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British SAS Soldiers vs US Navy SEALs - Military Training Comparison

Published on Dec 7, 2017
How does the training of a British SAS soldier compare to a US Navy SEAL?
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  • Obviously meant to say Special Air Service, not Special Air Force. This happens when you are doing special forces video at the same time. 🤦

    • Also BUD/S is in Coronado, CA...not Colorado. This video is so bad...

    • Do sas vs french foreign légion

    • It's outside of your understanding I get it. You have no equivalent amongst your battalions

    • Can you do a video about JTF 2 or other spec forces in the canadian army? Ty!!

    • Timothy Johnston just the best and longest serving SF in the world

  • SAS

  • You should compare Seals with SBS (Special Boat Service) nas SAS to Green Berets

  • *Do one on Paratroopers!*

  • I can’t believe they have even made a video about this , the sas are 10 million times better then the seals . I respect the seals but they are not in the same league

  • You just biased the seals and barely spoke about the sas

  • America is better I need to say that to fuel my own ego and not feel scared about scary British people bullying me

  • Here comes the key board warriors saying which nations best, luckily we can work together, considering we’re are small island with a smallish military budget we have done pretty well. At the end of the day it’s hard to compare with the amount the US spends on its military each year

  • I mean there's no no point comparing because we all know who's the best

  • Very similar training and weapons both extremely effective in battle. But ask people from around the world who they want fighting beside them, sas or seals?

  • Navy SEAL fitness test isn't accurate, that is only minimums. You aren't getting a contract with those scores, you need to swim 500 yards in under 9:00, 80+ push ups, 80+ sit ups, 10+ pull ups, and a 1.5 mile run in sub 9:00. It's also Coronado, not Colorado. Hell Week is also inaccurate, they don't do all that in HW. They swim and get cold and do physical stuff, but once the 3rd day passes they just keep you moving around. I mean shit they've played soccer during HW. BUD/S doesn't do technical stuff outside of dive and EO basics, BUD/S is just to get the one's worth putting money into for training. The real SEAL stuff is SQT. Oh and Brandon Webb is not a credible guy, he isn't very liked in the SEAL community.

  • +The Infographics Show Have You watched SAS: Who Dares Wins?

  • Every special force base there training from the SAS so there the best and they don't go public that also makes them the best, in and out job done

  • UK special forces are the best in the world. There is no comparison

  • hardly any talk on the sas

  • Seems like both of them you are sent to hell and back. Certainly allows only the best to get in.

  • The guy who created DELTA force or SEALS? Idk one of the American forces was an ex SAS member. He put SAS training in the American version.

  • Special *AIR* Service. You should’ve done the SBS which is the sea equivalent special BOAT service would make a better comparison?

  • AF PJ vs SEALS same training

  • The SAS may be better but we still saved your asses twice 😂😂😂

    • And now the world hates America 🤣🤣🤣 Americas only redeeming feature to the world is having Great Britain as "friends"🤣🤣

  • 2:37 "EVERY SINGLE DAY" One Punch Man-Saitama

  • use some real photos/video with these cartoons...

  • *Sas owns the ocean*

    • +Lorddaver you take me to seriously ...

    • +Mr laden No, the British Army's 22 SAS Regiment does NOT own the ocean. The Royal Navy's special forces unit - The Special Boat Service (SBS) does...

  • 99% SAS 1% Navy seal i agree with SAS

  • So much bias in this comment section. If you’re an American then you say Navy Seal is best if you’re Brit you say SAS is best. Unless we put them against each other there’s no way of telling who’s better

    • Steve MetalHammer indeed

    • If you are Bulgarian you`ll say The Bulgarian Army is the best..... Your point is entirely well made. As to whether it is reasonable or not, I`m not so sure and would rather live in doubt than come to have certainty thrust upon me. In short, let us - at least the two of us - hope that we never find out whether the one is greater than the other, for in such a circumstance there shall be lying dead in front of the two of us many friends.

  • Navy seals would get smashed by the Sas yet navy seals have probably a more basic training program

    • But I'm sure SAS only use MP5s and super 90 shotguns

  • Navy Seals.

  • SAS and Navy SEALs are Classified it means The Top Secret.

    • Hey up, Captain Price : They are so "Top Secret" that the whole bloody world has heard of them.

  • air begins with e. stupid yanks

  • I love how they don’t mention he’ll weak is a British thing

  • Another poorly researched video.

  • "the British army Special Air Force......." Close video. Unsubscribe.

  • The SAS and Navy SEALs aren't even an equivalent. It should be either the SAS vs Delta Force, or the SBS vs Navy SEALs.

