Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.
Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free
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  • In restaurant they only coock the outer layer of shawarma pole and then decrease the heat so when an order comes in they rais the heate and coock the outside layer only again

  • I thought shawarma was a like hot yoga or something. Apparently it’s food

  • That's not what I bought ...

  • I don't know what you made since this is not shawarma. Where are the sheep fat layers? It literally gives the shawarma the flavor and the juiciness.

  • Could I use the marinate on beef?

  • Hey so the reason why you do not add the tomatoes until you are ready to serve is the acidity of the tomatoes will brown the mint and scallions,

  • 7:20 man you could make some noice kebabs with that.

  • Just go to shawarma king

  • יא אשכנזי מניאק איפה העמבה והחריף

  • you prenaounce thini worng its ta hina

  • For all my life I’ve been waiting for this

  • I might be late for this one. But when dealing with tomatoes, you actually need to eat them the same day as you prepare them. Otherwise they lose taste and consistency.

  • I just bought my mom a stand mixer. I’m gonna have to go over there and try a pita recipe. Also, Tzatziki (sp?) is some of the best stuff EVER! I can’t wait to try making some.

  • Sh-a-o-rma

  • Beef taste better.

  • smooth supple ball of dough

  • This is by far, the whitest way I've ever seen anyone make shawarma ever, still a good video though 👏🏻

  • This is literally the best cooking show on US-tv

  • So....a gyro.

  • Its prounnouced SHWUARMA

  • you salt way too much

  • In Soviet Russia you don't roll the shawarma

  • Wouder

  • Dude, that is not tzatziki.

  • your voice makes me cum

  • Come to lebanon and eat the BEST shawarma at bliss restaurant

  • I was really excited for shwarma, but I realized that I was thinking of gyros. Could you please make an epic gyro. Maybe from "Road Warrior" or "Annie", I can't think of any movies with them at the moment.

  • I'm not a chef but that ain't shawarma dude

  • Why is the pita is soo THICCCCCCCCCC?


  • I removed the cinnamon cuz i'm allergic to cinnamon.

  • That ain't a shaorma dude ..

  • Man, imagine if you had to go through all of this everytime you wanted a shawarma when you're pissed at 3 in the morning.

  • Tacos Borritos And Shawarma All bread filled with meat

  • Thats just doner.

  • Here the components Flat Bread Shredded Chicken White Garlic Sauce Ketchup Mayo Fries ENJOY

  • What's the plastic wrap stuff youre using? Works super well

  • Kebab , gyros, dakos , dakos with bread . They are the same

  • So this is literally just gyro?

  • If all you have is chicKen breasts, they will become very tender and flavorful when slow cooked.

  • why chicken bro, shawarma isnt made with chicken

  • That iron man clip is exactly what I thought of when I heard shawarma

  • Hey hi I'm From India and like I am pretty sure that this stuff was not an actual Shawarma but like this thing also looks great 😋😋 by the way you are supper dude best wishes 😄 from India

  • idk what shawarma even is 😂

  • Salt salt pepper pepper pepper.

  • I as a middle-easterner would qualify this for foreign food Americanized.

  • An Avenger walk into a Shawarma joint

  • i just realized how weird us rochestarians say water, thanks babish for helping me notice lol

  • What is coshire salt...? Idk how to spell it.... is it just normal salt...?

  • That's one expensive shawarma. The stuff being sold is just meat rejects, a chopped lettuce and some magic sauce (ketchup and mayo). If you have more money, then a couple of shredded cheese.

  • Ok so what you've made is a chicken shawarma. The bread you've made is called (at least where I'm from) a Shrak and the tahini is I'm not even going there.

  • also love SeriousEats (灬♥ω♥灬)

  • Ay i gotta tell you ma man if u liked chicken shwarma you are gonna love the beef shwarma

  • I just found your channel - dude, you're a BADASS. I love your humor and your food looks killer - keep it up Babish!

