British SAS Soldiers vs US Navy SEALs - Military Training Comparison

Published on Dec 7, 2017
How does the training of a British SAS soldier compare to a US Navy SEAL?
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  • Obviously meant to say Special Air Service, not Special Air Force. This happens when you are doing special forces video at the same time. 🤦

    • I know a guy who was retired from Navy Seals. I think Navy Seal traning is better.

    • Or how about the Cuban army vs sas

    • Coronado not Colorado. It's in California.

    • The Infographics Show Priceless! As soon as I heard it I can straight to the comment section then I saw your comment about it. Glad you saw the funny side 👍

    • +nabil chowdhury Person I know in the SBS who've worked with the Seals say the same thing. Seal team 6 are good, the rest not so much

  • SAS is hard i live in wales and the stuff in snowdonia can make a person go insane but i bet the poor SAS are tempted to go on the zip wire

  • Wouldn't the sbs be a better comparison against the navy...

  • Well seals actually began in ww2 to clear underwater obstacles from beaches so boats could land on the beach

  • SEALS, were Modeled after the SAS !

  • Fun fact, sharks are not the deadliest predators in the ocean, it’s Navy Seals.

  • This isn’t even comparable SAS are levels above seals. Just because of the variety of work they do. SBS is the seal equivalent

  • Lol I would easily get in both I have great mental toughness plus I run 1,5 miles in 8 minutes

  • Mon the paratroopers

  • i was looking at the comments and of them say that the SAS is better , if you listen and take a look at the things they say it looks that the SEAL are the hardest . the SAS 1.5 mile long run is 15 minutes while the SEALs 1.5 long run is 11 minutes it may not look that big but every second counts , if you were on the SAS you still have chance to win , btw you need to be a natural born american to join and did they say that you need to be a natural born british , no , . and i think that everybody played or saw COD modernwarfare and they mainly focus on the SAS and the missions there were not true ( yes of course its a game ) buuuuuuuut this is just my opinion 😀

  • I think I could get past the British training because I am British

  • America, you're accent can be a bit annoying but you are the UK's brother and we are always here to back you up!

  • Dont compare or try to make them compete they both do jobs that only the israelies would copy

  • The UK and USA will always be the strongest team on this planet.

  • Should be the sbs vs navy seals not sas

  • No. President Kennedy commissioned the Green Beret in Vietnam conflict, then SEALs come on later.

  • Seems that the Seals are tougher than the SAS to be honest. The SAS definitely has some tough soldiers but not as tough as the Navy Seals.

  • The SAS have the best training

  • There is only one way to settle the argument 10 of the best from each side in a paint ball tournament and then 100m sprint

  • Well we can kiss the badass S.A.S. goodbye as they're allowing women in and are being labeled sexist for not having any women pass. Prepare for the S.A.S. to be nerfed hard due to political correctness. :c

  • Welcome to the firefight-- I mean comment section.

  • "colt automatic rifle 15"

  • 0:00 Ah yes, the SAS, Special Air FORCE, of course

  • 0:00 Ah yes, the SAS, Special Air FORCE, of course

  • I've never heard of any woman completing selection for the sas

  • SAS is 1943 they trained in 42 but became a thing in 43

  • Fookin laser sights

  • GPS Satellites, unmanned drones, fookin laser sights. The more crutches you have. The more it hurts when they're kicked out from under ye. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that a six-inch blade never loses reception.

  • Delta Force is the closest equivalent to the SAS, not Navy SEALS. SBS (Special Boat Service) is the UK equivalent to SEALS.

  • My stepdad did a couple tours of Afghanistan and was talking about military standards, he never served with any SAS however he did say that he did serve with some seals and that they were basically just the same as normal British infantry

  • SAS is very secretive in how they operate, while Seals aren't as much but what I mean is the public have no fucking idea what they do and I am not going to pretend I know.

  • As much as I argue with Brits with everything from sports to food, we kinda did come from them, so respect.

  • 2 pussies ; they invade when you're not looking.

  • SAS or da best !!!!

  • factually inaccurate

  • Lol what the hell is a “Colt Automatic Rifle -15”

  • The best special fores is the US coast guard.

