Byron Scott And Scottie Pippen Remember The 1991 NBA Finals | The Jump | ESPN

Published on May 23, 2017
Byron Scott and Scottie Pippen join The Jump to remember the 1991 NBA Finals when the Chicago Bulls beat the Los Angeles Lakers.
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  • that season the bulls ended 2 of the 3 dynasties of the 80's by a combined record of 8-1 it certainly was changing of the guard. and the bulls never had that happen to them, bulls management just decided not to keep going. that + the 2 years mj didnt play, the bulls could have got 10 rings.

  • Look at Scottie at 3:47 nervously touching whatever is on the table right after Byron says that. LOL that's what you do when you don't know how to react loll.. I know what he's doing there lol it's obvious. Like... he laughs and then starts touching that stuff on the table like he HAD to do it but we know he didn't have to lol.

  • When Byron Scott was first coming on the Lakers they said he had a 400 plus bench press . Wow that was a minute ago.

  • This was showtime coming to an end and the start of a new era💯💯 Still think showtime 1985 was the best team ever with magic, byron scott, micheal thompson and cooper, james worthy, bob mcadoo and lets not forget the guy who showtime cant win without kareem

  • A old and injured lakers mJ never beat a great team in the finals maybe 1

  • Game 2 wasn’t close, Scottie.

  • and like he said Worthy hurt too

  • 2 words NO KAREEM!!!

  • Worthy did not play. B went down on game 3. But yes, MJ dominated that series.

  • You couldn't escape it, "A Spectacular move by Michael Jordan" I must of seen or heard that he changed hands in the air move 100 times when it happened.

  • Nobody has done that move since, at least not like MJ. He was palming the ball.

  • Magic was 31 and Jordan was 28. How is this passing the torch? Man why does EVERYONE make it seem like Oh Magic was 80's and he was getting old and Jordan was 90's and as if he won because he was much younger, and Magics time was up and it was Jordans turn?.......Even magic does this routine with that stupid sheriff story over and over.......Magic was 31. And Jordan was 28. Many people still thought Magic was the best player in the league. Some thought the Lakers would win. The match was considered a dream match by NBC. Many people either thought Magic or Jordan was the best player. They both were candidates for MVP in the last few seasons then. Magic won and Jordan won. And that season Magic had a great year. He went to the Finals. He lost. And he he could have came back the next season but he retired cus he got HIV then........This logic of passing the torch, is ridiculous. When Lebron lost in the finals against Durant, was he passing the torch to Durant? When Kobe was 31 and Lebron was 26 or 27 did Lebron pass Kobe?

    • The Universe Galaxy yeah he was 31 and still had it but you’re completely ignoring his declining health. Magic retired during his prime it was a complete shocker in basketball around that time when he retired out of the blue and announced that he had aids. Magic career could of been way greater and who knows Jordan could of had trouble but the reason why magic was 80s was because his body couldn’t perform after a first couple of years in the 90s

    • +Paul H On the 1992 dream team, Magic once convincing Larry to play even though he had a bad back. And I guess MJ was smoking a cigar and told them "Larry/Magic, you guys had you're run. But there's a new sheriff in town."

    • Because at that time, lives were shorter, so they would die earlier and need to pass the torch even sometimes at the age of 31. Either that or Magic had accomplished so much by then his career was basically over. I mean 5 championships.. he was tired. He passed the damn torch.

    • Due to advances in training, conditioning, 31is considered young for today's NBA players. Back then, 31 was considered old in terms of intense physical play that was a part of the NBA at that time. That is not a knock to today's NBA. The science for training, conditioning, and nutrition just keeps improving each year.

    • You must be some damn you kid that wasn't alive in the 1980's!!! It was indeed the passing of the torch!!! Magic had already won 5 NBA championships when he met Jordan in the 1991 playoffs!! Jordan and his Bulls had not won a championship !!! Magic retired about 8 months after the 1991 finals when he announced he was HIV positive!! Jordan and the Bulls went on to win 6 NBA championships in the 1990's!!!

