Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

Published on Apr 13, 2018
We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!
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  • 5:54 omg its Alex from tasty

  • Ray looks so familiar

  • As Maggie don't have perfection but her ideas are great

  • I really like both of the cakes!

  • Unlike the other cake decorator in the other vid, Bree, Ray was not rude and he was a lot nicer and helped Maggie out

  • Make this a series plz

  • Omg the behind tasty lady was judging!♥️

  • I love fondont

  • Tbh I would rather have the coke inspired one for prom.

  • How bout the next video is Maggie vs bree in a art competition? Anyone loved this video and I hope everyone have a great day xox

  • “This is more Instagramy... please don’t put that in the video”

  • Artist should win Artist should always win T_ T so sad artist didn’t win

  • yo...

  • ALEEEEEX??????

  • Cab there pls be a part three

  • “I’m not use to working things so tiny” ....damn you’re lucky...

  • OMG ALEX!! (The last girl that choose ray) i like her so much🥰❤️

  • Soda cans?

  • 5:50 is that Alix from The tasty channel???



  • Can you do cake decorator v.s. cake decorator please pretty pretty please

  • is it bree from the last video

  • Alix!

  • 6:00 was that Alix from tasty

  • This cake decorator is more helpful then the last

  • Maggie's cake was better than Ray. It just didn't match the Theme

    • Mahirah Nawar Ye rays is more like a wedding cake rather then a prom theme

  • Me you get to eat them right?

  • 5:51 made me smile.. alix 😍

  • Maggie is so cuuuuttteee ❤

  • ALIX

  • 2:39 I think it's going in the Wright direction *makes worried face*

  • Does it annoy anyone else that she keeps licking her hands while handling food😷😷🤬

  • .

  • alixxxxxxx

  • The cake decorator in the last video was kind of selfish and bragging about her bakery a lot, but the cake decorator in this video ( Ray ) seemed nicer, also I think Maggie won but they were both amazing cakes


  • i like the coke better.


  • maggie is so sweet...

    • chinnumol Thomas Ye she is

  • Shaneeee

  • I LOVE Maggies!

  • Why not have youtubers decorate cakes.

  • Ll

  • Hh

  • Ray seems super nice. At least he's better that the cake decorator in the previous video. Honestly, I don't like that Maggie didn't win. SHE IS ADORABLE

  • Who came from the video with Bree and Maggie?

  • Oh, oh ok. Let make another challenge! Cake decorator vs artist in drawing and let's see if the cake decorator wins!!!

  • OMG! Its Alex! 😃

  • I feel like judge 4 looks a bit like Alix in the "I draw you cook" vid

  • So close I really wanted her to win


    • Gacha Liliac ikr I want the artist to win at least once or something like that

  • Ray is so much nicer than Bree in the other video

    • Yes, they are friends right now. So cute, isn't it?

  • The fourth judge was Alix.

  • ALIX!

  • 5:51 “idk who’s drinking coke at prom” lol so everyone’s wasted??

    • The Juicy Ninja wait don’t you drink coke at prom not that I am an expert

  • Ray was much nicer than Bree

  • so cool ! !

  • She pronounced it Fondont but I kinda love it😂♥️

  • She looks like she’s having a lot of fun

  • The girl voter i know her the one that had blonde hair and army green jacket shes a baker and cook on i draw you cook

  • she's so cute I am dying

  • This challenge is not fair and artist vs a cake artist


  • Ray's nicer than the cake decorater on the previous vid. That girl was R-U-D-E

  • The background makes it look like there in different rooms

  • Maggie is pretty creative. I would have loved the coke cakes. The difference between the two cake decorators is like heaven and earth... with Ray being Heaven I mean, He's just so nice.

  • Maggie:No matter what happens! Ray:We'll still be friends! I ship😤😍

  • Maggie:Dirty and naked~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • the red cakes look like a bunch of flashlights LOL

  • I loved how Maggie's justification was "teenagers like things that look like other things" and then later on at 6:00 "I like it when people make cakes that look like something you shouldn't eat" lmao. though I guess coke is edible, but i guess he means the cans aren't

  • "Being very british by being nice to each other" honey no we still the tea in our country


  • 5:59 Is she from I draw you cook?

  • I thought they were in to different rooms then they fived and I was like whaaaa

  • Ray is so nice and Maggie you lose by only 1 point Edit: That's good as your battling with a professional cake decorator

  • Alix omggggg 😀😀😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • The coke one is so good!

  • “We are being very British being nice to each other in this competition “ why do Americans always stereotype us English people

  • You should do artist vs cake decorator tries drawing


  • I think Maggie should of Won.

  • I like Maggie's cake better❤

  • The blond one is from i draw u cook and her name is alex i love her

  • I think 6:54 was Alix from the channel tasty

  • he was waaaay more nicer than the lady in the other video, 짱!

  • Me when I hear macaron 🤤

  • “Because teenagers like things that look like other things” As a teenager myself I can agree with this statement

  • His Way to good than the last cake decorator in the last vid

  • Alix ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alix I love tasty and Maggie is good and ray

  • WAIT...... Is that Alix from I draw You cook???????????????? I just now noticed that 😆😃😱🤔🧐😂🤣😇🤗

  • U should do the opposite like cake thingy does art or something

  • I love how Maggie just eats something in 4:19

  • This guy have quite good heart. Giving some tips to the artist.. the last one before are sucks

  • “Cause teenagers like things that look like other things” wow she knows us well,very specific I must say👌😂

  • i NEED to see a drawing competition maggie vs. the girl from the last cake decor video with maggie and the other girl

  • The artist looks like korean and she is cute

  • The artsist is so cute

  • I love how the girl is always eating her ingredients... 😂