Binging with Babish: Cubanos from Chef

Published on Mar 28, 2017
Chef is holy ground for film foodies, and as demonstrated in a previous episode, has some real culinary chops behind it (courtesy of Roy Choi). I love a good Cubano as much as the next guy, but can some garlic and citrus really elevate my favorite hangover snack into something worthy of a What-About-Bob-Style "mmm"-fest?
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  • I had a cubano when I went to Mexico this summer. It's one of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever had!

  • Is this dude a Jew? Is Kosher salt used for religious purposes or does it actually have a culinary value to it for some dishes?

  • what is the best substitute for pork shoulder?

    • Nothing, really. It has a unique fat and muscle profile. It's the cheapest part of a pig, so cost shouldn't be an issue. You could do lamb shoulder, as lambs and pigs are kinda similar, but the lamb would be more expensive and it wouldn't be a Cubano anymore. Pork shoulder is also sold as picnic or butt (technically 2 smaller roasts cut from the shoulder) if your butcher case doesnt have anything labeled "shoulder".

  • i honestly read the title chef thanos

  • Has he done an episode on Dexter? They apparently have cubanos to die for

  • I coulda swore they used apple cider vinegar on the marinade

    • It would be fine (and cheaper) to do so. The vinegar is just there to soften the meat. You could even use regular white, just be cognizant of acetic acid percentage.

  • I had to turn my subwoofer up


  • Honesty find you more entertaining than Ramsay.

  • I love Cubanos I always get those at caribbean connection

  • One of these days would you do a French dip sandwich with the dipping sauce?

  • could a pork loin be used instead?

    • I dont recommend it. Loin is very, very lean and will dry out in the process. Pork shoulder has darker meat with better fat content, so the roast doesn't dry out when cooking.

  • My name cheeeef

  • Is the bayleaf a reference to Boris?

  • Not only would I eat this, I would bathe in the marinade so zombies had a better meat experience!

  • 0:16 beating the meat

  • Question to anyone who has actually had one of these: as a person whom doesn't like mustard, at all, how is the sandwich, is the mustard strong or does it blend well into the other flavours?

  • Thanks for the guide and recipe man, made this for a whole bunch a friends a few days ago and it was delicious (even though I forgot the mint leaves) and was probably the best thing I ever cooked

  • You should be a comedian as well. I’m dyin ova here

  • I literally just made this for my family and they freaked out just like babish here. It takes a hot minute to make but honestly it was worth all the trouble because it was delicious.

  • There was a SciShow episode i watched that explained why you and I and a few other people (14 percent of the population) taste soap when we are forced to consume cilantro. We have a variation in a group of olfactory-receptor genes that allows them to strongly perceive the soapy-flavored aldehydes in cilantro leaves.

  • You cannot make Cuban style Mojo without sour oranges{bitter oranges}...

  • I made this a few months ago and it was literally 2:31😙👌🏽

  • You get to try the media noche, almost the same but different bread. I love them both.

  • Theory, banish is secretly bob from Bob's burgers.

  • Have you seen chef?

  • One of these days I will make this. It looks incredible.

  • What’s up wildcats thats a reference to the sad old man cooking

  • chef

  • Also with the pernil (pork shoulder) make sure you shred it

  • How can i wait over 12 hours if i know there is a marinated pork shoulder LOL, is there any quick version??

  • Why’d he hit the meat like that

  • 👌

  • This is probably one of my favorite movies, so please do more from the movie!!!

  • Two heads of garlic??

    • You could honestly double it. Cubans love garlic. They're human vampire repellent.

  • 2:30 Acting 10/10

  • Going in one take 2 today. Last time I used a 7 1/2 lb shoulder and it took way longer than it should've, but it was still incredible. This time I'm having it cut down to size. I'm usually not this excited about food.

  • Damn....I'm drooling over here!

  • Can we change the meat with beef?

    • No one can stop you. It just wouldn't be a real Cubano anymore. Also, not sure how well a citrus marinade would compliment beef. If I were going to replace the pork with anything, I'd go with chicken.

  • like ur vids man but there's a fuckin' H in herbs

  • Great movie and this episode still holds up

  • This embarrassed me to be a chef

  • Why you all have to swaer?