  • Man, the defense in the 90's was partially undeveloped because of the anti-zone rules, but the constant 1v1 and the physical play made they look so much better, lol Way more fun than what we have now. Everybody moves and swings the ball as the sport dictates since the very beginning, but there's no more hero ball =/ imo, it's better for the NBA to regress the rules, because the current culture of lazy/soft players will not vanish soon

  • The good old days

  • Boy MJ fans aren't going to like this one. Both Pippen and Scott talking about how the Lakers were at the end of their run instead of supporting the fantasy that the Bulls beat the Showtime Lakers. And how many times did they say "we" and "they" when talking about the Bulls? MJ fans prefer "MJ won" instead. (When the Bulls lost MJ fans are only too happy to admit it's a team) Showing MJ missing the game winning shot isn't going to help MJ fans keep their fantasy alive that MJ never failed in big moments either. (Don't let Skip Bayless see this!)

    • HarpoSpoke I am a Jordan guy,but I speak the truth,you are saying some real talk..

  • JAMES WORTHY and B.SCOTT got injured, if they played it would be tough but i still think the bulls would have won. Altough PIPPEN only defend MAGIC because there was no JWorhty. IF PAXSON and PIPPEN got injured instead o JW and BS, the LAKERS would have won.

    • Worthy and Scott both played 4 of the 5 games. they both missed game 5, but played huge minutes games 1-4, and Worthy lead the Lakers in ppg(so he was fine until late in game 4). Scott got hurt very very late in game 4 i think too. but he was terrible the whole series, so it wasn't really bad he was out for game 5

  • Scottie was gracious to the Lakers. Class. ... and Byron returns the class.


  • 6-0

  • As a die-hard Laker fan, it's true that Chicago was the best team that year not only bc they beat my Lakers, but skill-wise, they're much more athletic. That Bulls team went to the Finals for the first-time ever & hungry to win against a Laker team that, although it wasn't the 80s Showtime Lakers, had TONS of playoff & championship experiences. Aging Magic only had Worthy & Scott to aid him but it was ineffective. '91 Finals was a defining moment for both teams. Scott, "father time" didn't get the best outta you. MJ beat ya ass, clear-cut.

  • Pippen Hairline is 1000000000!

  • I've watched all 5 games of '91 Finals more than 20 times and here's my conclusion. Lakers would've won it in 6 or 7 if Big Game James Worthy was healthy 100%. Also, most of you think Pippen shut down Magic starting from Game 2 but if you're smart, you notice that when Pippen was pressuring Magic, Jordan was on Vlade Divac (Bulls "had to" put Paxon on Scott, Grant on Worthy, Cartwright on Perkins - Grant couldn't guard Perkins so Phil had to put Cartwright on him. Also, Grant was struggling guarding Worthy even with him hobbling with sprained ankle) Lakers should've thrown the ball down to Vlade every single time when Jordan was guarding Vlade. They did a few times in Game 3 when the game cracked open wide in Laker favor but they stopped doing it. I don't know why??? Magic would've won his 6th ring and then retire with HIV. Then the debate of G.O.A.T. would've still went on even to this day.

  • So pretty much the Lakers were old and hurt with no Kareem? Okay

  • 1:52 Tooth-to-tooth? Bish ... why I watch this silly network? This silly bish ...

  • WTF is the chick talking about ???? Hasn't anyone made that shot except Jordan! They getting any white perish on here to talk about sports even when they don't know shit like this lady.

  • Have no idea how Pippen wasn't named to the All-Star team that year.

  • I'm a Lakers fan, but always loved Pippen. He seems a really nice guy

  • A young magic kareemat 35 lord help if he was 30 Wilkes worthy macadoo cooper rambis Scott nuff said lakers in 6

    • Christopher Cox i am a huge bulls fan. And i agree. Maybe 5 games.

  • These weren't the real lakers showtime lakers wouldv'e beat the bulls they wouldn't have an answer for kareem

    • The 1987 Lakers are considered the best "sHowtime" team, but the 1980 lakers with a late-prime Kareem, and a rookie Magic would have been TOUGH too!

  • Andre igloudala mvp, lol!

  • OMFG. Ending of this video is hilarious. Scott calling out "father time, father time." Dude... father time didn't beat you, MJ did.

