Binging with Babish | Chicken Paprikash from Captain America: Civil War

Published on Apr 24, 2018
Despite being a fabricated entity, composed only of Tony Stark's code and some rare/non-existent elements, the Marvel demigod known as Vision sure knows how to whip up some mean paprikash. That is, if he actually used paprika, as opposed to some other misplaced bright-red pantry-mainstay. Gear up for Avengers: Infinity War this week as we delve into this classic Sokovian (actually Hungarian) comfort food.
Recipe courtesy of Saveur:
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  • "Thick or thin, I love them both." - Andy Babby saying what we're all thinking.

  • I made chicken paprikash with spaetlze earlier this year for the first time, and it was awesome! Looking forward to trying your recipe soon.

  • Congrats on the move. Loved every episode.

  • Is that an Anaheim pepper? That's about the closest thing I could find at my grocery store

  • Babish Basics in Education and Learning

  • This...does put a smile on my face

  • Babish where do you buy your cooking equipment

  • make a recipe from iZombie

  • When I made it the sour cream was mixed in the pan with the veggies/sauce/chicken. I’m going to try to make those dumplings though

  • Better believe is requires a lot of Hungarian Paprika!! MY FAVORITE MEAL! (check account name)

  • if you mix the sourcream with the chicken paprikash its even better :) also hungarian dumpings are usualy much smaller, but interesting approach doing them with ust a spoon, A+effort!! timeconsuming AF :D

  • But if you are moving... why is the bar empty? How can you move sober... oh it is the end of moving I suppose, this is the last meal.

  • I've always loved watching you cook in that kitchen cuz it's small and everyone has one, so proud of you brother!!!

  • T H I C C --- or --- thin I like them both! YEAH

  • Látom nokedlit szaggatni luxus...

  • On a 1 to 10. Where 1 is the worst thing you’ve ever eaten and 10 is the best thing you’ve ever put into your mouth, what does paprikash rank? EDIT: oh my bad. It ranks “I don’t answer my fans at all because. Fuck you. “

  • Yass ouma makes the best food

  • You don't have to use sour cream for the dumplings Also we have a special kitchen tool called "galuskaszaggató" basically means dumpling tearer Still looks pretty good tough!

  • Hey welcome to asmr with babish

  • Any other MCU food ideas?

  • One of the closest I've seen to my family's recipe.

  • Jesus, that looked stunningly tasty.

  • This looks really good

  • Why hasn't my Oma ever made paprikash?

  • Extra Thicc dumplings

  • " *Extra* *Thicc* Pancake Batter"

  • That kitchen doesn’t feel so good

  • Feed me!

  • I grew up with parents who really didn't know how to cook. I now tend to watch videos like this just out of a desire to've grown up differently when it comes to food. This being said... In the past six months, two different people whom I love dearly have made paprikash for me, and both times it's been SOOOOO good. It's my new comfort / feeling of love food. Thanks for putting this up!


  • Yay, im hungarian

  • Let us always (chicken) *fond*ly remember.

  • I love this kitchen and your show but a new place is always what you make it and I'm sure you'll make It great

  • bojler eladó

  • have fun in your new appartment^^

  • Made this tonight for my family. My dad who normally doesn't like anything with flavor even liked it. I made extra for lunch tomorrow. Only thing i found was i didn't have a big enough pan so i used a Dutch oven

  • One of the better paprikash recipes. Close to my family recipe, but we always use bell peppers instead of tomato and celery.

  • The paprikash my Nana made was a creamier, type of dish. Maybe more sour cream? It was almost a yellowish, red sauce with chicken and dumplings. I love this video btw😊 I'm going to try the recipe this week

  • I knew it, from the name, watched this movie yesterday or the day before yesterday idk.

  • Isn't this the dish the guy from Dracula(the one who goes to visit the count) writes down the recipe for for his sister.

  • RIP Vision

  • My grandma was a lousy cook.

  • Hungarian dumpling you ˇre fucking Kidding?

  • An optional step if you want to frisky: When the chicken's done you can temper the sour cream with the cooking liquid, you want to slowly raise the temperture of the sour cream until it's warm. After that you can pour it back to pot and stir to combine. Don't let it boil once you've added the sour cream.

  • It infuriates me to no end that the sour cream was not mixed into the sauce

  • Ace on the roof send me.

  • Elzar's dinner menu, or anything Bender has ever served in Futurama

  • I'm going to remind you about this place for ever

  • it sucks that i actually don’t know you in real life and that one day you won’t make these anymore, bc i love watching this shit, it makes me relax fr fr

  • nigga ily

  • Yummy dish

  • Babish, can you be my Grandma?

  • Wait, it's not slovakia!?