  • Have a friend who was a policeman in the London city police, they were brought to an airport to do counterterrorism training and to be the hostages for the SAS to save. They were all told that it was as real world as possible and that any diversion from the script or what you were told to do when leaving the plane would be viewed as a sign of threat by the SAS. She told me one of the cops raised his hand in a way he wasn’t asked to and it before the guy even knew that he had done the wrong thing he was on the floor with a gun in his back and a knife to his throat.

  • Not sure who has the best training but it’s pretty well established that the British and Australian SAS are the best in the world.

  • Navy SEALS are better

    • +333gravedigger333 No, they are not. What evidence do you base your claims on? Be specific. And I'll bet you've never even heard of the SBS.

    • +333gravedigger333 good come back... Let me guess, American?

    • Lorddaver nah, SEALs are better

    • +333gravedigger333 No they are not...SEALS are a Tier 2 unit. The SAS is a Tier 1 unit. But the SAS - which is the British Army's special forces unit - isn't even the British equivalent of the SEALS. That would be the Royal Navy's special forces unit The Special Boat Service (SBS). (SAS is the equivalent of DELTA Force). And, no - the SEALS are not better than the SBS (also a Tier 1 unit).

  • Navy seals.... poor mans SBS

  • 6 inch blade

  • I think the reason we all come to believe 'ours' is better then the others, is because in school, from very young ages, thats all we learn, we learn history on OUR nation, over other nations, so we create this bias that one ours is better then the rest. We mainly learn about our nations positive stuff, and others not so positive stuff, and when we learn about our nation failing in some way, it is always sweetened up, and not all of the true evidence comes out. No hate, because this is true.

  • What if you did delta force vs the seals

  • SBS would be a better comparison but the big difference between US SF UK SF initial training is that SAS troops do it on their own. Whereas SEAL training is as a group. SAS and Delta would be a better comparison as Delta is modelled on SAS process. I've heard that now US SF training mimics UK SF training inasmuch as now they test their boys with rucking/tabing gear for miles and miles as this is a huge part of what actually happens when SF teams have to move from place to place.

  • But sas better tho

  • The mental strength of an sas operative cannot be beaten.

  • SAS all the way bois who dares win


  • Both great regiments, but don't forget the Gurkhas. Their assessment test before they are even allowed into the British Army is far more demanding, physically, than most service demands. I served 22 years and 3 with the Gurkhas, so proud of those 3 years.

  • One thing I’ve seen is that in Navy SEALs videos is that their basic training just looks like standard Royal Marine training. Anyone can join the SEALs but to join the SAS you have to have already had 5 years service and mainly recruit from Royal Marines especially the Commando unit and from the Parachute Regiment 3rd battalion (3 para) which as frontline units most likely have seen combat and already have the vast skills and knowledge for combat, navigation, tactics, decision making, and the strength. As the pass rate is only 10% it means that they really do only take the best and the strongest. The main focus of SAS training is the psychological factors which is the hardest part hence they try and mentally break you that you even question your existence to the worse (which is the part where they mentally torture days on end with a bag on your head). But it seams with SEALs as long as you can pass the fitness you’re in.

  • Should of chose SBS vs Navy seals

  • SBS vs Devgru would be a better comparison tbh or SAS vs Delta (ACE) but good vid anyway.

  • SAS = Delta SBS = SEALs Delta was patterned after SAS, so it’s Muricas version. In fact we brought over a Major from SAS to design the initial training. Delta took it up a notch, to join you need warfare experience, be in 30s (I think) and are selected to train if you are only from Rangers or Green Berets. Delta is Army’s Team 6. Like SAS, in Delta you can complete all training and are not informed if you passed until end, you could endure for nothing. They look hard at personality/chemistry I guess.

  • SAS vs SFOD-D: The SAS and Delta are both tier one units apart of JSOC. The reason I listed these two together is because Delta was formed under an exact vision of the Special Air Service. *DEVGRU is not better than SFOD-D, and I could debate the "why"* SBS vs DEVGRU: Both are tier one and conduct and specialize in many water-born operations. Recon vs Royal Marines: I know I know, you may be confused why I put Recon instead of FORECON (Force Reconnaissance). But from the footage I've seen and the missions they conduct, it seems that FORECON are just more elite than the Royal Marines. Feel free to prove me wrong if you believe otherwise. *Trust me, Royal marines are not even close to being on the level of MARSOC* Now in conclusion I would like to point out that not every unit is the same. Each one has a different mindset and goal and you cant necessarily compare them. I respect all military units, no matter the country, (but obviously I'm biased of my own country's SOF so I of course I'll be in favor of them ).

  • I want to be a seal I’m 12 i’ve already researched and started my training

  • it's more honest the paganism that the new-pay, but in general terms both are dirty,..

