Binging with Babish: Seinfeld Special Volume I

Published on May 9, 2017
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Maybe one of the most delicious food plots of the 90s, or any decade for that matter, hails from a lesser-known sitcom called 'Seinfeld'. This scrappy little American comedy featured a so-called "Soup Nazi", and while you might not recognize his signature catchphrase "No soup for you!", hopefully you can tell by now that I'm joking. Join me as I take my best crack at his wild mushroom soup, Elaine's muffin tops, and Jerry's aptly-defended cinnamon babka.
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  • You need to do a sopranos food vid

  • Everyone be honest the only Mushroom you knew was Shitaki

  • Wage gap

  • Just made the Mushroom Soup for my dad for his B-Day & he LOVED it! Thank you for this recipe!

  • Look at Babish hand at 3:56

  • 7:31 you treated that dough just like life treats me

  • I believe having just a muffin top is known as a scone.

  • Moon ice cream phineas and ferb please

  • Wait, they have just muffin top pans?

  • For my dough it was way too sticky for me to scrape off the hook and form into a ball. What are some reasons for this?

  • I dont like muffin tops... only the very middle.

  • How muffin cookies make you fell a drug test

  • Can anyone tell me why Jerry Seinfeld sounds alot like Barry B. Benson. Please, this question has been plaguing mind for ages

  • No soup for you!!!!!

  • in captions it says soup nazi

  • *What's the deeeeeeeeal with airplane food?* (laughter)

  • “ we don’t want this dough to get to full of its self So just like life we’re gonna punch it dow” are you okay?

  • No black and white cookie i mean come on look to the cookie Elaine

  • The Soup Nazi is a masterpiece.

  • forgot to subscribe after 1 year so here is that. ;)

  • Is volume 2 ever gonna happen, Babish?

  • Does the type of butter and /or flour matter for the Babka?

  • With so much fat , salt and sugar it's a miracle most Americans see 30

  • Whats the song played at 3:12

  • Because of this I want him to do a video on the bee movie

  • I wish after being cut down and beaten by life i would turn into a Beautiful and Delicious, Cinnamon Roll.

  • Make Avatar last airbender one dish from each of the 4 nations

  • That's what americans call babka???? That's a braided cake, not a babka (Source: I am slavic)

  • I hate chocolate

  • There's another BOBKA?!

  • 5:48 Yeah He Right.!

  • man i just discovered your channel and i fucking love it! you got a new subscriber

  • Seinfeld brought me here, this guy's voice made me subscribe.

  • Yeast hasn’t worked for me, ever

  • Dude the whole muffin dispute is completely dependent on the muffin type. Lemon poppyseed or almond poppyseed i'll eat the whole damn muffin. But pretty much every other one eeeh

  • Cpg grey music

  • You should do the sandwich from Clifford in spekel and the big snack

  • did anyone notice that in the second section (around 3:20) they use the same music as some of CGP Grey's videos? Nope just me.

  • Ask any geometry teacher: a square can be a rectangle but a rectangle can't be a square

  • I hope the rest of yall notice that mr cinnamon guy here voiced barry bee benson

  • 7:25 that got really real real quick lmao😂

  • What watch are you wearing? Nixon Time Teller?

  • I like how he is just passive-agressively insulting the dough

  • Parsley- Celery.

  • If it makes you feel better, a square is a rectangle but, a rectangle cannot be a square.

  • *a n o t h e r b a b k a!?*

  • I hear siren, is that include in Bgm or just a coincident.

  • You became CGP Grey all if the sudden

  • Top with homemade mocha whipped cream.

  • What I want to know is why the hell you've have a beautiful gas stove, yet your cooking on a single burner on the counter. CRAZY!

  • Who played Jerry in seinfeld?

  • I dont have a stan mixer, can I knead the bobca dough by hand?

  • do seinfeld special volume ii

  • A miffin top without the muffin bottom is just a cookie.

  • I have no issues with muffin tops.

  • well she said he was through and now its on the internet lmao

  • what about the black and white cookie

  • Holy crap he has the same nixon watch as I do (I think) that is another reason to wear my watch now 😂

  • you should do, if you haven't, the BIG salad.

  • Great to see a Rochester native kicking ass. awesome videos.

