Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.
Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free
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  • Looks like a pastor taco 🤣

  • I love that you make everything from scratch.

  • In Turkey we call shawarmas "döner". The shape of it is a little different than this altough we have a few types of it, but the basic ingredients are similiar. Some people make with lettuce, tomatos and french fries some make it with persley, tomatos and onions. And of course döner meat

  • Had these in Germany, they’re 3 euros and amazing.

  • Lol 😂 funniest sh8 ever

  • Great idea to cook the bulgur in the tomato water! Tried that today with cous cous and it was perfect. Thanks!

  • nah dude, i will go and buy one too much work

  • hey babish! you should add the salt after you've incoorporated flour into the yeast mixture cause adding salt in directly would kill the yeast

  • God hes so extra hes making tahini .... wait... is that...srsly? 89$????

  • BTW, I love your videos, and Chef John's, and when you shout-out to Chef John. Awesome.

  • Too much work, better dinn out!!!

  • The shawarma I eat comes straight off the butcher where they've already marinaded it and it would taste good if my mom wasn't such a terrible cook.

  • What's up with calling it kosher salt? Salt is salt right?

  • No lemon juice on the tabbouleh. 2/10.

  • Lmao All spice smash mouth became a chef

  • That’s a weird tabolah??

  • You make me so hungry

  • You need to add water, garlic, and lemon juice to the tahini.

  • Dude we don't even have greek yogurt here ., wtf this whole video is wrong. We add to the teheni lemon juice and salt The taboleh is supposed to be mainly parsley and we also add to it lemon juice and salt , the cucumber and the tomatoes are optional (they're usually on the side in a separate bowl). The pita bread is fine but we usually eat shawarma with arabic bread or a baguette

  • "just a little bit of kosher salt"

  • I"m Israeli and this looks so good

  • Think i'll go to the Lebanese joint at the corner of my street for a 5.95$ shawarma sandwich.

  • Make some al pastor on that thing!

  • You are a legend

  • Something 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 Nothing Sorry Srry Not srry I'm evil Lol

  • You are kidding, right?!!

  • Dont follow this recipe he didn't even get close to the tabouli tabouli my dear friends doesn't have cucumber and the borghol doesnt need to be cooked just put them in water for an hr or 2 and never drain the vegetables tabouli is known to be fresh and is lovely with its juiciness i am lebanese and i guess its our well known salad im sorry sir i didn't mean to offend u but its wrong

  • What type of seal did you use on that bowl with the marinade

  • Come to India. You’ll find shawarma in every single restaurant.

  • There is no cucumber in tabouleh

  • jewish tacos

  • You should Hey making Turkish food, looks like you like it

  • Why did you make pita instead of laffa/lavash?

  • Uhhhhh the reason Shawerma is put back on isn’t for repurposing it’s because the best parts are the crispy bits that you cut off as they form. You continuously do that until there’s not enough chicken left to crisp and the chef usually eats that himself as it’s considered unfit to serve

  • Why Kosher salt ? Do you they use Kosher salt back in the Shawarma land ?

  • Why do they keep pronouncing it as shwarma.... it's sha-we-r-ma!

  • The meat is supposed to stay on the machine, because it doesn't cook through until more layers are exposed and the foods that it goes into often require that crisp brown layer.

  • This guy seriously looks like kratos

  • So basically you got the bread recipe from your black friend?


  • Interesting. It reminds me of pita gyros. In Greece we make tzatziki with olive oil instead of lemon juice.

  • You should make Sushi

  • Nice job but you should try it with goat meat next time it's really good!


  • Hey that looked pretty good, but nothing like any shawarma I've ever had in my life, wanna know how much shawarma I've eaten in my life? A lot.

  • that's not tabbouleh and you don't put plain tahini for shawarma . sorry but in in my country (Lebanon) we just know our food .

  • It's an Arabic food And it's called : شاورما > shwairma سلطة طحينا > taahena salt

  • What is that cling film/baking paper hybrid you are using ? It looks ace

  • This is ghiros not sworma

  • Thats not a REAL shawarma. U need thin Arabic bread like Turkish or lavish bread. trust me I'm an expert.

  • Garlic: Babish.. I don't feel so good..

  • So Shawarma is what I have been called Gyros for years?

  • this looks really nice but it looks nothing like a shawarma.

  • It’s everywhere in India!

  • that salad is salty

  • Disliking for the tabbouleh. Absolutely not how you make it authentically. 😭😭

  • "don't judge" ...pmsl

  • "Cooking isn't something one considers when balancing the universe". "But this... does put a smile on my face".

  • so this is pretty much almost a Greek souvlaki.. take away the tahini and add french fries and there it is!

  • I eat shawarma on a daily basis😂

  • Shawarma is very pupular in romania (i am romanian)

  • well i love the syrian shawarma

  • In my shitty country we use beef.

  • Is nobody going to talk about how incredibly funny this guy is?



  • What's up with your oven clock in the background?

  • Are there any Non-dairy substitutes for the yoghurt?

  • Who said white ppl dont season their food?

  • Amazing. But I am wayyy too lazy to put in this much effort

  • *S*

  • I’m hungry

  • Hi, Babish. I'm from Russia, and I know this dish seems like Arabic and had this backstory about ancient nomads. Yea, but here in Moscow we have an incredible recipe of ShaUrma, not ShaWarma. This dish has other ingredients and recipe. You can google it if you want. For me is really unexpected how it happens dish wich one called Shawarma been cooked with fucking buckwheat.

  • Babish... I don't feel well

  • I think in england we call these kebabs

  • Your a *LITTLE* to late

  • Wow, that looked really awesome, it's so awesome to see how dishes are served differently depending on where they are, perhaps it was to cater for the local audience, or simply the taste and touch of the person who took it there?

  • The bread you cooked can be found literally everywhere in the Middle East it’s the standard bread

  • im not very good at english, so instead of "allspice" i understood "oldspice", i knew my shawarma had a little bit of perfume flavor.

  • Why do you use kosher salt then?

  • sumac in yogurt... ok

  • @bingingwithbash can you provide the link of where you got the shawarma machine plz?

  • It’s basically gyros

  • That's a lot of salt in tebboula

  • great job man, awesome kitchen and very nice editing. but a couple of tips, the tahini you made is tahini base and not the tahini sauce that goes with the shawarma, so check that out @food wishes with chef john if you like him, the tahini base is used in a wide variety with lots of foods, but always its made into a sauce for that special meal, 2nd thing the pitas, the once you made are a little thin and wide its closer to Lebanese bread or Palestinian kmaj, so make the radius smaller and make it a bit more thick. the tabuli salad need way more parsley as well. the shawarma on a stick trick is you cut it after you pit in the skewer and the pieces you cut from the side skewer them back on the top, that way you will get a perfect tubeish/roundish shape. and shawarma is at it's best when its cut really thin. i know it's allot of comments :p but great job man i really like your style and videos xD

  • That's awesome!!!!😍😍😍

  • Shawarma is really common where i live

  • it's called sha - warma

  • Finally, someone who knows what he's doing in the kitchen

  • The shawarmas I tried have never had so many ingredients

  • You could re-purpose the Shawarma cooker to make Tacos Al Pastor.

  • I heard *"Allspark"* when you said *"Allspice"*

  • You sound like Patrick Bateman

  • had Shawarma a couple of days ago and I think it's really good but I think your recipe is better

  • I only listen to you narrate. It's satisfying. I won't even cook this, even if I plan to.

  • It's so satisfying to say

  • Whats the paper called he covers the bowls wich?

  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸 ✌️✌️✌️

  • I am romanian and I am very happy

  • That's no where near tabouli my friend