  • I tried this recipe but I was unable to get smoked paprika, so I had to substitute with red chilli powder. If you are using red chilli powder, use 1 and a half teaspoon of it as it is really spicy.

  • Babish you look like Ryan Renolds.

  • Can you make this with just chicken breasts? Or is the dark meat necessary?

  • a passion for good eating is the best there is! good work dude!

  • ouma is die beste

  • Paprikash is a dish that we eat in Serbia.

  • Can any of you nerds tell me which characters that is in the movie scene? Never watched it

  • Definitely need to make this sometime. Looks SO GOOD! Congrats on the move! Enjoy the new kitchen!

  • Loving the new kitchen.

  • yo this looks legit recipe. :D

  • Idk how people thumbs down these videos they are so high quality and amazing 😩

  • thank you too

  • In hungary és said csirke paprikás

  • sometimes I try to convince myself that I can reach through the screen and eat the food he makes

  • I look forward to new food from your new kitchen good Sir!

  • I'm gonna miss that kitchen.

  • Came out quite nicely. Nice flavor to it, although my dumpling scooping skills need some work 😂

  • Dunno if anyone cares but I just made a vegetarian version of this with tofu instead and it was freaking incredible.

    • People get health issues from eating too much meat too. So you are screwed either way it seems. Call it Tofu Paprikash? I eat meat btw.

    • American Paprikash I mean, it clearly doesn’t need the meat. It was perfectly delicious without it, so....I’m not offended but I can’t really say I agree... I guess it’s not real paprikash then but I hardly care. I’ll just call it veggie and tofu stew with Hungarian Dumplings and that’ll be it.”

    • Yeah, as a natural born Hungarian, that sounds AWFUL. Chicken Paprikash NEEDS THE MEAT! (seriously, I hope this doesn't offend you, it wasn't meant too.)

    • @ivan, soy contains phytoestrogens. unless you're consuming a ton of it, you're fine... from what i've found, a man only had ill effects of said phytoestrogens from drinking 3/4 a gallon of soy milk a day lol.

    • motherfuckingflyingspaghettimonster if you eat tons you can absorb a cognizable amount, but if it's a sometimes thing, and you also get protein from nuts, legumes, and-if you're not veg-meats, then it's fine. It just shouldn't be relied upon as a sole source of protein because then you end up eating so much that the phyto-oestrogens are no longer negligible.

  • i see you don t know what the Paprikash is, sa don t say it s from civil war only for wiews

  • I was thinking about making chiken paprikás ( csirke paprikás or paprikás csirke), and then I saw this video. I didnt notice it in Civil War.

  • Oma? Is He from German decent?

  • I bet next one who rent this apartment will always smell some good stuff


  • This is some wicked cool shiz to watch right here

  • I had a grandma I called Oma 👵🏻 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • I made this tonight, it was spectacular. Crazy quick and easy for the intense level of comfort , it really seemed like an authentic recipe some old hungarian grandmother slow cooked with love for like 9 hours.

  • Holy shit. I am so hungry right now and watching this is killing me. Love you Babish

  • I bet he moving to brooklyn.

  • I love you

    • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🕺🏽

  • It's weird but cool seeing my countries food xD

  • You need to do the Easter dinner from Malcom

  • Spoiler alert: Vision is Dead

  • Dear god. He is fine af. 💦

    • Agree. Babish is a BABE

  • Ha. RIP vision

  • Harlem? I thought he was in Brooklyn.

  • Dear mr Babish, I've been systematically working my way through your recipes and producing my own versions and I must say the journey has been a wonderful learning curve... Now this recipe was a mixed bag of wonder and misery for myself... The chicken and sauce was a delight to produce and tasted wonderful but those bloody dumplings are another story. I tried three attempts at adding the batter to water between the hot water spoon (quenelle as it were), dripping in via a whisk and a ice cream scoop out of desperation and every single time it turned into some sort of (tasty) gelatinous wallpaper paste. Are there any tips for dumping dumplings more effectively?

  • Snarky remark #1: Avengers fiction... so real you can taste it! Snarky remark #2: All Sokovian meals are now available in-flight !

  • Just made this on Sunday....sooooooo good.

  • WRONG PRONUNCIATION but i dont rly care

  • Was that just me or he was teary eyed towards the end!

  • How does Vision spice things up in the bedroom........ With a pinch of Paprika!

  • That was incredible.

  • That's not paprikash

  • Thank you for making spetzle look so easy - i was always intimidated by this - but it turned out just great

  • I am part Hungarian and another trick we like to use is scraping the dough through a cheese grater !! Gives unique texture to the noodles !

  • You deserve it: success.

  • its delirious my niece is part Hungarian so i made this for her and my sister and her bf it was amazing