    • LOLLL i know... I hate when someone gives an excuse like that. You wanna pop them in the face. I mean someone ELSE can say it. But NOT you about a title that YOU lost. Just say that team sent you into retirement or something. But don't imply that you were old and that's why we lost. He like praises them and then has to say some bullshit to show how he really feels.

    • I knew that part would make MJ fans salty. Both Scott and Pippen talked about how the Lakers were older. MJ fans always pretend the Bulls beat the Showtime Lakers and never mention that it was only Magic (in his 13th season) and Green on the floor by the end after Worthy and Scott got hurt. And that shot of the head coach of the Lakers...who WASN'T Pat Riley isn't something the MJ fans want to talk about either. Both players also used the word "they" and "we" a lot instead of just pretending it was just MJ on the floor beating the other team by himself.

  • Ya know what Scott is right. Even though MJ torched him in 2 games of that series (and every other time they encountered), if he didn't get hurt for game 3, he'd have locked MJ up.

  • I believe Magic got hurt in that series too. Injuries to three of the main players for the Lakers hurt the chances of the Lakers making it a more compelling series.

  • reference to the AIDS announcement LOL at Rachel

  • Laker's should not even been the finals that year let's be real

    • They got lucky as hell an beat the Blazers. I couldn't believe it. Nobody could.

    • Why not? They had magic

  • All the games were close even the last one with Byron and Worthy out. Pippen had a break out year and played great. But the Bulls actually had some match up problems with Vlade Divac and Sam Perkins, especially when Cartwright sat out. Jordan tried covering Divac for a while, but had some trouble. Worthy was giving Chicago fits despite a bad ankle. Cliff Levingston came off the bench and provided a big boost for the Bulls. Purdue, Williams played well. Paxson got red hot. The series was a lot closer than people remember I think.

    • Close they ran La off the court the next 4 games

    • rjb555 game 2 wasnt close at all...

  • When the Bulls lost game 1, there was a fear that the finals was another lesson that the Bulls would have to learn by losing. Growing up in the Chicago area, we felt relieved when the Bulls finally got past Detroit after years of losing to them. But when the Bulls lost game 1, it was kind of like, "uh oh..." The Lakers weren't supposed to upset the Trailblazers that year. Pippen came into his own this year, it takes years for a player not just to develop his skill set but also to emotionally and mentally mature to the point that Pippen did this year. Keep in mind that Jordan, Pippen and Grant were drafted and developed by the Bulls. This wasn't a team assembled like mercenaries.

    • EdmondLau2007 I’m from East Chicago, Indiana. Nothing but Bulls fans in that area, so I totally remember everything that you are saying. I was soooo scared Game 6 1992 NBA Finals, I just knew Portland was gonna win that 1. Lol

  • James Worthy had a sprained ankle and Byron Scott was hurt, and both sat out game 5 because of injury. It s like Lebron playing without Wade and Bosh or Kyrie and Love.. Did you really expect Magic to win with Rookie Divac, Teuage, Threat, Sam Perkins, A.C Green. Magic was playing with ROLE Players

    • that game 5 1991 : I mentioned to my B-ball cousin that it's on youtube, where Magic had 20 ASSISTS, and he said it was amazing and he remembered that game as "Magic and [barely any help and they almost won anyways]" since Magic getting 20 assists is like having an extra man on the court ... for free.

    • jdareyah The series was already over by that point they were not going to win regardless so shut it

  • Wow did Michael miss a game winner not possible...

    • "Wow did Michael miss a game winner not possible..." Good thing we have it on tape. I think he missed one in 1998 against the Pacers too.

  • with kareem this series wouldve gone to 7 games

    • Kareem would have been 44. MAAAAYBE!!! :)

    • Dave jahoer Kareem's prime was the 70s knock it off

    • Well sure, Ideally, but hypotheticals are useless.

    • PoeticJustice05 i mean a prime kareem

  • It's still amazing how the Lakers made it to the Finals that year and actually won one.

    • worthy was a year older than mj? hes's done?

    • You're right. Lakers got lucky during the Portland series. Blazers were actually favorite to go the Finals that year.

