Binging with Babish: Cubanos from Chef

Published on Mar 28, 2017
Chef is holy ground for film foodies, and as demonstrated in a previous episode, has some real culinary chops behind it (courtesy of Roy Choi). I love a good Cubano as much as the next guy, but can some garlic and citrus really elevate my favorite hangover snack into something worthy of a What-About-Bob-Style "mmm"-fest?
Music: "And And" by Broke for Free
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  • I dont do cilantro either so I'd probably leave that out, but I've heard that theres a similar herb called cUlantro that tastes the way cilantro is supposed to taste. You should give it a try because I'm too lazy to do it.

  • Looks amazing. But I fucking hate mustard.

  • Such a great movie

  • I have those same Ove Gloves

  • Jesus Christ, did you go to culinary school or something youre such a good cook!

  • you really, really, really, don't like cilantro huh? *man do I love Cubano sandwiches*


  • i like the soap cilantro reference

  • I live in Miami so I know what a real cubano tastes like and yours was basically perfect except in Miami the put a bare minimum of 4 thick slices of ham and a lot of pork

  • Out of all the episodes of BWB, this is the one I want to try the most. This and the pollo a la plancha from moonlight

    • kbibeast I went to a Cuban restaurant and tried one. It was extremely delicious

  • jajajajaa wildcats!

  • Hey I have the same citrus squeeze

  • I spend the last three days making this recipe... the marinading time really gets adds up. But this afternoon I finally assembled one of the finest sandwiches I have ever consumed. Thanks Andrew!!

  • Could any alternative be suggested for the ham and the rum? I'm Muslim so no pork and alcohol. Any suggestions are welcome.


  • Chopped green soap!

  • loved tha movie. love this channel. and they both make me extremely hungry.

  • Jesus! Where the fuck did you get those garlic heads?! Chernobyl?

  • I have to make this. I have to.

  • Hmm 🤔

  • An authentic, well crafted cuban sandwich is by far my favorite of all time and it will not be topped

  • Baaabbbisshhhh

  • Dude awesome Sandwitch de Cubano, I'm Cuban and I think that really looks good especially since you are making it.

  • Nice Nice.

  • Have you seen Chef by Jon Favreau?

  • That sexy voice

  • Nicely done.

  • “Chopped green soap” is exactly right!

  • When he said wildcats im like 'hey the name of my high school football team' an I really like your videos. Keep it up!!

  • there's no way this is as good as carnitas. And, the movie was RETARDED. so fake and cliched ..


  • Great video shit movie

  • i like the way you deliver your talk.. reminds me of a canadian actor named ryan. good job! 👌

  • Damn that looks very good.

  • Wtf soo much butter, the bread was prolly like a sponge of butter

  • But it didn't join the clean plate club?

  • My grandma uses waaaaaay too much lemon juice in her pork recipe Thank you for this

  • I tried this and failed... :(

  • I made the marinated pork and ate it with a mix of vegetables. It was DIVINE. Not that hard to make too

  • Depends were the person lives in Mexico that is considered a torta cubana

  • Empingao!

  • fuckin love that movie, saw it on a flight

  • A tip from a Cuban girl, when ure marinating the pork with a sharp knife make holes and stuff a garlic clove in there around the pork piece, it makes sooo much better xo

  • Have you seen chef?

  • I swear I have watched this one episode 50 times. I NEED to make these cubanos. I swear they look like the best fucking sandwich in the history of the greatest lunch food of all time.

  • My pork butt has ten minutes left in the oven right now while making this...and I cannot believe the smell in my apartment, it is heavenly.

  • full on special of this movie plz

  • Looks amazing! If u go to Miami, you'll see that the mustard is yellow mustard and the ham is not pre-grilled.

  • o h m y g o d

  • empingao!

  • My name chef

  • fried ham?

  • I made this yesterday and damn it babish....its the greatest sammich of all time

  • My favorite part was when you were mid freakout you just kind of went "WHAT" and it made me laugh really hard I don't know why

  • Do that spaghetti from Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events! It’s puttanesca or something like that

  • I -made- make this anytime I watch his! It is my favorite sandwich ever if you exclude burgers and even then it beat like 80% of burgers, oh and the movie is fucking amazing, just a fantastic feel-good movie about the best thing in the world, food.

  • Omg cilantro is such a great ingredient, bummer you arent a fan but hey its not for everyone

  • We made these for Mother’s Day and it was hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever had

  • delicious

  • haha you sound completely fucked. Nice cold you had. What was that magical wrap that you used for the brined pork?

  • Wash your hands with soap and a pinch of salt. Helps get rid of the garlic smell.

  • The two-stage "brine then marinade" mojo recipe here is soooooooooo tedious... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd fucking awesome. Made THE best Cubano mojo pork I've done ever. So, there's that.

  • Just put the pork in the oven, no plancha but hopefully I'll make it work!

  • A proper cuban needs salami! This looks delicious though.

  • I am from Nicaragua and i currently live in Miami and i have these at least twice a week. They are cheap as fuck ($3 at most) i simply love them.

  • i like adding avocado to cubanos too. you should try it like that sometime.

  • I always watch your videos when in hungry I can't wait till I get older so i can cook

  • This is madness

  • tag yourself I'm Andrew trying the meat and just repeating "oh my god" over and over because it's so good

  • Interesting to see how in the movie they seemingly cook and each the sandwich on the same day, yet your prep time was over 24 hours. Still love the movie and wish my wife ate pork.

  • Your hate for cilantro is my life

  • Cuban sandwiches are great lol

  • Thnx for this great video

  • You forgot to cut the sandwich into three equal pieces like they do in the movie.

  • Was that bread even crispy tho

  • More than a year and I still watch this over and over again...

  • Is chef a movie?

  • Actually made this for Easter this year and oh my God was it amazing.

  • You sure do love chef, don't you

  • What is so bad about cilantro?

  • You should make the grilled cheese from chef it looks real good

  • Have you seen chef?

  • Can You make cheese sandwich from chef (2014)

  • wht do i always watch the most delicious shit ive seen in my life at 4 am goddamit

  • "chopped green soap, or as it's otherwise known, cilantro" You're tearing me apart, Andrew.

  • I've watched this SO MANY TIMES

  • Alright boys I'm making this tonight. Got it chilling in the marinade rn. Will update with results

  • Love cubanos. My favorite sandwich by far.

  • This one especially sounds like it'd be right up my alley. XD

  • I had a Cubano sandwich for the first time this past summer, in Florida, and my god they are delicious! I been craving them like crazy ever since, but you can't find any restaurants near me that make them. So I been looking for a good, relatively easy, recipe I can make at home so I can make myself some!

  • Can you put an ingredients list at the start so i can follow along

  • Gonna makes this for my husband on his bday

  • I've been to Cuba and the sandwiches there are disgusting as fuck. yours looks beautiful

  • I made this for a party a few weeks ago. My taste buds were not ready for this flavor. GO OUT AND TRY THIS. IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

  • My nama chef

  • Ma name a chef

  • Thank you for acknowledging that cilantro does, in fact, taste like soap.

  • I love how his reaction to how good the pork was “oh my god what?!?!?!?!” Like you made this how do you not know it was gonna be amazing

  • So he almost forgot... the bay leaf