Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

Published on Apr 13, 2018
We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!
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  • I wish Maggie won

  • Cake decorating is literally my full time job... and I honestly prefer maggie's design any day. Drip cakes are so way overrated that thanos just needs to destroy them to achieve the balance he so desperately desires.

  • I have prom today :D

  • I hate that Maggie didn't win :( I hate to see her looking at that throphy so Sad ☹☹☹ But Maggie you get my vote and you win our hearts!! We need more of this kind of videos thoo...

  • Always always the cake experience decorator always win why

  • I LIKE THE ARTIST BETTER oops that was in caps

  • maggie is the cake decorator right? 😉

  • I feel bad for Maggie:(

  • Sugar

  • soooooooooooooooooo predictable but fun anyway

  • Slime at 3:49

  • Slime 2:48

  • Can u make a cake artist and artist making a peace of art so a cake artist sees how it really feels like (no hate)


  • Now do a Cake decorator Vs. Artist, but instead of a cake, do an art challenge.

  • "These are really knockin my socks off" 😂

  • Oh maggie ! I REMEMBA YOU

  • Maggie's drawing 's are "CUTE"

  • Do cake decorator vs cosplayer! Cuz we know how to make props maybe like cake...?

  • Maggie won like for me because she made it more like prom like with the coke can

  • Maggie is so cute

  • i think its better to create disney princesses as a cake.

  • MAGGIE I loved his cakes but I think you should have won

  • Maggie should be a baker

  • Art Contest, maybe painting? With an Artist v Cake decorator!

  • I feel like Maggie should have won cause ovesley a cake decorator is gonna win I hope Maggie wins something I feel bad for her she so sweet and kind 😳😢👌

  • *has no idea what prom is

  • Can the artist:mini cakes draw me something

  • Maggie is so polite and friendly!

  • Pls do a princesses

  • Maggie is so sweet

  • Hello

  • I preffer rays as it reminds me of unicorns

  • Guy: Oh I hate the way I said that please don't put it in the video. Me: HA it's in he video

  • I wish they would show them eating the cakes

  • Wow this channel has more fans then Jake paul

  • The guy was sweet to give tips

  • I thing the cola wins for me i love it and my brother loves cola s’ and I think 🤔 hi will pick the cola

  • I like how they don’t have a time limit

  • I love maggie

  • maca RONS

  • Song at 4:12 is from that one show on mnet with eli from ukiss 😂

  • Why does the cake decorator always win? Should be a artist for once have some respect.

  • I love Maggie so much! I read her books and learn from her drawings, she’s an amazing artist and cake artist even tho she thinks she’s not that good she’s amazing!

  • Magie

  • Hey guys! We're drinking Prom at prom! Wow modern peeps

  • Maggie's cake was so unique! I love Maggie because of her ideas, they surprise me

  • I feel like ray is kinder than bree from the last video about artist vs cake decorater

  • WaIT iS ThAT ALiX I sEe

  • *S O T A S T Y*

  • They are so sweets to each other I want to watch another video with them init😁😁

  • Whoever picks the themes for these, can go to hell.

  • i like this one more than the last one!!!

  • Yus the last judge is from buzzfeed unsolved and he is hilarious.

  • Ray was so much more polite than Bree to Maggie, and even gave her tips. I liked this video a lot more.

  • comparing with Bree ray is very good at working also the helping also

  • At 2:22 I thought he was smoothing with his phone

  • Can the man bake me a cake for my b-day?

  • what's prom

  • Is there any other videos maggie is in? She is so adorable! ^-^

  • The sexual tension between these two at the end is insane.

  • I love Maggie

  • 4:19 that’s so me😂

  • Maggie broke the rule of baking, no eating while you bake, lmao.

  • "No matter what happens..." Me: yeaaaaaasssss...??? "We'll still be friends." Me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  • More videos of Maggie please

  • Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  • Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  • Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  • I love maggie and her coke cans

  • I would have ate the cake

  • This is unfair, we already know that the cake decorator will win,because duh he's a "C.A.K.E D.E.C.O.R.A.T.O.R" 😑 But I'm still glad that Maggie is such a good friend.... She has a pure heart... Uwu!!~😍💜 I like how she wanted to have more friends~💕

  • Of course the cake decorator will win.

  • I like both I like how Ray put the Moon on it and I like how Maggie decorate it as a coke can

  • I have no idea why but she sounds a lot like Gidget from secret life of pets ;-;

  • Honestly I loved both of the cakes, but the coke can was my favorite

  • I think the coke cans should of won because the other ones lowkey looked like wedding cakes but still supahh dupahh cool.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coke cans

  • Maggie is so cute oh my gosh. I just want to give her a hug.

  • I forgot this was a buzz feed video until Shane showed up

  • Does maggie have any social media lol?

  • If you watched the last video she lost by one point the same thing happened here

  • I won

  • Brush the flour off you fodent before you put it on the cake

  • This one is better than the last one. This guy is nice while the girl in the last video that win ( Cake decorator vs artist ) is soo rude.

  • I think I found Maggie's art page

  • Ray is so sweet to her omg 😢😢😍😘

  • “Dirrty and naked”. Maggie 2018

  • I love maggie



  • I need more videos of Maggie decorating cake it so funny and I just want her to win once of twice

  • I'd make a tiny bouquet and put it on top

  • I prefer this video because Ray was actually helpful to Maggie

  • In her head she’s like imma come to your house and take that trophy 🏆.

  • She is very cute.....


  • Why does Maddie always lose😤

  • Dirty and Naked... This shows how dirty minded I am...

  • Love Maggieeee