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Camila Cabello - Real Friends (Official Audio) ft. Swae Lee

Published on Aug 16, 2018
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Twitter: @camila_cabello
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Facebook: @97camilacabello

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  • anyone else in 2019???!!!

  • OOf in the feels, this song is deep.

  • c ca cam cami camil camila camila c camila ca camila cab camila cabe camila cabel camila cabell camila cabello :3 camila cabell camil cabel camila cabe camila cab camila ca camila c camila camil cami cam ca c

  • My real imaginary friend have to be Camila Cabello!! Who else??

  • doesnt swae lee sound like justin beaver?

  • this deserves more views gosh

  • I feel so bad please i need some help..

  • When i hear this it always make me cry HAHAHA!! I ♥LUV♥ U CAMILA!!!😘😢😍

  • swae and camila had collab

  • 2019 ?

  • Who else are in their feelings when you hear this song? This is relatable. Im just looking for some real friends all they ever do is let me down.

  • 💪💪💪💪💪 real friends all 2019N beyond.

  • This is the most relatable song I've ever heard

  • Awn 😍😫

  • Swae Lee Forever🔥⛈


  • this song sux YIKES

  • I’m crying right now listening to this song😭😭 I relate so much It has been one year since the release of Camila!!!!! Anyways remember when Camila said “hope to see you guys on my journey”Camila even though you won’t see this I just wanted to say I am sooooo proud of you and this body of art you made this album changed my life and I will never forget the day I saw you live💕💕💕it was the best night I will ever experience you mean so much to us!!! Everything you do has an impact on us and I will always support you,and the camilizers will always have you back. We love you can we can wait to start the next journey💕💕💕 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 #CC2 here we come

  • Am I the only one here

  • Te amo Camila

  • All I want is real friends...

  • This is my favourite song!

  • Sway Lee is the besttttttt👌🏻💕😜

  • how is this shit not huge tho


  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Whoever swae lee is he ruined this song

  • I like real friends

  • I want sing whit. Cammila

  • Same Camila!!! The Bitch I trusted for so long decided to use my idea for her benefit and now she’s out there getting all the praise for it, and I’m here crying 😭 and regretting being born. Kids, don’t trust anyone in this world!!!

  • I want to make some real friends My Instagram name is critiqued_diplomat_

  • 027.271

  • Just found this fire track by Camila and Travi$ $cott

  • This is actually how I feel about life right now.......

  • 2019?

  • I need real friends 😢

  • deixe-me ser seu amigo? :3 (;-;)

  • 😭😍😭

  • i love you camila

  • I’ll be Camila Real friend 💛

  • Algum br?

  • Camila Cabello - Real Friends (Official Audio) ft. Swae Lee

  • i thought that i can trust you nevermind

  • Reminds me of jace .

  • 2019?

  • I love you Camila Cabello

  • Im here only for swae lee

  • Swae Lee is so underrated!!

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • the song speaks to me, people in college that were my friends but in the end they blew me off and treated me like a I was a trouble maker(I wasn't). I will never go back to college again!!!!!!!!! a lot of People there are backwards and gamer assholes!!!!!

  • Who is listening on 31 dec 2018 ?

  • *Real Friends!!~~* 💟💟💟 ¶ < ¶

  • What is the genre of this music?

  • Am here to listen more songs by her because I only have one song by her downloaded 😅

  • POGu

  • i wanna be real friends with uuu camilaaa

  • The original is much better. This remix is no different from a turd

  • You

  • Ugh... the auto tune in Swae Lee's voice

  • This song is for Fifth Harmony shady moment to Camila Cabello

  • This is why I am never going to be disappointed at Camila Cabello...

  • It's so true it hurts.😓

  • 2019 anyoneee

  • I want some real friend like camila❤️

  • Music video please 🤗

  • Still waiting for a music video 😒

  • You ain’t nothing but a FAKE FRIEND!

  • I love Swae and the fact that he started making songs not containing bitches and drugs ❤️

  • I love this song

  • Cooler Song.😄😍👍👍

  • Worlds best male voice and best female voice on the same song 😍

  • There needs to be a music video for this😍...

  • Hit or miss

  • Camila this is fantastic!

  • Beautiful.

  • "Camila" is our friend.

  • Wow it's so good music.hy I from indonesia

  • Es realmente beutiful

  • Qué hermosa canción. Para las vacaciones

  • but why does she sound like selena gomez in this

  • Anyone December 2018? 👇 👇 👇

  • swae lee is so hot right now....

  • All of those haters y’all are fake to ur self and everyone else u let inside when ur actually hurting inside and don’t want to admit it

  • Why wasn’t this trending this so true I love ❤️ this song where was I? I was living under a rock this whole time


  • I can relate to this song so much, it is sad

  • You

  • thought this was selena

  • Swae lee❤️

  • *eu quero brigadeiroooooooooo*

  • Thanks for cheering me up because my friends turned out to be fake they used me

  • this is awesome

  • Seems like Camila got her wish

  • *The first time I listen to this song, I am pretty sure Camilla will be the queen of England.*

  • Amo essa musica

  • another feature swae lee stole by feature who next beyonce


  • Check out this song's bass boosted version on my channel. And if it's good then drop a like and subscribe :) Also tell me my weak points I can improve

  • Remember when Camilla said she wants to collab with swae lee 👀

  • TOO MUCH MELODIES I cant handle it😍💐