Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

Published on May 22, 2018
Bubble Bass is notorious in Bikini Bottom for three things: his hideous laugh, his pathological dishonesty, and his sophisticated palate for Krabby Patties. Follow along this week as we examine his soundboard of secret-menu jargon and take a crack at the almost-impossible-to-recreate patty melt - from the all-new BwB kitchen!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • I don’t see any pickles

  • “We can do better” as you proceed to steal his recipe.

  • *wE sErVe FoOd HeRe , SiR.*

  • 2:24

  • Dude, you should do the MONSTER krabby patty!

  • Cheese is life

  • Very very impressive

  • 5:13 the pickle fell :(

  • Real man big mac

  • Can any one tell me what type of stove top that is?

  • bro we can feed africa dark joke

  • This madlad

  • You sir, are doing the Lord's work

  • so this is why bubble bass is so fat

  • This is the most intense game of jenga I have ever seen.

  • Oh god, all those onions made me feel bad for his eyes! "Oh god my eyes!"

  • Bubble bas is big smoke *dislike if u agree*

  • Watching this video is like watching one man cater an entire birthday party.

  • why am I torturing myself by getting hungry?

  • i thought you were gonna take it seriously and yell at the burger ;w; i really wanted to see that i do not know why

  • When he puts the pickles on for you! 😍😍😍😍

  • When did this become epic meal time?

  • *guy fieri comes in and eats it in one bite*

  • 2:37

  • HOLY SHIT, that looks good

  • ok I think planktons watching this

  • Cook my school lunch next time. Wanna try that quad melt.

  • 💥Seriously and easily, 1 of the BEST CHANNELS on US-tv👍 🖐s down, bar none👑

  • Isn't "animal style" cooked with mustard?


  • I became erect when he started cooking those onions

  • We serve food here, Andrew.

  • Nice jammiest of Jammy onions

  • I shouldn't watch these videos when im hungry

  • I bet bubblebass is Gay

  • Pickle juice? Pickle juice?! PICKILE JUIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!

  • He should’ve used skewers

  • Now honestly why bubbles said that animal style Burger i mean they served krabby patty but no animal style burger so why is that

  • Open a restaurant with tv foods

  • That fat fish likes his onions I see

  • The hero we needed

  • Looks doooopee

  • We serve food here sir...

  • 4 patties? God I don’t know how got that down

  • Up next he should make the Rusty On Rye.

  • Binging wit bubble bass

  • You forgot the pickles

  • Speghetti tacoes from ICarly like I'm a horrible person commented on one of your other videos

  • UH, Gary! I was just looking for the sports channel!

  • "Lemme guess Tiny, a small salad?"

  • i didn't know vsauce michael is a chef

  • “Let me guess, tiny. A small salad?”

  • I see why spongebob was upset

  • We serve food here, sir

  • “You forgot the pickles!”

  • I’d binge with you babish

  • Epic Meal Time would be proud.


  • fuck i am hungry

  • Mis en place= "Everything in its place"

  • hey dude you should have used one of those "Stainless Steel Straight Rod Paper Memo Holder" but with an extra LONG steel rod

  • Wtf is a babish?

  • ...

  • We serve food here sir

  • “We serve food here sir” one of the funniest roasts In spongebob right behind the time mr. krabs told spongebob to take out the trash and spongebob says don’t talk about squidward like that

  • :V

  • I can feel the heart attack from here.

  • Ahhhhh now im so hungry

  • Do you guys like latus ? (Idk how to spell it)

  • I would legit eat those onions on their own

  • What about my drink? My drink. MY DIET DR.KELP?

  • the sauce is literally Raising Canes sauce lmao, i used to work there

  • 1:55 that looks like a bit more than *8* onions

  • Damn Babish, never heard of skewers?


  • Can you make a video of a meat replacement dish? It's really important that people start with eating less meat

  • Is bubble bass a neckbeard reference?

  • This dude played to much Papa's burgers

  • This guy should open up a restaurant and sell the foods from the shows/movies

  • Wait mayo, ketchup, seasoning to taste minus the sugar bubble Bass wanted yum yum sauce on his burger lol 😭😭

  • Maybe if you just stick a skewer through it, it might work.

  • Those last four patties were cooked to perfection ^_^

  • I kind of want to try to make his burger xD scaled down of course

  • I'm wondering where the orange juice is. The shimmy and squeeze is a glass of orange juice

  • Monstrosity first, sanity second

  • That thing is a heart attack on a bun!

  • U should do homers finger food (wink wink) :)

  • 😂 he said ass 😂

  • never realized his order is actual food lingo lol I just thought it was all made up. Props to Nickelodeon for doing their research lol

  • We serve food here sir

  • *we serve food here sir*

  • This made me want to eat a burger for some reason

  • Plankton: Well at least it's structurally sound....

  • "We serve food here.."

  • You forgot the pickles.

  • Just watching him cut them onions makes my eyes sting

  • Lmfao

  • squidwird be slaying them words

  • Don’t forget the pickles!