  • Imagine eating that when your not sick and you have more taste

  • Soap, my dude? 😧 White people...SMH

  • I made this with the recipe on your website, it was expensive and took 3 hours of shopping, but it was worth it.

  • Nut

  • Had to come back and watch again. My favorite recipe from babs.

  • Where my Cubans?

  • Have you ever seen Chef?

  • The best food is never healthy

  • Such a fab video ... I’m an Aussie and there is nothing remotely Cuban here ... but this I will be cooking tomorrow!

  • Mi niño, you called it a plancha and not a panini press. Thank you. Sincerely, A little cubanita.

  • That moment you almost give yourself a stroke because of how good something you made tastes

  • What type of ham do you use

  • thank you🙏😂😍

  • I hate pickles but i have to try one of these sometime. Anyone know of any places in the Las Vegas area that has good Cubano sandwiches?

  • I have got to stop watching food videos this late at night

  • I bite chicken. I ditch rest after chicken. I serve chicken . I eat chicken. I want say chicken. Every sentence ends chicken.

  • Btw, you tasting cilantro as soap is due to you inheriting a (i think) recessive gene. To me, someone who got the opposite toggle of the gene, cilantro tastes like if romaine lettuce decided to ditch it’s winter wear for brighter colors and shorts and took up tango lessons with lime.

  • I watched this video for the first time a little over a year ago. This was not only my first Binging with Babish video, but also my introduction to the movie Chef, so thanks for that! This is my favorite cooking channel on US-tv, and I am happy to be a subscriber!

  • Man he really sounds under the weather

  • Hey, love the video but cubanos don't use pan sobado, they use pan de agua. It's more robust than what you used and gets a good crunch to it. When you make a sandwich using pan sobado it's called a medianoche. Equally delicious, but with that soft and sweet pan sobado.

  • Garlic + food processor = NOT ALL THAT DAMN WORK!

  • No one cares about the Weber cooks reference....😢

  • now THIS Is Epic

  • I'm curious if Gordon Ramsey would like this food

  • Fine Job ! I know it's not "standard" but when you do any panini sammich try coating the bread with a combo of butter...olive oil...oregano...grated parmesan. It adds an insane flavor profile.

  • I fuckin hate cilantro!! I'm going to replace it with parsley or jsut flat out not put it in at all. Plus I'm going to blend the mojo so its all smooth.

  • wtf you sound depressed and sick

  • *H A V E Y O U S E E N C H E F*

  • This Is the one sandwich I forever dream of

  • smexy af 😻

  • make gazelon from we bare bear

  • No Salami, I disappointed babby.

  • Can this be done with a pork tenderloin instead of a shoulder?

  • as a non-native English speaking person: "wait, did he say soap?" ... "cilantro"... "oh, i see ^^"

  • toasted human?!?!?!?

  • not gonna lie i have a pint of pre cum in my shorts.

  • ... why am I watching this before breakfast.

  • I wanna do this so bad now. @_@

  • I love all the recipes from Chef

  • Give subtitle for ingredients

  • Make the teen titans go The perfect sandwich

  • CHEF is a great movie fucking love it

  • Diners Drive-Ins and Dives next do that

  • omg OMG wut

  • yo babish my dad put me on to this tip: fold/crease the bay leaves, releases more flavor

  • Umm, what can you use instead of Oj? My boyfriend is allergic to oranges.

  • I love your reaction to sampling the pork! I swear you must have orgasmed!!!

  • oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god wat

  • **drools**

  • Why do you do this to me Andrew? I don’t have the strength to make this recipe from scratch 😩. But thank god there is a legit Cuban bakery down the street that makes these 😋 haha

  • I don't know what the Devil's anus taste like but I'm certain it tastes like that damn cilantro

  • What’s that song? Btw not darude

  • what up wild cats this is weeber cooks

  • I’m Cuban, so I judged you very hard and I gotta say you made a real Cuban sandwich, some places suck at making them

  • As a cubano I can state that this is the way to go....Please do NOT, ever, under any circumcision...I mean circumstances add mustard or Mayo...that is not tradional. Do it like the man says here in this video and you will be hooked on very good cubiche ever! I should know I grew up with the stuff.....Salud y saludos a todos

  • Have you guys seen chef?

  • The first and only cubano I've ever had was at this random little place here. I dunno if that was the genuine article, but either way, it blew my mind.