Binging with Babish: National Grilled Cheese Day + VidCon Announcement

Published on Apr 11, 2018
Tomorrow, April 12th (not the 20th, strangely enough), is National Grilled Cheese Day. Show your reverence for this auspicious day by griddling up some bread, cheese, and butter - but nothing else - otherwise you made yourself a melt.
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  • That’s no grilled cheese The cheese isn’t even grilled

  • I really need to stop watching your videos while I make my shitty poverty level dinners. *looks at oven chicken that was frozen 2 hours ago.* You're depressing.

  • ... This was a patreon exclusive?

  • While I love this , I have a toastie maker

  • Gwilled cheesr

  • this has got to be one of the best grilled cheeses ive ever had. no lie

  • I use mayo instead of butter, it's better imo

  • Remember everyone: A grilled cheese is bread, spread (usually butter or some sauce) and cheese. Anything else and it’s a melt.

  • Grilled cheese made on the George Foreman is best grilled cheese

  • Instructions unclear, I accidentally killed my family.

  • Finally , people get a "multiple cheese"! I, however, love a few slices of roma's added to the sandwich, and use swiss, cheddar and american.

  • Grilled cheese vs cheese toastie

  • My favorite cheese blend is sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and provolone.

  • I've given up on buttering the bread when I make grilled sandwiches. Instead, I melt a few tablespoons of butter in a skillet and then put the already assembled sandwich in and swirl it around the pan to absorb the already melted butter. No more worries about tearing the bread up while spreading and you get a perfectly even toast every time.

  • Regular show grilled cheese

  • holy fuck he looks so fucking hot here.

  • i think i can survive on a grilled cheese and coffee diet. now on day 2

  • Just noticed that you put a little MEZCAL not tequila

  • I was so prepared to make this but then I found out I have no cheese🤣🤣🤣

  • Your'e doin god's work Babish. I wish I could subscribe twice.

  • He made love to that

  • The only video that matters

  • I miss when i could order around my younger brother 😂😂 now I gotta grill dat cheese myself 😂 I'm a spoiled brat

  • Well, off to the kitchen!

  • @Binging with Babish now use garlic butter instead of normal

  • Regular show grilled cheese

  • Am I the only one that seasons their grilled cheese?

  • Needs a crack of pepper in it.

  • I hate my country, I'm dutch and we're supposed to be known for our cheese but to get anything but Gouda, Beemster, processed cheese or preshredded parmazan is ordering it online which I'm way too lazy for

  • it's a toastie

  • "Let's listen in" (... oooh shut the f*ck up)

  • *i burned it*!

  • That voice. Content and all. gz to u for nice career :)

  • u should do dumplings from kung foo panda!!!

  • What if im not 21 and my parents don't have tequila, did I mess up the recipe?!? Im freaking out

  • Bro looks so good

  • my grilled cheeses always end up soft rather than crisp. Tips?

    • itsKingAce and, one thing i never done that i never using mayo, cause for me using butter will be added some saltiness

    • itsKingAce well usually i always use butter, not mayonnaise, cause using butter the results of the sandwich always crisp, and for the heat temperature, i kind recommended use medium to small heat, cause you dont want to burnt your sandwich right. Cuz if using large heat, the sandwich will burnt fast. Well thats the only thing i know, to make grilled cheese sandwich, and i also learned from the chef movie too.

    • +Alfiqri 1570 I switched it to mayonaise, but the mayonnaise burns before the cheese melts. What heat should the stove be set to; Large, Medium, or Small [temperature]?

    • itsKingAce do use butter already?

  • breakfast! :)

  • The scene in Chef where he makes the grilled cheese for his son is really touching. He doesn't say anything, but the amount of care and attention he puts into making it perfect says more than words ever could.

  • Oooh. Fried cheese sandwich

  • I like to add caramelized onions to my grilled cheese here in texas, it adds a great flavour and texture

  • Why didn't I ever think about buttering the pan and using that to butter the bread???? That would save me so much time!!

  • It's actually illegal to make a grilled cheese without using american cheese

  • I love Grilled cheese

  • A grilled cheese (American cheese and white bread) is good with strawberry jam. My server at a diner told me and I've loved it ever since

  • I'd add a bit of provolone.

  • I'm making one right now

  • you know what makes a grilled cheese sandwich better? A little bit of vegemite.

  • Banish-The I love you son but I’m never good at showing it Me:The Joe Jackson

  • "i love you son but im bad at it" that was literally the definition of my child hood