Binging with Babish: Cubanos from Chef

Published on Mar 28, 2017
Chef is holy ground for film foodies, and as demonstrated in a previous episode, has some real culinary chops behind it (courtesy of Roy Choi). I love a good Cubano as much as the next guy, but can some garlic and citrus really elevate my favorite hangover snack into something worthy of a What-About-Bob-Style "mmm"-fest?
Music: "And And" by Broke for Free
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  • not gonna lie i have a pint of pre cum in my shorts.

  • ... why am I watching this before breakfast.

  • I wanna do this so bad now. @_@

  • I love all the recipes from Chef

  • Give subtitle for ingredients

  • Make the teen titans go The perfect sandwich

  • Nice Weber Cooks reference at the start

  • CHEF is a great movie fucking love it

  • Diners Drive-Ins and Dives next do that

  • omg OMG wut

  • yo babish my dad put me on to this tip: fold/crease the bay leaves, releases more flavor

  • Umm, what can you use instead of Oj? My boyfriend is allergic to oranges.

  • I love your reaction to sampling the pork! I swear you must have orgasmed!!!

  • oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god wat

  • **drools**

  • Why do you do this to me Andrew? I don’t have the strength to make this recipe from scratch 😩. But thank god there is a legit Cuban bakery down the street that makes these 😋 haha

  • I don't know what the Devil's anus taste like but I'm certain it tastes like that damn cilantro

  • What’s that song? Btw not darude

  • what up wild cats this is weeber cooks

  • I’m Cuban, so I judged you very hard and I gotta say you made a real Cuban sandwich, some places suck at making them

  • As a cubano I can state that this is the way to go....Please do NOT, ever, under any circumcision...I mean circumstances add mustard or Mayo...that is not tradional. Do it like the man says here in this video and you will be hooked on very good cubiche ever! I should know I grew up with the stuff.....Salud y saludos a todos

  • Have you guys seen chef?

  • The first and only cubano I've ever had was at this random little place here. I dunno if that was the genuine article, but either way, it blew my mind.

  • so you got an amazing cut of pork just to pour hand soap all over it?

  • You need to make Ed's sauce.

  • This was one of the most seasoned preps ever and it seemed amazing and deserved a minor freakout. That shoulder recipe is going in the books.

  • this was the best thing I have ever seen in my life

  • Finally people start to appreciate Cuban food

  • I accidentally bookmarked this in my Porn folder. I just left it there.

  • My girlfriend recently introduced me to your videos and I’m in love with them. My girlfriend and I doin this right now and did the exact same method except we marinated it for 24 hours(due to time). We’re gonna cook it today and I’ll let you know the results :D

  • im from miami and its special over here. Heres a tip , try to kind of shred the pork and not place pieces like he did. not completely shred but dont make them whole pieces. also they add mayo but its optional.

  • I fucking love cilantro. It's the first plant I ever grew and tastes amazing straight out of the garden. Then you said "chopped green soap" and I almost cried

  • maybe.....??

  • Subscribed.

  • I love the wildcats reference at the beginning. Thankfully your vids arent as depressing as those.

  • I made everything needed for these from scratch a few weeks ago, and the roasted pork shoulder is absolutely divine. However, next time I believe I'd cut the roast smaller to get even more flavour and crust on each and every piece.

  • Eggs in a basket once upon of time they look weird.

  • Honestly this film shouldn’t have been as good as it was, I love it though.

  • Bread brand ?

  • This might sound like a random question but are the reason you use kosher salts is because you're jewish or is it just because it's better than regular salt?

    • I know that he's making pork rn but it's still wonders me

  • please cook filipino food!

  • Bro cubanos are actually the best For those who haven’t tried one I’d definitely recommend it

  • Because it was just for a brine and a marinade, I unceremoniously smashed the garlic and threw them is. Unless it's going to be visible in one way or another, garlic and herbs are ingredients I never spend hours on hours dicing.

  • Hey what’s up wildcats

  • Do the good burger burger with the ed sauce

  • This is amazing! Would love to give this a whirl in my college apartment but the kitchen is too timy

  • I think I’m going to make this recipe, but instead of the sand which use the pork for tacos

  • This looks so amazing give me like five

  • Palantsa is Clothes iron in Filipino

  • I can beat my meat to your cooking

  • One of my favorite movies, plus I live in a Cuban neighborhood so I can get these any time

  • With the amount of garlic used in this recipe, I'd probably enjoy this as much as I enjoy expensive pizza. A lot.

  • O

  • So many characters from iron man are in that movie😂 Great video!

  • Was it exploding pies?or muffins in fairly oddparents?just pls make it lolll

  • have you see the movie chef

  • But what do you do with all the left over pork 😂

  • Just curious. Why remove skin?

  • Now try the beef medianoches

  • "What!?" -Oliver Babish, 2017

  • the love/hate factor with cilantro happens to be a genetic thing...

  • I feel quite delightfully entertained Sir, I thank you

  • minimum twelve hour do they make it in food truck then when they had bulk order??...what do they do if they run our of pork?

  • Cilantro is fucking amazing.

  • As a Cuban, this is spot on. Good job, Babish!

  • I love how much you hate cilantro because I hate it just as much

  • It's look so tasty

  • My namma Chef

  • IMUSA pannini maker :)

  • I hate you

  • You my man always getting me laid

  • I have just made IT. Good, good, but the effort and time tó get everything and make is not worth. Or not worth it THAT Much. Looks much better in the video and in my oven, than IT tastes.

  • Im pretty sure this video just got me pregnant.

  • The weekly Cubanos from Chef!

  • "oh my god...Oh my god..O-OH MY GOD! WHAT?!" probably the best laugh ive had in awhile XD

  • Cilantro does taste like soap!! Hate it!

  • Kill the pickles

  • I like calonchro I can spell

  • I'm gonna try this recipe when I move to the US in August.

  • on my food playlist!

  • "Chopped green soap" I personally take offense to that.

  • Cup 1/2cup 1/4 cup cup cup

  • What can I use instead of orange juice?

  • And freak out a little bite. Omg,Omg,what! XD

  • Makin this tonight. Brined for almost 24 hrs and currently marinating im ecxited.

  • Empingao!


  • make more food from Chef please!!!!!

  • Have you seen chef?

  • your voice sounds deeper

  • Hey have you kids seen chef

  • I'm currently in the process of making these step by step with this video

  • t shirt design "I'm a sucker for chef"

  • Please make this with the pan Cubano! Do another video making the bread! It’s so worth it!

  • "Chopped green soap"

  • I've watched this 775843 times.

  • Are you a chef?

  • Do Jane the virgin recipes

  • That. Is. Freaking. Sexy.

  • I dont do cilantro either so I'd probably leave that out, but I've heard that theres a similar herb called cUlantro that tastes the way cilantro is supposed to taste. You should give it a try because I'm too lazy to do it.