  • SAS and SBS are both tier 1, SEALS (apart from DEVGRU) are only tier 2

  • For all people saying I’m pretty the sas have failed a mission and I think it was there first or it was in the gulf war but the Americans had to call the sas in do a job the seals couldn’t

  • SAS is obviously the best.

  • SAS ten million times better than the navy seals

  • I thought that USA signed the Geneva conventions

  • _mission failed, we'll get drafted in next time_

  • SAS rule

  • Realistically the top 3 are 1. SAS 2. Isreal 3. Navy Seals

  • SAS only comparable to delta force

  • SAS will take the lead

  • Navy seals are better especially seal team 6.

  • What teir 1 unit vs 2... I wonder who wins 😂😂

  • Small bands of American militias defeated the greatest empire in world history and won our independence. We produce better special forces.

  • I'm starting up my own UK special forces. The SUS. Special Unicycle Service. Basically trained troops will turn up on unicycles when specialist operations are called for. I was previously in command of the SKS (Special kangaroo service) which involved trained midgets who would hide in the pouches of our marsupial friends bounce into the thick of a behind the scenes battle and then the midgets would pop out with collapsible crossbows. It went wrong though when the kangaroo's stopped to eat patches of grass.

  • 500 yard swim in 12 min?? If you cant swim a 500 in 12 min you dont deserve to be in the SEALS

  • Per soldier the SAS are far more dangerous than the seals they are considered the most powerful special forces in the world however the seals have more people as the USA is huge

  • I got the SEALS.

  • Napuhane price... Lako je tući golorukog neprijatelja... Zapadna lażna,propaganda... BESMISLENE PRIČE,NABOLDANIH VOJNIKA.. PRIČE ZA MALU DJECU..

  • Oh wow! How strong must be enemies of both SEALS and SAS, bearing in mind, they've always kicked those guys' asses

  • "Sas and seals, drop your toys kids.. dinner is ready" - Chuck Norris 🧔

  • As an American I think Navy Seals and SAS are badass.

  • Sas for shore

  • SAS would easily win

  • Well off course the SAS soldiers are better, and have better training than the US Navy SEAL's, you're comparing apples to oranges. The equivalent of the SAS is DEVGRU (SEAL team 6)and the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Airborne)

  • Shouldve did delta force vs sas they are better than the seals

  • It's special air service not special air force.

  • Would still prefer to be a paratrooper although respect to all people who risk ther freedom and those who died protecting it lest we forget 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • cant tell who is better then who cause both are scared of north korea

  • Most SAS operations are carried out without public knowledge. Also more people have died in training than they have serving in the SAS. It’s by far the more superior special combat service and the navy seals aren’t too far behind

  • Why is this topic of who is best even up for debate as the SAS is the best special forces in the world and it's fact. The SBS and SRR are both better than the SEALS, we brits make the best soldiers, it's been our talent for centuries

  • Shit, just pulled a muscle watching the video.

  • SAS hands down

  • SAS Every time.Who Dares wins!!

  • fyking gay two

  • Wait 2.5 km in 11 minutes I joined Luchtmobiele brigade(Dutch) and I had to run 3km in 12 minutes and it's not even a special force

  • Mission Failed, We’ll get em next time.

  • For Heavens`sake ! One person`s Hell on Earth ( re Military Training ) is remarkably alike anothers. All Hells on Earth are similar. British 22nd Parachute Regiment, Special Air Service - or US Navy Seal. We are all human beings. It seems to me a trivial matter, since the two are hardly likely ( in the very short term ) to come into belligerent contact with each to the other. Notwithstanding US Navy Seals would learn from it. The British Special Air Service has far more real life and practical experience of Hell on Earth than US Navy Seals. In short, what US Navy Seals have practiced, The British SAS has done a hundred times before.

  • Navy seal

  • WhAtS iN tHe CaNiStAh?

  • i'm not bragging but that navy seal training is easy

  • Accept only perfectly healthy and fit ppl for them ruin their bodies an mind....makes sense.

  • The navy seals train in Coranado, California not Colorado

  • British air Force A.K.A SAS?? It's special air service

  • You have to join the United States Navy in order to become a Navy SEAL. You join the Navy, and the Navy trains you to do some other job BEFORE allowing you to attempt SEAL training. The 99% who attempt and drop out of SEAL training are required to go do the other job they were trained for and serve out their enlistment. Either get all of the information to ensure accuracy, or stop making videos.

  • SAS vs SEALs is the wrong question. Both are superior, and each has their own special set of training and operations to carry out. Watch 6 Days if your looking for a good SAS movie

  • Why don't they pronounce things right. Gate ling gun wtf

  • I do not want to join either one of them because I do not want to fight someone else's wars - Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Afghanistan.....