  • What about MARSOC

  • Statistically it's Delta

  • Sand, cold water, and swimming can become very annoying very quickly. Out of what I understand, which isn't much, is that the three elements I mentioned previously are extremely difficult to overcome. torture and psyche usually not a problem, but perfect Olympic physical fitness, ya that's hard, gonna have to say the seals are physically the most demanding elite military force in the world. A lot of time when recruits are dying in training it's due to several factors, my guess is the instructors are not paying attention, the recruit has a congenital defect, or an act of God from the weather. Instructors should always be assessing their recruits health. Death during training should not be occuring at all. I understand that obviously these are the hardest programs in the world, but that also means the medical screening before hand should be top notch as well.

  • Good thing these forces are both allies

  • Navy SEAL training happens in Coronado, not Colorado

  • I don't think you can say wich one is better. It's highly depended on the individuals in a group. Combat experience is the determining factor.

  • No one can really know until Navy seals and SAS were in a combat situation. Which, of course, will never happen because we are brothers in arms🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • so basically SAS training pushes people to the point of death and asks them to push past it, SEAL training asks them to push to the limits of the constitution.

  • As a Filipino I support US troops. Not to demean the British SAS but we have a tight bond with America.

  • As n indian,i luv both seals n sas,v learn much frm u guyz,i luv d fact dat a seal gets to sleep vid lot of ammos,it must b so much fun..ALI me!💗💗💗

  • Kid who wants to join Navy at 17: Mom may I make bad guy's heads go boom boom?

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  • How can you make a video on SAS training when it's all hearsay. Unlike the Navy seals there's no training material, documentaries or accounts available online. The SAS also isn't comparable to standard Seals who are tier 2 operators. Seal team 6 maybe, but line navy seals? Nope. The SAS is more comparable to delta force. Also co sideri g the Navy Seals amphibious specialisation it would have made more sense to compare them to the SBS (special boat service). Why cant Americans seem to grasp this concept. It's like when you get comparison videos of US marines vs royal marines. Not comparable. One is standard line infantry but for the navy and the other is a selective commando trained amphibious fighting force with the longest non SF training in NATO.

  • Failed joining the SAS after the 2nd month and I now find this video funny

  • SAS hands down

  • What annoys me is he I very bias to the seals

  • At the end of the day the SAS is unrivalled but the seals are a VERY close competitor and yes I am British but am 100% from Irish blood so this is not a bias opinion . Very proud of our us allies' military 💪

  • The SAS's primary role is recon and intelligence gathering, their fighting ability is secondary. Having said that their fighting ability is the best in the world. US Navy seals are excellent, I worked with them and they are formidable. The SAS are however in their own league.

  • The SASR and the M107 are literally the same thing

  • Idk why there are so many “VS” when discussing to different types of special forces.. many of those guys are actually given JSOC medals for working with each other

  • Cmon its widely known the sas is the best special forces out there. You can just go to a reqruoter say you wanna be a seal and they make you a seal... in the sas you are requored to have 3 years of military experience and in specnaz almost all of the operatives are taken from homes for children without parents and trained to be killing machines

  • Maybe, i can prolly get through the weapons training the easiest because I have tested my skills

  • Think we're forgetting the Iranian special forces and Delta here

  • SAS can kick SEALS butt every day of the week; twice on a Sunday !

  • Damn I'm too old to joing the SAS, thank god for that I can't walk 1.5 miles!lol

  • 1.5 in 15 in shorts and running gear is slow af

  • Navy Seals!

  • These guys are pussies compared to Batman. He can kick all their ass's while drinking tea

  • M60 ? = M249

  • SAS america copyed us those pussyes

  • If sas goes to war with navy seals rip ☠️💀seals

  • Why would a seal commit suicide? They can drop out at any time.

  • SAS traind my mi5 mi6 and mi9

  • 40 miles no stop?

  • BASICALLY if ur an sas soldier, you are an hardlad


  • SAS wins. NEver hear about them. Seals write too many books. Seals are laxed after completion. SAS never ends

  • Respect to both sides. I will say the entry standards are lower US vs UK. Navy seal swimming test is a joke. I can piss that at 45. It does mean the elite look better if you condense 300 to say 19 as sited here, 200 shouldn't even be there.. That said later on it's getting up there in terms of mental strength it seems. As some US guys who've been in the shit, the chips are down Brits have their back while their own people don't. British Oficers get pissed WITH their people - all ranks. American officers are more distant and see themselves as a higher class... Guys in wars, bullets don't have a guidance system of rank so take a look at how the Brits do it..and better (In my opinion of course) The US have better gear though haha no Q's there.

