Binging with Babish: Cubanos from Chef

Published on Mar 28, 2017
Chef is holy ground for film foodies, and as demonstrated in a previous episode, has some real culinary chops behind it (courtesy of Roy Choi). I love a good Cubano as much as the next guy, but can some garlic and citrus really elevate my favorite hangover snack into something worthy of a What-About-Bob-Style "mmm"-fest?
Music: "And And" by Broke for Free
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  • Where can I get the recipe from?

  • Chef was the movie that made me into food/want to cook more often, so seeing this recipe is a nice return to my roots as a foodie, thanks!

  • It makes me so happy to see something that i eat everyday because of my culture, being made and treated like such a high quality food. Thanks for this video its awesome and really just makes me ecstatic to see this.

  • 0:13 Weber cooks reference

  • dexter. need an episode on something from dexter

  • Anyone else watch this glorious episode twice in a row 😋😋

  • Cubans are the best

  • Have you seen chef?

  • Why are there idiots disliking this video?! Thanks man, I’m going to try to make a Cubano now, just need to find a Cuban chef to help me

  • Do more food wars episodes

  • To get the garlic and onion smell off of your gands use a stainless steel "soap bar"

  • Well! Guess I'll have to run a half marathon next morning after this.

  • If I was Ramsay Micheal, I would say. "This Sh*t is sensational!"

  • Don’t forget the pickles

  • Why does chicken need to be marinated for more than like a day

  • Have you seen chef?

  • After who m watching this, would you ever try making an Elena ruiz sandwich or media noche toe to try.

  • 2019 Hello sir, have you tried the last meal of john coffey from the green mile movie?

  • Empingao!

  • I want one rn

  • Just watched chef wat did i miss

  • Collab with you suck at cooking

  • Hey your finger look tired just put your finger over the like button and rest it on it if your on mobile and if your on pc put your crosshair over and just let your finger rest on the left click button for a second

  • why removeing the skin? slice it a couple times and enjioy the crispy thing on the sandwich.

  • Its sometimes sucks being arab is there a way i can do this without porl shoulder

  • Ah, looks more like a media noche. Anyways, if you ever find yourself in miami, don't forget to check out the town of miami lakes, or hialeah if you want to get away from the usual tourist destinations. But, stay out of miami gardens and opa-locka. Those two are some pretty rough neighborhoods

  • So he basically made a better version of a medía noche

  • This is in fact the standard initial reaction to properly marinated mojo basted meat

  • I made this with homemade pan cubano. Best thing ive ever made. Thanks Andrew!

  • I grew up near Miami and now live in Colorado.. It's shocking how nobody gets the cubano right out here.. I love cubanos so much!

  • Duuuuude that’s killer

  • Ma name chef

  • every time I stumble across this video I go and watch Chef eventually ...again,

  • After watching it 3 times I realized that 2:46 was a reference to a scene in the movie.

  • Making this for my entire family for Christmas lunch Wish me luck

  • Chopped green soap??? CILANTRO is one of the best herbs there is.

  • Chef is my favorite anime

  • i really shouldnt watch these video’s late at night

  • Literally my fav sandy of all time

  • *ssssssssssssssssalty* Don’t lie, you hissed like a damn snake.

  • Not gonna lie, Babish, I thought that maybe you were overreacting a bit, then I made this recipe. It's midnight my time, the meat has cooled down enough to slice and i find myself saying, "what the f-" and not being able to say anything more. Jon Favreau and you are geniuses. The recipe is that good. Making these for a team party tomorrow!!

  • I made this today with my brother and I can confirm, he's not over-reacting when he has that pork. Holy fuck it's so good.

  • How big of a roast did you use?

  • are you also cilantro averse?

  • He sounds like CGP Grey.

  • Babish’s reaction to the meat is probably my favorite part from anything ever.

  • does sandwich assembly matter, cuz me and the boys layer the cheese between the pork and ham to get that melting action, i add some a bit of pepper jack to it too cuz yum thats why

  • Fruitlessly washing your hands... yup. The next day they still smell of garlic.