  • That aint a shawarma if it doesnt have pickles and fries

  • I liked that camera shake when he was kneading the dough


  • Beef shwarma is like a gyro with moxie

  • 0:40 “I’m not pandering your pandering”

  • Shawarma without garlic sauce? 👎

  • I won't. Now I need to try and cook this.

  • Making food. Pros: food Cons: making

  • Make chicken permission from Zombie Horse

  • My brother from another mother with the same father😭

  • Crushed like the spirits of the Avengers when they face Thanos 😂😂😭😭


  • extra virginity is cool!

  • So, its basically just a fancy Döner.

  • You say don’t judge about eating three of those things, but they’re probably a lot healthier than anything else you would’ve been eating

  • Haha I just realized that this was posted on my birthday! Can't be a coincidence!

  • *Smooth, supple ball of dough*

  • Shawarma is usaly lamb... this is more of a Shish Taouk. looks pretty good still

  • Arabs want to know your location

  • Shawarma is famous in the philippines

  • He came after the avengers like a period after a sentence. 😭😭😭😭

  • Thats not Shawarma, that is definitely doner kebab.

  • Extra virgin oil.... is it ok if I use fortnite oil?


  • Excuse me but lemon and dill in tzatziki? Where’s the mint?

  • 3:43 something just fall on the bowl

  • Where is garlic sauce ????

  • Basically a kebab

  • Made this today, took 8 hours.....

  • As an Arab, I know from experience that pretty much anything can be improved with yogurt. Want a creamy drink? Laban. Rice? Yogurt. Macaroni? Yogurt with crushed garlic and dried mint. Hotel? Trivago.

  • How long do I cook it in the oven if I don’t have a shawarma machine?

  • Dude your fat ass af. As I was downing my mtn dew and my family size Doritos you had three them bitches withen 12 hours?!?!

  • You made a chicken gyro, tzatziki sauce goes on a gyro. A shawarma has a wonderful garlic sauce (that has every pore of your body smelling but this garlic sauce is worth the smell). In Michigan it can be in a wrap with meat, pickle, onion, lettuce and lots of the garlic sauce. Come to Detroit we have lots of Greek restaurants

  • That...that’s essentially a gyro at the end there O.o

  • The salad needs alot of barsly

  • I know it was throwaway dialogue, but it just now hit me that it would be almost impossible for Tony Stark to not know what shwarma is. He's a former weapons developer who likely spent significant time in the Middle East. In a lot of middle eastern countries Shwarma is (1) literally everywhere and (2) completely bomb.

  • This is the only guy who could get me to eat tomatoes

  • Also, epic rolling shutter effect at 2:15. Not quite as weird as you get with, say, a fan or a plane propeller, but still pretty cool.

  • Shawarma is one of the greatest fast foods in history. But don't ask me; ask basically everyone all over the world who has ever had shawarma, döner, gyros, donair, tacos al pastor, or anything else in that family. Pizza, burgers, sushi, hot dogs... shawarma.

  • This is a recipe for meat shawerma ....meat shawerma works great with t'hena and fresh vegetables in the sandwish but for a chicken shawerma its only bread soaked with chicken fat from the shawerma and some shawerma , pickles and garlic paste.

  • Спасибо челу хотя-бы за то, что называет Шаверму Шавармой, а не Шаурму Шавермой.

  • Неправильная шаурма у тебя

    • Написано же что Шаверма, а не Шаурма. Это разные блюда.

  • Так Шаурма или Шаверма( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • i am from palastine and i wanted to adress some thing that are quiet missing and that are important to eat with the dish such as pickeld onion, pickeld cabbage, arabic basic salad could have replaced all of the vegetables and created more space for more ingredients, and also this is not really a beta, its kind of a semi tortia (lafa) and a real beta should look like a bigger kind of a bread that you open near the side and stuff food in it (its kinda hard to explain) but other from that and some small details its pretty good.

  • This is Arabic kebab

  • I rewatch these all the time idk why