Binging with Babish: Seinfeld Special Volume I

Published on May 9, 2017
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Maybe one of the most delicious food plots of the 90s, or any decade for that matter, hails from a lesser-known sitcom called 'Seinfeld'. This scrappy little American comedy featured a so-called "Soup Nazi", and while you might not recognize his signature catchphrase "No soup for you!", hopefully you can tell by now that I'm joking. Join me as I take my best crack at his wild mushroom soup, Elaine's muffin tops, and Jerry's aptly-defended cinnamon babka.
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  • Cook ligma next

  • The music is from myths & legends podcast! Anybody else notice that?

  • ooOoooooHhHh yEEEEEEaaaaah Crème Fraiche

  • Is volume 2 a patreon exclusive or something? Seeing as it's been a year since 1 and 2 is nowhere to be seen

  • Why the fuck can’t Americans use the goddamn metric system? I’m Brazilian and I’m too lazy to make the conventions to kg. Use “cup” as a measuring system please

  • Ice Bear's Calzones from We Bare Bears ples

  • When you are talking about Squarespace at the end of the video, it seems like you are threatening me because of the knife you are holding.

  • Oh hello Myths and Legends music.

  • But where’s the big salad!

  • Yesterday I made cinnamon babska. Yes, I do have proof.

  • i feel like that dough right now

  • I was expecting a 'Babish' move of making a Cinnomon-chocolate Babka at the end there. XD

  • How could he not make a marble rye 😭😭

  • Where is volume 2

  • Oops! I forgot to film myself cooking this dish but you have to ..... Boil this, and do stuff and you are done!

  • I have never been so sad to be allergic to cinnamon

  • Two words. STICK BLENDER.

  • I wasnt looking and I thought I heard bee movie playing

  • I didn’t know poppy seeds made you fail a drug test! Had to look it up before I believed it 😃😄😅

  • hearing the myths and legends podcast music in this video freaked me out

  • Hey babish you ok?? Punch it down just like life, got anything to talk about bud?

  • Im sorry, but that muffin is a cupcake.

  • Seinfeld was wrong. It's not cinnamon. It's nearly always nutmeg that is the secret when someone asks why something is so good.

  • 7:29 damn it man you're ruthless

  • It's 1am, why am i here?

  • I tried trader Joe's chocolate bobka worst coffee cake ever. It was flavor free completely insipid. What kind of people make something sad then call it dessert?

  • the recipe on your website is very different from your video, completely fucked me over

  • Babi, I need your opinion on where I went wrong. I tried your muffin recipe, but used yogurt instead of buttermilk and blueberries instead of poppyseeds. The berries weren't proportionate, I just folded them in as I felt was needed. I was baking them in an older oven and they needed to stay in an extra 10 minutes to brown up. When I took them out and let them cool, the tops sunk in. I opened them up to discover that the insides didn't cook through. I don't know if I added too many blueberries or if may be because of the older oven. Do you have any idea of what could have gone wrong?

  • You are absolutely one of my favorite channels on US-tv and Facebook!! You've inspired me to get back into cooking. Keep up the great work!! I love your videos so much!!!!

  • You forgot George's pudding skin singles.

  • Why am I addicted to your videos?!?!?!

  • Erickson 7 layer salad?

  • He has poppy seeds Heroin dealer confirmed

  • Idek what seinfeld is...

  • Weighing must be far superior to using a measuring cup when it comes to baking. I’m pretty sure I am making an AWFUL Babka dough. 🙄

  • so i got a question right, whats up with using chicken stock instead of just beef/herbs(or vegetable, dunno what yall call it in usa) stock? i generally hate the taste of chicken soup and stock so i really do not want to use it, anything else i could use instead of it?

  • just add midrolls please, i am fully willing to rewatch your 10 minutes videos just to get that sweet sweet US-tv cash, just so you can keep doing this. I can't subscribe to your Patreon but i can just set my computer on loop to watch your 10 minute videos over and over.


  • 2/10 no bee movie

  • cream freesh

  • Babs, the way to get the best muffins is (and I know this sounds weird) don't mix the absolute shit out of the batter, lumps in muffin batter make them super fluffy.

  • OMG, it's the SOUP NAZI! Oh this I've got to see...

  • Now you just need to make a chocolate cinnamon bobka.

  • His humor is so dry ...........I LOVE IT

  • I love his voice ❤❤❤

  • Cream freache lmao

  • No black and white cookie? lol

  • "stinky and foamy" like this guy's breath

  • This guy def date rapes in lower's a successful meme


  • It's a meal about nothing

  • I would like the chocolate more because I hate cinnamon because of... Traumatic memories...

  • “I know.... different shapes.”

  • "Crim Frish"

  • No kosher cinnamon? Or kosher flour? Why only the salt is kosher?

  • His other channel is called you suck at cooking

  • *-S E I N F E L D T H E M E-*

  • I must be the only person in the world to not like mushrooms

  • WHERE'S VOLUME II?!?!??!?!!!!

  • Im hungry and watching your vids makes me wanna eat a whole cake

  • Cinnamon has the added benefit of lowering blood sugar (badly needed with babka)

  • Yum! Mushroom gravy

  • what is "creme freesh"?

  • I'm sorry I can't take him seriously I keep seeing Barry

  • What is that plastic sheet you use instead of regular cling film? looks handy

  • Fantastic work. Invariably.

  • That bread, you should have twisted one half of Cinammon and the other of chocolate together to have a mix.

  • muffin cookies? you genius.

  • Muffin tops

  • Chocolate>>>>>cinnamon.

  • This guy is hilarious and great cheft

  • Why do Americans pronounce it "Cream Freesh"??

    • It's a reference from South Park from what I've heard.


  • i need that soup now

  • Make volume 2 please

  • Making the Babka! Cinnamon only!

  • Seinfeld is so horribly unfunny, I don't know how anyone could watch it

  • I think he’s having problems with rude comments. Not trying to be mean

  • Am i the only one that thinks Seinfeld has lame humour

  • Just like life, we’re gonna punch it down

  • Where is the mulligatawny??? 😅😁

  • Oh yeah poppy seeds causes false negatives

  • So when did he change the music?

  • Pls make best burger and mayo salad from How I met your mother

  • You didnt make Elaine's BIG Salad


  • When *that* music kicked in I thought I was listening to cgp grey for a second

  • A single recipe from chowder would alow me to die happy

  • We Don't Want This Doe To Get To Full Of Itself, So Just Like Life We Are Gonna Punch It Down - BWB. My New Favorite Quote

  • This was soooo satisfying to watch! I loved this episode! 👌😌👌

  • *NEXT!*

  • Where tf is the pastromi

  • Damn he's a wicked chef!

  • Agh you threw me off using that damn Myths and Legends music

  • Is it possible to use rye bread instead of that other "bread"

  • I love muff cookie 😛😏

  • Its Créme fraiche


  • you madman. genius.

  • The soup 😍😍😍