, Myself and I :)


  • idk if im reaching but the elephant chasing them has 5 trunks and camila was in FIFTH harmony so thats gotta be like....symbolism for something

  • Auto tune ruined the song

  • Vous pouvez aussi écouter Rita Lee Brown dans son single SAFE, vous serez tout simplement transporter ailleurs

  • Low-key Selena gomez ft Charlie puth lol love you Camila amazing song

  • Nice song

  • *Swae Lee* *Chill Lï™*

  • I prefer the version without Swae Lee

  • I LOVE IT!

  • This music is very beautiful !

  • Eu amo essa música, não só essa todas são um Hino❤

  • Nice collab💖

  • Am i the only one here who thinks that this song is meant for fifth harmony?

  • Meu nome é Isabella amo muito essa musica

  • Camila Cabello - Real Friends (Audio) ft. Robot Lee xd

  • This version is sooooooooo lit

  • This song is so good and her voice is amazing! 2 many fake friends in this world. Preach every word 🙌

  • anitta e camila vai malandras

  • Came for swae lee

  • No friends i'll be your friend

  • Fri *end* Boyfri *end* Girlfri *end* Best Fri *end* *They all end in end.* But fam *ily* ends in *I Love You* . It doesn't end. :)

  • Camila o meu coração da uma dor de amor quando eu ouvi essa música amo ela

  • Camila vc falou no show com minha tia ela parece vc tudo o que vc faz ela também faz

  • I can relate so much... love you camilla 🖤

  • Camila is the best!!!

  • I thank Spotify for bringing me here😂

  • Camila Cabello 👍👍👍

  • This is my new jam

  • I knew camila would be making hits by the time she was in X factor

  • I'm literally leaving

  • why his voice so nice ah?? i want to be like him la..can i? #bigfans!!

  • Damn her voice still maintain even at concert hmm . I'm big fans !

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  • Me salió un anuncio de Camila Cabello

  • that sounds like Justin Bieber😂😂😍1:45 L

  • Camila: real friends Joel Adams:fake friends

  • Anitta

  • can't lie. i love the original version more than this one ❤

  • So good 😭