Binging with Babish | Chicken Paprikash from Captain America: Civil War

Published on Apr 24, 2018
Despite being a fabricated entity, composed only of Tony Stark's code and some rare/non-existent elements, the Marvel demigod known as Vision sure knows how to whip up some mean paprikash. That is, if he actually used paprika, as opposed to some other misplaced bright-red pantry-mainstay. Gear up for Avengers: Infinity War this week as we delve into this classic Sokovian (actually Hungarian) comfort food.
Recipe courtesy of Saveur:
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  • Andrew, you're the best!

  • Just like Babushka used to make...

  • Dark meat and thick or thin 😏

  • 3:14 loyal man

  • Why do I always ALWAYS think he's a long lost brother or cousin of Ryan Reynolds

  • Hungarian for grandma is nagymama

  • Don't you mean "Frondly remember"

  • 面,面疙瘩?

  • That oma comment was a little too real

  • Spirits lifted.

  • Can you try the fish dish from the movie Woman on Top?

  • You mean, "Ben Sisko's Chicken Paprikash from Star Trek Ds9?" Right? Missed opportunity..

  • I thought this was for sure going to be referencing the scene from When Harry Met Sally.

  • That's not chicken paprikash it looks good but it isn't chicken paprikash

  • Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash.

  • F

  • Craig of the creek, anyone?

  • Paprikash is also in Dracula (the book!) Two birds one stone!

  • He says this is a simple dish Boi

  • I read "paprikash" as "papricash"

  • Because why wouldn't he?

  • Even though my Hungarian grandma lost the language, she still remembers all the old family recipes and her top 3 have always been Cabbage Stew (that the whole family lovingly refers to as “cabbage roll slop”), Beef Stew (god in a bowl), and Chicken Paprikash (also hellishly delicious) I’m pretty sure that you won’t look this far back into your videos but it can’t hurt to suggest that you might do a Hungarian Grandma Special Episode of BWB wherein you do all those delicious comfort food recipes from the old country 😊🇭🇺

  • Babushka is it you?

  • When I think Chicken paprikash, I think Star Trek. (DS9 comes to mind.)

  • Dude this was from when Harry met Sally first!

  • Haha yes the last dish you ate in that apartment was Hungarian, trust me when I say it was a wise decision.

  • Yeeee Hungary!!!!!!

  • So Jarvis has to read a receipt from a book...

  • I have always been scared of cooking but since watching your videos ive become more adventurous. Im still insanely clumsy but slowly I am getting better. Thank you

  • My slovakian grandmother used to make this for me and my sister when we were children❤️ nice memories

  • Is Rasheed going with you to the new kitchen?

  • by us in hungaria it's called "scirke paprikás" it's almost pronounced as in English

  • As a hungarian, I approve of this

  • Did i Just hear: chet Baker- i fall in love to easely?

  • god that looks good

  • As soon as Babish entered the new apartment, the old one and Rashid just faded out of existence

  • Binging with Paprikash

  • I'm jealous of your kitchenware and utensils.

  • "Pinch of paprika." **grabs literal p i n c h**

  • Lol I do call my grandma Oma

  • I made this with vegetarian chicken and it was one of the best things I have ever cooked.


  • Im on a diet, pleas make a meal that I wont get fat off.

  • You look like that *h e c k i n g* villian from those chickmunk movies

  • Anyone else man cry at the end of this video

  • Pretty true to form with two exceptions. Any version of this I have seen only uses thighs and drums and normally the sauce is reduced and sour cream is added to thicken before serving (at least that's how my Hungarian grandparents always did it). I'm used to seeing this served over spaetzle and have read that in some regions of Hungary it's served over mashed potatoes. Props for making your own dumplings, and in general for always putting out good content. Nice to see some proper eastern European comfort food on your channel.

  • I added less stock and really let it boil down. It was amazing! I can always count on Babish for the best dinner ideas!

  • Love your work!!! You inspire the dishes i cook for my family. Keep it up and God Bless!!

  • The original name is "csirke paprikás nokedlivel"

  • Any native Russian speakers? I’m wondering how accurate Wanda’s accent is

  • finally something from the MCU! love it

  • Rest in pepperoni old kitchen :'(

  • This guy should make bagna cauda... It was on an episode of Babylon 5

  • Your voice is relaxing

  • cya

  • Any replacement for the eggs in this? I'm allergic. :(

  • what brand of pan is that?

