Binging with Babish: Seinfeld Special Volume I

Published on May 9, 2017
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Maybe one of the most delicious food plots of the 90s, or any decade for that matter, hails from a lesser-known sitcom called 'Seinfeld'. This scrappy little American comedy featured a so-called "Soup Nazi", and while you might not recognize his signature catchphrase "No soup for you!", hopefully you can tell by now that I'm joking. Join me as I take my best crack at his wild mushroom soup, Elaine's muffin tops, and Jerry's aptly-defended cinnamon babka.
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  • I don't have an electric mixer but I do have a dewalt drill will that work?

  • I gotta make that babka

  • Why not try food from bollywood movies?

  • Anyone know what those wraps are that he covers his bowls with?


  • These recipes all look amazing! I've never tried Babka and sadly if this is how it's usually made, I don't think I ever will. I figured out (almost a year ago) that I am allergic to both Cinnamon and Chocolate and several other things as well. I really wish this wasn't an issue, because both versions of the Babka looked beautiful and delicious!

  • Fuck SquareSpace. Support your local developer.

  • Poppys have meth in them

  • i can't find the "whatever these are" mushrooms :(

  • (Creme fraiche)=crem fresh

  • I need to be your neighbor. I would be like a local stray, at your back door every afternoon, whimpering for leftovers.

  • Same stock music as the Myths and Legends podcast

  • I would love to try those babkas but they are a threat to my losing weight journey

  • Make the black and white cookie

  • You should’ve added the cinnamon mixture to the chocolate mixture

  • So fun fact I learned. Cooking wines (but not drinking wines.) are covered by food stamps!

  • Love the drug test joke 😂

  • Seinfeld episode but no eclair from the garbage...

  • When's Foods of Seinfeld: Volume II happening? I need me some spicy chicken, black 'n white cookies, and Drake's coffee cake!

  • You couldve put all the ingredients together the night before and let rise while you slept. Id like to see foods from 50s tv like I love lucy

  • Why not combine the cinnamon and chocolate fillings together and have the best of both worlds?

  • Are you ever going to make a part II to this episode?

  • Egg replacements? Allergic. :(

  • Babababababababa bababa

  • 5:41 we have those in germany.....they are called amerikaner or americans😂

  • "speaking of muffin's how to make muffin cookies"

  • Why no mulligatawny soup from Soup nazi?

  • Make the food from Monster Hunter: World

  • *_Wolfenstein III: The Soup Order_*

  • Wait isn’t poppy seeds illegal?

  • Where is volume 2 of this episode? Is there a recipe of Cornish gam hens or chicken salad on marble rye ?

  • "Don't worry if they don't look good, they'll look much better when we cover them with a towel" Babby 2017

  • Finally, Anime Food

  • Hey Andrew where’s volume 2?

  • Delicious breakfast treats that will make you fail a drug test XD

  • I work at a Panera and we actually have straight up muffin tops. They’re called muffies, they’re just baked in a shallow muffin pan.


  • Woww...excelente

  • "We don't want the dough to get to full of itself, so just like life We punch it down" 😂😂

  • Beijing with basil

  • along illness trunk without coalition terrible technical dress gentleman Supreme.

  • A square is an equilater rectangle.

  • Who doesn't love Seinfeld:) , or friends, or big bang theory, or Law and order SVU , Reply if you dare

  • Make a friends episode

  • Seinfeld fan and great cook.... Marry me.

  • Do Spaghetti tacos from Icarly

  • **seinfeld theme**

  • Babs, don't listen to the idiots below saying to mix chocolate and cinnamon. They should remain separate and unique entities. Also, I'm making my own Binging with George Costanza video. It includes pudding skin singles, a brick of cheese the size of a car battery, and a jug of Pepsi and Ring-dings. No napkins.

  • I also de-stumpify my muffins when I eat them. But then I still eat the stump separately. How about a couple items from Frank Costanza's Jewish Singles Mixer menu. You'll feel like a Phoenix rising....from Arizona!

  • It’s the old CGP Grey music.


  • I love babishes voice it’s like thick butter

  • In my opinion Seinfeld isn’t at all funny friends is better

  • Thanks for the existential crisis

  • That dough has no life!

  • From math to this video. What the fuq happened.

  • Why not twist the two different halves together for the ULTIMATE Babka!

  • What about the marble rye?

  • Volume 2? :) Love the show and Seinfeld.

    • Right?! George's "Pudding Skin Singles", Frank Costanza's Jewish cuisine from the singles mixer, Poppi's duck, Mutton, Papaya King hot dogs, DIY Junior Mints, DIY Drake's Coffee Cake.....

