Cade Foehner Sings "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Top 5 - American Idol 2018 on ABC

Published on May 14, 2018
Cade Foehner sings "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd for his Mother's Day Top 5 performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, will return to airwaves on SUNDAY, MARCH 11 at 8|7c, at its new home on ABC.
The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2017, as the Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering 23 cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, #TheNextIdol, cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.


  • Your performance still stirs so many emotions in me... It was Beautiful Cade

  • he shouldve won

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Butchered simple man

  • Yes I have such Precious Memories of you singing this At Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches Tx in Sept.

  • I now his mom she is a thevher

  • I love this song😍

  • He should duet with Chevel Shepard off the voice!

  • Going through or don't ain't matter. If American Idols establishment is stupid nothing can be done ....! THE FACT REMAINS HE IS AWESOME PLAIN SIMPLE AWESOME .......👏👏👍👍👍

  • GARBAGE!!!

  • And wow

  • Cade, there’s an unreleased Mark Knopfler’s song called I Think I Love You Too Much that would suit you perfectly. Do that one, mate!

  • Such a voice outstanding love to watch and hear him sing

  • Saw him perform this last night and have been obsessed since :) so freaking proud

  • Such A Sweet Angel of Music to come ALong in our day

  • i hope he does this one in 2 1/2 wks when see him in Nacogdoches TX at Banita Creek Hall

  • Hey Cade, Have you listened to scorpion? His voice would rock their songs!

  • God I love this song!!💖🤘❣❣ What a perfect song for Cade to cover and made me love it even more. I'm always hoping the contestants will sing songs I think would be perfect for their voices. This is one of those times. But the most surprising thing is hearing a song I've heard 100 times before and somebody like Cade manages to sing it like I've never heard!! Now I'm replaying it over and over with no desire to listen to the original. This group has SO much talent and have been writing their own songs from a very early age. Gabby is fantastic and has the drive and ambition to become a big star❤💙💙. Hey Cade, if you're taking requests I'd love to hear you sing "Broken Hearted Savior" by Big Head Todd and the Monsters.🤗 Check it out:)

  • Amazing vocals!!! Incredible talent!!! ✌🏻

  • You go Cade your a terrific artist keep going ,don't ever back down stay strong never quit

  • I love him so much

  • He should have won 😭

  • He should’ve won...

  • His Voice has come a long ways with IDOL

  • Lionel Richie seemed to really enjoy Card's music

  • I Love you Cade.. Can't wait to see you in this next year somewhere in Tx...

  • Shame on him for ruining such a good song

  • Jensen Ackles did it better 😏

  • hmmm...kool song...

  • So wanted for my youngest

  • Every time I go outside I see a cade sign I MEAN EVERYWHERE


  • get ready to hate.....but, What the hell are you all smoking? This dude is so below avg...nearly awful! I've been recording/producing for over 25 years and have seen ALL levels of talent . I'm sooooo sad to see that the bar has been lowered this much. Even worse, he crapped all over one of the most iconic songs ever!

  • I never tire of watching/listening to Cade perform.

  • Pure perfection! Love Cade's voice

  • Great! I'll be following your career young man! I love your stage presence, you are a born rock artist! You look the part too! Have you noticed how much you look like the guitar guru Brian Mayes from Queen? If he ever retires, you would be a shoe-in for his part! Rock on Cade, and good luck in your pursuit of fame!

  • It's really insane at least he deserved to b 1 of the finalists

  • It's really insane at least he deserved to b 1 of the finalists

  • Goosebomp time

  • I want him...sorry to my bf...

  • Cade didn´t need to win American Idol, he needed to be noticed and this was 100% acomplished. Get on tour Cade, we are all eager to buy tickets!!!!

  • This guy totally slaughtered this just can't pick the guitar....he can strum...but that's about it...

  • So wishing could see you on the Tour...One Day will soon I hope,,,Tour not close enough to the Beaumont, Tx area...

  • A beautiful Proud Mother you have Cade

  • Gorgeous! Love listening to your voice...

  • Congrats on reaching #4 on iTunes Top 100 Rock with new Breath Out single!!! And #64 for all singles! Vote for Cade to appear on Live with Kelly & Ryan May 29th! - you can vote as many times as you can! But Friday May 25 is the last day to vote Vote over and over again at

  • 😎👏🤘#1 #rockstar #cadefoehner

  • You're just about perfect, too bad American Idol is a rip-off and you didn't win!

  • This is the only person who will be anything from this group. He is a star.