  • Do Bobs Burger's burgers

  • Tater cakes

  • Why no Black & White cookie.... Seinfeld favorite

  • I'm still waiting on Volume II in 2018

  • No soup for you..... come back in one year

  • I was wondering why Jerry Seinfeld sounded so familiar and then I remembered

  • are you gonna your own cookbook with recipes from the show?

  • This is a man who loves his fond

  • 2:42 Aw, fuck yeah...

  • BABISH'S BABKA RECIPE (my typed up version, for those who wanna copy & paste/save): -1/2 Cup Milk, Warmed -Packet of Yeast -1/2 Tbsp Sugar (Sit for 10 Mins) -4 1/4 Cup Flour -4 1/2 Tbsp Sugar -1/4 Tbsp Salt -1/4 Tbsp Nutmeg (Then Add Milk, & 4 Eggs, & Mix) -Add 6 Tbsp Butter, & Mix (Add Tbsp of Flour if Too Sticky) -Then Another 6 Tbsp Butter (Butter a Bowl, Put the Dough Ball In & Shake It, & Cover w/ a Towel) (Let Sit for 1.5+ Hours, Room Temp) (Let Sit for 4+ Hours in Fridge) (Paste 1) Melt: -1/2 Cup Butter -3/4 Cup Choc. Chips Mix In: -1/4 Tbsp Espresso Powder (Optional) -1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder -1/3 Cup Conf. Sugar Mix (Paste 2): -1/2 Cup Brown Sugar -2 Tbsp Cinnamon -1/2 Cup Butter, Melted When Dough is Done, Cut It In Half Roll Dough On Floured Surface Until it's a Large Thin Rectangle Over Each Rectangle, Wipe Paste To Cover, Except the Edges Roll Dough, Width-wise, on Parchment Papered Pan, & Put In Freezer for 15 Mins. Do it to Both When Roll 2 is Rolled, Swap w/ Roll 1 (That was in Freezer) Slice Roll 1 In Half, Length-Wise Twist 2 Halves Together (Look at Demonstration), then Put In P. Papered Bread Pan Let Sit for Another 1.5 Hours (Covered by Moist Towel) Cook for 30 Mins at 375' Slather w/ Simple Syrup (look it up - takes literally 1 minute to make) DONE (Clarification: I made a couple minor changes to amounts. But trust me, it won't be different or worse, just simplified for reading)

    • Nick M. Yaaaaas thank uuuu

  • You say cinnamon OR chocolate babka, but... Hear me out here... Why not both cinnamon chocolate babka?

  • Foooooooooood!

  • Every time he says the breads name in this all I keep thinking is "why dose he keep talking about chocolate and cinnamon flavored grandmas?"

  • This was posted a day after my birthday

  • I feel like I heard a little bit of bee movie in there

  • HE SAID IT AAAH creme freesh

  • do friends!!!!

  • You need to do the Eggplant Burger, covered in Chocolate Sauce, and hot sauce from Scooby-Doo

  • 7:30 who hurt you

  • Mushrooms are bastards

  • In China usually, you do not use water but use fresh chicken broth or beef broth for mushroom soup.

  • The music from 3:32 onwards caught my attention because it reminds me of the Myths and Legends podcast

    • Same but it made me think of CGP Greg

  • I don't have an electric mixer but I do have a dewalt drill will that work?

  • I gotta make that babka

  • Why not try food from bollywood movies?

  • Anyone know what those wraps are that he covers his bowls with?


  • These recipes all look amazing! I've never tried Babka and sadly if this is how it's usually made, I don't think I ever will. I figured out (almost a year ago) that I am allergic to both Cinnamon and Chocolate and several other things as well. I really wish this wasn't an issue, because both versions of the Babka looked beautiful and delicious!

  • Fuck SquareSpace. Support your local developer.

  • Poppys have meth in them

  • i can't find the "whatever these are" mushrooms :(

  • (Creme fraiche)=crem fresh

  • I need to be your neighbor. I would be like a local stray, at your back door every afternoon, whimpering for leftovers.

  • Same stock music as the Myths and Legends podcast

  • I would love to try those babkas but they are a threat to my losing weight journey

  • Make the black and white cookie

  • You should’ve added the cinnamon mixture to the chocolate mixture

  • So fun fact I learned. Cooking wines (but not drinking wines.) are covered by food stamps!

  • Love the drug test joke 😂

  • Seinfeld episode but no eclair from the garbage...