Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

Published on Apr 14, 2018
We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!
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  • Ray:Where making an identical thing Maggie:hahaha 😅

  • _Maggie is so adorable, my poor heart

  • *_These are really knocking my socks off_*

  • In the future they should have guest judges who are more applicable to the theme

  • Maggie for surely won surprisingly.

  • I recognize this guy!!

  • Maggie cake is look like a cococola can

  • I love her illustrations 👌🏽 And they both have great workmanship 👍🏽

  • Maggie won in my opinion

  • Rays cake is like a Ramadan cake if some people know wheat I mean!

  • Ray who and Maggie who

  • Both s cakes look awesome 😄👌👍keep it up.

  • Wow they were so nice to each other I remember Bree was really um competitive

  • 3:49 why the heck does this remind me of slime

  • Who else just wanted to eat the cakes during the whole video ? 🙂😂😂🎂🍰

  • maggie always has an eyeliner which is so cutteee

  • Maggie wins our heart again..yaaay..

  • Anyone an artist here? No? only me, ok.....

  • Actually annoys me how American's pronounce fondant, although the guy said it okay 😂

  • Maggie is sooooooo cute!! 😝😝🙈

  • do more!!!

  • Maggie

  • Both of them are cuteee

  • Maggie😍😍😍

  • More Maggie please!~

  • Maggie’s hair is fuckin beautiful

  • I'm in year 6 (commented 8:50 AM on the 22 nd April 2018) and I'm gonna have an End-Of-Year-Six prom with my school and its gonna be AWSOME Edit:OMG IS THAT...waiiiiiit...LIFAY SAVIERS

  • Did anyone else get hungry while watching this video??? 😋😋😋Like if u did

  • Maggie's idea was so original and fun and cute!

  • 666 dislikes

  • this is why i just buy cakes from bakeries

  • Because teenagers like things that look like other things 😂😂😂 so true


  • I was the 666 dislike. I’m sorry, but it had to be done. Great video tho.

  • Well this is PROMising

  • That one solo that works together on fortnite that try to work so hard together because they dont know how to get each others username

  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💗

  • Why is the artist supposed to be better than the cake decorator at making cakes?

  • I think Maggie’s was more creative but I love both

  • Maggie never wins even though I think she should win every single one of these videos

  • Oh my god Ray's tiny cake is magnificent.

  • They should've added a US-tv poll so we could all vote too

  • Maggie won in my mind

  • I like the idea of coke, it was so cute, and original...Ray version looked like Twilight

  • Maggie makes my heart melt ❤️

  • Maggie is like me - continuously eating throughout decorating

  • I like Maggie’s cakes better for prom


  • Shane: I like it when people make cakes that look like something you shouldn't eat

  • Maggie

  • Who's mouth is watering 😍

  • I LOVE Maggie

  • *But if your a artist AND a cake decorator, Your in luck.*

  • Maggie - you're so talented. Your drawings make me want to hug my puppy.

  • Ray is so cool :0


  • I would’ve use One of the gummy‘s for the tab like she did

  • Why always difference 1 star Come on man

  • Pls make the video CD vs artist:drawing theme:cartoon!

  • She really did god if i was there i would vote on her becuase i liked how she did the cola but she putted prom and i really liked the gummies for like the thing for u can open and it was just rlly cute!

  • I'm sorry, but I think quite a few people drank coke at prom

  • My name is Maggie and I am studying to be an Artist, coincidence?

  • I'd be like so can we eat it now?

  • Wow they both cool

  • Can you do more of these baking competition videos

  • Wow, Maddies cake Is so creative & unique! Love it :)

  • Fortnight

  • Those cakes are really cool...but when i watched Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix.....That was on a whole new level



  • The real question is How did it taste?

  • naggie wants just friends no battleling XD me # relativle

  • Plz do more i love them

  • How fun! They should have given her a runner up prize!

  • Does anyone else ship Ray and Maggie?? :p

  • One day, Maggie! I believe in you!

  • I liked maggies more

  • I liked the artists better

  • I love these! Make more of these

  • They could’ve just made cupcakes...

  • Now do cake decorator vs artist do art

  • I vote Maggie! But they were both gorgeous!

  • Her cake look like coca cola in can not hating just sayinf lawl hahaha


  • “this is like Instagram-y, and I hate that I just said that, please don’t put that in the video,” as we watch as he says that in the video🍰

  • Maggie sounds like Ariana grande.


  • RAY ❤❤❤

  • I love Maggie's personally!

  • Dammit why do the cake artists always win!

  • Check Maggies Instagram: It’s my secret... or something like that idk


  • Hi

  • I wish i will eat them i love them With just this i subcribe

  • does anyone know if the cake deco have a instagram and whats it called


  • Ray definitely better than that last cake decorator lol

  • Maggie is so cute everytime I watch her in one of these videos she makes me laugh so much I wanna squish her cheeks

  • Maggie cake like coc but i like its cake

  • Should be BuzzFood