  • this is my first episode from your channel. love the style, love how you succinctly explain what you're doing while still going into enough detail for those of us who aren't particularly advanced in the culinary arts

  • Jeez you can see the sadness in his eyes in the last minute of the video.

  • You know Andrew, I've always loved that you and cocktail chemistry have such a similar, soothing style to your videos and your audio specifically. You two should get together for ,say Thanksgiving or Christmas or something of the like, and do a full batch of videos

  • Sorry. But this is not Paprikás Csirke. Not even close.

  • Kinda worried. Thought he was gonna cry... Than I might cry as well😂😭

  • What kind of uncultured swine doesn't call his grandmother Oma?

  • Don't tell my Great Grandmother, but your paprikash recipe is better.

  • This was so simple yet so amazing! Awesome recipe, thank you!

  • Mm, that's really watery, not quite a 'sauce'. Aren't you supposed to add flour and sour cream?

  • I like my women the same way Babish likes his sauce, thicc or thin.

  • I called my grandmother “Oma” growing up and I was born and raised in Maryland USA 🇺🇸

  • When are we gonna get bubbas shrimp part two?

  • Nice food yummy I love it..

  • Was watching an episode of Star Trek: DS9 recently (specifically the one that introduces Quark's mother), and it starts with Sisko cooking this very dish.

  • Hilariously enough... my son will call my mother Oma XD

  • Omg I'm so surprised you made a hungarian dish 😱 I'm hungarian so I'm glad to see other people enjoying our cousine

  • I’m pretty sure that sprinkle of paprika is the pinch Vision was referring to, I doubt he fully knew at that point how to read a recipe

  • “Thicc or thin.. I love em both.” 👀

  • I'm hungry now 🤤🤤🤤

  • Please cook something totally vegetarian, no meat, chicken or any kinda animal. Yeah you can put some eggs if you like.

  • Who cares if you move? Why bring that up? Just cook food. I don't care if an actor moves to a new place. They just need to act.

  • when i was wathcing this movie with my mom she saw this scene and (In the theatre) started a small rant about how if the lived in a place that boujee they wouldnt have plastic cookware

  • That kitchen is like an old friend that will be missed. -me

  • No,wonder apartments have such high rent. These US-tv retarded will pay whatever to keep their channel going. Blame homelessness on the people who just say fuck it and pay. 1500.00 a month on a one bedroom

  • If u don’t feel like making/getting Hungarian dumplings, it’s also good on egg noodles or (blasphemy) white rice

  • Ok I have no idea what's this recipe about, as where I come from (Balkans) we make paprikas from bell peppers (or "paprika" in croatian/bosnian/serbian etc), tomatoes and usually some rice/potatoes/shredded chicken (in any combination, depending on the preference). No whole chicken in sight and no dumplings.. And as Sokovia is losely based on the Balkan region..I'd think they dreamt this recipe up.

  • Very Hungarian

  • IDK if it's just me but I feel like he's talking in x1.5.

  • What if you used smoked paprika

  • 100% hungarian food 200% sokovian name

  • Rip vision

  • It's interesting to see how this is actually made.. my grandma makes this, but having a background from one of Hungary's neighbors/former Austrian empire member, she does it differently.. we just use egg noodles to put it on, but add sour cream into the sauce itself (because there is no such thing as too much sour cream). Don't tell grandma, but this looks a bit nicer (not as thick a gravy).

  • A “pinch” of paprika

  • I called my great grandma Oma..

  • 2:20 eggstra thick

  • Fuck yeah, a classic Hungarian dish made by you. 🍛

  • Babish my god. Those dumplings are basically austrian Spätzle. There is a Tool for this.......

  • and it's his real voice!!! OMG so in love with him!


  • Babby, I came over to ur channel after ur collab wid Brad Bon say that I’ve been BINGEING on ur channel is an understatement! I’ve been truly inspired...I highly anticipate the evolution of ur channel and ur brand. And to me that’s the appeal, it’s so hard to not get repetitive and stale on YTube but you’ve hit On something and KNOCKED IT OUT! I want to Thank you for massively appealing content it’s just amazing 😉 truly inspirational! Sorry to be so gooey but it’s late haha 😆

  • Jokes on you, I did grow up with a grandmother that I called Oma.

  • I don't what paprikash is but it sounds great

  • In the comics I believe Wanda is Serbian...