  • i watched the bee movie when i was younger and didnt know who jerry seinfeild was and now i can only hear barry bee benson when i hear jerry's voice

    • yeah lol

    • that's ironic because it's the least significant thing he's ever done haha

  • Cook ligma next

  • The music is from myths & legends podcast! Anybody else notice that?

  • ooOoooooHhHh yEEEEEEaaaaah Crème Fraiche

  • Is volume 2 a patreon exclusive or something? Seeing as it's been a year since 1 and 2 is nowhere to be seen

  • Why the fuck can’t Americans use the goddamn metric system? I’m Brazilian and I’m too lazy to make the conventions to kg. Use “cup” as a measuring system please


  • Ice Bear's Calzones from We Bare Bears ples

  • When you are talking about Squarespace at the end of the video, it seems like you are threatening me because of the knife you are holding.

  • Oh hello Myths and Legends music.

  • But where’s the big salad!

  • Yesterday I made cinnamon babska. Yes, I do have proof.

  • i feel like that dough right now

  • I was expecting a 'Babish' move of making a Cinnomon-chocolate Babka at the end there. XD

  • How could he not make a marble rye 😭😭

  • Where is volume 2

    • Right?! George's "Pudding Skin Singles", Frank Costanza's Jewish cuisine from the singles mixer, Poppi's duck, Mutton, Papaya King hot dogs, DIY Junior Mints, DIY Drake's Coffee Cake.....

  • Oops! I forgot to film myself cooking this dish but you have to ..... Boil this, and do stuff and you are done!

  • Two words. STICK BLENDER.

  • I wasnt looking and I thought I heard bee movie playing

  • hearing the myths and legends podcast music in this video freaked me out

  • Hey babish you ok?? Punch it down just like life, got anything to talk about bud?

  • Im sorry, but that muffin is a cupcake.

    • Nope..a cupcake has butter cream or whipped cream frosting. So if you ever have cupcakes laying around, just scrape off the frosting and voila! Breakfast!

  • Seinfeld was wrong. It's not cinnamon. It's nearly always nutmeg that is the secret when someone asks why something is so good.

  • 7:29 damn it man you're ruthless

  • It's 1am, why am i here?

  • I tried trader Joe's chocolate bobka worst coffee cake ever. It was flavor free completely insipid. What kind of people make something sad then call it dessert?

  • the recipe on your website is very different from your video, completely fucked me over

  • Babi, I need your opinion on where I went wrong. I tried your muffin recipe, but used yogurt instead of buttermilk and blueberries instead of poppyseeds. The berries weren't proportionate, I just folded them in as I felt was needed. I was baking them in an older oven and they needed to stay in an extra 10 minutes to brown up. When I took them out and let them cool, the tops sunk in. I opened them up to discover that the insides didn't cook through. I don't know if I added too many blueberries or if may be because of the older oven. Do you have any idea of what could have gone wrong?

  • You are absolutely one of my favorite channels on US-tv and Facebook!! You've inspired me to get back into cooking. Keep up the great work!! I love your videos so much!!!!

  • You forgot George's pudding skin singles.

    • Volume 2- "Seinfeld Singles". along with Frank Costanza's Jewish cuisine from the Jewish SINGLES mixer!!

  • Why am I addicted to your videos?!?!?!

  • Erickson 7 layer salad?

  • He has poppy seeds Heroin dealer confirmed

  • Idek what seinfeld is...

    • American situation comedy created by comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, that ran from 1989-1998. One of the highest rated, critically acclaimed, funniest tv shows ever. It had a huge impact on American popular is evident by this video.

  • Weighing must be far superior to using a measuring cup when it comes to baking. I’m pretty sure I am making an AWFUL Babka dough. 🙄

  • so i got a question right, whats up with using chicken stock instead of just beef/herbs(or vegetable, dunno what yall call it in usa) stock? i generally hate the taste of chicken soup and stock so i really do not want to use it, anything else i could use instead of it?

  • just add midrolls please, i am fully willing to rewatch your 10 minutes videos just to get that sweet sweet US-tv cash, just so you can keep doing this. I can't subscribe to your Patreon but i can just set my computer on loop to watch your 10 minute videos over and over.


  • 2/10 no bee movie

  • cream freesh

  • Babs, the way to get the best muffins is (and I know this sounds weird) don't mix the absolute shit out of the batter, lumps in muffin batter make them super fluffy.

  • OMG, it's the SOUP NAZI! Oh this I've got to see...