    • +Richard Thaxton I wouldnt call them a loaded team. There was no loaded team in the West. Every top team got one superstar. The 90-91 *loaded* Lakers were living off experience to win. Worthy was done. Kareem retired. Magic aging pretty quickly. All those teams in 91-93 MJ beat never repeated in the finals. Houston was the only contender for the Bulls back in 91-93. When Houston was able to recuperate from Olajuwon injuries. All those contenders in the west -Blazers, Suns got annihilated.

    • Lavar's Balls, They beat a loaded Trailblazers team. I wouldn't call the West weak.

    • Of course, the west was so weak back then. Even half powered Lakers were able to advanced in the finals. It's just a matter which team would hand the trophy to either the Pistons or the Bulls.

  • Clyde Drexler was a superstar on the team too besides Hakeem the dream. I do remember Houston beating the Bulls often when they met. Otis Thorpe was a beast. You'd need Horace Grant or Rodman on the Bulls roster in order for the Bulls to beat Houston.

    • juventinos81 Jordan himself said he became more of a team player in order to win. Yes some of his teammates improved like Pippen and Horace Grant.

    • he didnt became more team player,it was that pippen/grant/paxson elevated their game and could offload defensive and offensive work that jordan had to do in his early years.

    • that's true. The Rockets were a tough team with and without Thorpe. Rockets with Thorpe gave the Bulls the most problem.

    • Thorpe wand Drexler did not play together though

    • I seen Jordan play from '86 onwards being born and raised in Chicago. Nobody could guard him and when he became more of a team player in '90-'91 he was really unstoppaBULL. REAL ONE your lips are flapping in the wind.

  • This was the first "throwback final" for me (being born that year), watched it 3 years ago and i can still recall it vividly. Was as exciting to watch like it's happening in the present.. just a great series

  • Byron Scott has better stories telling us about tanking the Lakers. They still trash but that's his greatest accomplishment

  • scottie gettin' old. he said both games in chicago were close and they could've "easily" lost both. bulls won game 2 by 26. lol.

    • Jojew 🤣🤣🤣*lol

    • You probably weren't even old enough to watch back then. It's easy for you to remember it because you saw it many years after-the-fact.

    • Read as you listen. He's correct. Older, wiser

    • Buster Posey It's 2017. Lose the "lol."

    • He's just trying not to make it sound like he's rubbing it in byron scotts face that they beat them.

  • Both Worthy and Scott were injured in that series, otherwise it would have been closer than 1-4.

    • And of course Kareem had already retired as well it just wasn't the same Laker team as the teams from the 80's but it was still pretty amazing how magic carried that team to the 91 NBA finals and I thought for sure the Lakers were gonna get wiped out by Portland in the western conference finals that year but Magic found a way and he really did carry that team on his back as far as he could but they just ran into a young, hungry, and athletic Bulls team with MJ on it but the Lakers were just old and broken down by then and it was the end of show time (sadly) and the new beginning to the next great dynasty in the NBA the Chicago Bulls!

    • Navaro Palm - they missed the last game

    • "Healthy" my @$$. Worthy was already hobbling in game 1. Bulls noticed that so they moved Pippen away to guard Magic after game 1. Go watch the tape.

    • LMAO. Think flu game. Think sprained ankle in 92' finals. Got hurt my azzzzz. Ironically, the biggest margin of victory came in game 2 when them two were healthy.

    • It was the BULLS TIME. Just like Byron said.

  • This was the year PIPPEN was born, in the sense of transforming into a complete player. People remember Michael's plays, Paxson's three, but few remember Pippen's defense on Magic. Great series.

    • Rachel didn't bring up Pips D on magic. PIP too humble to bring up.

    • g ryaan worthy missed only last game and as i said pippen guarded magic only at game 2 and after jordan pick to early fouls.

    • the only time that pippen guard magic was at game 2 after jordan pick 2 early fouls.

    • This how important Pippen was. No pippen no ring for bulls. That's how good this la team still were at that time.

    • Worthy only missed one game and averaged 41 mpg the 4 games he did play. He was banged up but he played a lot.

  • Byrons face

    • Are you familiar with The California Raisins?


  • 123rd