  • On the sas they use a sand beret not a green one

  • Most SF base their training on the SAS

  • America you are our (U.K's) bigger, tougher, younger brother. You can be a pain in the ass and get us in trouble from time to time. But you're family and we're always here for you, like you've always been there for us.

    • Well said well said

    • +Adam watches videos on the internet not a couple of centuries ago, up until the second world war the UK was the most powerful country but we bankrupted are self

    • +NoobyGamez ummmmm I know WTF I am dude don't need you to tell me what I need to except either!! BTW I dont have NO fkn asian or african! I'm 100% European and 100% American! Born and raised in TEXAS

    • +Jamie Coulson 10 times tougher?!?!?!?!?! Dude you obviously have NO fkn clue!! UK wouldn't stand a fkn chance against the US! BTW I'm 50% British 25% Irish and 25% Italian 100% TEXAN!!

    • 1979 BM Accept the fact that you are not pure American because you have an European or Asian or African background.


  • The final phase of SAS training is you gotta live on Universal Credit for about 3 monthes? Most go out their minds in this 'the most testing phase'

  • You showed 1 and a half minutes of sas and almost 5 minutes of the seals

  • I'll easily pass through both sas and seal training. They're not that hard. You people are wimps.

  • GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM!!!!! BUT They are not right in the head.... My Uncle is a SEAL... (once a Seal, Always a Seal) DO NOT WAKE HIM BY SHAKING HIM!!!!

  • Bunch of pussies. As a ARMY vet I can tell you SAS stands for "Sucks Alot Sperm"

  • Is anyone familiar with Red Cell? Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) is SEAL Team 6. Also, personal Aar support is reserved for Tier 1 Operators.

  • The navy seals are better by a long shot. Training is harder, you have to be more intelligent, stronger, faster, harder, no mistakes. On time! On target! Never quit!

    • A bit bias as I am from the UK. But the SAS seem way more hardcore than the SEALs. They are almost exactly the same. Apart from the SAS are British and they are more highly selected. Also you see very little footage or read very much about the type of things the SAS take on. The British government knows how they operate and command them. A a lot of people know of missions where the US SEALs were involved. They still are an elite branch, but the SAS is like our Blackwater. They do the stuff the government doesn't even want the army to know about.

  • SAS has the best and most tough training as people in the SAS are not allowed to be more open about things as the Navy Seals are

  • Can't believe you compared the sas to the seals 🤦‍♂️

  • They are probably equally well trained. Who is best comes down to tech and support and battlefield experience. The seals clearly have the advantage here. They get all the best toys with a global network of bases and aircraft to get them anywhere including a ton of submarines. Seals have the advantage in being able to get there and infiltrate.

  • The swedish meatball team would kick their asses.

  • I am British so I would say the SAS. However the Navy Seals are as tough as they come. For me, I’ll stick with the day job!

  • The sas are the most feared and respected force in the world second to only the British royal gurkas force from the Philippines


  • frogmen!

  • I probably can't even get through police training

    • It can't be that hard to be racist dumb and trigger happy

  • I do the half of these exersise im 15

    • Bardan Malla doubt

    • +Gray carpet i mean i can do half basic exercises im only 15

    • Ooo 30 pushups 😂😂

    • +Gray carpet I can do 30 pushups I canrun 3 mines and walk more then 10miles Caz I'm gurkha :P

    • Bardan Malla no u don’t 😂😂

  • Im gurkha can i join it ?? :D

    • ​+Bardan Malla To have those goals is great. The Gurkhas have a fearsome reputation and passing Gurkha selection is an achievement in it's own right, regardless of passing SAS selection. 👍

    • +Mike Mike im 15 .For selection its 18 but it is extremely hard so ive been tanning myself for that . But my goal is SAS :D my grandfather was also in British army and he still lives now.

    • @Bardan Mall SAS selection is open to Gurkhas. Apparently there are about 12 who are in the Regiment. Are you actually a Gurkha or just messing about?

    • +Duncan Reid thanks but I'll join SAS if I'll be in British army

    • If you're a gurkha, then you're so badass, you don't need to join either unit. Nobody beats gurkhas 😊

  • Navy seal is not as bad has this dumb ass makes it sound!!!!

  • why is there a russian tank in the thumbnail?

  • You can’t just join after enlisting in the Millitary. To start with you need 3 years in a infantry regiment, All mostly being the PARAS or Marines. Which are some of the hardest infantry’s in the world. With the PARAS being the best airborne infantry in the world.