  • i don't eat pork but can i change to chicken or meat

  • Rub your hands against the edges of the middle of your sink instantly gets rid of the stickiness and smell of garlic!

  • "Chopped Green soap" 😂. I hate corriander leaf aka cilantro.

  • Have you seen Chef?

  • Try this with some au jus with some spicy BBQ sauce at the bottom... you won’t regret it

  • my name cheeeef

  • why is it kosher salt if your cooking with pork

  • This video and recipe helped me quit cigarettes thanks babish

  • “What’s up wildcats” that’s from the show of the old dude cooking meals for one in the microwave right?

  • Do you think this recipe would be good smoked and then pulled?

  • I hate myself. For some reason i always get to your amazing videos at 3 o'clock, middle of the night, on my way to bed, aaaand no, we're going shopping to make some sandwiches.

  • I accidently added the zest of the limes in the mojo marinde, well the white inner sode of it.... This is extremely.... bad. Sour. Im eating acid at this point

  • thank you for not adding mayo

  • As a cubiche, I can tell you that all you did is correct, Except!!! and you knew I would have an except!! Mustard!!! Cubano sandwiches do not have mustard! I grew up with the stuff, I know. I make it here at home. Lastly, to be more authentic, eliminate the lime and orange and go find sour oranges!!! ask for Naranja agria!! yes they do exist. we had a tree in our backyard in Cuba and we used the naranjas on a lot of stuff. Works fantastic, tastes great, even better than using orange juice and me.

  • Hold up I though cubanos was polish salami 🤔

  • where the FUCK you get these juicy-ass tomatoes?!

  • have you seen chef?


  • If you attempt to make this you have to get the good Cuban Bread from Tampa. You cant get the good stuff anywhere else in the country.

  • Your jokes are so bad man 😂😂, I still love you tho ♥

  • Best reaction ever.

  • Babish freaking out is the best

  • Back when he tolerated Cilantro

  • I need to make this now

  • What can I use instead of Spiced Rum?

  • The plug to your patreon was amazing!

  • Looks amazing, i've been drooling over this Cubano since i had seen the movie haha btw - you gotta make a video of the famous Uruguayan Chivito sandwich, it is to die for

  • Im trying to cook this on a Big Green Egg - any advice?

  • This looks so delicious

  • it's now the third time i see one of your videos from recommend and every time a video ends i go for the subscribe button...the thing is..... i'm already subscribed LOL

  • Idubbbz would be proud

  • Whenever me and my gf move and have a good kitchen, this recipe is on the top of the list of things to make. It sounds SOOO good!

  • “I’m a sucker for cubanos and Jon Favreau” lmao same brother

  • every cooking show everything is one of the best things i have ever had in my life. id like the thing just remove the pickles and add mayo lol

  • anyone know how to recreate a cuban but without pork, like with beef instead?

  • Do a Jibarito!!!!

  • Why would you take the skin off a pernil that's the best part

  • Have you seen the movie Chef?

  • Oh no, you friends are super awesome and super smart! Oh, you friends are super awesome and super smart!

  • Can anyone tell me the difference between a brine and a marinade?

  • Cilantro is delicious what's he talking about...

  • wow, it only cost me an extra $40 in ingredients to make a sandwich slightly better!

  • This looks amazing

  • This turned out amazing, easily my favorite thing from this channel

  • WHY ???? why u remove the skin ? are u ok?

  • Probably the most inaccurate name in the world for any food, ''cubano'' and food in the same sentence is a oxymoron.

  • That one they showed in the film when it was over toasted looked so good

  • Gosh darn I love this film!

  • I just watched this twice. I'll make this one day.

  • 2:30

  • I put this recipe to the test last weekend with my boyfriend, with successful results! Thank you for the inspiration! 😄

  • Copped green soap Is the only way to describe cilantro 💀💀💀