Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.
Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free
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  • Why are Allstate adds such bad quality

  • Go to Lebanon for real shawarma mmhmhmhmh🤪

  • Ok

  • Best shawarma recipe I have encountered so far.

  • Looks good....interesting marinade...but if you want something more simple I would recommend a romanian style shaorma (shawarma). nothing complicated just simple ingredients and a great taste.

  • why the fuck does your taboola look so weird who adds mint to taboola

  • This looks sooo good!

  • nice GREEK GYRO TATZIKI AND PITA you have there. best souvlaki 😋

  • If you want to try shawarma, table salad, or fresh pitas try A Naf Naf Grill near you!

  • What's your thoughts on using avocado oil? I heard it's healthy. Mild in flavor. And, unlike grape seed oil, won't go rancid. At least, not for a long while.

  • Shawarma is basically gyros

  • That's not a shawarma

  • I think that chef's and Internet cook's perception of " a little bit" is very different to that of all other people

  • The Shawarma machine can also be used for Gyro. Gyro are delicious.

  • 0:42 god damn it! we don't say THAT name here!!!!!

  • the amount of plastic you used gives me anxiety

  • Every time he says smooth Supple dough I literally cum a bit! Sexyass voice

  • "crushed, like the spirits of the avengers when they first face off against thanos"

  • u got that thing make al pastor yo...

  • Man...shwarma is one of my culture's dishes. You made it out of chicken? A chicken? Sawrma is made out of goat. A littel bit of seasoning and then on the roler. You it in a Lafa which is just flower+ water+ olive oil and then you throw it on a speciel metal thing cold "Tabon" which is plaaced on fire. You it it with hummos or thinna, salad and chip. Some people add some other souses (Matboha, Ammba and ect.). It's fucking delcious and it's something which you have to throw many manners away while eating. you made it out of chicken and yougrt? Dude... Really? You just took away the entire culture of shwarma

  • Tibulee

  • I know what a shawarma looks and tastes like and this thing that you made doesn't look like a shawarma

  • What a mess of a recipe. Where did you collect those recipes from? Next time I can help with double checking the arab recipes to avoid the nasty comments. Even better, I'll take you around tasting good lebanese food if you come for a visit It was funny seeing the mix of unrelated recipes and topping it off with misplaced tahini, you know, because it is arabic and exotic

  • Try taboule without cucumber i am lebanease

  • Shawarma nuts

  • Its called duner not shawarma? Am I the only one confused?

  • Chef John from foodwishes???!

  • This has nothing to do with shwarma, its a mere chicken wrap. And ffs this isnt how you eat a pita..

  • so.... its a Döner ?

  • I watched this video while eating shawarma

  • Thank you for saying palestinian

  • Where the he'll does he get his yogurt? His versions are always so freaking thick and dry lmao looking like dough

  • I thought you weren't supposed to add yeast to pita bread

  • Anyone know where I can get some shawarma?

  • Been eating shawarma for 21 years. This is the worst one I've ever had lol. I prefer spicy shawarma.

  • Souvlaki is the Greek equivalent except the sauce is Tzatziki and the meat is pork. They also put french fries in there

  • "crushed like the spirits of the avengers when they first face off against Thanos" WHOA THERE BABISH!! LOL

  • Why is it always kosher salt?

  • Shwarma is a very very like very famous chicken recipe from India

  • This ain't shawurma im a real arab that lives in jordan and this is not a shawurma the bread is not even right

  • Would U like to invite me to eat with U ? I like what you were doing. Just say hi and I will come.

  • Gyros cousin

  • And now I’m hungry....

  • Aaaah Arabic food. Complicated yet delicious

  • Very nice! But...the traditional way is to open the pita and put the shwarma and vegetables in the inside, not hold it like a taco.

  • This is chicken kebab in a taco

  • I love how nonchalant you are when you say I'm not pandering you're pandering

  • I wonder what he covers the bowls with. It's not cling film

  • When you put tahini sauce on your shawarma and not tatziki

  • The place I go to puts the ingredients inside the pita making it less of that gyro style

  • I dont now how its going in america, but i live is israel, and there shawarma fllows like water...