  • This is my favourite song - in the world - and yes no one will do it like Ronnie Van Zant but love his rendition - very raw, very nice, probably up there with Sawyer Federicks


  • Love Maddie Poppe.... She definitely DESERVED TO WIN... But Cade Foehner made the SEASON. I watched because of him. Cade is OFF the CHART!!!!!!

  • Forget American Idol votes -- he's going to be a star.

  • very good to see good talent playing some old songs and doing it true to the original nature of the songs this shows getting good again

  • Good to see Cade on American Idol again tonight!!!!

  • This talent is top 1 .

  • THIS Dude is a Natural ROCKER.... Nothing Made Up about Cade Foehner... Now I'm waiting for his Album.. Just have Gabby sing on it... Would love to see a Duet...a Ballad!!!!

  • I definitely think him and Michael deserved to be in the top 3

  • Awesome! He did a great job on this song. I wish he could have made top 3.

  • He and Michael were the reason that I watched ♥

  • My two favorites didn’t make it through to the top three. Something is wrong. I mean last week Catie and now Cade and Michael. These two were always the two I was certain would make to the end. Not really caring who wins now. But Maddie was my third favorite. 😞

  • Bad song choice, should have chose something more complex. He he took it way too easy for a top 5 week.

  • This was ok. Not fantastic. Way way better versions of this out there

  • Nice voice but seems forced

  • Imagine being at some dive that has k as karaoke and your just having some beer and chatting with a buddy with the singing as the usual background music and then this comes on. And the conversation stops on the dime as you're like wtf!?

  • Katy Perry looks so much better with the long black hair. She needs to ditch the butch blonde look for good.

  • Perfect!

  • This is horrible...

  • Cade was by far the best on American Idol, not sure how he didn’t win. I guess Americans don’t know good music when they hear it!!

  • This song suits him SO PERFECTLY

  • Actually his best performance imo. Normally he's so out of tune but this was actually pretty decent.

  • This guy will never ever be famous, he is just ok

  • I live 15 minutes away from his hometown Shelbyville

  • I would so go to his concert!

  • This was one my favorites this whole competition, he is really unique!!!

  • I don't even watch this dumb show but my husband does and of all the people that have been on there Cade is the only one that I ever heard that got me to leave whatever I was doing and go back in the living room to watch.

  • To me he’s the winner 🎉

  • should have never went home

  • Oh he is amazing. I can’t wait for his album. America is nuts not to have voted him through.

  • Did not think he would win from the beginning. Not Rock N roll. Always the same type of people win. Guess I'm bias.

  • According to fans on Facebook Idol staff messed up bad and posted Gabby's # for Cade's vote. 'So apparently the numbers were wrong and ALOT of people voted for Gabby when they thought they were voting for Cade and that's probably why he didn't make top 3. I hope they fix this because he was my favorite from the beginning. His number was #8, but they put his number at #14 (which is Gabbys number) then they changed it. But a lot of people screenshoted the mess up first. They need to do a recount.' See the screenshot at:

  • He's awesome

  • This song was played at my brothers funeral ,he sang this all the time. I personally, Cade bawled the entire time. I know you dont know him, however, he was smiling down shining in you. Great job!

  • We have not seen the last of Cade. He will be making records. Wish him well.

  • He is amazing! I can't believe he did not make it

  • Why did he not make it into the top 3 .

  • this dude didnt get put through yet the Blonde country singer guy did? There is no justice in the universe

  • they need to bring rock back we already have a fucking carrie underwood and blake shelton we need a case

  • He's the real deal. Love his musicianship & will buy his music

  • I love this

  • It was said before, even if he doesn’t win he’s still going to go somewhere because of how talented he is. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.


  • I’m so glad you did this song like I and so many others suggested. I’ll make you some Texas style ribs if you’re ever out in San Antonio area. Come by and meet the family. You’re a good young man.

  • Two contestants (Idol and Voice) singing this song in the same week, both didnt go through. Coincidence much.

  • I listened to his music without watching him ,I think 70 percent of I like his music is about his body movement , his hair , his eyes and the way he play guitar.

  • *UGH*

  • He just can't sing, how did he get so far, pathetic. Ronnie must be turning in his grave.

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • We all still love you Cade! You can still make it without American Idol so don't ever give up on your passion! Stay in touch with your fans and let us know when you put out your first album. I'll buy it for sure.

  • He reminds me of the actress Madeline Zima. I'm not making fun (I don't do that to people), I'm just saying.