Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

Published on Apr 13, 2018
We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!
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  • 5:56 Alix From tasty!!♡♡

  • I love Maggie's she deserves to win it has a lot of creativity and it's very COOL

  • maggie

  • I need more dose of Maggie. Huhu

  • *Now. Cake decorator vs artist: actual paper drawings*

  • It looks like its a can of a coke

  • Maggie wins for me

  • Alix!!!


  • “This one seems more instagram.....NU PUT IN VID” Me: *ded*

  • the coke one was wayyyy better ! i want that cake at my prom most definitely!!!!!

  • Maggie lose in last video as well 😂

  • I also wanna do these types of challenges with Maggie.....can somebody tell how to do that

  • *i want a bree vs ray match please.*

  • Now have the artist draw something and the decorator has to make it into a cake.

  • 0:01 - 0:03 is a representation of me doing any work lmao

  • Does Maggie have any social media???

  • Is that alix?

  • The artists cake looks like a coke cans Edit:never mind I just watched the rest of the video

  • They should have made teenagers judge it 😁😁😁

  • Brilliant Idea!😁


  • Omg Ali's Traeger was there!!

  • I'm watching this a few months late and 5:52 she is from another series


  • For me i want Maggie's cake cuz its soo creative unlike to ray i always seeing that technique

  • The cake decorators always win because well they have a lot of practice

  • I think I saw a Chef from Tasty


  • This is kinda unfair bc a cake decorator ACTUALLY decorates cakes which like is the challenge so. It should be CHEF vs. ARTIST like not a BAKER but someone that just cooks food not desserts

  • anyone know where i can find maggies drawings and/or artist name?

  • Shane😂

  • Why there was alix from Tasty?

  • I HATE how Maggie is always 1 point off.

  • Omg Alix was judging

  • next is Cake Decorator vs Artist: Drawing

  • Doesn’t she play Romeo in “Romeo likes Juliet” their Instagram movie?!?!?!?! 🤔🤔🤔

  • Instagram-y

  • I loved Ray's so much!!😍😍

  • 1 you smell 2 your house is green 3 you’re trying to be naughty

  • 6:00 the girl from u bake I draw

  • 5:51 is that Alix ❤️

  • Alex ? On Buzz feed

  • The artists drawings are so depressing

  • Grange vidoe

  • One cake decorator vs cake decorator plz......

  • I love how Maggie is slowly eatinh her work

  • They should bring Rosanna Pansino and she would complete with a cake decorator

  • Alix!

  • I like the proom coke can cake better Wonder how it tastes😍😍😌

  • *98% talk about how nice Ray was to Maggie then in the last video* *while the 2% talk what he said to her*

  • Ray is way better than the last cake decorator because the other girl was really rude to Maggie lol

  • 5:00 the cake looks like Coca-Cola

  • More more more! I love these videos!!!❤️

  • Pls do more of these vid I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ them

  • To bad they put it in the video anyway! Ha ha ha

  • I loved coke way better

  • OMG its alix! ales? alix?

  • I think that both cakes belong at prom but the coke cans are better for both eating and prom wise


  • I want more videos like this

  • Me: (sees Shane) Shaneiacs unite!!!!!! Lol sorry I'm probably not spelling that right

  • Coke bottles DUHH

  • Make more videos like this please

  • Fondant is good in my opinion

  • Maggie is such a good sport😫😄

  • What I would have done would probably be a dress a red frilly Dress with fondant frills on the outside. I know my comment doesn’t really matter but anyway just to put it out there!

  • Ray was very kind to maggie and he gave her advices atleast he was not as rude as the last cake decorater(Bree).....

  • I love alex

  • Totally not in the video......

  • Am I the only one that's really bothered by the fact that they are not eating the cakes

  • I love Maggie’s cakes 🎂

  • Don’t watch this when your hungry

  • I have friends in grade 3 and they can draw as good as the artist

  • Maggie again!

  • Honestly I think Maggie won

  • Come on Maggie’s cakes were way better no offense

  • This one is definitely more entertaining as the cake decorater is polite and nicer. Now you just gotta add a "artist vs. cake decorator make a piece of art" segment

  • Isint Ray from Get Crafty Crafty?? (Yeah i know its kinda old!)😂😂😂

  • {\_/} (•~•) />🍰 Hmm, You want my cake? {\_/} ( •-•) 🍰🍰 Just kidding you can't have my cake. {\_/} ( - _ -) />🍰 But Just a bite! {\_/} (- _ -) 🍰

  • Now I want to make mini cakes!!

  • Maggie is the most cute girl in the world

  • Lmao you did much better this time, Maggie! It was actually close. Maybe you work better with a smaller medium.

  • Part 3: Architect vs Donut Decorator

  • 3:48sslliimmee!!

  • I swear Buzzfeedvideo is the same as Tasty Alix is from Tasty and Buzzfeedvideo

  • I like that hit is guy was a lot nicer than the other one. He was actually giving her advice and stuff,

  • I vote Maggie's cakes!


  • Can I just say that this looks beautiful at 4:34 cos it was two diff colours of backgrounds omt

  • All cake artist is rude........

  • Is it weird if I ship them?

  • "Now make one that is "cake decorater vs artist : drawing" Yes Turbat G I totally agree

  • I wold rathr pick the boy because he is a chaf

  • What bothered me most of all of you're a actual cake decorator or not you shouldn't be eatting while making the product becuase the saliva from your mouth will transfer to your hands to the ingredients so that's not sanitary that bothered me so much (maggie)

  • Aww Maggie lost AGAIn but i liked Maggie's idea of a prom cake better XD But I'm glad Ray is nicer than the last one

  • I bet for coke can design


  • "Please don’t put that in the video” *puts in video*

  • he said maccaran i cringed soo hard