  • In Berlin this is the best stuff you can get, it was brought into Germany by turkish people and we call it Döner or Kebap, its almost the same thing as Schawarma but its made out of thicker bread with sesame on it and lamb.

  • Mr. Babish, I don't feel so good...

  • This seems very similiar to a gyro. Can someone explain the differences to my culturally unaware ass?

  • There's only three things I hate in this world. Steampunk, pirates and taboulleh.

  • I love the videos but the tahini is wrong. What you're meant to do is mix the tahini with water, lemon juice, olive oil, salt pepper and garlic to make tahiha, no one ever eats raw tahini. What he did is the equivalent of just making some dough baking it and calling it a pizza.

  • I love how this guys puts three full kitchens of ingridients and spices and considers its basic. He has all this cooking stuff and he is not even pro cook.

  • this is gyros not shawarma

  • Ah, I see you're more of a thigh person than a breast person.

    • This username is not unnecessarily long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • This username is not unnecessarily long i am both, i like the breast fried and the thighs BBQ'd

  • Do the deep fried kebab from Infinity War!

  • Make the classic breakfast club sandwich that would be so awesome

  • Traditional shawarma is actually made of lamb thigh. Or not, that's just what I saw in Israel

  • this is NOT shawarma, trust me on this one

  • Oh yes, extra virgin, just like me

  • Those pittas are way too small and way too thick. They need to be much more wide and you need to go in this order with the ingredients >pitta >garlic sauce >mayo >vegetables >meat +potatoes(if you want those) - at this point you can add the pepper, salt, chilly powder and w/e other stuff you want >ketchup (spicy is the best) + another layer of garlic sauce over that Try it like this and you will enjoy it more

  • Do a 99 cheese pizza from the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie.

  • dang that BURN!!! Got me just like it got spider man!!! (Too soon? *not soon enough*)

  • All spice... hehee

  • I had shawarma from a gas station like last week, it was kinda bad

  • Damn, now I want a shawarma machine.

  • Turn up your volume at 1:53

  • Shawarma also known as שווארמה is a food.... yah

  • Omg s/o to Chef John

  • 2 shots, of vodka

  • Isn't this basically like kebab. Or at least chicken kebab

  • Shawarma is from arabia


  • I'd love to try these recipes but I'm English so we don't use cups..

  • It's not a shawarma until it is made by caucasian with dirty after toilet hands in tiny street booth with cockroaches and rat poop on table.

  • Americans: Shwama Zambians: SHAH-WAH-MAH

  • 2.9 mil subs...2.9 mil views😂

  • His voice and speaking pattern reminds me of the narrator from A Series of Unfortunate Events




  • Shawarma stands are all around Philippines

  • Noticing a ton of salt.. I would say Gordon Ramsey amount of salt.

  • Most shoarma meat sold at supermarkets here in The Netherlands is actually small strips of pork, already seasoned. It is always advertised along with garlic sauce.

  • Shoarma

  • Kinda reminds me of the "Döner" here in Germany...

  • watching you make that tabouleh really tore my heart omg its supposed to be mostly minced parsley with finely chopped tomatoes and onions and mint and there's not supposed to be any cucumber and no spices just salt, pepper and alot of lemon juice and olive oil i hope you try it out this way and see the difference

  • Where's the Lebanese garlic sauce?? :'O

  • All the Arabs triggered when they say Shawarma instead of saying it correctly like Shawerma

  • Как он страно делает шаверму Ну тупые©

  • *WARNING: GRAMMAR NAZI* "Shawarma", not "Shwarma" ;)

  • Wow this is the first time I’ve been heard anyone use ‘sumak’ my family is from turkey and we have them ship it to us because what is Turkish food without it! We have tried searching for it everywhere! Where did you purchase/find your sumak?

  • You know there are Beef suremys

  • Isn't shoarma made from kebab/sheep/pig? Instead of chicken

  • You must be the best person to be friends with, always having good ass leftover food in your fridge lmao.

  • The garlic was crushed like what?!?!